Oozing her mellifluent voice, the Italian Soprano sensation Gioconda Vessichelli wins over hearts.

Oozing her mellifluent voice, the Italian Soprano sensation Gioconda Vessichelli wins over hearts.



Bestowed with a mesmerizing voice , the famous soprano sensation Gioconda Vessichelli introduces the masses to a distinctive and never-seen-before art form where the singers in an ethereal setting display their emotions in the form of singing and in act their emotions, the best known as OPERA. Adding to her accomplishments, she has lent her voice to Bollywood movies like Prague in 2013. Knowing where her forte lies, Gioconda Vessichelli became one of the youngest soprano’s as she began to pursue her dreams at a very young age.


Gioconda Vessichelli wants to reach out and make this form of art known to her utmost of the strength to the maximum people. The Italian singer Gioconda Vessichelli displaying her enchanting voice, performed at Mehfil-e-Khaas, a night put together by the production house running at the top amongst the others “BALAJI PRODUCTION HOUSE”.  Suiting the ambience the star she is performed on the ever green song “My heart will go on” and mesmerized the audience with her soothing vocals. The euphoria created by her appealing voice, left the audience spell bound.


Gioconda Vessichelli in the presence of prominent personalities from the music industry sharing the stage with the stunning and melodious Shibani Kashyap, audience witnessed the rare fusion of Indi-pop and Opera singing on the same stage at Worli Festival. The association between the 2 beauties does not terminate here as they further intend to work together and set out to exhibit their talent on Coke Studio- an Indian television series featuring live music performances by the musicians of all the genres.


Asked her how she feels to be receiving applauds, the soprano sensation says “I feel delighted with the response I have received. As India is a land of distinctive forms of art and culture, I feel privileged that my art has been accepted with wide arms”.  I am also looking forward to collaborate with Bollywood, as it draws my interest.

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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