The Other Song seminar to reinforce parent-child bond

The Other Song seminar to reinforce parent-child bond


Every child deserves a happy parent, a seminar for the parents by renowned homoeopath and speaker Dr. Jayesh Shah was held at Andheri, Mumbai at The Other Song International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy. The seminar focused on the understanding that parent and a child are energetically bonded.


The event awakened parenting is all about being a happy parent.  Every child craves a happy parent. So awakened parenting is all being happy joyful & blissful parents. The highlight of workshop is about undergoing a transformation through different work on our own selves.  It involves educating the parent, meditations, and various creativity activities. How to learn a effective communication with our children. This is not an informative workshop, the whole idea to see change in each parent and this change in parents reflects in children being happy and healthy both. A large numbers of parents who came for treatment of their children where subjected to healing methodologies.  The change in children was amazing. The central message is every child deserve happy parent.


Dr. Jayesh Shah said “There is huge problem between parents and children these days – A great distress, feeling of not being at ease. One of the main things is that parents today need to synchronize with the psyche, the temperament, the needs and the problems of the view age children. To achieve a healthy parent child communication, this gap which we generally know as the “Generation Gap” needs to be addressed”.  The seminar seeks to achieve just this.”

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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