Vikram Bhatt throws a Halloween Party for cast and crew of 1920:Evil Returns

Vikram Bhatt throws a Halloween Party for cast and crew of 1920:Evil Returns

If there’s one director associated with horror films in India,it has to be Vikram Bhatt –The fear peddler ,whose proved time and again ,his mettle at the genre, going by the box office numbers and the benchmarks he’s set with his films.

The director whose forthcoming venture sees its release Nov 2nd – threw a huge Halloween bash at a popular lounge in the suburbs for the entire cast and crew of the film.

Says a source “Vikram wanted to throw a bash for the team of 1920:Evil Returns along with their friends and family and thought Halloween would be the ideal occasion since he has always been associated with the horror-thriller genre. The entire party was customized with the look of the film keeping in sync with the theme of the hit franchise”.

With over 25 films to his credit, director /producer and screen writer Vikram Bhatt,with a slew of horror blockbusters, right from Raaz,1920 to Haunted and the recent Raaz 3,has established himself the face of Indian horror.

Vikram Bhatt now dons the producer cum writer’s hat for the sequel of ASA Production’s 2008 hit ,1920-Evil Returns , a tale of mysterious evil, merciless killings and possession, soon to see its release 2nd November 2012.


Episodic Synopsis – Day 24

Poll Khol in the Bigg Boss house

The day starts with the evergreen song – “Ek Din Bit Jayega”. The housemates wake up singing and dancing away to glory. Sana is called in by Bigg Boss and given another secret task. Sana comes out and approaches Niketan directly in order to convince him for finishing her secret task. Niketan doesn’t buy Sana’s story and tells her he needs to discuss it with his party. Niketan approaches Sidhu and discusses Sana’s plan. Sidhu listens and gives his point of view. After sometime, Niketan approaches Sana who is sitting in the kitchen area with a few other housemates. Niketan tells Sana’s plan to everyone and almost immediately, Sapna retaliates by saying she will not fall for any bribery or unreal deals and she would like to stick to her party based on her principles. Sana & Sapna end up having a small argument on the same but Sapna stands strong and sticks to her ground.

Bigg Boss sends in a letter which is read out in front of all. The letter announces the commencement of the voting procedure for all the housemates in order to declare the winner amongst the two parties in the ‘Rajneeti’ task. One by one all the housemates cast in their votes in the ballot box. After a while Bigg Boss announces the winner of the task. Urvashi’s team wins with the help of Delnaaz’s vote and her special power to choose the winner in case of a tie. Post the winner announcement, Niketan and his party seems upset, angry & betrayed. The housemates divide themselves in their respective parties and start discussing the result and its unforeseen consequences. Sampat Pal gets extremely irritated & angry with Bigg Boss as she feels her party was the deserving winner and it’s utterly unfair for the other team to win due to Delnaaz’s vote. Aseem, Karishma,Sidhu, Niketan 7 Sapna try to console Sampat. But an angry Sampat vents out her frustration on the result to the cameras and everyone else around.

Sampat almost faints while crying to Aseem & Sapna. Her party members pick her up and place her on the bed. Immediately, Sapna rushes to the other party and blames Delnaaz for Sampat’s ill health. Vrajesh, Sana, Rajev etc do not give a chance for Sapna to shout and instead yell back at her for being immature and blaming Delnaaz for a task after all. Once Sapna leaves the room, Urvashi and her party bitch Sapna out and how! They call her names like psycho, mentally ill and violent. Sana and the others stress on the fact that the other party needs to accept defeat in a game with some dignity and not over exaggerate the whole incident and blame Delnaaz for it. Meanwhile, Sapna & Sampat go on about how Bigg Boss had betrayed them via an unfair voting system. They go on a tangent of the game being morally & ethically wrong and how the whole country will be upset to see cheating in ‘Rajneeti’. Sapna takes off her microphone and takes an oath not to wear it until Bigg Boss lets Sampat leave the house with some dignity.

After things calm down a little, Bigg Boss calls Sampat into the confession room. Sampat vents her heart out and Bigg Boss convinces her that all this is a part of a game and not to take it so personally. Sampat apologizes to Bigg Boss and accepts her reaction was uncalled for. Sampat walks out a calmer and more confident woman. She heads straight to Sapna and request her to wear her microphone. Sampat then lies to the housemates by saying that Bigg Boss apologized to her and she is feeling much better. Sapna insists on talking to Bigg Boss. Sapna is eventually called in to the confession room by Bigg Boss. Sapna loses her cool and goes all out in expressing her frustration with the entire task and her stay in the house. Bigg Boss listens to her and asks her to calm down but Sapna doesn’t stop. She is asked to leave the confession room. An angry Sapna comes out and throws her microphone straight on the couch. After sometime, the luxury budget is introduced in the house. The losing party seems to be disinterested in the luxury budget; Sampat even says that she will not eat ‘beymani ka khana’. The housemates decide their luxury budget after discussing mutually. Sampat is seen with Delnaaz in the garden area where she almost yells at Delnaaz for being unfair. An upset Delnaaz is then consoled by Sidhu. The housemates are tired & stressed after all the madness and go to sleep earlier than usual.

To know more, watch Bigg Boss season 6,

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First album


On the 50th anniversary of Laxmikant-Pyarelal the sensational Jodi of LP is back. Their first ever music album which launches debutante singer Pankaj Chaturvedi “Aawaaz Dil se” was recently unvieled in Mumbai in a grandeur event.

The evening dazzled as the stars came down to celebrate a comeback event of this ace music composer who is back in the world of melodies after 14 years of exile. The launch event followed by the live performance by Pankaj was attended by Jeetendra, Prem Chopra, Ameen Sayani, Anandji, Sameer, Kishan Kumar, Ameesha Patel, singer Madhushree, Vikas Bhalla, Harry Anand, Sawaan Kumar, Mohammad Aziz and women behind this big event Sapana Chaturvedi. After enlightening the lamp and seeking blessings of Goddess Saraswati Pankaj’s performance commenced. Pyarelal forwarded his best wishes to this budding talent and blessed Pankaj for a prosperous life ahead. Pankaj’s performance thrilled and entertained the audience. His special tribute to Rajesh Khanna and Yash Chopra was “Mere dil main aj kya hain” while he also sang the songs from his album like “Paheli nazar mein” and “Maa”. His performance on the Karz’s superhit “Om shanti om” stunned the audience and the performance was met with warm round of applause.

Dressed in a humble ensemble of white kurta-pajama Pyarelal Sharma was with wife while Pankaj Chaturvedi draped himself in denim jeans matched with black blazer. Ameesha decked up in a blue jumpsuit not only was revealing her beauty way too much but the outfit also seemed like a complete no-no for the evening! However, the other guests present were seen in traditional outfit and the evergreen Jeetendra even in his Black shirt and denim stood out as the most handsome man present for the evening. Along with the album launch a rare collection of Laxmikant Pyarelal’s best 50 songs music CD and a coffee table book was also launched. These CDs and Books will be made available to the music lovers by November 13th which marks the birth anniversary of Laxmikant.

Released by Sapna Chaturvedi’s music company Eternal dreams album has been produced on a grand scale with a whopping budget of over a crore. With Aawaaz Dil Se the trinity of Pankaj, lyricist Sameer and Composer Pyarelal promise to create musical magic. The album promises to reiterate the delight for which Laxmikant-Pyarelal are famous.


Sambhavna Seth shrugs off Sara Khan with style and dignity!

A casual comment from dancing queen Sambhavna Seth has got starlet Sara Khan’s feathers all ruffled! What’s more! The ex-Bigg Boss contestants even seem to ignite more sparks compared to the current lot in Bigg Boss 6.

Reacting to an interview quote of Sambhavna that the Ali Merchant-Sara Khan marriage in Bigg Boss was a “gimmick’, Sara exploded, “Who the hell is Sambhavna to talk about my personal life? Before talking about others she should look at herself. What is she… only a C-grade film item dancer.”

Sara further lashed out, “I wonder if she made this statement to milk some free publicity for she could never achieve what I have done at such a young age.”

Though we wouldn’t dare comment on Sara’s achievements, Sambhavna’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar reciprocated, “I don’t think my client needs to get into this, so let me tackle it myself.”

He said, “First of all, I don’t think Sam knows Ms Khan in personal life. She might have just reacted to a question asked in an interview. Secondly, though a marriage ‘on screen’ is hardly a personal affair, of course, Sara’s marriage couldn’t have been a gimmick. After all, we all know, Bigg Boss doesn’t do gimmicks – it’s a ‘reality’ show, right?”

So that leaves us with Sara’s allegation about Sambhavna seeking “free publicity”. Looking amused as we bring that up, Dale remarks, “If Sam wants to generate publicity; she has the best publicist in me! Why would she need anyone else?”

Now that’s some fitting and dignified response from Sambhavna’s publicist which Sara really needs take tips from! In fact, we won’t be surprised if Sara seeks this smooth-talker for her publicity next time!


Poonam’s debut movie to be launched “Poonam Style”

Shock and awe are two words that are synonymous with actor Poonam
Pandey. Everything that the bindaas girl does creates shock waves
among the masses and leaves her competitors admiring in awe of her
Poonam, who has been trending and tweeting to glory, has made a habit
of teasing and tantalising her audience with her sensuous videos and
titillating pictures. And guess what? Her movie debut, which is around
the corner, is no less different. Like the Korean rapper Psy, who has
made the world dance to his Gangnam style, Poonam is all set to launch
the first look for her debut film – Poonam style!

With seven days to go for the unveiling of the first look and title of
her debut flick, Poonam has managed to launch a countdown ticker to
D-day. As they say there are seven sins in the world that one must be
aware of, but in this case right after the seventh sin, comes Poonam
Pandey’s debut movie.

“Be ready for ADDICTION, as it will take the world by storm and sweep
you off your feet,” says Poonam.

The clock is ticking and the Queen of Tease is just about ready to
tease and please you.


Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan’s next

Director Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan is starting the shoot of his second film in a fortnight across western India. The film has Sejal Shah as the cinematographer, Kesto Mondal as the Production Designer, Jesh Kirshnamurthy from Anibrain VFX looking after the special effects, Mike Stringer comes in for the hybrid special make up.

Senior technicians like Wayne Sharpe and Tevfik Aksbasli have also been roped in for the background score.
The film is A Laurus Creative World Production in association with Blue Water Motion Pictures.

Chauhan has earlier made the award winning film Lahore which also bagged him the national award for the Best First Film by a director.

The cast of the film have been kept under wraps for the moment. Chauhan is also keeping the title of the film under wraps for reason well known to him.


Ang Lee film, “Life of Pi’ cast Ayush Tandon Trained by Chitah Yajness Shetty

Ayush Tandon, the Mumbai boy who plays child version of protagonist ‘Pi’ Patel in director Ang Lee’s new Hollywood movie ‘Life of Pi,’ was trained by the bollywood martial arts trainer Chitah Yajness Shetty. Yajness Shetty trained Ayush for one and a half years.

Yajness Shetty, well known martial arts expert of Indian Film Industry. He has trained Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Isha Koppikar, Karishma kapoor, Farhan Akhtar, Harman Baweja and is ambassador of Bangkok based Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune India & Chitah Jeet Kune Do Global sports federation. “He has worked very hard. He is never late and put their hearts into the training. Martial art depends on one’s dedication and practice.” says Yajness Shetty about Ayush.

Sanjay Sharma Raj



Actor Rahul Raj Singh auditions in Punjab for Vivek Oberoi film…

Television actor turned TV and film producer Rahul Raj Singh is hunting for interesting faces to cast in the Punjab schedule of his film Body Double.
Body Double is slated to star Mahi Gill, Saloni Sharma and in all probability will have Vivek Oberoi in the lead.
Body Double is directed by French Director Kaajal Nashkar and will be filmed in December in Punjab and later in Mumbai and Australia.
Rashul Raj Singh says that he wants a lot of local flavour and wants characters with interesting traits.
Body Double is also set to have a huge international performer doing a song and dance item number in the movie.
Associate Producer: S Ramachandran


Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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