This summer, JADE by Monica and Karishma are ready to celebrate a Summer of Style! Three

This summer, JADE by Monica and Karishma are ready to celebrate a Summer of Style! Three

new lines are set to grace the fashion sphere, perfect for the fashionista! Titled The Venus

Archivescollection promotes three different aesthetics for the New Age Woman.


Vibrant, vivid & vivacious! JADE by Monica & Karishma’s latest collection titled Colour Crush.

Inspired by the eternally intriguing Peacock, this line features a reinterpretation of this motif.

Accented by unique tie-and-dye shading, so very intrinsic to India, the line features Anarkalis,

saris, and lehengas in hues of vermillion.

Highlights of this line include detailed silver and gold embroidery and Japanese bugle bead

accents, along with intriguing silhouettes for the new-age Indian lady. The final look is that of

unrestrained gaiety as vermillion, gold, and silver come together in what can truly be termed as

a riot for the senses.


Inspired by the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare, JADE by Monica & Karishma is proud

to present our latest line Athena. Athena is a fierce warrior, marrying wit and grace with great

panache and is truly an inspiration for the modern-day woman.

Classic silhouettes, albeit, with a stylized twist lay at the crux of this line- classic with a hint

of drama. Expect romantic hues of pink, accessorized with intricate silver embroidery and

embellished crystals. The line attempts to present a reinvented and refreshing take on an iconic

muse for modern times.


Emblematic of royal days gone by, we at JADE by Monica & Karishma, present our classic take

on the eternally graceful Rani-Haar. The traditional rani-haar is an elegant and awe-inspiring

neckpiece that acquired a myth-like status. Jade presents a modernized Rani-Haar titled Royal

Strokes for the well-heeled woman!
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Classic silhouettes with a hint of mystery, the line also features embellished necklines (mais

naturellement!) accented with gold and silver Japanese bugle beads against a field of detailed

print. Intriguing details such as sheer backs – great for chic events!

About JADE

Driven by a passion for ethnic exuberance on the fashion freeway, Monica Shah & Karishma

Swali launched their line of Bridal Couture in 2008, and called it ‘JADE’. What followed was

a whirlwind of romance with lush fabrics, sensual cuts and elaborate layers. Today, JADE is

Bombay’s premier bridal brand that caters to modern sensibilities rooted in rich tradition

of Indian heritage, literature and artisanal expertise. Figure–flattering gowns, elegant saris,

stunning anarkalis and bespoke lehengas define their collection that travel through both time

and space, to present something that never was. JADE has something for everyone.

About the Designers

Monica Shah and Karishma Swali have together over two decades of experience in International


After establishing JADE as the ultimate bridal destination, they decided to explore another

avenue, another aesthetic – that to bring avant-garde and unconventional styling to India. Thus,

Collection INNANA was born to cater to the fashion-forward Indian woman!

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Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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