Synopsis of Film,“Lateef: The King of Crime”

Synopsis of Film,“Lateef: The King of Crime”


A small school boy falls prey to the illegal traders of liquor in slums in ahmedabad and as he grows becomes the don of gujarat. lateef lives a royal life with the help of builders and politicians in the growing city . Slowly he forays into other businesses like kidnaping, land-grabbing and flash trade.


He enjoys a Robin Hood kind of image in his community but slowly starts dictating politicians and becomes eye sore for few associate political aspirants. he is arrested and jailed for what he has been doing all his life. He decides to contest the elections and wins from the jail without any political support and campaigning.


Same people who helped him and took his help decide to eliminate him. His clan wants to get him forcibly freed when he in being taken from jail to a spot for investigation. infact police has decided to encounter him in the process .


Story of the lateef is storying of most the dons. You live by gun, you die by gun.


Its Produced by Kewal Krishna and directed by Sharique Minhaj.Star Cast of film is Hameed Khan, Bharti Sharma, Aryan Vaid, Raju Mavani,Aditya Lakhiya,Mustaq Khan, Ahshan khan Kalpana Shah, Rupal Desai,Javed Khan, ShakilSayani, Mithlesh, Shah Nawaz& Master Hani – Sunny.


Film “Lateef: The King of Crime” is scheduled for release 1st August 2014


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Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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