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I’m a Not a Social Worker but a  Creative Person says Aamir Khan at Panchayat Aaj Tak

Mumbai 13th September, 2014 – Film star Aamir Khan was also a key speaker in Hindi News Channel AajTak’s programme Panchayat Aaj Tak. He said that, ‘Iam not a social worker but a creative person, I’m an Entertainer that’s my primary job, to recreate for peoples. If we want to do something for society then  we do not need to become a social worker nor do we need to make an NGO.


Aamir Khan said that he uses  his power in the right manner. As he believes that the correct way to Use your power is to use it in the right way for the needy. In an answer to a question he asked, “How many people pay taxes honestly.’’


He said that we do not give tax to the government but to the country.

Those who do not pay taxes to the govt are traitors to the country.   Corruption is not prevalent in just MPs, but it is there in every human being. There is no point in changing our MPs every five year, instead we should first introspect and correct ourselves to improve the status of the country.


In a response to a question Aamir said we as filmmaker at times have behaved in an irresponsible way…like the way we have projected our woman in our films. For example Portrayal of Eve teasing has been done very carelessly in our films. Songs like ‘Tu cheez badi hai mast-mast and Khambe jaisi khadi hai’ has done too much of loss for the industry and I’m quite ashamed of it.


Reacting on his controversial PK movie poster Aamir said ” this picture tells the whole story. It is the art of our film. The poster is not made ​​to create sensation. Those who did not like the poster, I’d respect their feelings also. When people would see the movie then only they they will understand that What was the reason behind the origin of this poster. The truth is that we are all born naked.’


In response to questions on Season 3 of Satyameva Jayate Aamir informed that ‘ In the show after season 3 I will be present live in the show where you can talk to us, ask questions and even give your suggestions. The five issues that came up in the show in the earlier season, I took them to the Prime Minister.  We had never thought that Our case will be heard in this way, we were not sure about that. When we had shown the first episode on female infanticide,  the then Health Minister took an immediate action.  But a large dynamic step  was taken by the State Ministry also.  After our show on the disabled, the DM of Gwalior made 95 percent of places in Gwalior disable friendly.


In response to a question Aamir said that after the 26/11 crash all of us were very tensed. Every country started taking stringent security measures to prevent terror attacks, but more dreadful is the situation where we fight amongst us. Fifty percent of women are victims of domestic violence. It’s much scarier. It must stop. When the sufferers of crime will raise their voice on this issue then politicians too will take care of it.


According to Aamir  ‘I’m an emotional person, I do not hide. When we make efforts to prevent emotions that means that somewhere we have become rigid.  Whatever I am, I am the same way. What kind of children are we raising, that’s also very important. What ever we teach our children they carry the same to their later years.  Modi ji’s  speech of August 15,  was good, he said that now the time has arrived that we should take care of our boys that how  are we bringing them up.”


Aamir said, that whatever he does, he does it with heart.  I’d only do a work when my heart is in it.  When I made Delhi-Belly ​, I didn’t make it for money. Even asked an  ‘A’ certificate from the censor board, even told People before the release of the film, that there are some obscene words in the film.




Manikrao Thakere , President, Maharashtra Congress, Devendra Fednavis, president, Maharashtra BJP, Sunil Tatkare, president maharashtra NCP & Sanjay Raut ,MP, Shiv Sena Session 4 at Panchayat Aaj Tak, Maharashtra


Mumbai, 13th Sept 2014,:There is no ego clash between Shiv Sena and BJP. This was said by Shivsena MP Sanjay Raut in  Hindi News Channel AajTak’s programme in Mumbai while participating in their ‘Agenda Aajtak’ programme. He also said that the 25-year-old alliance with the BJP will continue further.


Maharashtra Congress president Manikrao Thakrey said, that they have done a lot of development work in the last five years. And that  a lot of development work was carried out by the Congress in Maharashtra and they will go for elections with development agenda only.


However, Shivsena MP Sanjay Raut said that their alliance with BJP is 25 years old and it will remain so, emphasising on the fact that Shivsena has a bigger role than BJP. However, there is no clash between us regarding seat sharing. He added that there are some smaller parties also with them, after offering seats to them we can sort it within ourselves within 15 minutes. He also said that it’s every body’s right to ask for seat but has to be given to them only whose  chances to win are in volumes.


In an answer to a question Sanjay Raut attacked the Cong govt by saying that the only thing that has bettered in the Cong-NCP govt are cases of corruption. BMC’s education budget exceeds Cong State budget.


Maharashtra BJP president Devendra Phadnis said in the programme that the time given by election commission to them is enough. We are preparing for Elections and so do the peoples of the state, infact they are more than ready to elect their leader this time.


On questions regarding the BJP-Shivsena alliance in the state, Devendra Phadnis said that we are brothers, During LokSabha elections we play big brother and during Vidhan Sabha elections Shivsena plays the same.


While taunting on the Cong_NCP alliance, he says that the whole of the country has seen Patang Rao Kadam saying that all of us should unite, otherwise all of us would land up in jail. In matters of irrigation Maharashtra is lacking behind.


They could not overcome Power load shedding till date.  Development has happened only on papers in the last 15 years…. not on ground. The tender for installing CCTV in Maharashtra has not been able to pass in the last seven years.  We constructed the Worli Sea Link which these people can’t surpass, there has not been a construction of a single building in Dharavi Area.   We also made 55 flyovers in the state…what has been your achievement?


While responding to Maharashtra BJP and ShivSena attacks,

NCP President in Maharashtra Sunil Tatkare said that we

Are determined to fight this election along with our alliance. I’m sure that this also we’ll be able to form our govt. We are governed by a secular ideology. We have done tremendous work in the last five years. There has been a thorough development in the state. Development is a ongoing process.


Supriya Sule MP, NCP at Panchayat Aaj Tak , Maharashtra


Mumbai 13th September2014, NCP MP Supriya Sule has said that it’s not NCP’s but Congress party’s job to think over Rahul Gandhi’s political credibility.

NCP has just an alliance relationship with the Congress.


While attending Aajtak Panchayat programme in Mumbai Supriya Sule said that Rahul Gandhi is a simple man, well spoken and well behaved. He would have probably done well in his area that’s why has been elected with a margin of 2 lakh votes.


In a response to a question Supriya said that she doesn’t trust only Rahul Gandhi but all and everyone. The matter of their political credibility rests with the Congress party, I don’t find any drawbacks in them. Everybody has their own distinct style of politics and I’m no one to judge them. Why should I be bothered that what’s happening at other person’s home.


Is she a candidate for the post of the Chief Minister?

To this question, Supriya responded that I’m not in the CM”s race, as I am not fighting elections. It could be Ajit Pawar or even a third person.


In response to a question about Narendra Modi, Supriya

Replied that Narendra Modi is very good, he is our Prime-Minister and we respect him a lot. The country has given him a good mandate so he should be given a little time to work.


Supriya regretted about the infamous rants given by BJP MP Yogi Adityanath in Love-Jihad. She quoted Chhagan Bhujbal and asked If Muslim boy loving a hindu girl is called Love-Jihad then what will a Hindu boy loving a muslim girl called- Love Sanatan.


When asked about seat sharing with the Congress, she said that the demand is of equal number of seats. Let’s see what happens….



IN response to a question Supriya said that, we are not haunted by the ghost of Loksabha election results.  We sit for exams to succeed, however the Loksabha results were a good warning for us. We are not copycats….and don’t imitate others. We are the Original. We are Going into the election and will show our strategy there. We do not believe star casting. We’ve reservation policy in education even for those families who are economically backward. This will not apply to my children because there is a creamy layer provision. This is no political reservation. This is the ultimate parameter for every caste in our country.





Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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