Pianist Rajlakshmi pays unique tribute to ‘Mahanayak’ Uttam Kumar in the presence of eminent persons from Tinsel Town.

Pianist Rajlakshmi pays unique tribute to ‘Mahanayak’ Uttam Kumar in the presence of eminent persons from Tinsel Town.

Uttam Kumar, one of the brightest stars that ever arrived in Indian Cinema was recently paid tribute in a very unique way as pianist Rajlakshmi Ghosh played out tunes of the songs portrayed on the legendary actor from Bengali film Industry.

As Rajlakshmi’s finger on Piano casted magic with tunes, she was complimented excellently by the Saira Shah Hailim’s narratives who in her unique way read out from the script masterly written by Devasish Sarkar. Arundhuti, daughter of Rajlakshmi and also a pianist in making took the role of the emcee and maintained the smooth flow of the event.

The event which was held at Palladian Lounge in Kolkata saw full house The event also saw the presence of many eminent person from Bengali Film fraternity which included National award winning director Sanjoy Nag, national award winning producer Satrajit Sen, director Manoj Michigan, noted independent filmmaker Debasish Sen Sharma and young director Duo Soumya and Suprio. The audience in attendance fell short of words when they tried to appreciate the show after it was over. The songs which were played By Rajlakshmi from the Uttam Kumar starred films are as follows:

  • E SUDHU GANER DIN (Film: PATHE HOLO DERI, Portrayed on: Uttam Kumar & Suchitra Sen)
  • AMAR SWAPNE DEKHA RAJKANYA (Film: SAGARIKA, Uttam Kumar & Suchitra Sen)
  • TUMI JE AMAR (Film: HARANO SUR, Portrayed on: Uttam Kumar & Suchitra Sen)
  • SURYA DOBAR PALA (Film: INDRANI , Portrayed on: Uttam Kumar & Suchitra Sen)
  • EI  PATH JADI NA SESH HOYE (Film: SAPTAPADI Portrayed on: Uttam Kumar & Suchitra Sen )
  • MOU BONE AAJ (Film: DUI BHAI, Portrayed on: Uttam Kumar & Sabitri Chatterjee)
  • AMI CHEYE CHEYE DEKHI SARADIN (Film: DEYA NEYA , Portrayed on: Uttam Kumar Tanuja)
  • MON CHEYECHE AMI HARIYE JABO ( Film: SANKHA BELA, Portrayed on: Uttam Kumar & Madhabi Mukherjee )
  • OGO KAJAL NAINA HARINI (Film: MON NIYE, Portrayed on: Uttam Kumar & Supriya )
  • AMI JAMINI TUMI SASHI HAI (Film: ANTONY FIRINGI, Portrayed on: Uttam Kumar & Tanuja)
  • AMAR DIN KATE NA ( Film: CHADMABESHI , Portrayed on: Uttam Kumar &  Madhabi Mukherjee  )
  • EI KATHATI MONE REKHO (RABINDRA SANGEET FROM Film: CHOWRINGHEE. Portrayed on: Uttam Kumar & Anjana Bhowmik )
  • AMAR SAKAL RASER DHARA (RABINDRASANGEET FROM Film: BIKELE BHORER PHUL , Portrayed on: Uttam Kumar & Sumitra Mukherjee )
  • TOMAR BHUBANE MAGO ETO PAAP (Film: MARU TIRTHA HINLAJ, Portrayed on: Uttam Kumar & Sabitri Chatterjee)
  • JADI BHABO SETO KHELA NOYE (Film: CHAOA PAOA, Portrayed on: Uttam Kumar & Suchitra Sen)
  • KICHUKHON ARO NAHOYE ROITE KACHE (Film: PATHE HOLO DERI , Portrayed on: Uttam Kumar & Suchitra Sen )


About Rajlakshmi:


Ms Rajlakshmi is a brilliant pianist in presenting her solo recital that includes popular music of various festive generous, western Classics, Strauss Walzes, melodious Hollywood and Bollywood tunes interplayed with iconic classical and latin ones.  SHE IS THE ONLY  FEMALE PIANIST IN INDIA  TO CREATE  A “fusion OF melodies” with the blend of Eastern and Western Music, that includes an eclectic mélange of semi Classical, Pure Indian Ragas, Global Folk Tunes .and other popular tunes form India and abroad, including old Hindi melodies, her favorite.

Born in Calcutta, Rajlakshmi hails form a respectable aristocratic Bengali family. She started her music training under the able guidance of the Piano Maestro Late Shri V Balsara (pianist and Music Director and got lot of inspirations from Dr.Adi Gazdar, a renowned doctor and Internationally famed western classical Pianist from India associated with Calcutta School of Music, along with her private training from the teachers of Trinity College of Music London. In her academic career, Rajlakshmi is a brilliant student with“ Masters in Business” from the University Queensland, Australia, currently working as a management consultant for various reputed firms on an International level.


About Mrs Saira Shah Halim : Saira Shah Halim-Corporate and communication Trainer, have worked with t top MNC’S like Wipro Ltd and Infosys technology and others in India as a communication trainer and a senior manager,have built brands and hosted national and International events and seminars,passionate about theatre and the performing arts, columnist on grooming and etiquette in Femina Bangla,Member of theatre groups-The Red Curtain and ‘Spandan’,Have worked with names like Alyque Padamsee,Ashoke Vishwanathan,Renu Roy and Ashok Singh.Executive committee member of WEBFUNA(West Bengal federation of united nations association) convenor of NGO FACES and member of NGO Kolkata Swastha Sankalp.a doting mother of two young girls and a regular face at some of the most important events of the city.


About  Mr. Debasish Sarkar:  A senior banker by profession, in a highly respectable position. He is also a connoisseur of Art and culture. He is a poet, an expert in writing scripts and  narrations and his eloquence in this field is well known.



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Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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