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Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital organized ‘Diabetes Awareness Rally’ on 14th November

Pune: Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital, Pune, Maharashtra’s first Joint Commission International (JCI), USA and NABH Accredited Hospital organized “Diabetes Awareness Rally” from Pimple Saudagar to Aundh on Thursday, 14th November at 9:30 am. The super-specialty healthcare facility is also organizing a free Diabetes check-up camp week from 11th to 16thNovember 2013. The free diabetes check up camp includes free consultation with the Endocrinologist or Diabetologist, focus on effective detection of the disease in early stages, customized diet plans, and diabetes management

With India having the 2nd
highest number of diabetic patients in the world, this disease is posing an enormous health problem in the country. India is considered as Diabetic Capital of the World. Prevalence of DM has increased from 36 million in 2004 to 62 million in 2011 and is likely to increase manifold over next few decades. There are 12 – 15% known diabetic and 15-20 % undiagnosed diabetic patients in Pune. Also prevalence of prediabetic state is around 12% in Maharashtra where early intervention may prevent or atleast delay onset of DM in these patients.

“We flagged off our World diabetes awareness campaign with an ongoing free check up camp from 11th November to 16th November, which was followed by a Diabetes awareness session for patients on 12th November. We will also organize diabetes awareness lectures for few major corporate on 15th& 16th November. However the highlight of the campaign was Diabetes Awareness rally.” said Ms. Rekha Dubey, COO, Aditya Birla Hospital.

“In the rally, students from B.K. Birla School wore T-shirts and carried placards with messages & slogans on diabetes to support the ongoing fight against diabetes which accounts for 11 lakh lives around the country every year”, she further added.

There are two predominant types of diabetes. In Type 1, the immune system destroys the cells in the pancreas that make insulin. In Type 2, which accounts for an estimated 90-95% of all cases, either the body’s cells are not sufficiently receptive to insulin or the pancreas makes too little of the hormone or both.Studies show almost 85 percent of type 2 diabetics are overweight. However, only six to ten percent are aware that being overweight put them at a higher risk for diabetes.Various studies have shown that the high incidence of diabetes in India is mainly because of sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, obesity, stress and consumption of diets rich in fat, sugar and calories.

Dr. Sandeep Kharb, Endocrinologist of Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital highlighted, “Diabetes management goes much beyond blood sugar control. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease where cornerstone of treatment is lifestyle changes Diabetes affects small and large blood vessels of body which supply blood to vital organs like eyes, kidney, nerves, heart, brain and other organs poor sugar control causes deposition of cholesterol in blood vessels which leads to the complications like early and silent heart attacks, early Paralysis, blackening oftoes i.e. Gangrene”. Diabetes also affect Eyes leading to early maturation of cataract , blood leaking on retina which is called diabetic retinopathy which is characterized by fluctuating vision and black spots in front of eyes which leads to blindness if you ignore. Diabetes also affects the kidney leading to diabetic nephropathy. Fluctuating blood sugars causes Nerve damage leading to loss of pain sensation, non-healing foot ulceration, Sexual dysfunction, urine problems, constipation. Because of all these problems diabetic person will looses their life by 10-15 yrs earlier. In fact diabetes is leading cause of renal failure, non-traumatic amputation of foot in world. Also if we screen our population for pre diabetes we may be able to reduce new diabetic patients by concentrating on high risk individuals

“These diseases stay in the background, and if not assessed from time to time, can explode suddenly, leaving the diabetic patient to deal with multiple negative consequences. A patient must get regular checkup done, to avoid such circumstances”, emphasizes Dr. Nitin Gade, Diabetologist. “But the good news is that, now research has proved that we can prevent Diabetes and its complications by almost 80%, if you know them early and if you have knowledge of diabetes”, he further added.

As Joslin, father of Diabetes quoted, “Those who knows most about diabetes, lives longest”

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Dutch Consulate General and Brand Dialogue showcase the art of Design & Branding

-Bring together their 1st seminar in India to present celebrated Dutch design solutions for innovating India-

Mumbai, November 15, 2013: Dutch brand communications consultancy Brand Dialogue collaborates with the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Mumbai for a unique Design & Branding seminar. This joint initiative, which emphasizes a new vision targeting design and branding solutions for India, will be held on November 19 in Mumbai.

Brand Dialogue, which recently announced its entry into the Indian market, is being graciously accepted by Indian companies for its international approach. The Brand Dialogue seminar is offered in collaboration with four renowned Dutch creative agencies, Fabrique, Globrands, THEY and Yellow Dress Retail. Speaking about the seminar, CEO & Founder of Brand Dialogue, Willem Woudenberg, says: “With the highly competitive scenario in the market today, it becomes crucial for brands to showcase their exclusivity and I believe design and branding play an eminent role here. Companies investing in design and branding invest in their future, are more innovative, develop stronger client relations and will make more profit”.

The Dutch Consulate General emphasizes that India offers a wide variety of opportunities. This is reflected in a decades-long tradition of bilateral trade between both countries; The Netherlands is currently the 4th largest investor in India, India is the 5th largest investor in The Netherlands. The Netherlands is the 4th most innovative country in the world and through its business partnerships over the years, Dutch expertise has been introduced in many sectors of the Indian economy. Whereas design and branding in The Netherlands is widely developed and has become key to corporate success, the Indian creative sector leaves room for exploitation. The Design & Branding seminar offers the principles that make brands effective today and creates awareness of how to circumvent pitfalls. Insights from experts reveal how to bridge the gap between understanding the basics of branding and the actual execution.

Mr. Woudenberg will be supported by a team of panelists, comprising of Mr. Vishal Jhunjhunwala, Head Corporate Brand TATA-TCS, Mr. Shireesh Joshi, COO Strategic Marketing Group at Godrej and Mr. Manish Agarwal, CEO Reliance Entertainment (Digital).

The evening will be wrapped up by workshop sessions by the four Dutch creative agencies associated with Brand Dialogue on an appealing topic- ‘How branding (really) works’.

Brand Dialogue’s journey in India is supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Dutch Consulate General in Mumbai. With its specialized agencies, Brand Dialogue holds to its credit, association with clients like Philips, Delhi Airport, Heineken, Metro, Business World, DSM, Hema and Spar, among others.

About Brand Dialogue

Brand Dialogue is a Dutch brand & design consultancy offering innovative branding, design and communication solutions. With offices in Amsterdam, Delhi & Mumbai, Brand Dialogue in India comes with international expertise which can be accessed locally. Collaborating with leading Dutch design firms Brand Dialogue, offers strength in various branding specialisms: visual & digital branding, naming, advertising, retail and product design.

For more information, please visit-

About The kingdom of the Netherlands, Mumbai

The Netherlands sets great store by their relations with India. Improvement of bilateral trade is a core activity of the Kingdom of the Netherlands as it is the 4th largest investor in India. India, in its turn, is the 5th largest investor in The Netherlands. As an excellent business partner for India and the 4th most innovative country in the world, not only thorough knowledge of the creative industries contributes to this relationship. Expertise in water management, logistics and the agricultural sector play a prominent role here as well.

For further information, please contact:

Anu Sharma/Sakshi Pathak

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+91-9004261037/ +918130575959 /

Mumbai/ Delhi


Anu Naveen Sharma


Imran Khan wears one Pair of shoes

Imran Khan shoots in the same of pair of shoes for the second half of the of Gori Tere Pyaar Mein

Imran Khan shoots for the Village portion of the film where he just wears one pair of shoe.

When asked Director Punit Malhotra he says:“The second half shows Imran go to a village with just a bag, not knowing that he’ll be stuck there for long. As such, it was critical for him to maintain the appearance for the sake of continuity. In fact, at one point, the soles of the shoes had worn out and the nails started hurting his feet, but he insisted on shooting with the same pair of shoes.”


One day, the CID team is on their way to a small outstation weekend break when a small incident in a road halts all their plans. They see a woman who is crossing the road with a paper bag suddenly feels suffocated for breath and it seems like an Asthmatic attack. Cops rush to her aid and try to help her. Daya takes the bag from her hand and he thinks she is pointing towards it. He just bundles it in his car and rushes back to the woman.

The young woman is rushed to the hospital but she dies over there due to internal poisoning. To cops’ shock, they are told that the young woman was a human bomb, and the explosives poison killed her. Cops decide to unravel the mystery of the same. That night, Daya recalls the paper bag and gets it from his car. Daya finds a wooden box and he is stunned to see what is inside it. But before he can react, there is an explosion in his house and the wooden box gets stolen from his house.

The CID team is shocked and traumatized by Daya’s accident even though he survives it – he has slipped into a coma. The cops decide to decode the mystery of the dead woman and the mystery wooden box. And somewhere out there, the wooden box has reached the mystery woman – and the box is going to decide the fate of six men and six places.

What does the wooden box contain?

Will Daya ever regain consciousness and open the secret of the crucial wooden box?

To find out tune in to CID Friday to Sunday at 10:00 pm only on

Sony Entertainment Television

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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