They Are Back!!! “Baap Re Baap Phir Se Saap”

They Are Back!!! “Baap Re Baap Phir Se Saap”

Fiery Tiger Production in association with Toronto Media are back again with the Series of snake comedy sequel of Saap Re Saap comedy flick short film as promised earlier, but this time it is a 4min slapstick comedy, shot at outskirts of Mumbai in Safala (Maharashtra), Directed by Arjun Singh and Sidhant Thakur, Story and dialogues are written by Sidhant Thakur, Production was taken care by Mithoon Patil & Team, New actors introduced in this film Vishal Punjabi and Kshitij Kulkarni have done decent job too,

Roman Sen (CEO) of Fiery Tiger Production (short film vertical) has now announced the series of snake comedy short film will continue up to another 10 sequels and he also plans to produce 3D 1hour film at the last sequel after getting overwhelming response, he also announced Skyception Media has been recruited as agency on board for Marketing and Publicity specifically for the series, he believes it is for the first time any short film series is going to be marketed by a Production House, Roman also plans to screen the final sequel of 1 hour 3D film at Cannes Festival

Sidhant Thakur of Toronto Media and Kshitij Kulkarni (CEO) of Skyception Media believe and hope by the last sequel of the series can really attract great amount of viewers and create magic in the genre of snake comedy worldwide,

They plan to finish all the sequels by end of 2014

Story of Baap Re Baap Phir Se Saap,

In the first part (prequel) Roman and Sidhant were running from the snake that was following them and finally they escape but what they didn’t know was it was a Sheshnaag, after few months they again visit sidhant’s farm house and take a relaxing walk behind the farm house in the jungle and start mocking the snake and remember their escape last time, there they notice their childhood village friend vishal enjoying his peeing fantasy and immediately they plan to tease him, in the mean time the snake who was awaiting for the duo for months senses their presence and comes for revenge changing himself into human form and reveals himself confusing the three friends and vishal thinks he’s a junior artist from a bollywood film, roman and sidhant lure him with food to go and tease it, the sheshnaag bites vishal making roman and sidhant realize it is a snake in human form come to take revenge, and there begins the fun run again finally resulting into Vishal getting captured by Sheshnaag! Let’s see what happens next!!

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Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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