Shweta & Sudeepaa bond on the sets of Baal Veer

Shweta & Sudeepaa bond on the sets of Baal Veer


Baal veer is a prominent fantasy children’s TV series on SAB TV that entertains kids and takes them into magical trips to fairyland. In this magical tale, Baal Veer combats with magical creatures with evil intentions such as Bhayankar Pari played by Shweta Kawatra. He joins forces with Rani Pari, played by Sudeepaa Singh to maintain peace and orderliness in the universe. As per the track details, Bhayankar Pari and Rani Pari are opponents owing to the nature of their on-screen persona. Contrary to their on-screen rivalry, Sudeepaa and Shweta have become great friends.


Sudeepaa Singh said, “I am playing the role of Rani Pari in Baal Veer and helps him to fight and vanquish the forces of evil. I was introduced to Shweta on the sets while we were shooting a short sequence together. During lunch breaks and tea breaks, we started discussing the nature of our work and our food habits. We both being Punjabis have similar likings for different delicacies. At times, Shweta gets the choicest of Punjabi delicacies in her tiffin which we both enjoy over a cup of tea. Shweta is now a close friend of mine.”


Shweta Kawatra said, “Sudeepaa and me hit it off really well on the sets of Baal Veer during the shoot. We later discussed our assignments, our food habits, our affinity towards fairy tales and magical creatures. Sudeepaa has become a really good friend of mine and at times we even hang out over the weekend and explore different destinations in the city.”



Tune-in to Baal Veer from Monday to Friday at 8 pm only on SAB TV




Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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