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World Music Day-Stay Tuned With Music 

Everyone is aware & everybody knows that 21st June is celebrate as the “World Music Day”. This day first began in France in 1982 and now it is close to 100 countries of the world celebrate this great festival of music. Many overseas country music concerts are held on this day. We spoke to some celebrity singers of our country and asked them what does music means to them exactly in reference to their context? What importance does music play in their life??


Kailash Kher: Music has a great power and this because of God grace. Whoever gets this power their life completely sparkling. In my life there music & music only. Without music I cant even think about living my life. Whatever today I am in my life all because of music which has bought me here today. I specially want to thank the audience who have all kept liking my music. This way people show shower their lover to me & they should enjoy my music.


Mikey McCleary: Bartender Fame Mikey says that whatever I have gained in life till today it is all beacuse of the music. My heart & soul all beats for music. On this world music day I want to wish everyone “ Happy World Music Day”. On my music journey without the love of my audience I am nothing and also enjoy my latest video chase every dream hope you all like that.
Hard Kaur: I want to wish everyone A very Happy World Music Day & without music life would be so incomplete i feel. Without music my Life is just lifeless. Music & Time are two best things in life which can decrease any human pain or tension in any one life and on music day i am revealing to all that within couple of days you will see my new song of World Cup football as this song completely dedicated to all football fans of India and world enjoy.


Nakash Aziz: Saree Ke Fall Sa fame Nakash who is enjoying the success of his latest song Beqasoor dil of film Lekar hum deewana dil says with music we can express & share everything. Music has no language & no particular words is important it all what you feel you express it. Let the music be of any language it always pulls you towards it to hear. It all because of music people know me today. Wishing everyone Happy World Music DAYenjoy dance & sing.


Mohmmad Irfan: “Banjara” fame singer Irfan is been known by all. Music directly touches the heart. Music is been heard anytime be is happy time or sad time listen to music people mood get completely alright. Celebrate this day with all joy & happiness listen to all your favourite music & stay tuned with my music too.

Shahid Mallya:  Singer of “Rabba Mein Toh Mar Gaya” Shahid says that whenever you are alone or nobody is with you music is the best supporter and always there. Staying without music is really a difficult task. Music is in my blood. Now i have to go very ahead in the field of music. For this day everyone keep listening to music & tap your feet. Happy World Music Day.



Ek Villain’s Banjara Singer Mohammad Irfan Ali

Some singers are such that their song touches the heart, some songs we hear we get peace of mind & at times we become very emotional listening to the songs. One such talented singer is Mohammad Irfan Ali, people hear his songs & go crazy. One of his recent popular song is “Banjara” from the movie “Ek Villain” it is loved by the audience very much. As the movie song got released from that day itself the liking of this song is increasing day by day. Few days back we meet Mohammad Irfan here are few things you must listen & enjoy it:


  • Everywhere today Banjara song we get to hear be it radio, TV or you tube your song has spread like viral how do you feel???

I feel very happy that my song people have liked it so much. It feels like whatever hard work I did, it is very fruitful, It is a great success. I feel great knowing that on tip of the tongue people always keep singing my song.


  • What could be the reason that people like this song so much??

Because of the lyrics & the way it has been sung. Mithoon has given music & lyrics to this song, what a great composer he is.


  • You have worked earlier also with Mithoon how was your journey with him???

It was very nice the first film I worked with him was “Lamha” & I had sung two songs in this movie. “Salam Zindagi” & “Rehmat Zara” and I got awards for this. Murder 2 “Phir Mohabbat” & Yarriyan “Barish” these both songs also I have sung. Whatever songs I have done with Mithoon it has always been a great success and it also been liked by the audience.


  • You have almost worked with all the music directors with whom you had best experience among all???

Till now I have worked with AR Rehman, Mithun, Himesh, Geet Ganguli, Sajid Wajid and many more composers. Working with everyone I have learnt something new and I have got much experience.


  • Movie City lights songs also have become popular among the audience??

Song Muskarani Ki Wajeh Tum Ho & Jiya Jaye Na these both songs I have sung and today also these songs are on the top of the chart.


  • Is your family happy with your career?

Earlier they were not at all happy because they were not sure about my career but later as they started hearing my songs they have become happy and satisfied that I can survive in this industry.


  • You have sang song in movie Ra-ONE with Rehman which was your first song how was it and how did u get a chance to work with him?

I was in Hyderabad performing in my Guru ji’s function that time S. P. Balasubrahmanyam Sir was there after listening me he made me to meet Rehman. I was very nervous when I meet him for the first time in his studio but he had gave me confidence and freedom then  song Behene Dhe was sung by me, he was very cool & calm with me. I had great experience working with him.



  • For which hero do you want to sing song?

I want to give my best while singing any song it can be any film with any hero I would love to work because at this time of point my voice can fit in any hero


  • Which other movie you are going to sing can u tell us?

I have sung many songs as yet as movie releases I will tell you’ll accordingly or you come to know while they were out.


Prime Focus bags the Best Visual Effects Award for ‘White House Down’, at the 2014 Asia Image Apollo Awards


India- June 20, 2014 – Adding another milestone to its success story, Prime Focus World, creative services subsidiary of Prime Focus Ltd.(BSE code: 532748),has been awarded the production industry’s coveted Apollo Award. Recognized for its‘Best Visual Effects’ in the Roland Emmerich-directed action blockbuster – White House Down, Prime Focus bagged the award at a ceremony organized on the side lines of Broadcast Asia 2014, at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.


Led by Alex Pejic, the Prime Focus team delivered 326 visual effects shots for the movie; they were supported by an ingenious team of 172 artists across London, Mumbai and Vancouver, that delivered the VFX within 6 months.


“To be recognized on a global platform for the work we do, reinforces our team’s motivation. White House Down was unique in the sense that of the 326 shots we did, approximately 40 percent were dedicated to a single ‘chase’ sequence, in which the presidential limo is pursued across the White House gardens by terrorists in SUVs. It was absolutely wonderful to work with Roland Emmerich.I congratulate our global VFX team for proving yet again, that we have the most creative artists, and thank them for their endless efforts put in to make this a success”, said Merzin Tavaria, Co-founder & Chief Creative Director, Prime Focus.


Prime Focus submitted three entries for this year’s Asia Apollo Awards – White House Down, and The Great Gatsby for VFX/CGI (long form), and Kai Po Che for Color Grading, and all were nominated.


The Apollo Awards recognize the top talent from broadcast, production and post-production industries, for their technical and creative excellence. Of the165 submissions received, 42 entries made the final cut after careful review by a panel of judges, known for their extensive technical knowledge, critically acclaimed creativity, and years of experience in the media and entertainment industry. The results were tabulated and audited by international auditing firm PricewatehouseCoopers.



About Prime Focus World

Prime Focus World (PFW), a subsidiary of Prime Focus Limited, provides 2D to 3D conversion, visual effects and animation services to major media and entertainment companies. PFW has brought its expertise to many wide release Hollywood films, including Gravity, White House Down, Wizard of Oz, The Great Gatsby and World War Z, along with previously released Men in Black 3, Star Wars: Episode I, II & III, Dredd 3D, Total Recall, Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Resident Evil: Retribution, Green Lantern, Immortals, Wrath of the Titans, Mirror Mirror, Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Avatar. Prime Focus World has global operations with a presence in key centers of creative content production – Beijing, Chandigarh, Goa, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai and Vancouver.

For more details please visit



About Asia Image Apollo Awards

First launched in 2005, the Asia Image Apollo Awards is an initiative aimed at honoring the best in production and post-production across Asia Pacific, with a strong focus on the creative and technical mastery behind the scenes. In recent years, the fluid nature of talent migration in the production and post-production industry, coupled with the growth of Asia Pacific’s media and entertainment industry, has drawn top talent to the region and elevated the quality of work produced in Asia Pacific. To reflect this growing expertise, the Asia Image Apollo Awards seeks to showcase and reward more niche specialties in production and post-production in the years to come. Since the launch of its new and improved version in 2013, the Asia Image Apollo Awards has garnered plenty of attention from industry players as the nature of the awards is uncommon in this region. With a jury that combines extensive academic knowledge and industry expertise with many years of experience in the fields of technical and creative, and the results tabulated and audited by an international auditing firm, this is the Awards for production and post-production artists in the Asia Pacific region.



Priyangshu Chatterjee plays invalid lover in sensual saga ‘Ei Raat Tomar Amar’


Priyangshu Chatterjee, the doe-eyed handsome hunk who won millions of hearts on his very debut in the film ‘Tum Bin’ is going to scorch the silver screen soon with ‘Ei Raat Tomar Amar’ (This night belongs to you and me), a sensual saga.

Priyangshu plays the role of Arya who has got invalid due to an accident. This affects his love life and his girlfriend Nivedita decides to marry another person chosen by her family. But humans are the children of destiny and it had some other plans. Nivedita visits Arya for the last time to convey her final decision. Arya pledges to spend that night with him and Nivedita obliges. Their last night together turned into a night of passion as both gets engulfed by the fire of desire.

Inspired from one of the literary works of Robert Browning, this movie is the most romantic one portrayed on Priyangshu Chatterjee and the actor himself has confessed the fact quite a number of times. Priyangshu also praised the Soumya and Supriya, the director duo of the film for coming up with such a unique concept. Priyangshu also praised them for capturing the highly explicit bold scenes so aesthetically.

The film releases in the month of July.





Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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