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Manish Chaudhary to play a journalist in film “Trip To Bhangarh”

Debutante Actor Manish Chaudhary has taken the Bollywood scene by storm. He’s playing a journalist in his upcoming movie ‘Trip To Bhangarh‘.

According to sources, Manish is playing the character of Jai, a college heartthrob, in the flick. Like in real life, in reel life too, he is a singer-songwriter-guitarist. He finds his way in the field of media and soon becomes a journalist.

Before the shooting began, Manish referred Journalist case studies and even bought books on journalism. He would closely watch news channels to get the jargons right. He would practice their stance and style of speaking for long hours and was completely drowned by the character he was to portray.

In the Film, Jai (Manish Chaudhary) is shown researching about haunted places in India, and is intrigued by Bhangarh and sets out on a trip there with his college friends.

Directed by Jitendra Pawar and presented by Anita Nandwani and Yatin Nandwani, ‘Trip To Bhangarh’ is a good bend of humour and horror. It is set in one of the most mysterious places in India and has a very different yet, disturbing storyline that hooks you since the first minute.


Actor Rajan Verma creating new milestone in AD industry with “SEIKO” watches


Actor Rajan Verma who was last seen in the movie Zindagi 50-50 opposite Glamorous Veena Malik is now a day’s is busy directing AD for International Brands. AD Guru Rajan Verma who had shown his efforts behind the camera in the AD of “RADO” Watches and LG commercial is recently shooting for “SEIKO” watches. For actors, the move into directing is an alluring one, giving them the opportunity to bring their own ideas to life and, using their appeal, broadcast them to a wide audience. The journey from acting to director is not easy. You need to know the industry as well as business from scratch so that you last. And now Rajan Verma doing it very well and his multi-talented will last him in the industry. Seiko is a Japanese company that manufactures and sells watches, clocks, electronic devices, semiconductors and optical products. Rajan Verma’s blend of creativity and management had worked the magic and make AD look synchronized and appealing.


Rajan Verma said, “Inspiration makes me feels to live in my passion, the feeling of having more creative control in a production and career growths are some of the common reasons that make me from actor to become director. An actor personally involved in having a story made and to overseeing the direction of that project to tell the story and that I am doing now. It’s a great feeling to associate with big brands.”


Choose Your Women Inspiration and Women choose the Man who empowered You, at Fempowerment Women

Mumbai, August 8, 2014: Molecule Communications has begun in full earnest the preparations to applaud the

women achievers and encourage them to continue doing the good work. Molecule Communications requests you

to Nominate such women heroes who have brought about a change in society through their efforts and hard work

in various genres and give them a platform to influence the society towards betterment.

Fempowerment Women Achievers​’​ Awards is a Pan India platform to recognize, respect and honor individual and

team contributions of women across language, faith, class and ​religion​. Contribution which has helped transform

the space and domain or change mindsets in our society. It is a foundation to Empower, Educate and Encourage

women for achieving their goals in all walks of life by influencing the society.

Fempowerment as a brand has been synonymous with celebrating women and their achievements and has

done pioneering work in putting these achievers in the limelight. Last year the awards witnessed significant and

immaculate winners like Ms. Zarina Mehta, Co-founder, UTV Software Communications, Ms. Ekta Kapoor, Joint

Managing Director, Balaji Telefilms, Ms. Daksha Sheth, Ace Kathak Dancer, Dr Firoza Parikh, Pioneered in Cumulus-
aided embryo transfer (CAT), Kavita Gadgil, Founder, Abhijit Air Safety Foundation (AASF), Ms Shuchi Krishan, Ace

Painter and many others.

Speaking about the awards, Ms Kiren Shrivastav, CEO, Molecule Communications, said “To begin with I

firmly believe that men and women are not equal, they are different and should not be compared. With

Fempowerment, not only do we want to applaud women but also encourage them to empower other beings.

We also have a special category of a man being awarded by women. We are honoured to have an esteemed

panel of jury members who will ensure that the deserving person wins, as our process is transparent and out

there for people to nominate their women inspiration.”

The property was setup in 2012 by Molecule Communications to honor and provide a platform for women

achievers who have done exceptional work in their respective fields. Held on an annual basis, the property will

continue to highlight all these worthy women and the work done by them and keep bringing more worthy women

to the forefront.

The awards have a prominent and esteemed jury which comprises –

Mr. Subhash Chandra – Chairman of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited and Promoter of the Essel Group of


Mr. Ridham Desai: Managing Director, Morgan Stanley India;

Mr. Adil Malia: President HR, Essar Group of Companies;

Mr. Javed Ahmed: DG, HomeGuards

Mr. Shishir Joshi: CEO, Bombay First and Former Journalist

Mr. Shrikant Bhasi: Chairman, Carnival Group;

Mr. Nagesh Kukunoor: Film Director, Scriptwriter;

Ms. Neera Saggi: Former President, BCCI (Bombay Chambers of Commerce and Industry)

So gear up to recognize and applaud such women.Encourage your Women inspiration by nominating them.

Download forms at Last date of entries by 15th

awards will be held on August 28, 2014, at Jamshed Bhabha Theatre, NCPA, Nariman Point, Mumbai.

Achievers’ Awards

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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