Rahul Vaidya impersonated, Baroda- based woman duped!

Rahul Vaidya impersonated, Baroda- based woman duped!


A person claiming to be Rahul Vaidya on a social networking site has duped a Baroda-based woman

Bollywood singer Rahul Vaidya seems to be the latest victim of cyber crime. A guy claiming to be Rahul Vaidya on Facebook has gone on to dupe a Baroda-based woman. Source says, “This conman created a fake Facebook profile claiming to be Rahul Vaidya & recently took Rs. 20,000 from a Baroda-based woman under the pretext of featuring her in his next music video.”

The source adds that for quite some time now, this person has been chatting with scores of fans under Rahul’s guise. ‘His name is Raj Thakur & Rahul has already warned him a lot of times. This time, things have gone too far as Thakur has taken money from someone, says a source close to Rahul.

When contacted, Rahul confirmed the news. He said, “Yes, I have come across a lot of imposters on social media & I got to know about this guy after a few of my friends pointed him out to me. His name is Raj Thakur and he has been flirting with fans using my name. Now he is seeking personal favors from my fans only so that I face the brunt. I have warned him in the past as well, but what he has done this time is plain shocking. After taking Rs. 20,000 in return for featuring her in a video, he’s on the run & the lady can’t trace him. I now plan to take legal action against him & will soon lodge a police complaint.”




Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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