SAB TV’s magical comedy Baal Veer goes on air from October 8th at 8pm

SAB TV’s magical comedy Baal Veer goes on air from October 8th at 8pm

Mumbai October 3rd, 2012: SAB TV India’s leading family comedy entertainment channel, new fiction show Baal Veer is all set to premiere on Monday,October 8th. The show will be on-air every Mon-Fri at 8pm.

Baal Veer is an enchanting saga of a little boy, raised by fairies and blessed with super powers like no other human.It is a show that brings togethere the dreamy charm of a fairy tale and the power-packed action of a super hero legend. Baal Veer is esentially a show about a child bestowed with godly powers, who shuttles between earth and fairyland. His sole motive is to save young kids like himself, from bullies and other injustice against them.

The story begans with the introduction of the superhero Baal Veer played by Dev Joshi. In the course of his travel between the two realms is when he meets two earthlings, Manav and Meher, who eventually become his dear friends. Manav and Meher are often troubled by older kids and treated insensitively. Baal Veer comes to their rescue with the powers of his wand causing much comic mayhem in the process but as the proverb goes, all is well as it eventually ends well.The cast of Baal Veer also includes acclaimed actors like Shama Sikander,Karishma Tanna.

Tune-in to Baal Veer on

Monday, October 8th at 8 pm exclusively on SAB TV


Kareena has shorter attention span’ reveals Madhur Bhandarkar on Oye 104.8FM

New Delhi October 4, 2012: Oye! 104.8 FM Sabse filmi had a candid chat with Madhur Bhandakar on Siddharth Kannan’s show ‘Oye Talkies’ where he reveals that Kareena Kapoor has the shortest attention span. Giving insight into Kareena’s personalities he said that, at times you will realize that she is not listening to you, she is always on the phone, she is very good at multi – tasking, her mind has 3-4 tracks and the best part is her ability to deliver every time.

Madhur talked about his struggle when he used to sell chewing gums at the traffic signals and college campuses with schemes like ‘buy one chewing gum, get one free’ and he used to get hardly Rs 50 per day at that time. Later on he became a video library owner. Madhur used to deliver maximum videos to Mithun Chakraborty who was told years later that the director of Chandni Bar was the skinny lad who used to come to his house for videos, this came as a big surprise to Mithun Da.

Siddharth Kannan told Madhur that he is aware that Madhur has a done quite a few small roles earlier and he should get back to acting and start a film after heroine called ‘Hero’ with him in the lead. Madhur laughed at this preposition and he said that “I have a confession to make, I am a very bad actor, I am a horrible actor and nobody in the world can match me”. He asked Siddharth not to finish his career by making him an actor, When Sid probed him whether people from the fashion, corporate & glamour world get upset with him for showing their world so dark and hold it against him? Madhur confessed that ‘Yes they do hold it against me, after Chandani bar release , bar owners were against me, people would meet me at traffic signals and say that what I showed about them was too much’. Corporate world wanted to crucify me, and same goes with the fashion and Page 3 world. My films are not judgmental; in fact they are mirror to the society.

Sid further asked Madhur whether reports of Manisha Koirala being upset with him were true as she felt that Kareena’s dark portrayal of Heroine was based on her?

Madhur commented that “Manisha Koirala is a very dear friend, I don’t understand from where media gets such kind of story, Media wrote that I have made film on her life. Manisha messaged me and I spoke to her, I explained her that this film has nothing to do with her life and believed me”.

He further spoke his heart out saying “Critics can say whatever they like, I belong to Lawaaris camp, I have my own cinema, and there is an audience which appreciates my films and that’s all that matters to me”. Madhur said that “he does not take success and failure so seriously, after my directorial debut in “Trishakti”, I have seen the humiliation, nobody supported me, I have seen the industry very closely, if you are popular then people will flock you and if you are not then same people will go to someone else”.

He elaborated that he is fed up with the rumours that surrounds him, “Even if I go to hospital or I talk to a bank, then rumour mill goes in overdrive saying that I am making a film on them, I can’t have a normal chat with anyone”.

Madhur promised Sid K that’ If I ever make a film on a Radio Jockey, I will 100 % cast you Sid K..Aapse achcha yeh role koi nahi kar paayega!Aap Jaisa Radio Jockey aur aapki life dono kamal ki exciting hain!’

For which Sid K naughtily told Madhur –‘Mera market price 10 crore hai to act in a film!’

Both of them laughed away to glory and Madhur’s said his trademark line,“Yeh hai Sid ka Jalwaaaa!”

Catch All the A list bollywood stars with Sid K on Oye Talkies every Sat 7pm on Oye 104.8 FM-Sabse filmi!


Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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