Renowned Actor – Filmmaker Arbaaz Khan releases Vickrant Mahajan’s motivational book‏

Renowned Actor – Filmmaker Arbaaz Khan releases Vickrant Mahajan’s motivational book‏

15th May, 2014; Mumbai: It’s impossible to find a single soul in the world who seeks suffering, hatred, injustice or any other negative feelings. Every human being or rather living being wants to be loved, feel happy & experience all the goodness in the world. However, this is possible only if you live ‘positive’ — or rather superpositive! A message that was reinforced by motivational author Vickrant Mahajan as part of his Superpositivity Movement campaign, which he kickstarted in Mumbai today. Vickrant has created a powerful chant “Yes Thank You Universe”, which he has shared with people all over the world. It was released today in the form of a book by renowned actor–filmmaker Arbaaz Khan. The Bollywood star who’s known Vickrant for a decade now said, “There is no one in India who motivates people as well and easily as Vickrant does.”


The book launch became extremely special due to a super motivational video “Yes Thank You Universe — The World Chants”, comprising of 85 short stories shot all over the world which was simultaneously launched on YouTube. This montage of inspiring videos was played at the event for the present guests. With this, the author urges everyone to come together and be a part of the global campaign “The Yes Thank You Universe Project”. And create a mass wave of positive energy in the world.


Author Vickrant Mahajan shares, “The response at the launch was very positive & encouraging. Everybody instantly warmed up to the chant Yes Thank You Universe and witnessed how these four words said repeatedly unleash the greatest power in the Universe.”

Yes Thank You Universe is available in leading bookstores across India and is published by WordSmith Books and distributed by Om Books International.


About Vickrant Mahajan: Vickrant Mahajan is the proverbial gypsy, driven by an inexhaustible zest for life. He studied publishing at the University of Denver and filmmaking at the New York Film Academy, was an editor with HarperCollins India for two years, and was the first runner-up at Grasim Mr India 2003. His career has spanned 16 occupations so far: author, director, photographer, screenwriter, actor, model, editor, publisher, voice-over artist, communication trainer, columnist, producer, lyricist, consciousness coach, numerologist and inspirational speaker.


Vickrant made his Bollywood debut with the film Challo Driver released in 2012. Yes Thank You Universe is his sixth book, and his previous one, Stretch Yourself, was a bestseller in India and was translated into several languages. Besides, he has authored ten photographic coffee-table books and has exhibited his art in India and Dubai. He now runs a consciousness organisation called Superpositivity Movement, and travels all over the world making people aware of their true potential. You can read more about his work on


Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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