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Anurag Basu is the third Judge on India’s Best Cinestars Ki Khoj…


The Award winning Director will join Sonali Bendre and Victor on the Judge’s Panel of the show!


Joining the panel as the third judge on Zee TV’s India’s Best Cinestars Ki Khoj is the renowned director Anurag Basu. Having made the Oscar nominated masterpiece Barfi, this will be his second outing as a judge on a reality show; his first being Zee TV’s India’s Best Draamebaaz.


Having sensitively addressed mature themes through his films, Basu is known for getting the best out of his actors. While he is quite a task-master when it comes to work, his sense of humor is something that will make the contestants feel at ease while auditioning in front of him. Having been in the industry for decades, Anurag comes with immense understanding of gauging an actor’s abilities and selecting the right kind of talent.


Talking about his association with the show, Anurag said, “As a director, I could connect with the idea of Cinestars Ki Khoj which is to search for the most promising acting talent in the country and provide them with a platform on national television to showcase their acting ability and creativity. I think the pool of talent we have in our country needs that, given how difficult it is for a talented outsider to make an inroad into the industry and land a suitable role. When I was approached to come on the show as a judge, I took it up as I felt it would be a great opportunity to come in touch with fresh talent, new ideas and the contestants could benefit from my insights and experience. This is an extension of my work with Zee TV that started with India’s Best Dramebaaz.”


A little unhappy about joining the show late, he added, “I was away in South Africa for the shoot of my forthcoming film. Would have liked to be a part of the journey right from the outset ideally.”


Apart from judging a reality show the second time, Anurag was glad to have been paired with Sonali Bendre- with who he has worked in the past. Ensuring a lot of dhamaal and great potential, Anurag will soon be seen having a blast alongside two judges and the anchor of the show – Hussain Kwajerwala!


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Ayushmann Khurrana – The lady killer…


Making an appearance on this weekend’s episode of India’s Best Cine Stars Ki Khoj, Ayushmann is seen at his flirtatious best!


It sure looked like Ayushmann was on top of the world when  ‘Cine Stars Ki Khoj’ – the very show that had shown him the door in 2004 laid down the red carpet for him to make an appearance as a role model and an inspiration to its current crop of contestants. As he shot for the two upcoming episodes of the talent hunt reality show, Ayushmann was at at his flirtatious best with the female contestants. While he mesmerized the judges by singing a song at the very beginning of the episode, he fast became a hot favorite with the ladies with all his antics.


While his cute boy-next-door looks and dimples set many a female heart racing, Ayushmann decided it was time to leave all the ladies weak in the knees … He flirted with and charmed every female contestant that came on to the stage. From having a chat at length with them to at times talking with them in their mother tongue to serenading them or doing a jig with them, Ayushmann’s charm seemed to floor all the girls who came for the auditions.


Known as the ‘PJ King’, Ayushmann lived up to his reputation and had fellow judges Sonali Bendre and Victor exchange looks and shudder at his one-liners.. While Sonali Bendre and Victor were aghast with his PJs, the giggly contestants couldn’t get enough of Ayushmann. Talking about his stint with the show, Ayushmann said, “It’s a proud moment to be back on the stage from where I was once rejected. I cried the whole night after that rejection, but today I feel, that gave me all the more confidence to surface with better performances and confidence. I’m glad to be present on the show today as a part of the judge’s panel sitting alongside Victor Sir and Sonali Ma’am. I’m sure apart from having a gala time, we will end up scouting out immense talent and fresh faces from the show.”


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Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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