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1-Tell us about yourself? What’s your background?
I come from South of the Country. I grew up in a family where we all loved Cinema-specially World Cinema, Hollywood Classics & Indian Cinema of Satyajit Ray, Bimal Roy,Ritwick Ghatak.I’ve been watching movies since I was a kid-and much of my early childhood was spent reading, sketching, going out for nature trails & printing photographs with my father.
My father is a graphic artist-cartoonist & photographer & my mother was a journalist. They are chief influences in my life since both loved Cinema & we would have lively discussions on Cinema at home.

2-Tell us about growing up in Hyderabad?
I spent my formative years in Hyderabad, school & college & yes it’s one of the most interesting cities in the world, a blend of the ancient & the modern & it certainly was an important part of my
Life-as I spent a considerable amount of time there. I loved watching lot of the folklore & fantasy stuff we had back there in the movies of 50s -60s Of Telugu & Telugu Cinema has a rich history too.

3-When did you get into films?
Cinema was always an important part of my life-however the decisive move to get into Filmmaking & hone my skills as a craftsman ,happened in my graduation years when I was studying Science, & trying to be a scientist, I left my courses in America to pursue Cinema at the Film & Television Institute of India –Pune(FTII).

4- Who/what inspired you to embark on a career in filmmaking?
I think it was this passion to understand & explore myself which led me to filmmaking. Filmmaking is a rather intense process & you lead a different life while making films. You learn a lot from each film you make. It’s constant growth.

5-Was there a film that made you want to make films? Which one?
Well there are several..but yes I could quote Hitchcock’s Vertigo & David Lean’s Doctor Zhivago Which were quite something for me as a kid- I loved the gripping Intelligent storytelling of Hitchcock, & the grand canvas of David Lean & yes there were Satyajit Ray’s minimalistic films “Gopi gayan baga bayen”& Agantuk-& his short fictions.

6-Who are your film heroes?
Yoo..I think I grew up watching lot of Robert Redford’s films & he is ofcourse a very interesting Actor. Also loved watching Gregory Peck.He remains a great favourite. I still fondly recollect
“To Kill a Mocking Bird” one of my favourite films.

7-If not a filmmaker, then what?

(Laughs)..definitely a Music Composer or a certified Detective.

8-Is there a movie or character that describes your life?
Yes..Ballad of Rustom..I play almost all the characters in Ballad of Rustom..
Rustom has several shades of my character & my father’s character although not completely, some Of it is fiction too, specially the setting & where he comes from but Rustom is this imaginative
Young man who is a dreamer –a scientific guy & that has been my life.

9-Who are the filmmakers that inspire you?
There have been several chief influences but my all time favourites remain
Frederico Fellini, Jean Luc Godard, Andrei Tarkovsky, Akira Kurosawa,Alfred Hitchcock.

10-What film recently has blown your mind?
The film that absolutely blew my mind recently is “Elysium” –Fabulous film that reflects our contemporary world –although set in far future. It’s a great work, a great film.
11-Favourite film related website?

12-Describe Ballad of Rustom in short – why should we watch it?
Ballad of Rustom is about Imagination, Dreams & the passion for Life & it’s about seemingly ordinary people who are quite extraordinary in their own ways. I think every Indian should watch it.
It’s a film about India, the magical Indian countryside,& it’s strange natural worlds & of characters such as Rustom who are imaginative & extraordinary.

13- Tell us about the genesis of Ballad of Rustom?
Well..there have always been stories & recollections ,my parents & ancestors –they moved from the countryside to start living in the cities & they had some vivid memories they shared & this was a start but it was this great Indian Landscape which is so vast & strange, that inspired me completely as I travelled across India that shaped Ballad of Rustom. The strange magical countryside, the extraordinary characters & also the politics & ideology.

14-What inspired you to tell this story?
I think my own personal experiences & the vast Indian Countryside which is strange & magical.

15-You’ve shot the film using bleach bypass, please tell us more about this technique and why you chose to use it?
I’ve used Bleach By Pass in my graduate film when I was studying at the Film Institute Pune. Cinema is a highly visual & evocative medium & images play a very important role in Cinema.Bleach-by Pass
retains silver on the negative & creates a Black & white layer over the color emulsion-creating a desaturated color palette,with a high contrast look,I wanted this particularly to create the surreal atmosphere of Rustom’s World –of technology,nature & his own imagination since the whole film is quite dreamlike.

16-Tell us a crazy story about the making of Ballad of Rustom.
Well..(laughs)..there have been several..but the best is when I was shooting a rebel sequence in a remote forest area of Coorg, & one of my actors playing role
Of “officer” had to be hanged upside down, since he is captured by the rebels & this was crazy, since Ashwath (playing officer’s role) was damn hungry & he was upside down for quite some time since I took a couple of takes & by the end of the scene he was squeaking & running all over the place and it was quite hilarious..

17-What were the challenges you faced while making Ballad of Rustom?

Quite a few..but most importantly I think the resistance to new ideas & innovations in Cinematic language.Ballad of Rustom is structured very differently & it’s non-linear & unconventional storytelling which was not easy for People to relate to when I drafted the script, when I was shooting it & the aesthetic choices I took to craft it deliberately in a unique way, & the resistance to still accept new forms of Cinema eventually when it was made.

18- After your student project Notes on Her, Ballad of Rustom is your second film to make it to the Oscars. What’s the magic formula?
Oh (laughs) no magic formula, just sheer passion & furious determination,& pursuit of what I believe in stubbornly, to create films which are imaginative & breaking new ground & this passion is what leads the way.

19-Why did you decide to take an independent route for submitting your film to the Oscars?
Well I felt it was important for Indian Cinema to arrive in the International Arena with our mark of craftsmanship & our special stories with our rootedness & so it was important that this film is visible it is a film which is important to India & it had to be enter that arena.There were no two ways about it.I knew when I was making it that it will either be something that will be radically different or there is no point making something which is regular.

20-You recently received the prestigious Indibor Bose Award for Excellence in Cinema. What was your response to this kind of unprecedented applause?
It was overwhelming ofcourse that I was given this special award-the first award instituted in 45 years & given to a Film Director. It was an honor that I received this award from the oldest film society founded by Mr.Satyajit Ray in Calcutta.It’s a tremendous feeling.

What do you have planned for 2014?
A realistic drama, an adventure story & a science fiction feature all in various stages of pre-paration.


Director Anees Bazmee, Roshan Taneja, Pulkit Samrat grace the Red Carpet MedialexiconEdu

Learning has no boundaries, when somebody has eagerness to learn and wants to know about their legends. As we begin to grow older and we’re no longer exposed to new ideas, people, experiences or lessons through things like attending school, we start to get a little stale. Education is a medium to transform the message which inspired people. Medialexicon Edu launch their India’s first ever website and unique kind of Audio – Video Capsules which is based on Film Industry. Renowned celebrities who have masters in their respective field have given their contribution to make this dream come true.

Bollywood stars grace the red carpet event of the MedialexiconEdu which was organised by Principal Founder of Medialexicon Educational Trust Shekhar Mennon he said, “In Film Making, Craftsmen / Technician and Performers are like Oxygen and Blood complimenting each other for existence. Legislations for Media industry across the world edify this essence. Endeavour of the Medialexicon Educational Trust is to disseminate invaluable information as practical tips by accomplished media professionals across all disciplines of film making to GenNext for consistent growth to compete globally in time to come.”

First to arrive was Roshan Taneja who was seen congratulating Jainendra Baxi for the content information, EVP from Jainendra Baxi said, “On today’s date in this moment our film making has taken a leap this shows how each and every person they want to share their Knowledge share what they learnt in their on-going journey in film making Medialexicon Edu has brought this together and we all are proud about it.” has made a tremendous Audio – Video Capsules on various sections of industry like Direction, Editing, Music, Singing, Choreography, Cinematography, Action & Stunts, Technology, Acting many more. These Audio – Video Capsules will help others who want to know about film industry and their different section.

Film Director Anees Bazmee said, “I don’t think anybody has done this kind of work till today in the Film Industry. Medialexicon Edu has done a very good job and I feel proud for them…all the best to Medialexicon Edu.”

Sandip Soparrkar and Sunita Dube were seen discussing the various aspect of film making and was enjoying the show. Bijon Dasgupta was seen bonding and discussing about art director with Pulkit Samrat, Bijon Dasgupta said, “This is a great opportunity for the people who want to know more about Bollywood.” Other present at the event were Actor Amit Behl, Dr. Kajal Rohira, Champak Jain, Colossus and Vivek Rangachari.

Medialexicon Educational Trust pays back to community and gives its tribute to 100 years of Indian Cinema by sharing knowledge and experiences for the younger generations to come.

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Kapil Mehra’s Birthday was a Rocking Affair

Business entrepreneur and industrialist Kapil Mehra celebrated his birthday at his classy terrace above his residence in Versova with a gathering of close friends and family. Known for his interestingly themed parties,

The party was well attended by politicians such as Ram Kadam, as well as industrialists such as Dilip and Shalini Piramal. To add glamour to the gathering was also seen, Yuvika Chaudhary, Arjumman Mughal, Ajaz Khan, Bobby Darling, Dr. Hrishikesh & Rishma Pai, Mr. Kothari (D S Kothari Group), Ramji Gulati, Gurdeep Daler Mehandi and Preety Bhalla, Aakruti Nagpal .

Shekhar Suman tells team heartless to go fly a Kite – literally.

This year, Shekhar Suman and his ‘Heartless’ gang decided to Celebrate Makar Sakranti the traditional way, by inviting friends and Family over to a kite flying and kite cutting competition on their sprawling Terrace at their Lokhandwala home.

Shekhar who has grown up in Patna reminisces about his childhood, when he was the undisputed kite flying champion in his neighborhood. Mumbai doesn’t have much of a kite flying culture, nor do the buildings have the large terraces and balconies that are needed to fly kites properly — he rues. In Patna on Makar Sakranti you could barely see the sky because of the number of kites that would be plying. Here its’ different.

For Ariana who was born in Afganistan and grew up in New York, this is practically the first time she has flown a kite but after a few false starts and a lot of ribbing she at least managed to keep her kite up, which she laughingly defends is not bad at all, specially with Adhyayan constantly threatening to cut it.

According to Adhyayan he spared her kite only because she seemed to be enjoying flying it so much. Very gallant of him indeed . So while Shekhar and his friends made the skies of Mumbai a tad more colorful this Sakranti, the only one actually giving him any serious competition at all was birthday boy Adhyayan who turns 26 today.

He managed to take down two kites as opposed to Shekhar’s total of four.

Shekhar Suman Says “ Makarsankranti is part of Indian tradition & culture it is a very auspicious day & since childhood I have been a part of it with my family & friends. I think it is way of connecting with people & saying that we are there for you. These occasions obviously become reasons to be close to each other.”

Adhyayan Suman added “Makarsankranti…I think it is an amazing event today. I think my dad has flown many kites during his childhood days in Patna. Unfortunately I haven’t got enough of an opportunity to fly kites…But today after years flying a kite has been a wonderful & pleasing experience. This festival is all about healthy competition between people…There is nothing evil. It is sweet. I am overwhelmed to having received birthday wishes from all you guys. The media has been really kind to me by being present on my big day & joining in the celebration with the cake cutting. Thank you everyone.”

Ariana Ayam says – “It is an amazing day…a wonderful day. Today is Adhyayan’s birthday, we’ve been celebrating & we’ve been going out for promotions. We’ve had gone to take blessings from Siddhivinayak & flying kites the whole day. It has been so much fun. It is my first year in India & we are celebrating this festival. It is a lot of fun. The whole crew…everybody’s here from Heartless & the media. It has been really really good.”


Miss Lovely’s Mr Hyde speaks out!

What began as a documentary on illegal sex-horror films in the lower depths of Bollywood, went on to win Uncertain Regard at Cannes. Director Ashim Ahluwalia, Miss Lovely all set to release on January 17, after travelling across the film circuit, throws up a formidable talent bank, Anil George, who is all set to make his niche in Bollywood with this film.

A theatre actor from new Delhi, Anil George was chanced upon by an audition by Sanjay Shah, for Miss Lovely. ThoughAnil was not sure whether he wanted to be part of the film after the initial test, Sanjay Shah seemed to think he hit paydirt. He sent the tapes to director Ashim Ahluwalia who called the actor to Mumbai.

Worried yet trusting his instincts, Anil reached Mumbai, only to meet Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Niiharika Singh. “Director Ashim wanted to see the chemistry between Niharika and me and we enacted a scene,” said Anil. “I was comfortable when I saw Nawaz, but the script completely floored me.”

Anil says the more he read the script, the more the character got closer to him. “On screen, Vickey Duggal that I essay looks negative. But to me, he is real. He is a sleaze filmmaker, with a belief that he is entertaining the masses, the rickshaw pullers and labourers, people who work so hard to earn a living. And he is ruthless in his business and loves his brother very dearly. There are so many shades to this character, that it is simply amazing.

Anil feels that he is very lucky that he got a director like Ashim. “There was so much freedom to perform. And Ashim would always be so peaceful and smile. He would encourage our actors with his words. We performed to our best even on real locations where we knew, we have to leave before people react.”

Almost all the film, says Anil George was shot on real locations by the director, “and the use of colours and contours is simply something only Ashim can conjure up.”

The most emotional moment, however for Anil is when Ashim did nto give hima single smoking scene in the film simply because he doesn’t smoke in real life. “It was so touching. The entire movie, I am a porn filmmaker who boozes and makes ‘C’ grade films and there are my ups and downs, but never have I smoked. And no one but Ashim could have still made my character look so convincing,” says an emotional Anil George, who is looking forward to the release of miss Lovely on Jan 17. “Ashim is very dear to me. He has brought me out into this world with Miss Lovely and what I am on screen is only because of his efforts.”

Best Regards

Anusha , NAARAD


Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, India’s largest charity raising platform registers a record breaking performance!

United Way of Mumbai, official charity partner for the 11th edition of SCMM, has already logged over Rs. 16 crore for 269 NGOs. Expects the figure to cross Rs. 20 crore

Over ten years, the charity drive associated with the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon has seen a phenomenal growth and the event now stands unsurpassed and unchallenged as the country’s largest charity raising platform.

The event has help raise around Rs.100 crore towards charity in the last ten years, benefitting hundreds of NGOs and touching the lives of countless individuals. What began as a novel and unique concept in 2004 was soon embraced by people from all walks of life who, in their own way, made efforts to raise money for charity.

The figures raised for charity through the event have seen a meteoric rise, from Rs.1.44 crore in 2004 to Rs.4 crore in 2005, Rs.4.5 crore in 2006, Rs.7.94 crore in 2007, Rs.8.05 crore in 2008, Rs.7.75 crore in 2009, Rs.9.16 crore in 2010, Rs.12.16 crore in 2011, Rs.16.07 crore in 2012 and Rs.18.6 Crore in 2013.

The year, through the 11th edition of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, United Way of Mumbai, Event’s charity partner, expects the figure raised for charity to cross Rs.20 crore. This confidence stems from the fact that already Rs.16 crore has been logged for 269 NGOs and this been possible through the support of 171 companies, fielding 265 teams, 2620 charity fund raisers and above 24,000 donors. United Way of Mumbai serves as the cause neutral credible charity facilitator for the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon.

Jayanti Shukla, Executive Director, United Way of Mumbai says, “As charity partners for the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, we are witnessing an amazing response from Mumbaikars. Corporate czars, film stars, students and working professionals – people across the spectrum have shown enthusiasm in running for a cause they truly believe in and raise funds for it. It is a proud moment for the city and brilliantly showcases its philanthropic spirit.”

“It gives us at Procam International an immense sense of satisfaction and fulfillment to acknowledge the unique charity facet of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon. The efforts and emotions of India Inc and the participants are creating ripples which have been harnessed by 269 NGOs. Over the last 10 editions the SCMM has raised in excess of 100 Crores and Procam International, SCMM and United Way are committed to raising the bar with every edition,” says Dilip Jayram, CEO, Procam International, the promoters of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon.

Meera Mehta from the youngest dream champion said, “ I am very thankful , my Guruji has helped and inspired me in many ways. I learnt the joy of giving from my Guruji and I am passing the message to others. Initially I started out by giving away my birthday gifts and seeking help from my friends and relatives. This year , I have also taken help from social media websites and friends abroad who have helped me raised funds.

Pop singer Suneeta Rao from Population First “I have been associated with Laadli for many years now, and opportunities like the Mumbai marathon are a perfect platform for us to get our message out. It’s the generosity of the people around me who have helped me raise funds this year and I look forward to the race day.

Warm Regards,

Madhavi Mhatre Senior Associate Consultant

Queens Mansion| 1st Floor, Next to Cathedral School| Prescot Road| Fort | Mumbai 400001.
O: +91.22.40558900 (ext – 944) | |


Lohri is a really special festival for me as I have some of the fondest memories with my mother. I love the traditional delicacies like the revaris, mungfali and love singing ‘Sunder munderiye’ around the bonfire in the pleasant weather.

Vikas Manaktala as Sameer in Main Naa Bhoolungi

Lohri for me is a festival where you get rid of all the negativity in your life and start with a new mind set. Every year we have a small get together with family and close friends. This year I will be busy shooting but I will try and make some time to celebrate with my close friends. Rajma Chawal is my favorite dish during Lohri.


Sophie Chaudhary To Sizzle Down South With Item Song

After her hit item number in ‘Shootout At Wadala’, Sophie Chaudhary was seen shaking a leg with South superstar Mahesh Babu in an item song titled ‘London Babu’ for the first time in a Telugu film titled ‘Nenokkadine’, which released on January 10.

Directed by Sukumar, Nenokkadine is produced by Ram Achanta, Gopichand Achanta and Anil Sunkara under their 14 Reels Entertainment banner, and will star Mahesh Babu and Kriti Sanon in lead roles. The song has been choreographed by Prem Rakshit and the song has been shot at top locations in London.

Talking about the number, Sophie said, “I am very excited and grateful that my debut appearance in the Telugu film industry is in such a big project. My look in the film has been designed by Neeta Lulla and make-up artist Shaan. I have done my best and I sincerely hope that the audiences love it. Hopefully, this is just the beginning for me.”


To Paris, With Love From Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez, who is currently shooting for the ambitious action entertainer ,Kick, recently gifted her parents a holiday to France , a country they have long wanted to visit.

“Jacqueline knew that her parents wanted to visit the country for a long time now. So, she planned the entire trip for them. She not only booked the tickets, but also made all the arrangements for their trip, including their stay and site-seeing, etc,” says a source close to the actor.

And while Jackie wanted to accompany her parents on the trip, she has been extremely tied up with her shooting schedule for ‘Kick’ and other assignments.

Says Jacqueline, “My parents always wanted to visit France, so I decided to gift them a vacation to the beautiful country that they both love.”.


Bipasha Basu Gets Gym Buddies To Star In Her Fitness Video !

Bollywood’s poster girl for fitness, Bipasha Basu, who has created waves with two volumes of her fitness videos, will be soon launching the third volume of her fitness DVD titled ‘Unleash Love’ and for this video in particular, Bipasha decided to have her gym buddies rather than athletes feature in her video.

A source said, “Bipasha wanted to make this volume more relatable to her target audience. Thus, she opted for having the people she gyms with on a regular basis rather than shooting with actors or her athlete friends. She spoke to a few regular gym buddies and though most of them were camera shy, she finally convinced a few of them to shoot for her DVD.”

The source further added that Bipasha was completely involved in her DVD, right from conceptualizing to costume designing to figuring logistics of the actual shooting . “She chose black, white and grey for the costumes and even trained most of her gym buddies to face the camera before the shoot and even supervised the whole shoot,” added the source.

“Unleash Love” volume 3 will be launched on January 16th this week in Mumbai.


Dhating Naach In Bangla

“Saree ke fall” fame singer Nakash Aziz’s last year was excellent because his number of songs were on music charts and people like them very much. Saree ke fall and Dhating Naach both songs were super hit. Success take his voice to in different languages. His bangla song “honey bunny” of film “Bangali Babu English Mem” Now super hit too. This bangla song is quite popular in Hindi listeners too as same song is super duper hit in Hindi.

After Hindi, Marathi, Tamil and Bangla his wish to give his voice to other languages and more songs in Hindi.

H S Communication


The upcoming episode on Boogie Woogie will see Jimmy Shergill launching the music of his film ‘Darr @ the mall’ on the sets of Boogie Woogie. During the performances, the lights will go off and there will be panic on the sets. Jimmy will then enter the set and talk about his upcoming movie. All the judges come on stage and unveil the poster of the film followed by the music launch. The actress of the movie Shalin will perform on the song ‘Pinnacolada’. At the end of the show everyone will come on stage and dance on the same song.

Watch the music launch of ‘Darr @ the mall’ on Boogie Woogie, this Saturday, January 18, 8:30pm only on Sony Entertainment Television


Bharti AXA Life launches new advertisement campaign

Focuses on how the appropriate protection and investment plan can transform one’s dreams to reality

Link to the TVC:

Mumbai, Jan 13 2013:

Description: Description: Description: Bharti AXA Life Ad Campaign – The Product Proposition: Bharti AXA Life Secure Savings plan offers you up to 10% guaranteed additions on cumulative base premiums paid and ensures you can plan your future on your terms – Dates of ad being aired: Will go on air from January 13th. Will run for five weeks – Medium of showcasing the ad (TV, radio, print, etc): TV, Radio, Outdoor, On Ground and Digital – Number of languages: Languages – Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Telegu and Kannada besides Hinglish – Creative Agency: Publicis – National Creative Director: Bobby Pawar – Production House: Love and Faith – Budget: Rs. 11cr Bharti AXA Life Insurance today launched a new advertisement campaign around the theme “Secure my Dream” for their flagship product “Bharti AXA Life Secure Savings Plan”. The campaign targets individuals who are planning for the changing life stage needs and are looking for financial instruments that assure them guaranteed returns thereby enabling them to realize their dreams. The film revolves around the disappointment one faces when the investments returns are less than what was expected resulting in compromises one is forced to make with regards to their dreams.

Announcing the launch, Saujanya Shrivastava, Chief Marketing Officer, Bharti AXA Life Insurance said, “Consumers want to be prepared for different life stages that bring with it increased responsibilities. They want to invest in the appropriate financial tools that empower them to meet their financial goals and fulfill their dreams. Based on this consumer insight and extensive research, our new ad campaign portrays Bharti AXA Life’s Secure Savings plan as an ideal product that offers up to 10% guaranteed additions on cumulative base premiums paid. We are confident that our new campaign will resonate with our customers aspiring for ‘Protection’ and ‘Savings’ at every life stage.”

Adding to the creative angle Bobby Pawar, Creative Head of Publicis said, “People are not just expecting returns on their investments but are hoping to fulfill their dreams. Very often the returns do not live up to those expectations and that leads to disappointment. This has been brought alive in the TVC through a middle aged couple who isn’t looking at life as winding down but views it as a new innings, aspiring for new experiences and a chance to fulfill their unfinished dreams. In this film we have a lovely 50 something couple who were not able to have their big wedding. And they now want to fulfill their dream of a big fat wedding party on their 25th wedding anniversary but are left disappointed and shocked when they don’t get what they had expected.”

Taking the proposition forward Bharti AXA Life also introduces a robust digital campaign called “”. It is a unique platform to enable customers to ascertain what it would take by way of investments to attain their dreams. Participants can log on to the website,, fill in their details and submit their dream and a tagline to go along with it. One lucky winner will get his/her dream fulfilled by Bharti AXA Life. A special jury has been set up by Bharti AXA Life to ascertain the winner.

Besides this Bharti AXA Life will also fulfill other’s dreams too. For every dream that is submitted on the website, Bharti AXA Life will donate Rs 10 to a charity that works towards the empowerment of women and girls from the marginalised sections of the society and proceeds from the campaign will go towards the cause of their education.

About Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company Ltd

Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company Ltd is a joint venture between Bharti Enterprises and AXA, world leader in financial protection and wealth management. The joint venture company has a 74% stake from Bharti Enterprises and 26% stake of AXA Asia Life.

For further details, please contact:

Rahul Prabhakar

Genesis Burson-Marsteller


Shreya Sharma

Genesis Burson Marstellar



Bon fire on the sets of Maharana Pratap

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy! This saying is synonymous with the cast of Sony entertainment Television’s Bharat kaa Veer Putra…. Maharana Pratap as they have found a way to mix work with fun on their sets.
The current sequence on the show featuring the fierce battle between Mughals and Mewar is being shot at the borders of Gujarat and Mumbai and with the dipping temperature work has become difficult. But as they say, the show must go on!
The cast have found a very effective way to beat the chills and still have fun. During breaks the cast and crew light a bonfire to keep themselves warm and also have a bit of fun by singing and sharing stories around it.
Now that’s a cool idea to keep yourself warm!

Abhishek Yadav


‘Raanjhanaa’ Director Aanand L Rai Meets His Idol Sachin ‘Master Blaster’ Tendulkar !

For cricket fans across the country, Sachin Tendulkar is no less than a god and ‘Raanjhanaa’ director Anand L Rai, who recently got to meet the Master Blaster, has been grinning from ear to ear ever since .

The two who bonded at the recent press conference of the Celebrity Cricket League that was held in the city, spoke at length about sports and films ,apart from other things.The director was also impressed by the sports veteran’s humility. Says Aanand L Rai, “I am a great fan of Sachin and had always wanted to meet him, which is why I had gone to CCL. After meeting him, I realized that apart from being a great sportsman, he is a genuine and humble person, which I had already heard about so many times.”


Youth support gives Yaariyan a bumper weekend

The team of Yaariyan are on cloud nine after the bumper response they received from their audience across the nation. Made in a budget of 10cr with additional 9cr for P&A, the complete newcomers film has scored high at the weekend box office. According to reports, Yaariyan has got a stupendous weekend collection of 19.20cr (Fri – 6.30cr, Sat – 6.40cr, Sun – 6.50cr)

Music of the film that created a stir before the film released along with strong marketing and promotions, this T-Series produced film got a huge support and word of mouth by the youth. Yaariyan that marked the debut of not only the entire cast but also the director Divya Khosla Kumar has definitely won over the hearts of their audience who has supported the film.

First weekend collection for YAARIYAN – 19.20cr

· Friday – 10th Jan – 6.30cr

· Saturday – 11th Jan – 6.40cr

· Sunday – 12th Jan – 6.50cr


Payal Nair | T-Series |


Honey Singh and Sunny Leone In Ragini MMS 2’s Chaar Bottle Vodka.

ALT Entertainment’s ‘Ragini MMS 2’ is already being talked about ever since the trailer of the film featuring Sunny Leone hit the social media front, it seems that the buzz around the film just went a notch higher.

Music sensation Yo Yo Honey Singh, who is a rage among the youth, will be teaming up with the sultry Sunny Leone for a song titled ‘Chaar Bottle Vodka’,a cool, naughty club track. The makers are set to take their horror franchise to the next level by packing a mega album this time round for one of the most awaited films of the year.

The song which will be shot this week in Mumbai is expected to release in February.

Produced by ALT Entertainment and directed by Bhushan Patel, ‘Ragini MMS 2’, the sequel to the 2011 hit ‘Ragini MMS’, is slated to release on March 21.


After Amitabh Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan and Madhuri Dixit Now Playboy girl Shanti Dynamite celebrating Makar Sankranti

This is the only time of the year when the sky wears a thousand colours. Yes, we are talking about the festival of kites. Makar Sankranti is celebrated across the country with lot of pomp and fanfare. Though Makar Sankranti is celebrated differently in almost all the country, the essence of this harvest festival remains the same. Many actors in Bollywood like Amitabh Bachchan, Imran Khan, Ajay Devgan, Hrithik Roshan, Dharmendra, Madhuri Dixit and Akshay Kumar were seen celebrating Makar Sankranti in their style now Playboy Girl Shanti Dynamite was seen celebrating Kites festival in UK but was not able to fill the colour in the skies of UK with her Kites because Cold air broke records where the temperature dropped to -24C.The beautiful actress was seen celebrating Makar Sankranti with much zest and fervour by posing with colourful kites.

Shanti Dynamite said, “Makar Sankranti’, The Kite festival in India is celebrated with fun, music and food. The cultural significance the way celebration happens. I am celebrating Makar Sankranti here in UK, in my style but I want to celebrate this festival in India.”

Makar Sankranti marks the transition of the sun into the Makar rashi and also brings an end to the winter solstice. Shanti Dynamite who loves India very much and don’t want to miss a chance to celebrate festivals of India.


Vindu Dara Singh is busy Judging New Talent
Vindu Dara Singh is busy judging new talent on his show ‘Laughter Da Master Season 3’ on PTC Punjabi Channel and feels nothing is better than comedy. The way these fabulous comedians come week after week with something new and innovative is an art. “ To those blessed with the powerful yet subtle knack to make others laugh, PTC Punjabi brings a unique platform to showcase their talent, and bring home the hilarity”, says Vindu Dara Singh
His New Year wishes are “Let’s hope 2014 keeps everyone happy and smiling”

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Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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