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Matrix Publishers launch ROOTS & SHOOTS


MATRIX PUBLISHERS, India’s  most-preferred  Custom  Publisher  across  Academic,  Institutional, Corporate, Luxury&LifestyleMarketshaslaunched ROOTS & SHOOTS. The expertise of ROOTS & SHOOTS lies inconceptualization,developmentandproductionofcustomized,expansiveandluxurious Coffee Table Books and personalized SPVs that match global criterion. Powered by the essence of three-decadal learning and experience in global markets, discerning Indian Individuals & Families, Companies & Brands, Institutions & Professional Bodies and Communities, Clubs & Fraternities will now discover how the international elite and trendsetting counterparts preserve their past for future generations.

AccordingtoSaanjaySethi,Founder&CEOof MatrixPublishers,(who has trainedwithapexglobalbrandsin Media, Broadcasting, Publishing and Education for over 28 years) “Limited Edition Books provide an exclusive, contemporaryandsecureplatformtoshowcasepersonalandprofessional-AspirationsandAchievements. As distinctive and personalized gifts for family, friends,professional and business associates, besides mirroring the originator’s persona, they build and reinforce -Perceptionand Value”.

Amitabh Srivastava, Consulting Director, Roots & Shoots, commented, “I am very excited and pleased to associate with this unique concept and bespoke imprint. It is a unique offering for India and we have a very long term vision for the Imprint. We aim to provide our customers, a lifetime experience”.

ROOTS & SHOOTS is perhaps the firstof its kind offering in the Indian Ecosystem,in terms of concept, genres, formatsandpresentation.Saanjaymentions,“Acrossevolvedbusiness,professionalandsocialecosystems; and especially wherever subjected tosevere media orinformation clutter, Limited Edition Books (LEBs) are consideredeffectiveand popular tools of Image/PerceptionManagementandStrategic/Tactical Communication with KeyStakeholders”.

Unlike popular perception, the investment in producing and distributing LEBsis significantly low incomparison to any othermedia vehicle. Besides,the message is completely within the creator’s control and secure from thirdpartymodificationorinterface.

AuniquefeatureaboutROOTS &SHOOTSisthattheyalsoprovide Strategic, Conceptual and ContentDevelopment support, besides an allencompassing gamut of services requiredto develop andpublish a global quality and luxuriousCoffee Table Book.

  • ForINDIVIDUAL&FAMILIES,itshowcasesconceptson-Genealogy&FamilyHistoryBooks;Pictorial Biographies;  Wedding  &  Anniversary  CTBs;  Milestone,  Celebration  &  Travel  Chronicles;  Private Collections& Compilations, etc.
  • ToCOMPANIES&BRANDSitprovidesideasforsharingtheirCorporate&BrandHistories;Corporate& Brand Profiles; Product,Service & Customer Profiles andEvents, Awards &Milestone Chronicles
  • INSTITUTIONS&PROFESSIONALBODIEScandiscoverformatsfordevelopingInstitutionalGenealogy& Biographies; HeritageChronicles; Trade Directories; School/College Alumni Showcases, etc.
  • ThesegmentonCOMMUNITIES,CLUBS&FRATERNITIEShassomereallyinnovativethoughtsonGenealogy &Biographies;Historical&ContemporaryRecords;EliteMemberProfiles;MemorabiliaorEvent&Award Assemblages!

Creditedwithadvocatingthecase ofBooksasToolsof StrategicCommunication,Saanjayfurtheradds that “Our unique customer supportmodel embraces product conceptualization andcontent creation, through appropriateprofessionalsdrawnfromjournalism, academiaandimagemanagement.Ourflexible-pricing, branding and distributionmodels are capable of meeting specific needsof customers to deliver maximized value.Since ourpassionistodeliverafusionofdesignand technologythroughallourtitles,wetherefore invest asmuchpro-bono time asnecessary, withourcustomersonideationand conceptualization,through personal meetings, on the phone or via email”.

A tripto the ROOTS & SHOOTS website is atruedelight andanenriching experience!Besidesexplaining the conceptofLimitedEditionBookPublishingingreatdetail,it giftsaunique,FREE anddownloadableeBook produced in Coffee Table format to all visitors, which showcases several innovative formats and ideas.

“Withchangingaeon,webelievethatourmindset,solutions andservicesmustbealignedtomeetconsumer choices.SinceanumberofourcustomersdesiretheirLEBsandSPVstobeavailableonPCsandiPads,we have honed our skills in that direction”,adds Saanjay whose latestpassion is to develop Limited Edition Books with embeddedQR Codes that enable readers enjoy extendedsessionsofAudioVisualmaterialinsupportof narratives orvisuals.

Sincehehassuccessfullyimplementedthisinnovationinseveralbooks,youcangainfromhis‘outofthebox’ approach to any format of book-publishing and become a proud owner of a truly collectors title!

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Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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