Vinay Maloo is the Chairman and Founder of Enso Group, a multibillion dollar group of MNC’s.

Vinay Maloo is the Chairman and Founder of Enso Group, a multibillion dollar group of MNC’s. It is a privately held diversified conglomerate, which began operations as recently as 2005.Enso started by venturing into the oil & gas sector and has acquired oil & gas blocks in Africa, Australia and Middle East and is aggressively pursuing acquisitions and expansion.
Striking the right partnerships, investing on sound technology and building a likeminded team of professionals who believe in your vision are things one can learn from this visionary who is the backbone of Enso Group which has forayed into powerful sectors like Solar, Energy, Mineral Mining and Healthcare to mention a few.
He has the clear vision that “natural resources are the backbone of most global industries and having a hold in this segment is the key to being omnipotent’’.
Enso is expanding horizontally with recent acquisitions of mining opportunities of precious metals, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and diamonds in Africa. They are in the process of acquiring a technology which could be a game changer in the energy sector, solidifying natural gas to liquid state and storable over infinite time. The group is also into CCTV surveillance, banking & retail automation, oilfield services, real estate, consultancy as well as solar energy. Solar energy is their green initiative. They are also in talks for setting up wind farms in Asia.
The group is also one of major shareholders of DC Designs, an Indian automotive designs company which is coming up with a manufacturing facility in Gujarat.
A PPP initiative of Enso Healthcare Limited brand, Enso Care, was launched with GE-Wipro and Government of Maharashtra on 17 May 2013. They have a similar PPP in the state of Punjab.

On personal front Vinay Maloo is an ardent Jain and enjoys the teachings of Jain munis. He is fond of yoga, meditation and enjoys occasional work outs. He currently resides between Mumbai and London with his wife Vineeta Maloo and two children – Vaibhav and Garima.


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