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India, 18th September 2014:PUMA India today announced the appointment of the Abhishek Ganguly, as its new Managing Director taking over the reins of the brand that recently launched the Forever Faster campaign. Abhishek previously had been spearheading the Sales and Retail functions for the brand and had joined PUMA right at it’s inception in 2005 as a founding director. Abhishek’s appointment comes at a time when the brand is taking bold steps in its new positioning to be the fastest brand in the world.
Martyn Bowen, GM, EEMEA Region PUMA commented on the appointment, “We’re delighted to ring in Abhishek’s appointment as the managing director of PUMA India. As one of the founding directors of PUMA India. Abhishek brings with him a wealth of experience that will guide the brand towards it’s next leap in India. PUMA India has delivered an outstanding performance during the last nine years and I look forward to the continued progress of this great brand of ours with Abhishek”

Rajiv Mehta, who was previously managing the reins of PUMA India as the Managing Director, for nine years, earlier announced his exit from the company. Rajiv had moved on to pursue his own interests. Martyn Bowen said, “Rajiv has built a great business and a great team and departs with our thanks and best wishes he remains a friend of PUMA for life”

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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