Now a guru to get you Sponsors To charge up your cash crunched initiatives, provides a breath of

Now a guru to get you Sponsors

To charge up your cash crunched initiatives, provides a breath of

fresh air. Ending all inhibitions and anxiety on who will finance, this provides unique

web portal offers suggestions and packages right from how to design a sponsor request

letter to making the potential sponsors informed about an event. With college fests beco

ming mega events and seminars going a hype, organizers want more sponsors to be rop

ed in to ensure the smoothness and success of the dream event. This one stop solution f

or your event worries, first time in the country, makes sure to pour enough grease in the

fulcrum of your dream

Brainchild of Onkar Kishan Khullar and Shikhar, two young entrepreneurs,

the uniqueness of the concept lies in the fact of ‘Simplifying life’. Getting

sponsors were never so easy neither can it be. There’s a guruji, Sponsorguru, an

omnipresent ‘Baba ji Ka Thullu’ phenomenon in the website ever ready to help you.

Pay him his demanded ‘dakshina’ and he will guide you right from Verification of the

letters sent to the sponsor to designing of event posters. As far as sponsor mentalities

are concerned, people ready to lash out money on your event makes sure their hard

earned moolah doesn’t flow through the drains. So makes a well

written cover letter that conveys your competence concisely and precisely at Rs. 399

Only. Besides sponsorguru will design a poster specific to your needs at just Rs. 2999.

Right from giving you videography PR and merchandising services,

has packages to design that right logo to grab eyeballs. Moreover, we promise to deliver

you various strategies laid by Onkar & Shikhar which will help you get the same sponsor

back. All packaged are in the range of Rs. 299 to Rs. 4999.

For the business end people, there’s reason to rejoice. There’s a variety of events to

choose from so as to target your segment like never before. gives

you a sponsorship valuation telling you how much your sponsorship was actually worth

it (ROI) which will help you in making smart investment.

And the procedure of getting yourself registered at is simpler

than 123. You just have to fill the details of name of the event, chief guest, Event USP,

sponsor on boards, expected audience and contact. Specifying the sponsor slabs (title

sponsors/ media sponsor) will make the task easy for the Samaritans ready to contribute

to your good gesture towards the society. A notifier informs you about the last seen time

and date and how many potential sponsors have seen your proposal.

So to organizers of seminars, music fests, parties, time is ripe enough, get the support

and make it big!

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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