Sports bra shopping with Enamor

Sports bra shopping with Enamor

Every woman needs a good sports bra; after all you need the best support to excel at your sport and to exercise without any worries at the gym. For stability, comfort and impact reduction the sports bra is a must for any woman who is active and embraces her fitness and well being.

Looking for the perfect sports bra? Enamor helps you with do’s and don’ts while shopping for your inner piece-

  1. The band: Pick up a sports bra with extra wide terry elastic band at the bottom to absorb excess moisture. The bottom band also provides a good grip without pinching to prevent the bra from riding up
  2. Shoulder straps: Look for a wide strap with terry finish elastic provides better support and sweat absorption. The shoulder straps should be cushioned so that the bra provides comfort and doesn’t dig into your skin. Buy a bra with specially constructed seams that lie flat, this helps in reducing chaffing.
  3. Mesh: Pick the one with a special mesh panels positioned strategically under the bust and back that allows for quick – dry from critical area
  4. Cups: Look for the cups that have a poly cotton layer that will enhance support. Go for non wired molded encapsulated cups for total bounce control. It is always better to buy a sports bra with shaped cups. The shaped cups not only look good but provide extra support by encapsulating the breasts in soft foam lined with moisture wicking fabric.

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Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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