Sound of spiritual music

Sound of spiritual music

It is the place where Lord Srikrishna is said to have lifted the Gowardhan parbat. Now, the historic Nathdwara wears a festive look with Srinathji temple festival bringing over a lakh devotees to the place this year for the nine-day fest. With Morari Bapu’s Ramkatha attracting devotees in hordes, the festival, hosted by devotee Madan Paliwal also sees performers of the likes of Kailash Kher, Sunidhi Chauhan, Kavita Seth, KK, Sunali and Roopkumar Rathod, Prince and Group, sand-sculptor Nitesh Bharti, flautist Baljinder and an Indo-Pak mushaira with poets of the likes of Javed Akhtar and a horde of other performers thronging the place for the fest that will see the entertainers of Bollywood embrace spiritualism with wholeheartedness.

In fact to meet with the requirement of prasad for the lakh devotees every mealtime, food is cooked in huge proportions, transported into vessels that just about fit into trucks, rice is shifted in shovels, and fire engine water tankers used to wash utensils to get them ready for the next set of devotees.

In a simple function to announce the festival, actors Gracy Singh, Kailash Kher, Sufi singers Kavita Seth and Mudasir Ali, Makarand Deshpande, Sonal Deshpande and sand-sculptor Nitesh Bharti got together with host Madan Paliwal at the Shankh Hall of Iskcon, Juhu to announce the fest.

Kailash Kher, Kavita Seth and Mudasir Ali regaled people with their songs while Gracy Singh and Makarand Deshpande lent their support to the pious cause. Said Madan Paliwal, “this is my humble tribute to my guru Morari Bapu.”

Says Madan Paliwal, “Asking me to speak about the magnitude of Nathdwara fest would be like asking a mute to describe the taste of jaggery. He can experience it and relish it but not express it. You need to be there at Nathdwara from Aug 18 – Aug 26 to experience the spirituality and the entertainment at the fest. ”

Fest details for information:

This year the fest begins from 18th August and goes on till 26th August. Pasted below is the schedule:

Every morning Ramkatha by Morari Bapu on all days from 18th to 26th August.

19 August – performance by Prince group, sand-sculptor Nitesh Bharti and flautist Baljinder.

20 August – performance by Kavita Seth.

21st August – performance by Kailash Kher.

22nd August – performance by Sunidhi Chauhan.

23rd August – performance by Roopkumar and Sunali Rathod.

24th August – performance by KK.

25th August – Indo-Pak Mushaira.


Srinath Temple, Udaipur, Rajasthan

The temple of Srinathji in Nathdwara, 48 kms north of beautiful city of Udaipur in Rajasthan is one of the wealthiest temples in India. Built in the early 18th century, the temple is thronged by staunch Vishnu and Krishna devotees every year on special occasions, especially Janmashtami. According to a popular folklore, the idol was initially installed at Mount Govardhan near Mathura city, birth city of Lord Krishna; while escaping the wrath and demolition by Muslim king Aurangzeb at a later date, the chariot carrying the idol of Srinathji got stuck in Nathdwara. This was taken as a divine signal to install the idol.

Shrinathji is believed to be a form of Krishna, in which he lifted the Govardhan hill to save the people of Brajbhoomi from the wrath of Varun-Lord of Rain. The temple’s inner sanctum where the idol of Srinathji is placed, is opened only eight times a day when devotees throng to catch a glimpse of the sacred form of the Lord . Everything in the inner temple, right from china to silver/ gold-ware, paintings, wall hangings, clothes and furniture, are reminiscent of the old times and its heritage.

An interesting fact relating to the famous temple is that the temple servants still wear the clothes and costumes of the bygone era. In the temple, enshrined is a unique image of Lord Krishna, which has been sculptured from a single piece of black marble.

One of the arms of the life size image is raised in a manner so as to give an impression of holding the Govardhan mountain. The other arm rests at the waist which seems not only a dance posture but also as if God is blessing the devotees.

In Shrinathji temple, worship (puja) is replaced by servitude (seva). The temple priests change the vestments and ornaments of Shrinathji daily with love and reverence. It is believed that he appears to his devotees in many forms: the divine child inspiring parental love, the flute playing good in the forests of Vrindavan luring maidens with the melody of his flute.

Darshans or glimpses of Srinathji can be sought 8 times in the day. individually known as Ashtaya, the 8 darshans are Mangala, Shrungar, Gwal, Rajbhog, Uthhapan, Bhog, Sandhaya Aarti and Shayan. In each of them the leelas (divine manifestations) of the Lord are described and harmonized with His daily routine.

Architecture of the Temple

The temple has three entrances. The first is through the red door at Chaupati from where the Govardhan worship place can be reached. Surajpol is an entrance exclusively for women and leads to Kamal Chowk through Singhpol. Various religious festivals are celebrated at the temple like Janmashtmi, Phooldol and Diwali.

The annakootritual is famous worldwide where cooked rice is hurled at the devotees after the ceremony and is ‘looted’ by them.

Places worth seeing in the temple include the Moti Mahal, Sudarshan Chakraraj, Dhwajaji, Kamal Chowk, Ratan Chowk, Mani Kotha and the temples of Shri Navnit Priyaji.

The Shri Krishna storehouse has silver and golden mills. Apart from that, the Shakghar milkboth and the outlets having roses, betel leaf, sweets and clothes as well as the gardens are worth a visit.




Integrated marketing campaign celebrates the beginning of new friendships

Mumbai, July 19: Cadbury Dairy Milk, India’s favorite chocolate brand, celebrates the beginning of new friendships with its latest TVC, ‘nayi dosti ka shubh aarambh’.

The TVC showcases the first magical moments of a blossoming friendship between a young girl and boy on the sidelines of a wedding, an occasion that in itself

connotes new relationships. The traditional setting, combined with the contemporary twist results in an easily relatable and youthful TVC.

Description: Description: C:\Documents and Settings\Ravi.Baliga\My Documents\My Pictures\vlcsnap-2012-07-12-17h46m22s180.png

It is set to hit TV screens nationwide on July 21, 2012 and is expected to have a presence in over 70 television channels. To further strengthen the brand’s digital

presence, the TVC was released online on YouTube and Facebook on July 13. The response in the first 6 days has been extremely encouraging with close to 573,000 hits

on YouTube and 10,600 likes on Facebook.

Speaking on the campaign Chandramouli Venkatesan, Director, Snacking & Strategy, Cadbury India said, “Cadbury Dairy Milk encapsulates an enormous

breath of emotions, from shared values such as family togetherness, to the personal values of individual enjoyment. The latest TVC celebrates and honors another

very important aspect of relationships- the start of a new friendship.”

Abijit Avasthi, National Creative Director, Ogilvy India adds, “The campaign is perfectly timed to coincide with Friendship Day on August 5. This is an exciting, action

Description: Description: C:\Documents and Settings\Ravi.Baliga\My Documents\My Pictures\vlcsnap-2012-07-12-17h48m03s214.pngpacked time for youngsters since colleges re-open at this time and they get to meet new people and start new meaningful friendships that last a lifetime.”

The TVC will be supported by a robust integrated marketing campaign, including on-ground activations in 80 colleges, creative print placements, interesting radio capsules

in leading radio stations across many cities and outdoor, to urge people to make new friends and celebrate special “friendship moments”.

The new commercial plays out at a traditional wedding ceremony. A teenage girl and boy exchange notes on how every family has

a “dancing uncle/aunty” and an “allergy aunty/uncle”. They quickly realize that the two families have much more in common than they thought.

When the girl excitedly asks, “Tumhaari family mein mere jaisa kaun hai?” the boy smiles and replies ”Main”. A piece of Cadbury Dairy Milk is exchanged to

celebrate their new found friendship and the closing VO states, ”Nayi Dosti Ka Shubh Aarambh. Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye.”

Description: Description: C:\Documents and Settings\Ravi.Baliga\My Documents\My Pictures\vlcsnap-2012-07-12-17h48m09s6.pngLink to Facebook Page –

Link to Cadbury Dairy Milk YouTube Channel-


Cadbury India Ltd. is a part of the Kraft Foods Group. Cadbury India operates in five categories – chocolate confectionery, beverages, biscuits, gum and candy.

In the chocolate confectionery business, Cadbury has maintained its undisputed leadership over the years. Some of the key brands are Cadbury Dairy Milk, Bournvita,

5 Star, Perk, Bournville, Celebrations, Halls, Éclairs, Tang and Oreo.


Kraft Foods Inc. (NASDAQ: KFT) is a global snacks powerhouse with an unrivaled portfolio of brands people love. Proudly marketing delicious biscuits, confectionery, beverages, cheese, grocery products and convenient meals in approximately 170 countries, Kraft Foods had 2011 revenue of $54.4 billion. Twelve of the company’s iconic brands – Cadbury, Jacobs, Kraft, LU, Maxwell House, Milka, Nabisco, Oreo, Oscar Mayer, Philadelphia, Tang and Trident – generate revenue of more than $1 billion annually. On Aug. 4, 2011, Kraft Foods announced plans to divide and create two independent public companies: a high-growth global snacks business and a high-margin North American grocery business. The transaction is expected to be completed before the end of 2012. A leader in innovation, marketing, health & wellness and sustainability, Kraft Foods is a member of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Standard & Poor’s 500, Dow Jones Sustainability Index and Ethibel Sustainability Index. Visit and


Sanjeev Gupta pays Tribute to Superstar Rajesh Khanna

Mumbai: July 19, 2012: Rajesh Khanna, the legend of Indian film industry, who ruled the hearts of millions in 1960s and 70s with his blockbuster hit movies, style and acting, passed away in Mumbai. We at Global Advertisers have paid tribute to the first superstar of golden era by displaying our heartily emotions on large size canvass.

Nicknamed ‘Kaka’ by his adoring fans, shot the first stardom in 1969 for his excellent performance in ‘Aradhana’ opposite Sharmila Tagore. The charm of his persona is well described by the strong affection he had received from his fans. The Rajesh Khanna haircut and Guru Kurta are still so popular.

At the sad demise, Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Global Advertisers said that “It’s a great loss for the Indian Film fraternity. He will always remain alive in our hearts. He was a King who gave Indian Cinema glamour, Style and Substance. Nobody has ever come close to his legendary persona .On behalf of the Global family, we have dedicated our hoarding in his honour.’

Sanjay Sharma Raj



Bharat Chetri & Royal Stag – Make it Large

Indian Hockey Team Captain and Royal Stag create an emotive campaign preceding the Olympics 2012

New Delhi, 18th July 2012: Paying tribute to legends of the national sport and them embodying motivation for the current hockey team is surely a first in Indian commercial advertising.

Seagram’s Royal Stag has engagingly and emotively highlighted three stalwarts of the game- winners of the coveted Olympic Gold medal, London Olympics 1948- to pass the beacon of hope to the current set headed to the same shores after 64 years.

Leslie Claudius (Olympic gold in 1948, ’52 and ’56) , Keshav Dutt (gold in ’48)and Jaswant Singh Rajput (Gold in ’48) feature handing the baton to Bharat Chetri, the goalkeeper captain of the Indian Hockey team to London in 2012 in the advertisement.

The London Olympics in 1948 was path breaking for India. A year after gaining Independence, the Indian team went on to defeat Great Britain in London, the symbol of the Crown and Imperialism that she had just broken away from. The 1948 Olympics Hockey Gold medal will always be special.

64 years later, the arena will be the same, but a lot has changed. Changes in playing surface, techniques and rules have helped other nations take the mantle of champions. Yet, India lives in hope as the team heads to London for an Olympic challenge.

Bharat Chetri’s team has practiced hard and has done well in recent tournaments. All they need is self-belief, confidence and consistency. And inspiration from that summer of ‘48, when a team of young Indians brought glory to their nation and made it large!

Bikram Basu, Vice President- Marketing, Pernod Ricard India says “India has a golden heritage in hockey. We have living legends, but not the adulation and media focus for youngsters to relate to their achievements, and follow their path. These legends are our beacon, and hopefully the baton of success will pass firmly to the current team this London Olympics. We want to make it large”.

In the photo are :-

Indian Hockey team Captain- Bharat Chetri along with Jaswant Singh Rajput, Keshav Dutt and Leslie Claudius (seated from left to right)


MTR Foods launches its Badam Drink Mix range in Association with Ice Age 4 : Continental Drift

Relish & energize the chilling moments in Association with ‘ICE AGE 4’

Mumbai, July 19, 2012: MTR foods brings in a new wave of energy, excitement and makes milk fun this season, with the launch of its new range of ‘ICE AGE 4’ Badam drink Mix. MTR foods in association with Fox Star Studios promises to give your young ones a unique and captivating experience of the most awaited film of the season ‘ICE AGE 4’.

“Ice Age titles are a massive success, highly entertaining and with lead characters that are so engaging and fun for kids that it offers MTR’s Badam Drink Mix & Chocolate Badam Drink Mix the perfect platform for association” said Vikran Sabherwal, VP Marketing, MTR Food Pvt. Ltd.

Adds Mr Vijay Singh, CEO, Fox Star Studios, “Ice Age is the most successful animated franchise in India, which is hugely anticipated in particular, amongst children and families. We are, therefore, delighted with the association between Ice Age 4: Continental Drift and MTR’s new range of kid’s drinks.”

There is a natural fit in this association, the brand wanted to associate with something more fun and exciting, we believe Ice Age was the perfect platform to showcase the new fun side of the brand – Team Group M ESP – Maxus, the AOR for MTR Foods.

Ice Age 4 Co-branded packs, Free Sippers with packs, SMS based contest, Ice Age 4 branded movie merchandise, special movie screenings for contest winners and a lot more fun activities are planned as part of this promotional campaign. MTR Badam Drink Mix makes milk fun to drink and contains real pieces of badam (almond). It will be a mothers best friend to help their child drink milk. MTR Foods will compliment this season with two distinctive flavors – Badam & Chocolate, deeply associating with the movie which is a family entertainer and a child’s favorite, thus creating the perfect symbiotic relationship.

Choose between the rich concoction of almonds (badam), saffron, cardamom or Chocolate flavoring! The rejuvenation in a glass makes drinking milk everyday to become a delightful and fun experience for everyone, especially the kids!

The new MTR Badam Drink Mix and Chocolate Badam Drink Mix will be available across India through all major retail outlets and beverage counters from July 2012. It is available from a convenient 25 gms sachet priced at Rs 10/- upto a 1 KG pack at an attractive price of Rs 280 only!

About MTR Foods:

MTR is a trusted name with a 85 year heritage that serves Authentic Indian Vegetarian meals which brings joy to every household. Being the pioneers in the Food Processing Industry, MTR Foods are the Guardians of Authentic & Indian Vegetarian meals.

MTR serves consumers not only India but also exports a wide range of packaged foods to global markets that include USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Japan and Oman. With a diverse portfolio, MTR unifies India tastefully – making the homemaker the ‘hero’; bringing a smile to everyone’s face with a wide range of choice of meals for the consumer. Blending authentic Indian flavours in modern formats; MTR Foods keeps abreast with the evolving tastes of India. Culinary secrets have been protected and handed down over the generations and our food is based on truly authentic recipes from their region of origin. The journey to being India’s premier, processed food company has been marked by innovation and the adoption of new technology. However, every MTR product will always embody the tradition of unmatched taste, purity and quality. Majority of the products are 100% natural have no preservatives and use only the finest, most authentic ingredients

For media enquiries, please contact:

IPAN Hill & Knowlton:

Gokul M +91 9880760585,

Narendra JM + 91 9845438063,


Paresh Rawal goes the edgy way for Table No.21

Guaranteed to send chills down your spine ,Paresh Rawal is set to shock audiences with his all-new look in the forthcoming thriller Table No.21 produced by NextGen Films and presented by Eros International –

After several look tests ,the high-concept thriller , sees the powerhouse performer don an edgy look ,reminiscent of some of his path-breaking roles essayed in the past – And while details of his role in the film are tightly being kept under wraps ,the makers confirm that it is indeed one of his career’s finest.

If sources are to be believed the actor suggested the novel and edgy transformation for his character and even contributed with inputs on the styling –

Confirms producer Viki Rajani “ We wanted Pareshji to have a new avatar for Table no.21 and he was more than willing to experiment and go those two steps further. After several looks tests we settled on this one and it worked splendidly in support of his character,taking it notches higher”.

Presented by Eros International and produced by NextGen Films, Aditya Dutt ‘s Table no.21 starring Rajeev Khandelwal,Tena Desae and Paresh Rawal , recently went on floors with the first schedule being shot at the picturesque Fiji Islands.


Vivek Oberoi surprises assistant on the sets of Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story

Nitin Shitole, assistant on the sets of Kumar Taurani’s Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story was sure in for a shocker, as lead Vivek Oberoi threw him a birthday surprise, much to his delight.

While the actor’s decade-long assistant assumed it to be just another grueling working day,Vivek Oberoi who was planning the surprise for over a week ,ensured that it was a birthday to remember.

Confirms director Vinnil Markan, “We always get a cake and celebrate every unit member’s birthday. This time though, Vivek said he wanted to handle the preparations for the party himself. He looked after everything including getting a huge cake, putting up decorations, ordering food for everyone and even buying gifts for Nitin.”

Produced by Kumar Taurani,starring Vivek Oberoi and Neha Sharma ,the light-hearted comedy directed by Vinnil Markan follows a gangster’s love story ,as the director puts it “a film about how we fall in love unknowingly with people we least expect to”.

Tips Industries “Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story” is scheduled for an October release this year.


Can Kate Beckinsale beat Sharon Stone’s performance?

Well, exactly the same question has been going on in every mind waiting for the release of Sony Pictures reboot film Total Recall.

The film starring Kate Beckinsale, Colin Farrell and Jessica Biel is a remake of the Total Recall released in 1990. Though both the films are based on the same short story of Philip K Dick yet the new version is said to be tonally different. How different it will be from the previous one is a question which will be answered only on the release of the film.

But there is a buzz about the characters of the film though the characters have not been changed much. The character made famous by Sharon Stone of that of Lori will now be played by Kate Beckinsale. The character is an important one but was hardly of 45 minutes in the old version of the reboot.

Considering that Len Wiseman has directed the film, who also happens to be Kate’s husband, the part of Lori might be a little longer than the previous one. Who knows, probably in this version, Lori survives till the end of the movie!

If that happens to be the situation then Kate will surely succeed in beating Sharon Stone’s performance. However, it is yet unofficial how big will be Lori’s part be which leaves us in the wait for dawn of 3rd August when the movie will release.

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