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GO PUCK Announces Entry into India

Launches Quick Charging Portable Chargers for Smart Phones, GoPro, Ipad and Wireless Gaming consoles.

March 27, 2014:Florida based manufacturer of portable chargers GO PUCK, today announced itsentry into India.After developing ultralight weight batteries for numerous Formula 1, Indycar, LeMans Teams for theirrace cars, the GO PUCK founders understood the importance of speed andendurance and developed the GO PUCK range evolved by racing technology.

Thus, keeping itlightweight the GO PUCK range is designed by the award winning lithium Ionbattery engineer who also officially powers all the Indy500 Cars for cuttingedge performance keeping endurance in mind.

A gadget withoutcharge is useless and is sure to throw a workday into a frenzy but there is asolution to carry your own Go Puck. With a unique RAPID (Regulated AccessoryPower Increase Distribution) charging USB port this allows users to get theirdevice fully charged quickly, irrespective of the number of apps in use.

Along with RAPIDTechnology, GOPUCK also houses some important features like Charge throughtechnology and also Data block technology, which would stop hackers fromsnagging sensitive information through such get aways of supplying portablechargers which snag information on connecting to your Desktops or Laptops.

The GO PUCK rangecomes with a smooth comfortable exterior packaging that is designed to slideeasily into your pocket, backpack, purse, briefcase, vest, jacket or jersey.The integrated ClamLock design allows for a lightweight rugged casing whichkeeps the total weight as light as 4 ounces & provides all the powerneeded.

The complete range ofmounting accessories enables the GO PUCK to be clipped onto cameras, backpacks,belts and any fixtures with a countersunk hole. Equipped with a rugged design,the active mount also helps protect the GO PUCK and weights only 1 OZ. Itoffers approved cabling for a majority of mobile products, making it easy forany customer to add a signature cable of their choice.

Sharing his excitementAniruddha Karanjekar, Director, GOPUCK India said, “At GO PUCK we understandhow important power is to our customers who lead a fast paced active lifestyle.The product range is specially designed to not only charge devices at a rapidspeed 50% faster than the conventional wall outlet chargers but is also smallenough to fit into your pocket. Having received tremendous response world over,we are certain GO PUCK will aid Indians and provide them with mobile freedomand the truly well deserved Smartphone compatible Portable Charger!”

World over, GO PUCKhas been an active participant and winners of reputed events such as:

– Formula 1

– Indy500

– Rolex SpeedSource

– Le Mans

– Nascar

The tech specs of theGO PUCK range includes:

o Charge Through Technology: Charge The GO PUCK AndAnother Device At The Same Time

o Dual USB Output Rapid and Supercharge at up to 2Amps

o Pocket Sized for Portable Power Anywhere

o 4 LED State of Charge Indicator

o Super Lightweight Only 6 oz.

o Rugged Design

o Data Block Technology

o Charge through technology ( Charging Your GOPUCKalong with your Smartphones)

Cables Included:

o USB to GO PUCK Charger

o USB to Micro USB

o USB to Mini USB

o USB to Ericson


o USB to Apple

o USB to PSP

o USB to LG

Physical Specs:

o Weight: .38 lbs. / 6 oz.

o Length: 3.07” / 78 mm

o Width: 3.07” / 78 mm

o Height: .94” / 24 mm


1 Year LimitedWarranty from Manufacturer


The journey inpioneering light-weight, lithium-ion batteries started back in 1999 when GOPUCK founder, Blake Fuller, raced his way to the top of the Pikes Peak HillClimb to become the Rookie of the Year. What happened next changed the batteryindustry forever…

Florida based, GO PUCKis an ultra lightweight charger storing enough power to charge any mobiledevice and fits in the palm of your hand.

GO PUCK focuses on sixareas namely: Portability, Capacity, Speed, Wearability, Durability andVersatility.

For furtherinformation, contact:

Reena Bajaj| +91 9819010115 |

MariyaGabajiwala | +91 9930015552 |

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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