Titan Company launches SKINN range of Perfumes

Titan Company launches SKINN range of Perfumes

The entry to redefine the highly expensive, underserved, unorganized and underpenetrated
Rs. 2000 crores Perfumesmarket in India

Mumbai, September 16 2013:In a significant announcement today, Titan Company Limited widened its footprint in the personal lifestyle segment with the launch of the SKINNTitan range of fine fragrances. The launch of SKINNrange of perfumes follows the recent announcement of the company’s new identity as Titan Company Limited. The selection of six scintillating perfumes bears the hallmark of Titan, with the assurance of the TATA group. The combination of the best fragrance expertise with one of India’s most trusted brands with products manufactured in France,SKINN will redefine the Indian fragrance industry with its product offering.
Designed in-house and created by six world renowned Master Perfumers including Harry Fremont , MichelGirard , FabricePellegrin , NadegeLe Garlantezecand the celebrated Alberto Morillas and Olivier Pescheux, these French-made perfumes are the international interpretation of HIM and HER. It portrays a young Woman’s sensuality in SKINNIMERA; herwarm seduction emittedby Violets, Roses and Venezuelan Tonka Bean oils inSKINNNUDE;the womanly charms and complexity defined by the Orange flower and Jasmine drizzled inSKINNCELESTE. Made from Vanilla sourced from Madagascar, SKINNEXTREME celebrates the sporty vitalityof a man whilst SKINNRAW defines raw masculinity lend by the citrusy Bergamot & Mandarin and SKINN STEELE is a Power trip of complex spices Pink Pepper, Pimento and Nutmeg.
Speaking on the occasion of the launch, BhaskarBhat, Managing Director, Titan Company Limited said, “Being a leader in watches, jewelry and eyewear, Titan Company Limited is constantly evolving to suit the needs of its customers and provide them with world-class products at great prices. It was time for us to widen our footprint in the personal lifestyle categories that are currently unorganized, underserved and under penetrated. Using our in-house design and marketing expertise, wide retail footprint and the brand name Titan, we took a step to enter the fragrances market which is growing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 30% and has tremendous opportunities.”
He further added, “The current fragrances market in India is bustling with international brands and are very expensive. There is no Indian player and there is an opportunity to bring in quality and an Indian brand name in the space.Over 3 years of work has gone into the making of SKINN and it is an important part of Titan Company’s journey and we look forward to this exciting phase. SKINN will soon redefine the Indian fragrance industry like the way we transformed our watches, jewelry and eyewear businesses. We look forward to expanding this category and its offerings in the time to come.”

Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas, creator of the SKINN Nudefragrance variant, shared his delight, “I’m happy and very excited to be a part of the SKINN journey. It was a pleasure working with Titan, a renowned and respected Indian company that is well known globally. While these fragrances are developed by French perfumers and are made in France, they are modern and international. A lot of market and consumer research has gone behind creating these perfumes.”
He further added, “The fragrance tells a story about love. For SKINN Nude that I created, I used the memory of the flower market in India and as a key inspiration. I also wanted the fragrance to speak about romance and about sensuality, which has been carried through.”
Master Perfumer Olivier Pescheux, co-creator of SKINN Raw said,“SKINN has been one of the most fascinating projects I have ever worked on. Working hand in hand with Titan, this project gave me the opportunity to travel twice to India, to rediscover a beautiful country, meet great people and find many new sources of inspiration. My inspiration for SKINNRaw has been to bring a unique sense of elegant and bold masculinity to enhance one’s confidence. I imagined a fragrance that empowers you and gives a cool, reliable image of one’sself and that delivers a luxurious, truly long-lasting freshness”
The six exciting variants of SKINN – Raw, Extreme and Steele for men and Imera, Celeste and Nude for women have been created by renowned perfumers and have several unique highlights. They are in the EDP (Eau De Parfum) format; they have been designed in unique bottles reflectiveof a human body physiology;have been crafted to last longerwith notes that endure and grow pronounced with time; they are devoid of any dyes and have been Dermatologically Tested.
Worn every day the perfumes transform from an accessorywhich completes your identity and so, the perfume ritual becomes second nature, and this fragrance, becomes your second skin.
Gifting has been of utmost relevance with Titan watches and jewellery with their chic designs and superior finish. With the launch of luxury perfumes, SKINN equally becomes relevant for an ultimate gift or treasured self-purchase.Available at Rs. 990for 50MLand Rs. 1790 for100 ML, SKINN will be available in selectWorld of Titan stores, Department Stores,Multi-brand outlets, lifestyle and accessory storesacross thecountry and online.
To know more about SKINN, visit www. Skinn.in
About Titan Company Limited:
Titan Company Limited (earlier known as Titan Industries Limited), a joint venture between the Tata Group and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO) commenced operations in 1987 under the name Titan Watches Limited. In 1994, Titan Industries diversified into Jewellery and more recently into Eyewear with Titan Eyeplus.
Today, Titan Company is India’s leading producer and retailer of watches, jewellery and eyewear, and is credited with changing the face of the Indian watch as well as the jewellery industry. Titan Company Limited had an extremely good 2012-13 and came up with an outstanding performance in a challenging economic environment. Sales income for the year 2012-13 was Rs. 10,009.05 crores, registering a growth of 14.5% over last year. Titan pursued aggressive growth during 2012-13 in all its businesses. The Company invested in many strategic initiatives taking into account long term and sustainable growth. All these backed by the talent and commitment of employees and business associates have helped Titan Industries register this encouraging growth.

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It is sensuality in a bottle and it needs neither words nor gestures. It elevates the everyday into the extraordinary. Made in France by celebrated perfumers and distilled from the finest exotic ingredients, SKINN Titanis the latest offering from Titan Company Limited. This selection of six perfumes bears the hallmark of Titan and assurance of the TATA group.

With SKINN in its portfolio, Titan completes the third code of luxury. The comprehensive fine French perfume range of 6 includes; Nude, Celeste and Imera Eau De Parfumas the woman’s variants while the men’s range comprise of Raw, Extreme and Steele Eau De Parfum.All 6 fragrances from SKINN are available in World of Titanoutlets as well as multi-brand lifestyle and accessory stores, across the country. The 50 ml variants are priced at Rs. 990 each and the 100 ml variants are priced at Rs. 1790 each.

Worn every day, the perfume transforms from an accessory that completes one’s ensemble to a signature scent that completes one’s identity.So, the perfume ritual becomes second nature and the fragrance becomes one’s second skin.

The SKINN range of perfumes has been crafted to last longer with notes that endure and grow pronounced with time. The essence of Bulgarian rose, lemons from the sun kissed slopes of Italy, Indonesian Patchouli; Tonka beans from the forests of Venezuela and Vanilla from Madagascar are famed for their exotic, unique scents and have been extensively used in the making of these perfumes.

RAW has been created by Nadege Le Garlantezec andaward-winning Master Perfumer Olivier Pescheux
The fragrance boasts of fresh and bold masculine tones while echoing confidence. With cool and crisp notes comprising Bergamot, Lemon and Indonesian Patchouli, it oozes elegance and distinction.

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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