~Watch the Manhattan girls get back in Action~

~Watch the Manhattan girls get back in Action~

~AXN to bring back all seasons of the revolutionary show to your TV sets this May~

May, 2014: Seven years and two films down the line, much has been made about the character

profiles it introduced, the fashion trends it helped catapult, and the fantasies it perpetuated; but

what’s most memorable about Sex and the City — and what AXN thinks the viewers should continue

to celebrate— is women empowerment.

A bold riff on the romantic comedy, the show is sharp, iconoclastic television that breaks a lot of

taboos. High-feminine instead of fetishistically masculine, glittery rather than gritty, and daring in its

conception of character, “Sex and the City” is a vivid yet radical show that changed the way we as a

society think of single women.

The show offers many women across the world the representations they crave for through the

strong characters. Carrie Bradshaw herself began as the mirror for another woman. Carrie and

her friends—Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte—are odder birds by far, jagged, aggressive, and

sometimes frightening figures, like a makeup mirror lit up in neon. They are simultaneously real and

abstract, emotionally complex and philosophically stylized.

The show originated the unacknowledged first female anti-hero on television: ladies and gentlemen,

Carrie Bradshaw. Sex and the City does not evaporate. It stays, rapturing tales, far beyond giggles

and gossip, giving the audience a fresh verbal spontaneity on a woman’s various domains.

Although the show’s first season is its slightest, it swiftly establishes a bold mixture of moods—fizzy

and sour, blunt and arch—and shifts between satirical and sincere modes of storytelling. There is

already a melancholic undertow, full of foreshadowing.

Revoke the nostalgia, or evoke revelations from Carrie’s world and her allure. Give in to the power

of being a woman as you sashay down Manhattan from your living room to the streets of intimacy to

the path of an ongoing inner rebellion, navigating dilemmas with poise perfected and a spectator in

her love trials.

Let the Manhattan womaniya’s take over your TV screens from 12th

May onwards – every Monday

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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