Rakshabandhan Quotes of Zee TV actors

Rakshabandhan Quotes of Zee TV actors


Paridhi Sharma as Jodha from Jodha Akbar

“My brother holds a very special position in my life and I have many fond memories with him that I cherish till date. Like, I remember since childhood I was very fond of playing ‘Ghar-Ghar’ and he, being a boy, was always reluctant to play along but still used to do so to keep me happy. I now realize that my passion for acting began right then. I would give him some character to play and loved experimenting with different roles myself. For this Rakshabandhan, I would love to go to Indore to spend some quality time with my family but I don’t think that will be possible due to my shooting schedule. So this Rakhi I am going to do something very different. One of the news channels is going to connect me to my brother so that I can tie him a Rakhi through video conferencing and they will  be airing the segment. It is going to be an entirely new experience for me and I am looking forward to it.”





Mrunal Thakuras Bulbul from Kumkum Bhagya said, “Rakhshabandhan is an occasion that is extremely close to my heart. I had always wanted a brother and after praying for 12 long years, my wish was finally fulfilled the day he was born. I vividly remember our first Rakshabandhan, I was super excited and got him a ‘Chota Bheem’ Rakhi. This year I will be going to my Maasi’s house to celebrate it with my cousin brothers as I will not be able to meet my real brother who is currently studying in Nagpur and has his examinations. However, I have ensured that my Rakhi reaches him by courier. My brother is one of the most important people in my life, I truly feel lucky to have him and believe that every girl should have a brother.”






Mishkat Verma as Raj from Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya

Rakshabandhan, for me, is a day that I dedicate to my sister. I’m lucky to have more than one sister in my life.  Apart from my elder sister – Mihika, I have my cousin sisters as well. It’s a special day to celebrate the relationship and I feel that every year I grow closer to them because we don’t meet that often. I’m the youngest amongst of them all and most of my sisters are married so they are more like mothers to me. My sister Mihika has been a constant support throughout my life, especially during my schooling. Once I remember, she stayed up all night making my project while I was asleep. She used to teach me and guide me and even today, the kind of career I am in, if I ever lose confidence or feel unsure of myself, my sister is the one that makes me believe in myself again. This is the first year I am earning independently and so I plan to do something special for all of them this Rakshabandhan.”







Roopal Tyagi as Gunjan from Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke

“I was 10 when my brother was born and since then Rakshabandhan became a very special occasion for me and even today, I feel a sense of responsibility towards my brother. On my first Rakhi, when my brother was a few months old, my mom asked me to look after him. He was lying on the sofa and I remember I looked away for one second and he almost fell off!

That was the day I realized that this little baby is my responsibility and every Rakhi I am reminded of the same. He even teases me at times that I almost dropped him on our first Rakhi. Now he has grown so old, I find it hard to believe that he is the same little baby. This year I will be meeting my brother before Rakhi, on my mother’s birthday in Goa, so it will probably be the most happening Rakhi for us




Neha Marda as Urmi from Doli Armaanon Ki

I feel that every brother should lavish their sisters with love and protect them from every evil, all year through. Not just on Raksha Bandhan. The most special Rakhi memory for me, was ironically the first Rakhi after my marriage. Till then, it was just another day for me, when I used to tie a Rakhi and that was it. After marriage, there are a lot of ceremonies that are celebrated on a large scale and one of them was Rakshabandhan. Now with my duty divided towards both households equally, I simply couldn’t leave everything and go meet my brothers. That was the first time I actually missed my brothers on Rakhi. One of the best memories I have is when all 5 of them surprised me by coming over to my in-laws’ place. This year, all my brothers are coming to Mumbai and we plan to go out for Brunch.”  




Nia Sharma as Roshni from Jamai Raja

For me, Rakshabandhan is all about my brother and the both of us showering love and gifts on each other. It’s not like I don’t love my brother through the rest of the year, but it’s just that on this day we get to exclusively celebrate our bond. We enjoy making each other feel special with little gifts, like I always get him dairy milk chocolates because I know how much he loves them and he also plans small surprises for me like getting me a dress or taking me out for dinner. Since the past 3 years we haven’t been able to meet for Rakhi since we are both working in different cities but I always make it a point to courier my Rakhi to him. When I went back home some time back, he actually showed me his collection of all the rakhis I have tied him over the years. This Rakshabandhan is going to be very special for the both of us since he is in town and I am definitely going to take some time off to spend some quality time with him.”





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