Starts 17th Aug, Sat-Sun, 9PM on STAR Plus.Junior Masterchef India Swaad Ke Ustaad

Junior Masterchef India Swaad Ke Ustaad will showcase cooking talent like never before. These kitchen stars will churn out dishes with flamboyance, their plates will be a work of art and their knowledge like a food scientist. The Junior Masterchef Kitchen will be their favourite playground ever.

In India, a kid cooking fancy gourmet food or exotic desserts or rich Indian food is something which has never ever been seen before. We are now ready to prove that Indian kids can not only sing, dance, and act but also cook better than anyone.

Starts 17th Aug, Sat-Sun, 9PM on STAR Plus.


Oneup Relations PR team
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Shahnwaz Khan (Hero of the film)
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“DEKHA JO PEHLI BAAR” is a complete entertainer and romantic love story Film for a family. This is the first movie, which is made under the banner of M.S.K. Films.
Film is Having 6 songs and the different thing with the songs is that, they are like a bunch of tastes where every taste is present … A love Song…emotional Touch… Romantic song… Item number (disco song)…. And a song having BIG MASSAGE to the society –country-world and the lyrics is converted in to voice by very reputed singers like Javed Ali, Sadhana Sargam, Shaan, Sunidhi Chauhan, Alka Yaginik who all have given a heart touch to all songs. Two songs are a great gift for you on this Eid (Khushiyo ke….) & Independence Day (Love all…). Music and story are high light of the film.

The film ‘’DEKHA JO PEHLI BAAR’’ is an unique love story rotates around the three college mates Rahul, Anupama and Nilofar in a love triangle . It defines the philosophy of LOVE that love is the gift of Deity. Love has no boundary. It unites the two souls. In the very story of the film ‘’DEHA JO PEHLI BAAR’’ Rahul is a rogue student in the college, who has no aim in his life. He always indulges in criminal activities, in lieu of attending classes. Once an incidence takes place in the College premises, wherein one fresher student Anupama slaps him. Rahul turns to slap her but after seeing Anupama, a beautiful girl, he is fascinated by her and falls in love at the first sight. But on the contrary to it, Anupama hates him due to his vicious unlawful act. Another girl, a college mate Nilofar comes in his life. She loves him, but when she comes to know that Rahul loves Anupama, she sacrifices her love and tries her best to unite Rahul and Anupama. She becomes the bridge between the two. Will Rahul be able to get his love ? Will Neelofer be succeeded to unite Rahul with Anupama ? Could Anupama feel the sentiments of Rahul? These are the questions to be solved only after witnessing the film ‘’DEKHA JO PEHLI BAAR’’. This film gives message to the audience that sport plays a vitol role in our love life, as the hero of this film turns into a tenis player from a rogue boy and becomes a lover. Love gives strenth as well as confidence. Love is peace, love is victory.
Shahnawaz Khan : Rahul Verma
Kanika Kotnala : Anupama
Charu Asopa : Neelofar
Himani Shivpuri : Maa
Mushtaq Khan : Father Baaz Bahadur
Sudesh Berry : Principal
Shahbaaz Khan : Principal
Aman Verma : Abhay

Shahnawaz Khan as the Lead role who is an “NRI from Sydney”. He has done his training from NIDA(Autralia) and also from Barry John (Mumbai) and is now currently doing theatre with Nadira Zaheer Babbar in Ekjut. In the film along with him are introducing two very beautiful and charming faces Kanika Kotnala, who is from Dehradun and Charu Asopa, who is from Bikaner are in main lead role.

Mohd. Shamim Khan, is a NRI fron Australia, has Directed first time the film DEKHA JO PEHLI BAAR . He has a vast experience in the field of Entertainment. He conceived this film on the basis of his prior experience and technical skill. He has written the story, screenplay and dialogue of this film.

With regards,
Ms. Priyanka, iRFAN, Ravindra Arora
Oneup Relations PR team
Mob. 09022081361, 09869342831, 09920466218
Shahnwaz Khan (Hero of the film)
Mob. 09833367808
Mohd. Shamim Khan (Producer-director)
Mob. 09769907886


Real estate giant Vijay Group engages Global Advertisers for outdoor promotion

Mumbai: 6 Aug, 2013: Vijay Group, Mumbai’s premier real estate developer has roped in Global Advertisers for the promotion of its newly constructed property “Vijay Galaxy” at Godhbunder Road, Thane. The top floors of the Vijay Galaxy gives a lush green view from 200 feet above the ground, thus being marketed differently as “World View Residences”. First of its kind campaign of dual marketing of single residential complex has been designed for the promotion. Based on the experience and expertise, Vijay Group assigned outdoor promotion duty to Global Advertisers. The agency developed a promotional plan to cover prominent areas of western and central Mumbai, via large size hoardings placed at tactic/strategic locations.

“Being the rainy season, selection of sites for this project was our biggest challenge, but our media planning team made it happen. Capturing the attention of potential buyers, creating awareness for projects in premium locations at the same time couldn’t possible without the support of our dedicated research executives. It was a great learning experience while working with Vijay Group. We truly thank them for showing trust in our approach.” said, Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Global Advertisers.

Commenting on the campaign, Gautam Thacker, Director, Vijay Group said “In line with our objective to create awareness about our precious dream project Vijay Galaxy, Global has given us wonderful exposure in our target areas. Hoardings are very important tool of our marketing plan, and here I must say that Global Advertisers has the most strategically located hoardings in Mumbai. We are really happy with the response our outdoor campaign has generated.”

Recently, Mumbai’s Real Estate industry bestowed Global Advertisers with “Global Outdoors” award for making tremendous contribution in marketing of projects, during a seminar on “Real-Estate in a Digitized World”, at The Trident Hotel, Mumbai, supported by International Advertising Association.

With Best Regards,
Divya Khare

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Ketan Mehta wins the Patna court case for his film Manjhi- The Mountain Man

Patna Civil court dismisses the stay against the screening of Ketan Mehta’s Manjhi – The Mountain Man

August, 2013: In a relief, to the internationally acclaimed film-maker Ketan Mehta, the Patna civil court has dismissed the petition asking to stay the release of Ketan’s film, Manjhi – The Mountain Man. The court passed the verdict in favour of Ketan Mehta, who can now release his film, Manjhi – The Mountain Man.

A much-relieved Ketan Mehta said, “It’s a global inspiring story with brilliant performances by all the artists. In these cynical times it’s a story of hope, a tribute to the triumph of human spirit. How can any one stop it from reaching out to the people”.

Starring, the rising star of India, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Manjhi – The Mountain Manis based on the amazing real life story of Dashrath Manjhi, a poor man who broke the mountain for love. Set in 1960, the movie tells the inspiring real love story of a poor Shah Jahan. Over 22 years, with just a hammer and a chisel, he carved out a path through a mountain, in memory of his beloved wife who had fallen down while trying to cross it. He did it so that no one else would have to suffer her fate.

Inspired by his story, ace director Ketan Mehta decided to make a film on it. The shooting for the film starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Radhika Apte, was completed in October-November last year on the actual locations in a remote area of Bihar. However after the completion of the shooting, someone in Bihar brought a stay on the release of the film on the ground that, Dashrath Manjhi while on his death bed, in ICU, had put his thumb impression on an agreement, giving away exclusive rights to make a film on his life. While proving that Dashrath Manjhi was not even in Patna on the date of the agreement, Ketan Mehta also argued that Dashrath Manjhi, though a very poor man, was also very famous for his incredible deed and was already a public figure. Thousand of articles have been written about him and dozens of documentary films have been made about him and all this information is in public domain and there can be no copyright on information in public domain.

The court upheld the argument while lifting the stay order and allowing the release of the film. Manjhi – The Mountain Man is a co-production between Maya Movies Pvt. Ltd. and National Film Development Corporation. The movie is co-written and directed by Ketan Mehta and produced by Deepa Sahi and Nina Lath Gupta, with an impressive ensemble cast. The film, Manjhi- The Mountain Man is now ready for release.

Deepa Sahi, the Producer of the film said, “We were shocked to get the notice- even Majhi’s son had no idea about the so called rights being given by the person claiming them! As the counsel said- how can anyone have the “right” to make a film on Gandhiji’s life? You can have the right to a novel- not to a public figure’s life! So the court ruling was in our favour but the case caused a lot of inconvenience”.


Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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