Suvigya Sharma to unveil his Miniature Paintings at ‘An Art Collector’s Paradise’ from September 25-October 02, 2014 at Cymroza Art Gallery

Suvigya Sharma to unveil his Miniature Paintings at ‘An Art Collector’s Paradise’ from September 25-October 02, 2014 at Cymroza Art Gallery

Mumbai, August 20, 2014 | Suvigya Sharma, the only artist nurturing and promoting the legacy of Miniature Art in India is coming up with a larger than life art event, ‘An Art Collector’s Paradise’ at Cymroza Art Gallery in Mumbai. Inaugurating on September 25th,the show will showcase the grandeur of Suvigya’s gold paintings till October 2nd, 2014. Suvigya is all set to host the first ever show in a unique manner, creating a vibe by exhibiting exclusivity for all seven days.

What could be more enthralling than seeing a lifesize Siddhivinayak painting in a 4D effect, as if visiting the deity live in 24 carat gold, embellished with silver and semi-precious stones! Suvigya will unveil a collection of 22 distinctive paintings made with 24 carat gold on 100% antique stamp papers which will add a vintage look to the buyer’s wall. Not just that, the show will also feature a series 24 goddesses embedded into pure gold, adding to the majestic display of Suvigya’s artwork. The last day of the show being Gandhi Jayanti, the earthy artist looks forward to pay tribute to the Mahatma with a distinctive theme that will be unveiled on October 02, 2014.

The paintings are a series of an indo-european fusion of miniature artwork, which will blend into modern contemporary as well as traditional Indian interiors. Carving the artwork on synthetic ivory, Suvigya will be redefining magnificence with his refined tanjore works that the artist is renowned for. Unlike many present day heirs of this legacy, Suvigya continues to recreate the glorious past through his own design sensibility and inherited eye.

About Suvigya: Suvigya Sharma, a young and enterprising artist based in Jaipur, who nurtures and promotes the Indian legacy of Miniature Art in its purest form. Suvigya specialises in Fresco wall paintings, pure sterling silver, sandalwood and makrana marble temple works. Cutting his teeth on contiguous art and paintings, Suvigya inherits artistic traits from his father, Mr. RK Sharma- an artist renowned for his unique art style of Miniature Art.


Suvigya attained proficiency mostly following the Kishangarh Shaili style of painting. Suvigya draws inspiration from the Rajputana – heritage places like the City Palace and the Amer fort, where the aesthetic fresco wall paintings grabbed his attention. His work presents Rajputana heritage that has been brought to life in ateliers housed within quaint haveli’s and historic forts and palaces. Suvigya is thereby, renowned for making spectacular miniature paintings which recreate the living rooms of the royals.He desires to present to the world, a series of mythological stories like the Sampurna Ramayana or Mahabharata, converted into paintings. He has been successful in serving and retaining aristocratic clientele, namely L.N.Mittal, the  Ruia family, the Ambani’s, the Birlas, the  Burmans, the Singhnias, the  Piramal and the Bajaj family, along with royal families and Bollywood celebrities like Priyanka Chopra for almost 7 years.


Suvigya believes that miniature art has lost its traditional value and is gradually being replaced by contemporary art. Envisaging the propagation of the legacy which has been nurtured by his family over decades, he moved to Mumbai. Having travelled across countries, this multi-faceted artist has captured the attention of art lovers everywhere. Also a philanthropist, Suvigya along with his wife Charu runs an NGO, which periodically conducts art camps in nearby villages of Jaipur. The duo thereby helps young girls and women from these remote areas, identify their talent in arts.





Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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