Producer Bodies IMPAA & WIFPA and FWICE press conference

Producer Bodies IMPAA & WIFPA and FWICE press con
A press conferece was conducted for the clarification on the true occurrences in the conflict between the Allied Mazdoor Union Committee members & the workers on the Balaji set by The Film & TV Producers Bodies IMPAA and WIFPA & FWICE (Federation of Western India Cine Employees).

To condemn the flash strike by some nefarious elements in the Allied Mazdoor Union (FSS&AMU) and to present the true picture & representation of the facts pertaining to the conflict between the Allied Mazdoor Agents & the workers at the Balaji set.

1) 6 representatives of the FSS&AMU committee reached the Balaji set of Klick Nixon at Powai at 10pm.
2) They ordered the units members to stop shooting and tried to disrupt the shoot.
3) When a production executive stood up to them and questioned their actions all six started beating him mercilessly.
4) The other workers including those from the FSS&AMU, on seeing their colleague being beaten stepped in to rescue him & in the ensuing melee the aggressors were soundly beaten
5) The Committee members of the FSS&AMU filed a complaint with the Powai police station and falsely accused the Balaji production members of initiating the attack and got them arrested.
6) The Hon. Gen. Secretary of the FWICE Mr. Dilip Pithwa reached the spot at the same time and verified the above facts after speaking to all the parties involved.

The current executive committee of the FSS&AMU led by Gangeshwarlal Shrivastava has been a menace to the working of the film industry, and has on numerous occasions disrupted shootings & abused Producers & workers alike on the film sets and numerous complaints have been received by the FWICE on the same. His so called concern for the welfare of the workers is only a guise to extort fines from producers on any pretext whatsoever. The producers already pressurised by punishing deadlines are compelled to yield on numerous occasions and shell out the monies he or his agents demand.

The said person has even been suspended from the FWICE (Federation of Western India Cine Employees), the mother body of the 22 crafts of the film industry, for 15 years & non-co-operation has been declared against the entire executive committee of the FSS&AMU, for their continuous extortionist, disruptive & violent behaviour on the sets of the Film & TV productions.

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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