Companies to Create and Distribute Innovative Entertainment and Sports Content in India

Across Film, Television and Digital Platforms

Partnership Will Strengthen Ties between Hollywood and Bollywood

Mumbai, India – May 18, 2014– Relativity Media (“Relativity”), a next-generation media

company, and B4U, a leading Bollywood film and television network whose major shareholders

include Lakshmi Mittal, Kishore Lulla, and Gokul Binani, announced today that the companies

have formed a new joint venture that will leverage their combined expertise, relationships and

resources to create and distribute highly-engaging long and short form entertainment and sports

content in India that will span a variety of mediums including film, television and digital.

Rapid urbanization, multiplex growth and increasingly sophisticated production and marketing

techniques continue to drive growth in the Indian content market. Capitalizing on the significant

growth potential of the Indian film and television markets, which are expected to reach revenues

of INR 193.3 billion($3.5 billion) and INR 848 billion ($15.3 billion) by 20171

, respectively, the

joint venture will provide an innovative platform for both Relativity and B4U to co-invest and

distribute local Bollywood film and television productions. In addition, the joint venture will

distribute and market Relativity’s films, beginning with the romantic drama The Best of Me, in

India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan.

“This strategic partnership represents an exciting opportunity for Relativity to significantly

expand our presence in this vibrant and growing marketplace while creating a bridge for

developing and sharing content between Hollywood and Bollywood,” said Ryan Kavanaugh,

CEO of Relativity. “By 2020, India is set to become the world’s youngest country, and its

citizens are adopting new technology platforms – from smartphones to smart TVs – at a dramatic

rate. We are especially excited to work with B4U and its impressive management team led

by Ishan Saksena, and this joint venture positions us well to deliver enthralling content across

rapidly emerging distribution channels.”

Ishan Saksena, CEO of B4U, said: “B4U has always been at the helm for delivering Bollywood

content in India and internationally. This joint venture with Relativity is the natural step in our

progression to build a creative film studio and unique technology platform. Our joint venture

provides a platform to bring the best of Relativity’s intellectual property, production skills,

and unique monetizing strategies to India, while also providing Indian talent access to global

audiences. Ryan’s vision and leadership,combined with the Relativity management team’s deep

industry experience, makes them our ideal partners.”


“The power of a billion: Realizing the Indian Dream”, KPMG and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and

Industry (FICCI), 2013.
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Joint Venture Structure

The newly formed joint venture will:

• Distribute future Relativity films and other select entertainment content in India and the

surrounding regions

• Co-finance, co-produce and distribute Indian language films and television shows as well

as acquire projects in the U.S. and Indian markets

• Distribute third-party content in India and select Bollywood films in the U.S.

• Create and launch a new pay television channel in India focused on Hollywood content in

both English and Hindi

• Launch “RelaTV” – a digital streaming technology platformto deliver compelling short

and long form content to Indian consumers

• Co-produce a slate of Hollywood films including The Best of Me

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed; however, the joint venture will have an investment

of approximately $100 million available for projects. The joint venture will be managed by B4U

Chief Executive Officer Ishan Saksena and will be overseen by a Board of Directors, to which

both companies will appoint two directors.

Upcoming Productions in India

Relativity’s romantic dramaThe Best of Me, based on the bestselling novel by acclaimed author

Nicholas Sparks, and starring James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan, will be the first film to be

distributed by the joint venture in India and will be releasedon October 17, 2014.

In addition, the joint venture will make Relativity’s upcoming comedy – currently titled “Untitled

Armored Car Project” and starring Owen Wilson and Zach Galifianakis in the U.S. – for the

Indian market with a Bollywood director and starring Bollywood talent.

In “Untitled Armored Car Project,” David (Galifianakis) is unfulfilled in his life and unhappy

with his work –driving the armored car bringing thousands of dollars to and from banks every

day. But when he’s convinced to join in a far-fetched plan to rob a bank vault, David soon throws

everything on the line for love, money and a life of excitement. These inexperienced criminals,

led by Steve (Wilson), somehow manage to nab nearly $20 million, only to then leave a glaring

trail of evidence in their wake. To make matters worse, David’s accomplices double-cross him.

Now, in this comedy inspired by true events and directed by Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite),

David will discover that the only thing tougher than pulling off the heist will be trying to turn the

tables on those who betrayed him.

About Relativity

Relativity ( a next-generation studio engaged in multiple aspects

of entertainment, including film production; financing and distribution; television; sports

management; music publishing; and digital media.

The studio has produced, distributed or structured financing for nearly 200 motion pictures,

generating more than $17 billion in worldwide box office revenue and earning 60 Oscar®

nominations. Recent films include: Oculus, 3 Days to Kill, Safe Haven, Act of Valor and

Immortals, the latter two opening number one at the box office in their debut. Relativity’s other
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films include the eight-time Oscar® nominee The Social Network as well as Limitless and two- time Oscar® winner The Fighter. Upcoming films include Earth to Echo and Nicholas Sparks’

The Best of Me.

Relativity Sports is the industry’s fastest growing sports agency, providing more than 300 NBA,

NFL and MLB athletes with services ranging from contract negotiation to custom film and

television content production. Relativity Television is one of the country’s largest suppliers of

unscripted television and has recently expanded to produce scripted series.

About B4U

Launching both B4U Movies and B4U Music in 1999, the network has been labelled as the

foremost Asian channel to pioneer Bollywood and Indian Entertainment worldwide. Since

its inception, B4U has successfully created a brand with a strong momentum, across multiple

platforms including TV, Cinema, Press, New Media and Digital.

Today B4U is a select top brand on Bollywood Entertainment, Culture and Lifestyle having

been widely awarded with 9 Promax and Television awards for the quality of programming and

televised shows.

B4U has been a household name, acting as the ambassador of, and allowing viewers worldwide

to appreciate the high standard of entertainment it has to offer. B4U has a presence in over 100

countries, and a potential audience reach of over 200 million viewers. With an ever expanding

viewer base and newer platforms, B4U is today clearly at the forefront of taking the magic of

Indian entertainment and Bollywood worldwide.

Media Contacts

PSLive for B4U

Swati S. Sahasrabudhe

+91 9820590768
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