‘Savita Barbies’ Deana Uppal & Shanthi Dynamite got robbed at Cannes.

‘Savita Barbies’ Deana Uppal & Shanthi Dynamite got robbed at Cannes.

Rupesh Paul’s latest movie, Savita Barbie has created quite a stir in tinseltown. A few days ago the news of him casting Indian-Ugandan pornstar Shanthi Dynamite made rounds and he even confirmed it later on. While promoting the movie at Cannes, both the leading ladies Shanthi and Deane Uppal were left red faced after they found their belongings missing.

Promoting Savita Barbie was another high for Rupesh and his entourage. They were well received by the people from Cannes and the Kamasutra 3D director has a reputation there. They even had their walk of fame on the red carpet and were in a jovial mood. But, on returning back to their hotel rooms, they were in for a shock. The leading ladies, both Shanthi and Deana were robbed.

Their rooms were raided and the uninvited guests took off after robbing their phones and other belongings worth of 4000 Euros.

Both the actresses filed a complaint at the local police station and the search has commenced. It remains to be seen it they actually get back their stolen goods.

The movie said to be a gangster drama on the lines of Ridley Scott’s ‘American Gangster’, is set to knock the socks off today’s prudish audience. The movie is an gangster-erotica with the element of horror. Its an experimental flick that is going to have the attention of its viewers and other people in the profession.

The ambitious project is directed by Jacob John and is co-produced by Rupesh Paul.


Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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