World’s First Kabaddi league Launched in India


World’s First Kabaddi league Launched in India

New Delhi, 08 May, 2014: The sport of Kabaddi is set for a major facelift with the launch of World

Kabaddi League, a venture headed by Mr.Sukhbir Singh Badal, Deputy Chief Minister-Punjab and Mr.

Pargat Singh, Sports administrator and Ex-Olympian. The league is all set for inauguration in mid-

June, 2014 at Thyagaraj Sports Complex, New Delhi. The league follows the Formula 1 touring sports

format and will be played across 4 continents starting from August to December, 2014. The official

website of the World Kabaddi League ( ) was launched by Mr.

Badal in New Delhi today.

Giving his insights about the league Mr.Sukhbir Singh Badal, President of World Kabaddi League,

said, “In the Northern region of the Indian sub-continent, Kabaddi is an extremely popular sport and

the last four Kabaddi World Cups held in India bear testimony to the same. I am extremely proud

to let the world know of India’s sporting prowess in the field of Kabaddi through World Kabaddi

League. This league is extremely close to my heart and I envision it to grow by great leaps in the next

few years. In its current form the league will be played across four continents with access to nearly

200 Kabaddi clubs across the world. For Kabaddi, I believe this is just the beginning.”

Taking a cue from the same, Mr. Pargat Singh, Commissioner – World Kabaddi League, who has

been closely involved in the daily scope of operations of the league commenting on the momentous

occasion said, “After successfully executing four editions of Kabaddi World Cup in Punjab, we

realised the need for a professional Kabaddi League which connects South Asians across the world

with their traditional heritage. By adding more action-oriented elements to this original Indian

contact team sport, we are making it viewer-friendly.”

Mr. Raman Raheja, Chief Executive Officer, World Kabaddi League, explaining the format said, “We

have tried to model World Kabaddi League on the lines of Formula 1 as a touring sports propertyand

it will travel to 14 cities around the world. Each city will host at-least one weekend wherein all

the 10 international teams will compete. We are very excited at the prospect of having several

top Bollywood personalities, pop artists, international investors, corporate giants and celebrated

NRIs as possible franchise owners. Each season of the league will be spread across a period of five

months with matches being played on weekends which will be celebrated with a unique mix of

entertainment events at each venue.”
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About WKL (World Kabaddi League)

World Kabaddi League is a society registered with the registrar of firms & societies having its registered office

at Chandigarh & Corporate office at Gurgaon.The aim of the organization is to build a dynamic and sustainable

global sports league that grows circle style Kabaddi as a Professional sport and engages fans and business

associates with world class sports entertainment, better value and best experience and service.

The organization is committed towards driving mileage for a holistic ecosystem where fans transcend

nationalities and actively participate amongst themselves, their teams and the league partners, thus becoming

a truly global audience. The society respects the rich tradition of Kabaddi and simultaneously would focus on

making the sport contemporary. For more information, please visit




For more details contact- Suhas Tadas

The PRactice

Mobile number: +91.931.114.8115

Email address:

Neha Sharma

World Kabaddi League

Mobile Number: +91.981.865.1278

Email address:
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