This year’s budget has infused us with a new sense of positivity and enthusiasm

“This year’s budget has infused us with a new sense of positivity and enthusiasm. The money allocated to basic development of infrastructure is essential, not only the physical infrastructural development of government run schools, but also the budget allocated to “teacher training” which is a key factor in influencing the quality of education. We hope that this revolutionizes the way teaching is looked at as a career option as well, giving it the due respect and return that this noble profession requires.

In addition to this the allocation of 100 crs to education of the girl child is definitely the step forward to women empowerment; as well as the inclusion of a chapter on gender sensitization, which is the need of the hour given the current social situation. The increase of opportunities for women, especially in the rural areas will be a crucial link in the fate of the nation. The most exciting however is the budget allocated to the development of 5 new IITs and IIMs.  Hopefully this will relieve the pressure on the existing institutes as well as deter students from going abroad as well, by providing them with quality education within the country.  In addition to this the  National Rural Internet and Technology Mission and the Rs 500 crore set aside for this purpose is going to improvement of leaps and bounds in the development of rural education. This multi-level approach towards education is indicative of an overall development”

N. Chandramouli, CEO, TRA, Publishers of the upcoming report, India’s Most Trusted Educational Institutes 2014-2015





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