Untold truths Xposed

Untold truths Xposed

Some very interesting facts about certain films  are unknown to the common man.

When these stories are recreated in a film it becomes interesting to watch.The film Xposé is based on bollywood during the 60’s and through the film they have exposed such secrets

One scene in the movie is related to the success of the 1972 film Pakeezah. The movie had bombed at the box office initially, but became a superhit after the demise of its leading lady Meena Kumari after two weeks of its release. Kamal had actress Padma Khanna dub Meena Kumari’s voice and released a tape as her last recorded a message to drive sympathy of the audience which eventually happened.

Makers of The Xposé have done something similar in the film,” a source says. ”When Subba Prasad’s film Ujwal Nirmal Sheetal initially flops and later its heroine, played by Sonali Raut, dies under mysterious circumstances, the director hires a dubbing artiste to record her final sentiments”

The source adds ”He then releases the tape to Radio Ceylon. The viewers get totally taken in and turn the flop film into a hit. These are some of the illusionary tricks that filmmakers often pull and The Xposé exposes them all for the first time on screen”

The film’s director Anant Mahadevan said about the story.“Yes, we have some really interesting intriguing reallife stories from Bollywood.It was an interesting incident that happened after Meena Kumari’s death.

Kamal Amrohi made Padma Khanna dub in Meena Kumari’s voice and released it later to the fans which helped his film. We have a similar scene, where the producers release actress’ last recording, which was actually recorded by the dubbing artiste,” Anant says.

Anant informs that he has tried to sync in together many such interesting unknown facts of various actors’ lives and made all of it into an interesting story.

Anant adds ”The story is of the ‘ 60s when media wasn’t so aggressive and only two magazines used to have all this inside information regarding the industry. We have done our research and tried to put together all the intriguing facts together within a story. Let’s hope it turns out well”

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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