Watch critically acclaimed short films on Prime Talkies with Pocket Films

Watch critically acclaimed short films on Prime Talkies with Pocket Films


Mumbai, September 2014: ‘Prime talkies with Pocket Films’, is becoming one of the famous shows on NDTV prime. Showcasing short films and documentary by upcoming and new filmmakers, ‘Prime talkies with Pocket Films’ is an initiative by Pocket Films and NDTV Prime. It is a great platform for passionate filmmakers and those who are looking for a window to showcase their talent. Started on 31st July, the show airs on every Thursday from 9.00 pm to 10.00 pm. Every episode has 3- 4 films that are critically acclaimed and are spread across various themes like love, passion, patriotism, etc.


7th episode of ‘Prime talkies with Pocket Films’ on Thursday, 11th September 2014 will showcase three documentaries by aspiring film makers. “Another Day Another Life” by Rohit Gupta is winner of over 70 International Awards and Accolades. Set in New York, this film shows a man going through a financial and emotional crisis. He is pushed to the limit of his tolerance, and decides to take the violent way out. Till he realises love is the answer. This documentary was also selected for ‘Short Film Corner CANNES 2009’.


Another movie is a love story “In your arms” produced by King Of Arts Entertainment and directed by Shah Nawaz Khan. It’s a story of Payal and Nikhil, after 14 years of marriage, Payal realises that something is wrong with her marriage. What will she do to hold on to Nikhil? Will fate give them a second chance?


Lastly, “The Moustache” by Vasudeva R. Enugala is a story of the head of the village (sarpanch), who is respected by the entire village. Some are even scared of him. But at home, he is scared of his wife! This documentary is also winner of Gorbatschow Pure Shots.

So stay tuned to NDTV Prime for “Prime Talkies with Pocket Films” enjoy best cinema.

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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