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Katrina Kaif and Aamir Khan presenting the dolls

YRF Licensing Sets New Standards For Licensing In India

DHOOM:3 Official Merchandise & Technology Products


Mumbai, November 19th, 2013: AAMIR KHAN (Sahir – The Clown Thief) & KATRINA KAIF (Aaliya- The Acrobat Diva) launched the D:3 Official Merchandise & Technology Products at YRF Studios today. This included a broad array of licensed merchandise from a number of leading manufacturers.

The D:3 licensing program, supported by Yash Raj Films Licensing (“YRFL”) comprises of a wide assortment of products ranging from Smart Phones and Tablets to Motorcycle accessories that feature unique designs inspired by the movie. The current D:3 licensed products include a broad array of licensed merchandise from a number of leading manufacturers and the list is continuing to grow!

· ICE X Electronics: ICE and YRF Licensing have come together to create history in the domain of film merchandizing. ICE has created an innovative range of electronic gadgets inspired by the movie. D:3 is now the world’s first ever film to have its tablet and other branded electronics range. D:3 Ultra is a high end gaming tab, while D:3 Spectra is an entertainment tab targeted at the youth. Fans will get mesmerised as they experience DHOOM everywhere in their life with a host of accessories such as MiFi cloud routers, stylish power banks and multi-utility portable Bluetooth speakers.

· Mattel: For the first time ever, YRF and Mattel have inked a unique partnership for the upcoming blockbuster DHOOM:3. Fans of the franchise are in for a treat with unique D:3 inspired limited-edition “Barbie Collector Dolls” of superstars Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif, that capture their looks and styles from the movie! DHOOM buffs can take home a piece of the action with the first-ever Hot Wheels die-cast replica of SAHIR – The Clown Thief’s signature bike in DHOOM:3. Also available are a range of racetrack sets which bring the film’s stunts and action to life, in addition to a special set of DHOOM:3 UNO cards for game lovers. Completing Mattel’s awesome line-up of D:3 products, is the first-ever Barbie Kids Apparel range inspired by this hugely anticipated sequel of the DHOOM franchise.

· 99 Games: The DHOOM:3 mobile game, capturing the action and intensity of the film and outstanding realistic graphics, puts the player in full control of his own D:3 super bike on the mean streets of Chicago. Players can also compete with their friends on the leader-board. Having already achieved over one million downloads, the DHOOM:3 mobile game has quickly become one of the most successful digital games produced in India. The D:3 mobile game launches on the Android, iOS and BB10 platforms today.

· BollyXpress: Putting a bit of excitement into greeting cards, gift wrapping papers and calendars are these “first-of-a-kind” products, which feature D:3 music, vibration effects and fiber optic light technology, that will make the right impression for every occasion. D:3 greeting cards will also feature exclusive and special “Good Wishes” audio messages recorded by the stars from DHOOM:3.

· Gulf Oil: A special consumer and trade promotion for Gulf Pride 4T Plus Bike Oils, supported by major retail displays, will feature a DHOOM contest and a chance to win exciting D:3 merchandise.

· CEAT: Zoom ahead in style with superior grip DHOOM:3 Limited Edition CEAT TYRES. These tyres are H-rated, and carry a 210 km/hour speed rating.

· Orosilber: Inspired by designs featured in D:3, is a hip line of fashion accessories for men which includes such products as pendants, rings, wallets, bracelets, dog tags, belts, key chains, tie pins, cufflinks and more.

· Collectabillia: The company’s D:3 product line offers a range of fashion bags, sling bags, hats, USB sticks, hat magnets, caps, bandanas and other accessory products.

· Classic Stripes: For those who want to drive in DHOOM style, Classic Stripes is offering a line of hot D:3 bike decals that transforms any bike into a D:3 look-alike bike.

· Nightingale: “Chic” is the word that defines this collection of a premium and varied range of D:3 diaries and notebooks that feature graphics based on the movie.

· Bombay Dyeing: For those looking to spice up the bedroom and bath, is a Limited Edition of D:3 branded bed linens, cushions and bath linens.

· Diva’ni: A perfect accent to anyone’s wardrobe are the colorful and trendy D:3 clown theme scarves.

· Archies: This popular retailer is developing an exclusive range of D:3 inspired paper stationery products that includes photo albums, calendars, posters, autograph books and more.

· LINE: D:3’s official account and sticker for the LINE mobile application.

· Steelbird: The perfect combination of safety and style define the company’s line of D:3 inspired helmets for bikers.

· Parksons: For those looking to spice up their game, try D:3 playing cards.

· Vox Pop Clothing: D:3 inspired t-shirts for the youth looking to sport the style of DHOOM:3.

The above includes more than 200 varieties of products and 20 Partners with a combined penetration at more than 20,000 retail touch points and with a price range of Rs.69 to Rs.9000.

Also coming soon is the exciting YRF E-Store (, offering fans around the world the opportunity to buy a wide selection of YRF’s film inspired merchandise!


Anand Gandhi & Sohum Shah

Anand Gandhi and Sohum Shah come together for Recyclewala films wherein, a variety of cinema would be introduced to the audience.

Through Recyclewala films number of directors will be showcasing their work with the medium of cinema. Anand Gandhi and Sohum Shah who had previously teamed up for Ship Of Theseus which was highly critically acclaimed will once again be seen teaming up for their next project Tumbad.

It is one of their upcoming project which is set to be a dark period thriller set against colonial India, infused with elements of fantasy.


The Infiniti Live-aboard confirms plans to take divers & explorers to the
fascinating “Narcondam Island”
 Narcondam is the most remote island in India with a distance of nearly 800 miles
from mainland
 Legendary for being a “diver’s paradise”
 A rare opportunity for scuba divers, bird-watchers and explorers to visit this
fascinating Island in comfort & luxury!
Mumbai, 20
November 2013: – Karina Tourism & Adventures, the owner of the “Infiniti Live-
aboard”, India’s first luxury live-aboard yacht, today confirmed their plans for a unique
adventurous experiential trip to the fascinating “Narcondam Island” the Andaman Sea.
Narcondam Island – a wildlife sanctuary – has captured the imagination of travelers & explorers
for a long time, owing to its extreme remoteness and population of endemic (found here &
nowhere else) species. It has a strong evolutionary significance and has even been compared
with the Galapagos Islands. Its most famous inhabitant is the endangered “Narcondam Hornbill”
– a type of hornbill found only here.
The waters surrounding Narcondam Island are legendary for being a “diver’s paradise”. An
extinct volcano, Narcondam was put on the diving map by diving pioneer Jacque Cousteau who
was the first to dive in these waters, describing “a wondrous realm of stunning marine life and
coral reefs”. The diving here features magnificent coral formations, spectacular rocky drop offs
and presence of pelagics and majestic creatures such as Manta Rays; plus gas bubbles rising from
fissures in the ocean floor.
Narcondam is uninhabited except for a handful of park rangers and very few people have had the
opportunity to visit here, as there are no facilities to stay here. Essentially, it is accessible only via
a live-aboard (a yacht with facilities for onboard accommodation) – so by including Narcondam in
its itinerary, the Infiniti live-aboard is opening up a whole new experience to worldwide
travellers. Especially for divers, this is a rare opportunity to do some “frontier diving” – exploring
new diving frontiers in the world, being one of the first privileged few to dive in highly exclusive
locations like the Narcondam.
Mr. Sunil Bakshi, founder of Karina Tourism & Adventures said, “We are really excited to include
Narcondam Island in our itinerary. This is a rare opportunity to visit this fascinating Island in
comfort & luxury, and there is a lot of interest from divers & explorers in India and also around
the world in this remote island legendery for its unique diving. We already have charters for

Narcondam, and divers coming from India, Europe, Middle East & America; and are absolutely
looking forward to hosting them on the Infiniti.”
The INFINITI is India’s pioneering scuba diving “live-aboard” – a passenger vessel fully equipped
for comfortable & luxurious onboard stay and sail around the sea. The Infiniti is a brand new live-
aboard that sets new global benchmarks for design, engineering and onboard facilities. Ittakes
passengers to the doorstep of the best dive spots in the Andaman Islands waters including
remote islands such as Barren & Narcondam.
The Infiniti features guest rooms with en-suite bathrooms, a kitchen, a diving platform, an indoor
dining room and relaxation areas including a large sun deck, an indoor lounge & an outdoor
lounge. The vessel has been built to IACS class and RINA certified to reflect its highest quality and
Andaman Islands, off the coast of India, are emerging as the world’s new favorite dive
destination. It features several unique diving attractions including volcanic diving, frontier diving,
bioluminescent night diving, etc. The Infiniti Live-aboard facilitates peaceful & exclusive diving
here for enthusiasts of the underwater world.
About INFINITI Live-aboard
The INFINITI is a high end, world class live-aboard with all premium attributes– gorgeous
aesthetics, unmatched comfort, uncompromising safety and exacting engineering. Owned by
Karina Tourism & Adventures Pvt. Ltd., it is India’s first live-aboard, and one of the finest in Asia.
At nearly 130 feet, the INFINITI is huge; however, it is also exclusive. The number of guests sailing
on board the INFINITI at any one point of time will be limited, so as to keep the experience
special and intimate. Scuba diving enthusiasts will find the INFINITI a once-in-a-lifetime
experience, as it takes them to exotic underwater kingdoms resplendent with beauty and life.
For more information, you can also visit: or follow us on and twitter: @InfinitiDiving
About Karina Tourism & Adventures Pvt. Ltd.

Karina Tourism & Adventures Pvt. Ltd. is a Mumbai based company with a mission to offer
interesting and innovative opportunities in India’s travel & tourism sector. The company aims to
open new ways to explore all that India has to offer to domestic as well as international tourists.
While India has a lot to offer to travellers, domestic & international, there has not been enough
fresh thinking and creative initiatives to really tap into the country’s potential. Indians are going
abroad for “active” holidays and even the international tourists are choosing destinations such as
Thailand over India. Karina Tourism & Adventures aims to bridge that gap by introducing
innovative initiatives in active holidays such as diving, surfing and more


Sonu Sood and Milind Soman unveil the 'Mantastic' Old Spice deodorants on International Men's Day at Mumbai on 19th November 2013

International Men’s Day celebrated the Mantastic Old Spice way in Mumbai!

Mantastic Men Milind Soman , Vidyut Jamwal , Sonu Sood & Rana Daggubati unleash the manly scent of Old Spice deodorants

Mumbai, Tuesday, November 19th, 2013: Supermodel, ace marathoner and India Face of Old Spice, Milind Soman, today got together with Bollywood’s Manly men Vidyut Jamwal, Rana Daggubati and Sonu Sood to inspire Indian men to rediscover their manlier selves on ‘International Men’s Day’! On this occasion, The Mantastic Brigade marked the grand culmination of the Smell Mantastic Campaign by unveiling the four commandments that embody the manly man — Smell Good; Be Yourself; Stay Active ,Stay Fit and Respect for All.

Having garnered tremendous response to the Mantastic videos that created a stir globally, it was time now for these manly men to take India by storm. Galloping extravagantly on white stallions & capturing the very essence of manhood, India’s first ever Mantastic Brigade revealed the all new range of Old Spice deodorants.

The Mantastic videos, an ode to the bolder and more masculine self that every man wants to be, and an irreverent take on the archetypical Indian men, were also showcased. Featuring, Milind Soman, India’s Mantastic Man, donning different avatars of an Indian manly man across geographies, the Mantastic films, have garnered over 5 million views in the social media space, truly bringing alive the campaign.

Milind Soman, India Face of Old Spice exclaimed, “Celebration of International Men’s Day gives perfect opportunity to an increasing number of Indian men who are unleashing their masculine self! In fact, this reflects in today’s society as well, with showbiz icons, Vidyut, Sonu and Rana perfectly embodying the trend. I am happy to be the face of this irreverent campaign that will change the prevalent mindset & inspire men across India, to take pride in unleashing their manlier versions.”

The Mantastic quotient soared manifold, when these show-stoppers, indulged in manly acts to celebrate ‘International Men’s Day’, which in this year’s edition, focuses on good health & equality while highlighting positive male role models. Leaving everyone spellbound, The Mantastic Brigade of Milind, Vidyut, Rana & Sonu, completely echoed the brand proposition – ‘With Old Spice, you can feel ‘Mantastic’, no matter where you are from in India’ through their unusual , never seen before acts. Smelling and looking like they can do absolutely anything on this planet, the four engaged in a duel of tug-of-war with one hand, while effortlessly lifting heavy dumbbells with the other, & at the same time, unveiling the International Men’s Day commandments – Smell Good; Be Yourself; Stay Active ,Stay Fit and Respect for All.

Said Vidyut Jamwal, “International Men’s Day is the perfect platform to unveil the ‘Mantastic’ commandments, for the Indian male. Every Indian man is Mantastic, we are all born equals, but it is what we choose that makes us manly men!”

Sonu Sood stated, “Being ‘Mantastic’ is today the epitome of manliness! We as the Mantastic Brigade, want to reach out to all Indian men, to encourage them to be active, fit & just be yourself.”

Rana Daggubati exclaimed, “Young men are now imitating their new icons & graduating from metrosexuals to a new Manly Man era! Through our Mantastic messages, I hope Indian men take a cue & unleash a manlier avatar of themselves.”

Mr. Nikhil Ramesh, Country Marketing Manager – Old Spice said, “International Men’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate ‘Smell Mantastic’ Campaign. Old Spice’s ‘Smell Mantastic’ campaign is designed to inspire Indian men to express themselves and help unleash the manlier version of them. The Mantastic Brigade – Milind Soman, Vidyut Jamwal, Rana Daggubati and Sonu Sood – have done an amazing job of bringing alive the Old Spice campaign and its raw masculinity.”

After 70 years of helping men the world over navigate the seas of manhood, Old Spice brings that essence to India through its latest campaign. With this campaign, Old Spices launches a cool range of manly scented deodorants with captivating, refreshing, and long lasting scents, all cooked up in the Old Spice scent kitchen! Manly smelling scents such as Original, Fresh Lime, Musk, & Whitewater; each offer a fragrance that you would want to retain throughout the day! The deodorants range not just increases your awesomeness quotient but instills your self-confidence; helps you take charge of the world and up your desirability factor. The new variants are available in leading retail outlets across India; Old Spice deodorant bottle is priced at Rs. 150/- for 150ml.

To get a glimpse of the Mantastic videos –

To get Mantastic Updates and Posts, log on to the Old Spice FB page or follow its Twitter handle –

About Procter & Gamble India

P&G serves approximately 4.8 billion people around the world with operations in approximately 70 countries worldwide. P&G is one of the largest and amongst the fastest growing consumer products companies in India. Its presence pans across the Beauty & Grooming segment, the Household Care segment as well as the Health & Well Being segment, with trusted brands that are household names across India. These include Vicks ®, Ariel®, Tide®, Whisper®, Olay®, Gillette®, AmbiPur®, Pampers®, Pantene®, Oral-B®, Head & Shoulders®, Wella® and Duracell®. P&G operates through 3 entities in India of which 2 are listed on NSE & BSE. The listed P&G entities are: ‘Procter & Gamble Hygiene & Health Care Limited’ and ‘Gillette India Limited’, whereas the unlisted entity (which is a 100% subsidiary of the parent company in the U.S) operates by the name ‘Procter & Gamble Home Products Ltd.’ Please visit for the latest news and in-depth information about P&G India and its brands.

About Old Spice

Procter & Gamble’s Old Spice is the quintessential men’s grooming brand. Old Spice’s distinct mansmell has swiftly proceeded to achieve world domination instantly setting itself apart as the scent for men with fine taste in shoes, telescopes and boats whether in Hong Kong or Hawaii or India.

For more information:

For more information on the press release, please contact:

IPAN Hill + Knowlton Strategies

Anjita Chaube (07738344000)

Hina Jafri (09004669598)


Successful 17 year of Global Advertisers

Mumbai.17 years ago in Mumbai, Global Advertisers began outdoor publicity, i,e, billboards business. Managing director Sanjeev Gupta had not imagined that his company will reach at this level in few years.

The company has billboards at almost every location in Mumbai. It includes 500 of their own and 200 rented. Hoarding charges begin from Rs 22000 and some hoardings command lakhs of Rupees. In the 17 years, building, entertainment, telecom, banking and others have used Global’s hoardings. The USP of the company is its Media, Management and Research teams, which work out optimum packages for the clients. Clients appreciate their services. The company also manages hoardings for its clients nationwide. In addition, the company manages Bus, Railway and airport publicity.Global has executed outdoor campaign with multiple inventories and innovation for various films such as (Hindi) Ghanchakkar, Lootera, Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, Go Goa Gone, Shortcut Romeo, Dirty Picture, Yamla Pagla Deewana 2, Zindagi 50-50, Bhadaas, BA Pass, (Marathi) Chabbu Palali Sasrala, Anumati, Khokho, (Bhojpuri) Jal Sadhar ki Devi etc..

Furthermore, corporate brands like Charagh Din, Essel World, Gaja Jwellers, Hiranandani Builders, Land Rover, Lux Cozi, Bank of Baroda, Sheth Developers, Rustomjee, Vodafone, Sony have also launched their outdoor campaign to reach out to their end consumer.

Global Advertising’s Sanjeev Gupta says “ Radhe Guru’s grace upon us and this is why we were so successful. We want our clients to get the best locations which give good mileage at good budgets. If we work for optimisation of client budget and give them maximum reach then client will come back to us. We have billboards in all the prime locations in Mumbai.”

Sanjay Sharma Raj

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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