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Shanghai Kaise Banega Mumbai?

• Ashutosh Rana, Actor

• Rohit Shetty, Director & cinematographer

Madhur Bhandarkar, Director, Scriptwriter & Producer

September, 2014 – Famous filmmaker Rohit Shetty said at Panchayat

Aaj Tak that after the movie SlumDog Millionaire foreigners come to Mumbai to see

the slums of Dharavi. This is really shameful. Rohit Shetty was speaking in Mumbai

in Hindi news channel Aaj Tak’s programme Panchayat Aajtak. Speaking on the topic

filmmaker Rohit Shetty said that Madhur Bhandarkar makes films on newsheadline

and then his films make headlines.

Famous actor Ashutosh Rana said that an artist is he who transforms dreams into

reality, because there is truth in our dreams and in the dreams of politicians we try

to seek the truth. Actually time has come that Seeing Mumbai Shanghai should think

now that I have to become like Mumbai. This time must come by now. Cities are

formed by humans and not humans through cities. If someone wants to make his

city a place of worship then he should bring a sense of purity. Our city has reduced

to being market a mandi. Today, if we look around the whole of Mumbai city all

factories have been closed down and there is just one work going all and everywhere

that’s construction of buildings.

Filmmaker Rohit Shetty opined that it will take time to make Mumbai look like

Shanghai…and for every one should work along with Political parties. All of us have

to change our approach. There are certain places in Munbai that look extremely

beautiful . But Mumbai is Over Populated. When we were small kids there were

Playground, now just Shopping Malls are left. There is no space left to walk on road,

where would we go in the weekend.”

Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar said ‘mumbai is the country’s business capital it

should must Rehabilitate people. Mumbai is a city which

Adopts everyone. I’m being blamed by every quarters that I show a too much of

reality in my films, People get angry also, but I show what happens. The secret of my

success is that there is reality in what ever I depict on screen.

Actor Raza Murad said in the program that for us Mumbai is and always be our

mother. Whatever we are it is because of this city. This city has given everyone a

chance. Every talent gets a chance over here. We should also think that what are we

are doing for this city as a citizen.

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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