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TABcab celebrates Gudi Padva in association with Swami Vivekanand Yuva Pratishtan


Mumbai 31st March 2014:TABcab, Mumbai’s largest phone fleet cab service with 2800 cabs, today celebrated Gudi Padva in association with Swami Vivekanand Yuva Pratishthan. The event themed 100 years of cinema celebrated renowned film makers Satyajit Ray, Dadasaheb Phalke and several others. Also celebrated were leaders which included Shivaji Maharaj, Swami Vivekanada and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. Mr Jagdish Purohit, MD of TABcab chaired the event which was paraded around the city between  7 am to 1 pm.

The star attraction were 9 TABcab’s which were decorated with flowers and carried sculptures as well as images of the film personalities and leaders. Several local bands were part of the Gudi padva rally and enthralled the crowds with their performances.

About Tabcab

Tabcab with its fleet of 2800 cabs is the largest radio taxi service in Mumbai with license to operate 4000 Cabs tendered by MMRTA. Tabcab is available all round the greater Mumbai region, railway stations and both domestic as well as international airport.


Purab Kohli and Saidah Jules visits the famous Golden Temple

Saidah Jules recently visited the Golden Temple and was really happy. She felt as if she was close to attaining mental peace. Being accompanied by her JAL colleagues, Purab Kohli, Yashpal Sharma and producer Puneet Singh, she had an amazing experience to remember.

According to the sources, this was Saidah’s first visit and she seemed very chirpy throughout. Very few know that the foreign origin actress is following Hinduism since her childhood. Indian Gods intrigue her and she currently is even reading a book on them.

She believes that it is a small thread of a rope that binds each and every human being with each other.

She also loves to visit spiritual places of other religions and Golden Temple was a top priority for her. She was always fascinated by the Indian mythology and this was her golden opportunity. So, 30th March was decided as the day of the visit.

Saidah says “It’s really a very beautiful temple to visit”.

While touring Punjab for JAL promotions, she happened to be in Amritsar and she felt really great that the producer, Puneet Singh gave them the opportunity to visit the famous temple. Saidah has lot of Sikh friends and she knows what golden temple means to them. Now, she can finally brag about it to them!





Mumbai, March 31, 2014: 92.7 BIG FM, India’s No.1 FM Network in association with Ganga Kaveri Seeds and the Indian Council For Agriculture and Research launched a brand new radio show in the Uttar Pradesh market – ‘Mere Desh Ki Dharti’. With the latest in agriculture being doled out to listeners in an engaging storytelling format, the show will touch upon success stories in the farming community and expert opinions in a two-hour format. ‘Mere Desh Ki Dharti’ airs on 6 stations of 92.7 BIG FM in Uttar Pradesh every Sunday, at 7am with the concluding episode on 15th June!


Mere Desh Ki Dharti is based on a story format which revolves around a student who has just returned home from his college after a long time and is surprised to see all the changes in the field of agriculture in his village. He has a brief discussion about it with his father who is a progressive farmer and gets to know the new techniques that are now being used in the field of agriculture. The show features one weather advisory, one success story and covers a wide range of topics like sources of information on agriculture, sugarcane farming, summer crops, hybrid seeds, organic farming, integrated pest management, soil fertility management, dairy farming, weather and plant protection, poultry/ livestock management etc. The show also provides a patriotic and proud feeling of being an Indian and will pay tribute to the agricultural and economic development of the country.


Mere Desh Ki Dharti is yet another example of 92.7 BIG FM being true to its ‘Suno Sunao, Life Banao’ objective of reaching, engaging and enriching consumers through the power of relevant ideas and in the process, creating ever growing value for their stakeholders. Ganga Kaveri Seeds Pvt. Ltd is a proud associate sponsor of the show, augmenting its significant goodwill and focus on serving Indian farmers for overall development. The Indian Council of Agricultural Research has also joined hands with 92.7 BIG FM as its knowledge partner on the show.


With informative and innovative programs like ‘Mere Desh Ki Dharti’, 92.7 Big FM hopes to attract a larger audience through its vast radio network and continues to positively impact the lives of its listeners.


Reliance Broadcast Network


Reliance Broadcast Network Limited is a media and entertainment company with interests in radio, television and television production. The Company houses: 92.7 Big FM – India’s No.1 FM Network with 45 stations, reaching over 4 crore Indians each week; Big Magic – a Hindi general entertainment channel featuring light entertainment shows; Big Magic Bihar & Jharkhand – a Channel with local content tailored for the region; Big Magic International – a channel targeted at the Indian Diaspora in the US and Canada; Big RTL Thrill – an action entertainment channel from the Company’s joint venture with Europe’s RTL Group; and Big Productions – its television content production division; For more information log on

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” Insanity is defined as –
Doing the same thing again and again
but expecting different results”


Yeh Hai Bakrapur to celebrate 1st April as



Mumbai, 29th March 2014: The makers of Yeh hai Bakrapur, the social satire, will be celebrating 1st April as Antarrashtriya Bakra Diwas . We have all been made a fool of, at least once, in our lives. The Yeh Hai Bakrapur team urges people to stop regretting those days and celebrate the lessons learnt, and move on. Uninhibited laughter and fun should be a part of April Fools’ Day.

Yeh hai Bakrapur promises to be a rib-tickling ride for viewers and a treat for lovers of good cinema and comedy alike. The story revolves around the Qureshi family and their pet goat Shahrukh, who acquires celebrity status in his village and beyond, with people fighting for a piece of the live goat. The movie promises to make you think, while making you laugh.

Yeh hai Bakrapur is written and directed by Janaki Vishwanathan, known for her award winning film Kutty, and produced by Ramesh Sriivatsava Aruunachalam. It is slated to release on 9th May 2014.





Skin Alive Clinic’s Founder Dr. Chiranjiv Chhabra says be ready to face the sun this Summer  !!


Dr. Chiranjiv Chhabra, Dermatologist, Skin Alive Clinics, Delhi


With spring fading and summer kissing your feet, come new skin problems, namely- ‘sun damage’. Over exposure to the sun can bring chronic damage, human skin is very sensitive to the sun and if not protected, brown spots, wrinkles, and dehydration will damage the skin, which in turn may lead to skin cancer.

People often come rushing to my clinic with red rashes on their face, neck and arms. They complain of irresistible irritation and itching on these spots. Sometimes, it is not only one particular spot or place where the rashes appear, they can affect entire body at times.


    Though there are many reasons for these rashes, from being of any type of allergy to hormonal imbalances, but majority of the cases turn out to be as a result of skin allergy due to excessive exposure of the sun.

If you compare the skin tone and complexion of a skin that is exposed to sunlight daily and the skin that is less exposed, you will see the difference with your own eyes. The difference will be striking. The skin that has been minimally exposed will look decades younger.


    The damage from UV light is cumulative and can take years before it is apparent and prominently visible. It is generally by the time we reach our mid-thirties the long-term effects of UV exposure starts becoming prominent with clearly visible in the form of the fine lines, wrinkles, changed skin tone and color. It is a fact that people are sensitive to sunlight; and this phenomenon is known as ‘photosensitivity’. This sensitivity of the skin ends in producing rashes, better known as photodermatosis in the medical fraternity. Skin allergy from sun is actually a reaction from the immune system of the body trying to protect its cells from the harmful UV rays of the sunlight eventuating in red and itchy rashes.


  Handling numerous cases of rashes and allergies from the sun frequently, I have made an observation that, the most common locations include the “V” of the neck, the back of the hands, the outside surface of the arms and the lower legs. If you carefully observe the pattern of the places these rashes appear, they are mainly the areas which get exposed to sunlight even when one is clothed up. I have seen my fair share of rare cases too where the rashes appear even spread to skin in clothed areas in the form hives or small blisters. The rashes could be itchy or burning and may last for a few days.


Sunscreen is an absolute must during the warmer months, so looking for a sunscreen with a SPF of at least 20 is recommendable. A moisturizer with SPF is also a good alternative for those who are looking for versatile products.

People often confuse between sunburns and allergies from sun. There is a fine line between these two skin reactions.

Sunburns appear on sun-exposed part of your skin when technically your body’s protective skin pigment ‘Melanin’ which is supposed to fight away harmful radiations and germs, falls weak and fails to protect your skin well enough from the ultraviolet light.

On the other hand, in cases of allergic reaction from exposure to the sun, your body’s immune system reacts against the harmful rays and fights hard to protect your skin and this is what causes the breakout on your skin. 


It is also called as hypersensitivity to the sun, or Polymorphous Light Eruption (PMLE). Skin allergy from sun can occur within minutes of exposure to the sun, and also goes away much quicker after sun exposure has stopped compared to time taken to revive back from sunburn. Sunburn can cause more grave problems than just mere temporary pain and redness. Over time, frequent sunburn can contribute to premature aging of the skin, and even lead to deadly skin cancer.


Other than the basic skin problem of sunburn and allergy caused by the sun, throughout my career till date, I have come across many other cases of severe skin problems and diseases, the root cause being the harmful rays of sun. I will share some of the possible cases.

·         Thickening of skin, mainly on the back of the neck resulting in coarse wrinkles, a condition better known as ‘elastosis’.

·         Thinning of skin causing fine wrinkles.

·         UV rays from the sun might cause the walls of the blood cells to go thinner leading to bruising with only a short-period of exposure to the sun.

·         Appearance of freckles and white spots on hands and legs respectively.

·         Can cause 3 major types of skin cancer, viz. melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma of which Melanoma is the most deadly skin cancer type because it is said to metastasize more readily and faster than the other skin cancers.

Given the bitterest and the scariest of facts about the chances to acquire diseases from the harmful rays of sun, it is inevitable to avoid exposure to sunlight.


No one can stop going outdoor because of the fear of getting sun-burnt or allergy, but from my point of view and advice which implies to myself too is that, if we cannot avoid the sun, the least we can do is to do the best in our stride to minimize its harmful effects by taking a few personal precautions and following a sun care regime.



UV damage does not only keep restricted at the skin’s surface, its effects are felt even well beneath it. Most importantly, exposure to UV radiation can severely weaken the immune system and its ability to ward off viruses and bacteria. All these threats indicate that we should never drop any chances of taking care of our well being.

A few quick tips:

·         Always wear a sun protector half an hour before stepping out into the sun.

·         Don’t miss out applying the sun protector onto your ears & neck.

·         If one has sensitive skin then its best to use a sun protector which is oil free & light in weight.

·         Drink a lot of water

·         Wear clothes that cover your body, and

·         Lastly when you must be exposed to intense sunlight, wear protective clothing such as long pants, long sleeved shirts, broad-brimmed hats and UV-protective sunglasses.


So, next time you step outdoors, make sure that you are keeping yourself safe from the heat exposure by applying sun blocks and drink plenty of fluids especially lots of water to keep you body cells from dehydrating.


Mayuri’s New Avatar in Chidiya Ghar



‘Chidiya Ghar’ is the story of a fun-loving family comprising of different members with their own uncanny & funny mannerisms.


Mayuri played by Debina Bonnerjee thought of including a trendy look of her in ‘Chidiyaghar’ series. She suggested to the creative team to change her avatar in the series to add an element of fun. After mutual discussions it was decided to westernize Debina’s look in the series which would make it different and offer a fresh appeal to her character.


Debina said, “Mayuri is one of my favourite on-screen personas that I connect with. I am really excited to play a western avatar of her as it connects with the real me. Incidentally, this idea of westernizing Mayuri came from me during a candid discussion with the creative team. I will be shown as a dance teacher and having learnt dance professionally, it also worked in my favour.  I also will be doing a dance performance on a popular Bollywood track. I hope I get to play such fun parts more often on the show.”


Tune into Chidiya Ghar to catch all the fun and comedy, from Monday to Friday at 9 pm only on SAB TV!



Music Mania’s “Shaam -e-Qwwali” a celebrated evening for the music connoisseurs Members and celebrities


The beautiful evening at Juhu plush banquet turned into a Qwwali zone with low seating and jasmine flowers , the essence of the evening was very intricately brought about with Diyas, multi colored Lanterns, Surryias,and scented flowers  added to the evening , Bina Aziz looked gorgeous in a Amy Billimoria outfit, received compliments galore , The new young talent  Rajnigandha  and Ali Abbas ,Pakistani singer sang soulfully.


Munawwar Masoom the famous qwaal, took the crescendo of the evening to a divine level with songs like Chaap Tilak, Dama Dam, Ali Ali etc which were soulful. The evening witnessed Tala Aziz , Richa Sharma, Anjana Sukhani, Amy Billimoria, Anup Jalota, Medha Jalota, Prashant Sharma, Neeraj Roy, Raj kumar rizvi, Runa Rizvi, Anita Kanwal,Naved  jaffery ,Harinder Singh, Naazeen Bedi,  Yusuf Lakdawala etc


Bina says “Qawwali new talent performed beautifully, amazing voice both were extremely talented -and star performer Munawwar Masoom was the highlight of the evening


The evening was ably supported by Artist Aloud , Big Fm 92.7, Urban Tadka, Amy Billimoria


The evening was worth remembering with once more reminscinting in the audience only private success of the tastefully done up venue with the mood to set feel of Qawwali session in the evening.


Munawwar Masoom performed live, singing his best Qwwalis and hits & also adding some surprise elements.




Three Ghazal Maestros come together spearheading a different initiative ‘Music Mania’ conceptualized by Bina Aziz, a first time concept to encourage the young singing talent.


A music club ‘Music Mania’, an initiative by Bina Aziz ably supported by the three maestros in her new venture.


Music Mania promises to host the best musical nights in the tinsel town at the plush locations giving the musical treat of all genres .


Drown yourself in the mesmerizing Mushairas, Jugalbandhi, Sufi music, Ghazals, Qawallis,


Conceptualized by Bina Aziz, Director; Bntertainment Global! Managed by Bntertainment Global and spearheaded by Anup Jalota, Pankaj Udhas and Talat Aziz.


Music Mania assures you the best musical evenings you wouldn’t want to miss. Talat Aziz promises us, “Music Mania! Is the new rage…a mania! a music extravaganza!—Music that  keeps you asking for more…Music that knows no barriers or boundaries… And music that resonates with souls of all ages.”




94-year-old Kathak Queen Sitara Devi blasts Maha Govt & CM for indifference and insensitivity


Padma Shree Sitara Devi contemplates hunger strike to express her displeasure towards government apathy



In an informal interaction with some media persons in Mumbai on Saturday, a visibly angry and hurt 94-year-old Kathak veteran and Padma Shree, Sitara Devi took on the Maharashtra CM, the State Government and Maharashtrian politicians and its officials saying that they were an irresponsible lot and lacked honesty, integrity and administrative skills.



“For the last 60 years, I have been pleading and requesting the Maharashtra Government for a decent-sized plot of land to start an Indian Dance Academy, but my pleas, requests and entreaties have all fallen on deaf ears. I have lived for the last 80 years in Mumbai and given the city and state everything I have in terms of my talent, my energy and my skills. I have trained and counseled thousands of students and done hundreds of shows, performances and appearances free of cost in Maharashtra and the rest of India at the request of Government officials and politicians. Time and again some collector or minister has promised me the earth, moon and sky, but nothing has come out of it,” Sitara Devi said with tears in her eyes stating that she has planned to go on a hunger strike if the government does not cede to her wishes. “I am not demanding the academy for myself or my family, but for the sake of dance and the performing arts. There is no international standard dance college or academy in Maharashtra and a wealthy state like Maharashtra that houses the country’s financial and intellectual capital Mumbai should allocate resources and land for such an academy,” Sitara Devi opined.



Meanwhile, the Craftsmen, Artistes & Designers Promotion Forum or CADPF – a newly-launched NGO has decided to take up the cause of octogenarian and Padmashree Sitara Devi’s demand for a Dance Academy in Mumbai. Kathak exponent and a student of Sitara Devi’s daughter Jayantimala – Ranjana Bhattacharya of the CADPF said, “For decades since the late 1970s, the 94-year-old Kathak Queen Padmashree Sitara Devi has been demanding a decent sized plot of land in or around Mumbai to start a residential dance academy to educate students both in Classical and modern styles of dance. She has met hundreds of politicians, collectors and even private individuals and corporate CEOs to support her dream but her demands have fallen on deaf years. The 94-year-old-plus Sitara Devi has been living in Mumbai for over 80 years now and while politicians and businessmen have been allocated plots over the years, this dancing legend has been sidelined and ignored.”


According to the CADPF, Sitara Devi’s Kala Kriti Kendra has been teaching dance to Angan wadi children, the poor and the lesser privileged dance for the last 15 years. They have also offered financial support and help to deserving senior artistes to help them tide over their difficulties. Sitara Devi has been doing a lot of charity for the last 5 decades, but she has never highlighted or publicized that part of her life as she believes that Charity works should be tom-tommed.

The CADPF has launched an online petition with a signature collection drive  located at and requested all lovers of all forms of dance and particularly Kathak to join this campaign to demand a professional and independent Dance Academy in Mumbai comparable to the best in the World. Politicians, their friends and their family members are allocated plots of land for a song while this 94-year-old professional dancer who has won hundreds of National and International Awards and performed all over the world, bringing name and fame to the country has been conveniently side-lined, said Flynn Remedios, publicist for the CADPF.


To support this campaign and to SUPPORT SITARA DEVI‘s demands for an Independent Dance Academy in Mumbai go to and leave your comments. Please mention your full name, location and email id to ensure that your submission is valid. Your comment with your correct full name, location and email id will be counted as one vote.



CADPF has also launched a Facebook page located at for the same cause.






Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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