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The premier of O Teri was held yesterday at Light Box, Santacruz.

The team of the film Bilal Amrohi, Pulkit Samrat, Atul Agnihotri and Alvira Agnihotri were present for the screening.

The guest list also included some other celebrities like Daisy Shah, Sangeeta Bijlani, Sameer Soni, Neelam Kothari, etc where present.

The film has hit the silver screen today, 28th March 2014

Dr. Sanjay Bakhshi giving GLOREHA 5

Gloreha is a Robotic treatment device for the neuromotor rehabilitation of the hand. Gloreha is particularly indicated in cases of paresis or plegia of the hand after injuries of the peripheral or central nervous system or myelin lesions. The treatment provides an intensive early stimulant to the brain signaling the muscles of the hand to function effectively. The robot provides an audiovisual biofeedback with the 3D animation interface for the patient. Gloreha is a very useful treatment for the patients struggling to move their fingers after a Stroke or an accident. Spasticity in the hand can be reduced in the initial phase of the treatment. Dr Sanjay Bakhshi says that this treatment will give new ray of hope to patients suffering from hand disability and using Gloreha in combination with Neurorehabilitation can further enhance the scope of results in the patients. We are also offering one month free consultation and treatment in the month of April to all the patients suffering from hand disability after stroke, he added.
Combination Therapy for Neurorehabilitation – The Neuro Combination therapy consists of all the treatments which have been introduced in the world by various countries of the globe for recovery of neurological conditions like Stroke, Spinal cord injuries, Facial palsy, Motor neuron disease, Parkinsons etc. Mentamove from Germany, Robotics Rehabilitation, Gloreha from Italy is the latest addition in Neurorehabilitation. With this innovative concept, the success ratio soars high in neurological conditions. This kind of addition in the treatment patterns and therapies has always helped patients internationally


Veena’s hubby is by her side

When Asad Khan Khattak married Veena Malik they swore to be by each others side through thick and thin, ups and downs, good and bad. Asad has proved himself by being by her side through out the Problems that were created by her Digital Manager who worked for 10k per month.There was only little left for imagination when with each passing day, the episode took a nasty turn. But the dotting husband was always supporting her.

Asad understands that in the film world, controversies keep on happening. While some are true, some are abysmally shocking. Some see falling out between spouses while some see parting of inseparable friends. Some of them make a star while some of them break a star. But, what is left is morality. He knows that Veena was right throughout the duel and he even knows that she won’t get back her jewellery and other goodies but, he looks at it as an important lesson in their life. He wouldn’t blindly believe in any person. And he will always be by her side. He always believed in her when her digital manager claimed that Veena and him were together. He knew it the first time the news flashed before his eyes. He loves her a lot.

Both of them share a very comfortable relationship and share everything with each other.


Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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