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The very popular firoza stone bracelet that Salman has been spotted wearing for years now is the signature of the film.

Like the belt move of Dabangg that caught so many eyes, this time around for his upcoming release Jai Ho, it is his Bracelet that will be seen in the film.

The real story behind the existence of the bracelet in Salman’s life is an interesting one. Years back, Salman saw his dad wearing such kind of a bracelet which the actor loved and got a similar one made for himself.

So, we will see Salman Khan sporting the bracelet in Jai Ho. It is infact a pivotal part of the character he is playing.

Salman has also decided to distribute read gift these bracelets to fans across cities while he is promoting Jai Ho.

For the same, the makers have already ordered bracelets identical to the one Salman wears.

The bracelet has been incorporated in Jai Ho as it is big in his fans and it has become a strong part of his identity over the years.

Jai Ho is Salman’s next big release after Dabangg 2. It is the first big film of 2014 and it has been the longest gap in Salman’s releases.

Jai Ho with its ensemble cast is slated to release on 24th Jan 2014.

Sohail is meeting us at noon – so quote will come in then.

Picture will be same what we had sent. Apart from that we are sending you series (entry shot) with bracelet.

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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