Rupesh Paul’s version of the missing Malaysian Plane

Rupesh Paul’s version of the missing Malaysian Plane

Kamasutra 3D director Rupesh Paul is all set to direct a disaster movie on the missing Malaysian plane, MH-370. The flick titled ‘The Vanishing Act’, will focus more on the investigation after its sudden disappearance.

The case of the missing plane, was one of the highlights of 2014, and had the whole world worried. A number of countries joined forces and volunteered to help to look for the missing ones. Rupesh Paul maintains that it would be very insensitive to call it an “inspired movie”. He feels for the families of the victims and wants to do full justice to them. And he will, though subliminally, try to show it.

The movie is based on the investigative reports of a foreign journalist, on the real truth behind the unceremonious disappearance. After all the conspiracy theories for the missing plane, the effort to find the solidity in proof of the final reports is the main highlight of the movie.

Rupesh Paul states that the idea of the movie on the missing plane was first conceived by the huge uproar and sudden interest of the events surrounding it. What enticed him was the different reasoning and theories of people. He has selected one of the best and made a few alterations of his own to it.

Rupesh Paul is know for his versatility and the antithetic subjects he picks up. Known as a visionary, he is compared to the likes of Hollywood’s David Fincher. His treatment to the movie is what remains to be seen.

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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