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dj sheizwood- music director- supermodel
Veena walks on the foot prints of Rakhi Sawant- DJ.Sheizwood

Q.1- What kind of music supermodel holds?

Music is very different, it has contemporary, slangs in the songs called teri maa nu, emotional song (tujhse alag tujhe juda), audience will not feel that it has only one kind of music, it has verstality. The music is up market, we have focused on the youngsters and the middle age group. We haven’t kept only new compositions in mind but also the oldies in mind.

Q.2- Special efforts you have given n the composition of music?

See, every composition is a good effort in itself till the time it is served in the plate. Every music director works for the good compositions. Tujhse alag..has a very strong melody and apart from that the title track of supermodel has been composed in the old style and music is young.

Good experience and being upgraded about the sounds is very important. The no. of albums I have done, youngsters were crazy about that. Audience will love the songs of supermodel after and before the release too.

Q.3-How you composed the tracks for the supermodels?

Tujhse alag and teri manu wasn’t composed for this movie. Tujhse alag was created four years back. It was heavily raining in Mumbai, weather was romantic and emotional too. So it came in my mind and I composed it without any purpose. When I was offered supermodel, I discussed about the composition with the producers. They liked it. We are also making a promotional track of teri maanu…which audience will be able to see soon. Situations was especially created for the songs.

Q.4-Did You approached kunwar juneja for the lyrics? Or you had other options too?

He is a talented writer, he is writing for me since a long time. I told him about the situation, he came with the idea next day. Very next day lyrics were with me, within one or two days, composition was ready. Song is mixed in English and Hindi, a kid of 16 yrs (naman Shashtri) has rapped the song awesomely. I will be working with him in my next international projects too.

Supermodel is the only track of the movie which was especially composed and written for the movie.

Q.5-How much liberty was given to you while working for the composition and on music from the producers and directors?

I always wanted to create the music for my fan followings, and I did the same. Music was totally my call, producers never interrupted me, they supported me.

Prem prakash gupta and ravi ji, both are very liberal producers. I’m very much satisfied after working with them. They work on your vision instead of their own. In this industry everyone tries to become an all rounder, which is not an easy task. As a music director, if I’ll think I can direct the whole movie, then I’m wrong. I won’t be able to do it. Everyone should work as a team and should trust on their team members,.

The director navin batra ji is a good technician, he has good knowledge. His perception is very clear, he knows film making. He has shown fashion in a stylish way in the foreign beaches.

Q.6-Music directors like dilip sen and raj sen are sitting at home. What do you want to say in that regards?

When these people use to do direction, in the year 1993, was my debut year with gulshan ji with the bhakti album called shiv aradhana (t-series), almost 10,00,000 copies were sold out within a month. That was a hit album, but something went wrong in between me and gulshan ji, conflicts took place and I went back. I was very young, I learned the whole abcd of the music and sound. Then the changes in the scenario took place, the people of my zone like Anoop jalota ji and many more tried to come into pop, but they couldn’t. but when I composed MERE PIA GAYE RANGOON, it was a chart bursting hit track, it was a miracle. I proved myself on every step of my compositions. And now I have become a first full pledged music director just because of my back ground of bhajan,classical and pop.

Q.7-We got to know you have also acted in the movie?

I have always performed in the pop albums with the females like rakhi sawant, mausami. This debut was just for the promotional track. My sound engines are loaded with the lakhs of the fans, and most of them are youngsters.

Q.8-How you see veena as an actor?

I never saw veena acting before; I use to think see is just a controversial queen. But after watching her acting in supermodel, I felt she is an amazing actress. Audience haven’t seen her skills yet, but through supermodel they will. Veena holds glamour in herself, she is a oomph factor kind of female. Being a close friend of rakhi sawant I use to think, veena walks on the foot prints of rakhi.

Q.9-You have worked with rakhi sawant and veena malik. Who is the best?

Veena is not an amazing perfomer,rakhi is an amazing performer when we talk about dance. Veena is a very good actress. But both of the females has one thing in common, they just simply don’t create controversies, they have work also. They aren’t like shraddha Sharma , nandini jumani, etc…those who don’t believe in work, simply interesting in creating controversies.


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SRK retorts to Salman’s invitation!

The industry has been taken by surprise. Have Salman and SRK turned over a new leaf post Eid? Are the Khan’s making a conscious effort of starting afresh? Well the recent developments certainly point in that direction.

At a recent event, when asked if Salman would have SRK over as a celebrity guest on a popular reality show hosted by him, Salman mentioned that he will gladly welcome SRK if he wants to promote his upcoming film. At a press event, when zoOm spoke to SRK about Salman’s invitation, SRK was quick to revert that he will definitely promote his movie on the reality show. However the only glitch is that Salman will have to wait for almost a year to host SRK as Happy New Year is still in the making.

SRK also went on to say that there are no issues between him and Salman and that people shouldn’t create them either. On the other hand Salman taking the box office results of Chennai Express in his stride commented that the only war between the Khan’s will be at the box office.

This certainly looks like the new beginning and we wish the two reigning Khan’s all the best. It remains to be seen how soon these two will come together on a common platform! For the latest and biggest stories from Bollywood, stay tuned to Planet Bollywood News every day at 7 pm only on zoOm – India’s No. 1 Bollywood Channel.


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Sanjeev Kapoor ke Kitchen Khiladi premieres on September 16, 8 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television

Mumbai, September 13, 2013: India’s most loved Chef Sanjeev Kapoor will get your taste buds tingling as Sony Entertainment Television presents a brand new cooking reality show “Sanjeev Kapoor ke Kitchen Khiladi”. This delectable show premiering on September 16 at 8pm will be a gastronomic delight for all food lovers. Get ready to celebrate food in a whole new way as we see a family take on a chef, in cooking up dishes, which are the families’ culinary pride.

Sanjeev Kapoor ke Kitchen Khiladi will witness a cook-off between ordinary families and a professional chef. Both the chef and the families will cook and present the same dish to Sanjeev Kapoor (Chief Judge) for the final verdict. The show will not just entertain viewers by the competition element but also give viewers an opportunity to learn interesting recipes as a part of the “Dish of the Day” in each episode.

This culinary battle will feature families from all over the country, that have been auditioned and the best amongst them will find their place in the show. The renowned chefs who will be pitted against the families are entertaining and energetic Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, experimentative Chef Ajay Chopra, Mexican food specialist Chef Vikas Seth, India’s Youngest TV Chef and Limca record holder Chef Saransh Goila and last but not the least Continental food specialist Rahul Kulkarni.

Speaking about the new culinary show, Ms. Sneha Rajani, Senior EVP and Business Head, Sony Entertainment Television said, ““Sony Entertainment Television has always introduced path-breaking innovations for its viewers. As we launch ‘Sanjeev Kapoor ke Kitchen Khiladi’, we will introduce cooking with a new dramatic twist. The concept of the show is very fresh and we have the Badshah of cooking in India, Sanjeev Kapoor as the host and judge of the show. His charm and inevitable smile will surely melt many hearts and reignite the audience’s love for cooking.”

The charming host and Judge Sanjeev Kapoor said, “I always believed and thought that food is not niche. It is a specialty but it is mass. I wanted people to view it like that and I am glad that Sony Entertainment Television is supporting us in this endeavor by presenting this new culinary reality show. The concept of the show is very interesting. It will be fun to watch the difference between the cooking of professional chefs and a normal housewife and we will see who wins hands down.”

The show celebrates food in a whole new way as we see a family of four take on a chef in cooking up dishes which are the competing family’s culinary pride. The Chefs will be handicapped as they will have no advance knowledge of the dishes & no one to help them. It will be a gastronomic treat for the viewers as they will feast their eyes on Punjabi, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Chinese, Fusion, Continental and various other cuisines. The families along with the Chefs will battle it out for the coveted title of the show ‘Swaad ke Sartaaj’.

Get ready to watch the ultimate culinary battle in Sanjeev Kapoor ke Kitchen Khiladi; Mondays to Fridays at 8pm, only on Sony Entertainment Television


Saanchi to bid adieu to Ganpati Bappa

The Hindu religion festival of Ganesh Chaturthi which was celebrated in the Sony TV ‘s daily soap, is Kehta Hai Dil… Jee Le Zara is now heading towards Ganesh Visarjan. As we all know that Ganesha is a guest in one’s home for 11days during the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi where we all serve him and seek in blessings from him. The same was celebrated in the daily soap Kehta Hai Dil… Jee Le Zara and today they are celebrating Ganesh Visarjan too which will shortly be seen in the coming episode of the daily soap. The upcoming track will see Dhruv once again coming to the rescue of Saanchi. The Prabhu family is all busy in Ganpati celebrations and are heading for Visarjan. Adu who has hurt his leg comes forward for performing the Visarjan but is stopped by Saanchi. She sees him limping and decides to not let him perform the ritual and instead volunteers herself for the same. Just as she steps in, panditji informs her that the ritual has to be performed by a male member of the family. That is when Dhruv comes forward and offers to perform the Visarjan with Saanchi looking on. On the other hand, Sunil’s parents will agree to meet Prachi’s family to talk about their marriage. However, the day on which they have decided to come to Prabhu Niwas for the meeting is the same day on which the judge has given a date for the court hearing on Saanchi’s farm case… What will Saanchi do now?

To know more tune in to Kehta Hai Dil… Jee Le Zara

Every Monday to Thursday at 9.30 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.




Hyderabad, September 12, 2013: Telugu actor Manchu Manoj and his team from Pottugadu graced 92.7 BIG FM’s Green Ganesha Pandal at Prasad Imax in Hyderabad today. The charismatic actor and his team lent their support for this noble campaign by interacting with fans and conducting the Maha Aarti of the Eco friendly Ganesha at the mall. On this occasion, he sent out an earnest appeal to all his fans to be sensitive and proactive towards the environment while celebrating the festival.

92.7 Big FM’s Green Ganesha Campaign is entering its sixth successful year of nurturing an improved environment while celebrating Ganesh Chaturti, one of India’s most popular festivals. This year’s campaign launched with the mantra ‘GANPATI BAPPA MORYA, DHARTI MATA MORYA’ in a crusade that protects planet earth while seeking the blessings of Lord Ganesha. The initiative found support from leading celebrities including Actress Kajal Agarwal, Singers Sunita and Baba Sehgal among others who felt the need to urge people to treat the environment more thoughtfully and who participated in the newspaper donation drive which went into the making of the idol. Donating newspapers is a small yet significant step, in the right direction to spread the message on celebrating the festival with an eco-friendly approach.

Mr. Ashwin Padmanabhan, Business Head – 92.7 BIG FM said, “It’s a pleasure to launch the 6th successive edition of the BIG Green Ganesha Campaign, which has been a hugely popular and immensely successful campaign. The campaign comes as a fresh reminder of change for all. The aim is to spread awareness about saving the environment, which will resonate through the campaign. The donation drive is a significant move since it educates the community and draws their support in order to create a healthier environment. I thank all our partners for the support that has helped make this campaign bigger, better and healthier each year”.

Big Green Ganesha 2013 is being powered by Penna Cements in association with TNR Views. Launched in 2006, this initiative is aimed at creating social insight towards making one of India’s largest and most popular festivals healthier and not wasteful.

Reliance Broadcast Network

Reliance Broadcast Network Limited is a media entertainment conglomerate with play across radio, television and television production. The company houses the following verticals: 92.7 BIG FM – India’s largest FM Network with 45 stations, reaching over 4 crore Indians each week; BIG CBS Networks – a joint venture with CBS Studios International offering English Entertainment Channels – Love and Prime (which is available in dual feeds of English and Hindi), as well as a regional General Entertainment Channel for the Punjab, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh (PCHP) region called Spark Punjabi; BIG RTL THRILL – a dual feed channel from the Company’s joint venture with Europe’s RTL Group, targeted at male audiences and positioned as the ultimate action destination; BIG MAGIC – a General Entertainment Channel featuring family dramas, crime shows, sitcoms, reality shows and weekend blockbuster movies. The Company has also launched BIG MAGIC Bihar and Jharkhand, with specially created programming for the region. BIG MAGIC has also expanded into the United States, Canada and Australia under the brand name BIG MAGIC International; and BIG PRODUCTIONS – the television content production division caters to the creative needs of the diverse Indian television landscape. Reliance Broadcast Network also distributes Bloomberg TV India, the country’s premier business news channel as part of its television bouquet. For more information

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Siddhrath Kasyap’s “The Magic Flute” – This Fusion will cast a spell

Crescendo Music to release ‘The Magic Flute’, spell bounding fusion by Young & Talented Composer Siddharth Kasyap, Grammy nominated Flute player Ronu Majumdar & renowned music arranger Atul Raninga.

Siddharth Kasyap who has received accolades for his heart touching patriotic album, ‘Rock on Hindustan’ brings another set of soulful compositions, this time bigger & better collaborating with Grammy nominated flute player Ronu Majumdar and bringing us ‘The Magic Flute’; for the first time ever an enchanting melody of flute in fusion with modern arrangements.

Suresh Thomas of Crescendo Music mentions, “It is the first time ever that an Instrumental album created by a composer with structured melodies and fresh outlook.We are happy to be at associated with such artistes.”

According to Ronu Majumdar this album would mark many “Firsts” and the experience of its creation itself has been magical . He also states that this instrumental is unique in terms of melodies and styles. The album not only showcases the different style of the flute being played but also successfully creates a new feel with every change of track”

The composer Siddharth Kasyap talks further about the composition, the album showcases the varied melodies rendered on flute which comprise Orchestral ,Hip Hop , spiritual, lounge, and even trance with perfect blending into Modern Pop/Rock/jazz musical arrangements retaining the essence of Indian Folk and classical music.”

The music producer Atul highlights on the intricacies in the making, “There’s even a track where the flute is played with peppy tune to match up with a complete Orchestral setup taking the album beyond the limits of imagination in terms of arrangement and sound design.

Siddharth Kasyap emphasizing on the name of the album as ‘The Magic Flute’ mentions, “Considering the each musical master piece on this album is based on a different Raag, the beauty lies in its variety and the rendition feels like Magic. Hence the title ‘The Magic Flute’.”

Suresh Thomas States, “in a vast country like India with no limit to the amount of talented artist, Siddharth Kasyap stands at as being a unique as he always brings commercial aspiration when it comes to displaying his creative genius.”


Madame’s new brand ambassador, Shazahn Padamsee launches the Autumn Collection

Mumbai, September 12th 2013 : The much awaited time of the year is here when one of the leading women’s fashion brand, Madame officially announced their brand ambassador on 12th September 2013 in Mumbai. The new face of the brand is none other than the bright, young and gorgeous Model & Actress, Shazahn Padamsee, who unveiled Madame’s Autumn collection through a fashion show, with the live band, “Beetroot Blues”.

Show Stopper, Shazahn Padamsee posed on the ramp in the striking Autumn collection by Madame, all glamorous and full of panache. Joining her on the ramp were some bright well known faces such as Candice Pinto, Raut, Dipannita Sharma, Alecia, Sucheta Sharma, Shruti Aggarwal who together spilled magic on the ramp with their grace. Sporting the fresh and trendy collection the new Madame girl comments, “I am glad to represent Madame. It has clothes for all occasions ranging from simple pants & jackets for day wear to sexy dresses for night parties! It is a one stop shop for all your fashion needs.”

Presenting the new brand ambassador for Madame in this grand event, Mr.Akhil Duggar Jain, Creative Director- Madame said, “We are extremely pleased to announce Shazahn as the new face for Madame. Shazahn is a perfect fit for our brand as she fits our consumer space just right. She is young and fresh yet sophisticated and classy, very much like the brand image.”

The fashion show displayed Madame’s six different themes for their Autumn Collection, namely – Rosy chints, Electric Punk, Office Wear, Wild Fantasy, Berry Collection and Glamshine. Each theme showcased outfits and accessories in vivid styles and colours donned by the lovely models. Priced at INR 1299 to INR 4999,the Autumn collection comprises of chiffon and georgette shirts and tops, dresses, autumn jackets in cotton and satin, dresses, printed pants, coloured bottoms, jump suits, denims, shorts and many more.

About MADAME: ‘MADAME’ is a fashion forward brand that promises to dress girls from their innocent teen years to their confident and happening adulthood. Hence, an essential element in every girl’s style statement. When she dresses, heads turn and she is the topic of discussion in every gossip; such is the presence of Madame in every girl’s life. It has emerged as an elegant trendsetter for the feminine apparel industry. Feminine at heart, Madame celebrates the most beautiful part of every woman’s life- her youth. The stylish must haves include t- shirts, jeans, shirts, night wear, jackets, coats and elegantly designed casual winter wear.

Thanks & Regards,


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AWARD-WINNING SHOW WITH NEELESH MISRA introduces elements like audio postcard and hunt for writing talent


Mumbai, September 13, 2013- 92.7 BIG FM, India’s No 1 Radio Network, announces the kick off of the 3rd season of ‘Yaadon Ka Idiot Box with Neelesh Misra’, where the storyteller fervently narrates tales from Yaad Sheher™, a fascinating, imaginary city which has struck a chord with audiences across the country. The show which cut the myth about talk radio and stands as the best possible reference for radio as the ‘theatre of the mind’ is back with an all new range of themes and stories, each weekday across the 37 cities of India. The show, which went on air last week, airs at different time slots across Stations, mapping out audience requirements.

Setting a path breaking record of reaching 35 million listeners each day across 37 Indian cities (in the last season), the show is back with several new elements for its listeners, promising to be an even more engaging experience. Being introduced in this season is the ‘Audio postcard’ where listeners can call in and send an audio-message to their loved ones from one part of the country to any other. This first time feature on radio and has already met with great response from listeners. Apart from several new programming initiatives, the show has also diversified with a completely new range of themes in its myriad mesmerizing stories.

Encompassing genres as diverse as love, relationships, suspense, humour, detective tales and even time travel, Yaadon Ka Idiot Box concentrates on the unique aspects of a human relationship and thus creates strong listener connect. The show has a huge following on-air with 10 million listeners a month. Talented host Neelesh Misra engages the audience with heart touching stories about people and their lives, all in the setting of beautiful Yaad Sheher™.

The biggest selling point of the show is the way Misra beautifully weaves a brilliant fantasy world into every story to keep listeners glued onto their radio devices. It triggers their imagination much past the monotony of the physical world around into something magical and enchanting. Popular songs make the journey all the more thrilling. In a country like India, which has a great story telling heritage, radio is the perfect medium that can be used as a platform to keep this tradition alive.

Innovative marketing that places a lot of emphasis on establishing listener connect will back the show. These include initiatives such as ‘hunt for writing talent’ wherein the band of writers who write under Neelesh Misra or ‘Mandli’ as they are now known as, will tour across India to scout for writing talent where each radio station will choose 2 winners. Since the show is immensely popular on digital platforms, with 2.5 million views on Youtube and 5.5 million page views in just three months for the stories uploaded on Facebook, 92.7 BIG FM has signed up with OnMobile – one of the largest white-labelled Data and Value Added Services [VAS] companies for Mobile, Landline and Media Service Providers – to market the property.

Neelesh Misra is an award-winning former journalist and lyricist who has worked on several huge Bollywood hits. He has authored four books and is a scriptwriter who has successfully executed ‘Yadoon Ka Idiot Box with Neelesh Misra’ with his unique style of storytelling. ‘Ek Tha Tiger’, his first film as scriptwriter was the biggest hit of the year 2012.

“Our radio storytelling show and the personal connect it has had with listeners around the world has truly been life changing for me. It has become the centrepiece of my creative work. It is very humbling that our stories are heard across the most diverse TG possible – from children to grandparents, CEOs to taxi drivers, residents of Kashmir to Hyderabad to Guwahati (and 97 countries on Facebook and Youtube). We have done a lot of value addition in Season 3 and hope listeners like it!” Neelesh Misra expressed.

Commenting on this unique show, Mr. Ashwin Padmanabhan, Business Head, 92.7 BIG FM said, “‘Yadoon Ka Idiot Box with Neelesh Misra’ is our attempt to bring an unforgettable radio experience to our listeners. The response we’ve received during the last two seasons has been incredible and we are back with the show on listener demand. This season, with all fresh elements is going to be a complete radio treat.”

Considered the best innovation on Indian FM in recent times, Yaadon Ka Idiot Box is a unique amalgamation of storytelling and music, which aims to reignite the joy of storytelling in the current generation. The show has won multiple accolades including the Indian Radio Forum 2012 award for best Hindi show broadcast after 11:00am and Radio Mikes 2011’s most unique programming idea.

About Reliance Broadcast Network

Reliance Broadcast Network Limited is a media entertainment conglomerate with play across radio, television and television production. The company houses the following verticals: 92.7 BIG FM – India’s largest FM Network with 45 stations, reaching over 4 crore Indians each week; BIG CBS Networks – a joint venture with CBS Studios International offering English Entertainment Channels – Love and Prime (which is available in dual feeds of English and Hindi), as well as a regional General Entertainment Channel for the Punjab, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh (PCHP) region called Spark Punjabi; BIG RTL THRILL – a dual feed channel from the Company’s joint venture with Europe’s RTL Group, targeted at male audiences and positioned as the ultimate action destination; BIG MAGIC – a General Entertainment Channel featuring family dramas, crime shows, sitcoms, reality shows and weekend blockbuster movies. The Channel has expanded further and launched BIG MAGIC Bihar and Jharkhand, with specially created programming for the market. BIG MAGIC has also expanded into the United States, Canada and Australia under the brand name BIG MAGIC International; BIG PRODUCTIONS – the television content production division caters to the creative needs of the diverse Indian television landscape. Reliance Broadcast Network also distributes Bloomberg TV India, the country’s premier business news channel as part of its television bouquet. For more information log on to

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Indian cinema has always showered me with immense love; sometimes even beyond my expectations : Amitabh Bachchan

This was the line Sr. Bachchan opened with at IBC’s Convention Keynote in Amsterdam

MUMBAI, September 13, 2013: In a candid conversation with Mohinder Walia, MD, Mumbai Media City at the Convention Keynote of IBC 2013 (International Broadcasting Convention)in Amsterdam, Amitabh Bachchan’s opening line on his relationship with Indian Cinema created tremendous buzz, reaffirming what can only be described as “the power of his super stardom” and the humility that he accepts it with.

Amitabh Bachchan, the greatest legend of Indian Cinema, was felicitated with the Judges’ Prize in addition to speaking on 100 Years of Indian Cinema: Creative Evolution and Global Markets. Mohinder Walia hosted the conversation and shared insights on the Indian Film Industry along with Amitabh Bachchan.

Mohinder Walia, said, “The Indian Film Industry today sees over 1,000 films released each year. According to a just released industry report, the Indian media and entertainment market is set to grow at 18% in five years. Globally, there is a lot more interest in Indian Films. Having the iconic Amitabh Bachchan at the IBC 2013 adds perspective on what the Industry can offer the world”.

About Mumbai Media City:

MUMBAI MEDIA CITY is India’s largest Studio, Broadcast, Media Asset Management (MAM), and Media School Facility in Mumbai. Benchmarked to Hollywood standards, this facility, when it commences operations in 2014, aims to provide the Film, Television, and Digital sectors with world-class “One-stop- shop” services in each of its focus areas, while being competitively priced.

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Press Release: Veena Malik seeks blessing for someone special at Lalbaugcha Raja

Ganapti Celebrations are celebrating grandly all over the country. During the Festival Lord Ganesh was visible in full Splendour in different Avatars, mood and Images. Mumbai is famous for Ganesh celebrations. Lalbaugcha Raja is the most famous Savrvajanik Ganapati in Mumbai. Every year many Bollywood celebrities visit Lalbaugcha Raja to seek blessing, Bollywood actress Veena Malik also visited Lalbaugcha Raja where she offered prayers for someone special and success of her upcoming movie “Supermodel” which is going to release on 27th September. Veena’s looking gorgeous in full Indian traditional Pink Sari and was seen touching feet of Ganpati Bappa.

Veena Malik said, “I feel very happy to visit Lalbaugcha Raja which is known as a Navsacha Ganpati (which means the fulfiller of all wishes). I offered Prayer to seek blessing for one who is very special for me and the success of my upcoming movie.”

Lalbaugcha Raja has always been a major attraction because of its iconic Ganpati idol.

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Bade Acche Lagte Hain takes a leap of 7 years


Saat saal baad…

It’s been seven years that Ram has been both a mother and father to his three daughters. After Priya slipped into a coma, Ram Kapoor has done his best to play a perfect parent to his children. Now seven years later, the audience will be introduced to a grownup Pihu, Pari and Myrah. The three sisters are all very excited for Riddhima’s sangeet ceremony.

Pihu the eldest of the three daughters will be played by the beautiful Fenil Umrigar. She will be seen making the guys swoon over her. Commenting on her new role she said, “Yes, I have bagged the role of Pihu in Bade Acche Laggte Hai and it’s like a dream come true for me. I am very happy that I got the opportunity to share screen space with Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar. I am looking forward to working with them. I hope that the audience accept my character and continue to shower their blessings like they did it for younger Pihu.”

Pragati Chorasia who plays one of the twins is super excited about her role. She adds, “I play the perfect sweet and innocent girl in the show. For me it’s like coming back home as this is going to be my second stint with Sony. I am very happy and excited to work with the most outstanding actors of the industry. I am looking forward for a great experience”. Vinti Idlani who plays Myrah, the other twin sister is the junior Ram Kapoor. She reveals, “My character has a perfect business mind and will be seen as Junior Ram Kapoor. It is like a dream come true to work with Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar. I have only seen them on TV but working them will be different feeling which I am yet to experience”.

Will Ram be able to give the right upbringing to his three daughters?

How will Pihu face the world without Priya’s motherly love?

Tune in to Bade Acche Laggte Hai on Monday to Thursday at 10:30 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television!!!

Heena Nankani

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Irrfan Khan on Comedy Circus ke Mahabali

Irrfan Khan made a special appearance on Comedy Circus ke Mahabali with actress Nimrit Kaur to promote his upcoming movie ‘Lunchbox’. The usually serious actor was in a jovial mood as he laughed his guts out.

Irrfan Khan made an entry on the stage with Bharti and Krushna. When on stage Krushna questioned Bharti that she always flirts with all the guests who come on the show but didn’t with Irrfan, why so? A very shy Bharti said, “Irrfan shadi shuda hain”. Irrfan had a hearty laugh on his way to the judges table and joined Archana and Arbaaz for a fun filled episode.

Watch Irrfan Khan on Comedy Circus ke Mahabali this Sunday, September 15, 10 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television


Kavita gets a new company on FIR!

Vipul Roy joins the cast of FIR!

Mumbai, 4th September 2013: FIR, one of the most popular show of SAB TV has roped in Vipul Roy as the male lead. Having basked under the glory of a female protagonist, the show will now see the storyline get even more interesting as the duo join forces against crime.

Vipul Roy who was previously seen acting and anchoring a number of television shows, is all geared up to don the khaki and try his hand at light hearted comedy!

Essaying the role of Senior Inspector Bhola Pandit who has been transferred to the city of Rawanpur, Vipul will be seen portraying a character that leaves people stunned with his adarshon aur asoolon wala inspectorgiri; he is someone who bluffs a lot but at the same time is extremely innocent and nice at heart!

An excited Vipul stated, “I’ve been eagerly waiting for the right opportunity to try my hand at comedy and when an offer from FIR came knocking on my door, I simply couldn’t resist! Everything about the show is a hit – the characters, the comic timing as well as the story line. In fact it is a hit with my own family! I am extremely proud to be associated with FIR; the show has garnered tremendous fan following and so has the cast and I’m extremely excited to start shooting with them.”

His entry in the show will see him being misunderstood as thug by Inspector Chandramukhi Chautala, only to later discover that he is a Senior Inspector appointed in her very own Imaan Chowki! With a series of hilarious sequences and twist & turns, Vipul’s entry will give the viewers a hearty dose of entertainment!

Tune into FIR to catch all the masti, mazaak and dhamaal from Monday to Friday at 10:30 pm only on SAB TV!



Friday, 13 September 2013: When the 3 film old, young and rising star Parineeti Chopra landed at the Toronto International Film Festival to present her latest film “Shuddh Desi Romance” on Wednesday September 9th, along with Director Maneesh Sharma and Screenwriter Jaideep Sahni, none of them were quite prepared for the kind of warm reception they received from the fans in Canada.

It would have been a treat for the delighted crowd to see Parineeti’s co stars – lead actor Sushant Singh Rajput but a family emergency kept him from attending whilst an ongoing film shoot required debutant actress Vaani Kapoor stay back in India too.

The trio had a hectic though eventful day to say the least, with the official TIFF photo call kicking off the proceedings early morning, press conferences, press junkets, more photoshoots, the day ended with a bang when the 3 walked the red carpet for the Canadian premiere of “Shuddh Desi Romance” at the prestigious Roy Thomson Hall, to loyal fans who waited to catch a glimpse of the Desi team, despite the unexpected rainfall.

Maneesh Sharma, Jaideep Sahni and Parineeti Chopra reciprocated the love by coming back from the press interviews for round 2 of screams, autographs and photographs with the fans.

Speaking to a sold out crowd of almost 2000 strong Indian and mainstream audiences, Cameron Baily (Creative Director- TIFF), expressed his on-going support to Indian cinema and applauded YRF for their continued support of TIFF with innovative cinema that push boundaries.

“Shuddh Desi Romance” also releases in Canada today (Friday 13th September) and has already received a rave response from movie goers and critics since its release in India.





Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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