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Aamir Khan and Svati Chakravarty (co director of SMJ) on Sunday visited IIT Powai to see the episode with 1500 students.

It was a packed house and the discussion majorly revolved around how individually what could we do to make a difference.

While lots of students asked lot of relevant questions and the session went on for more than hour. However Aamir was most impressed by Honey Singh, a student merely in the 7th standard who is huge fan of the show SMJ and Aamir Khan.

He asked Aamir that, what kind of difficulties the actor faced during the making of all the episodes. Honey’s question was, what kind of pressure from administration or politics or any other group has been experienced by the actor. Aamir was impressed at the insight the kid had.

There were so many professors and students at the discussion who had asked all kind of question but the only one who understood that it may not have been easy for the actor was the small boy who studies in 7th standard.

In response Aamir said that he didn’t feel any pressure from political parties or administration. But on and off few people did get upset when they revealed truth about them. The actor was quite amazed by Honey’s question to him.


Purani Jeans cast wishes students “BEST OF LUCK”

Mumbai, 25th March: The dark clouds of exams are overhead, and students have their heads buried in books. To help combat the unquestionable stress, the Purani Jeans team has released a video, wishing students the best for their exams, with the message of ‘exams come and go, but FRIENDSHIP lasts forever’. Sure to bring smiles on lips, the video with the cast giving their heartfelt wishes, can be viewed at

Purani Jeans is produced by produced by Eros International and NextGen Films and directed by Tanushri Chattrji Bassu. The movie stars Tanuj Virwani, Aditya Seal and Izabelle Leite. Purani Jeans revolves around the rekindling of old bonds between a young boy and his hometown folks. It is slated to release on 1st May.

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eepika Padukone becomes the biggest Bollywood Actor on Facebook

The actress, Deepika Padukone recently crossed 15 million likes, making her the first Bollywood actor to cross the milestone number.

The actress’ fan page has overpowered the fan pages of every other actor on this platform which has made Deepika Padukone the biggest actor on Facebook with maximum fan strength

With delivering back to back hits right from Cocktail to Ram Leela, the actress’ fan base has been consistently growing.

Deepika has always attributed her success to her fans that have stood by her throughout her journey in the industry.

Deepika Padukone’s recent gesture of taking one of her biggest fans at an award ceremony was received very well by her fans and won her many more hearts & massive admiration.

The gorgeous and versatile actress, Deepika Padukone, never ceases to surprise her fans and with her latest announcement; she proves just that

To celebrate the appreciation she has been receiving, Deepika is giving her fans an opportunity to chat with her LIVE on Facebook on 26th March.

This gives fans a chance to connect with their favorite star & extend their unconditional love & support towards her. Deepika has always considered them to be the reason behind her success and makes it a point to express her gratitude in her own small ways.

This Facebook chat seems to be yet another token of appreciation to her fans all over the world – her way of acknowledging that her fans mean the world to her.

Spokesperson of Deepika Padukone confirms the news


Mika Singh has rapped for Subhash Ghai’s Kaanchi

Mika Singh is on a roll these days. There’s another biggie in his kitty. He has shot a promotional song for ‘Kaanchi’ a Subhash Ghai directorial Film. The Video is choreographed by Rajeev Surti.

According to the sources, its a rap song titled ‘Mushtanda’ that will see Mika showcasing his talent on a greater level. Always known for his uniquely liberating voice, he decided to experiment a little. He was thankful to Subhash Sir for considering him over many others. He holds him in the highest position. The original song is picturized on veteran Theatre performer and actor Chandan Roy Sanyal in the film, and will also be seen in Mika’s Version.

The producers were ready to splurge as soon as they were informed that Mika is doing the promotional track. Another juicy tidbit, he will be sporting his favourite gold watch that costs for a staggering 1 crores.

Choreographer Rajeev has choreographed some good dance moves and sequences for the song. He was given the liberty to have his way on the sets, so that it seems authentic and has just the right feel to it. Also, the light arrangements are top quality and take the video a notch higher. The video is aesthetically shot and will be out very soon.


Arjun Kapoor is national brand ambassador for Earth Hour 2014

Mumbai, 25 March 2014: Actor Arjun Kapoor has joined hands with WWF-India to pledge his support to the Earth Hour 2014 – WWF’s global campaign to raise awareness and inspire individual action on climate change. This was announced at a press conference held at the Grand Hyatt, the hospitality partner for Mumbai. Earth Hour 2014, India is also being supported by the Discovery Networks Asia Pacific, the national campaign partner for the campaign. Arjun Kapoor spoke about his association with the cause and invited citizens of the city to come forward and show their support for the campaign. Earth Hour is the largest environmental campaign in history and enables individuals, organizations, governments and groups to show support for policies and practice that balance development and environmental concerns.

The message of Earth Hour 2014 is to make the switch to renewable energy. Six years in the running, the Earth Hour 2014 campaign calls for:

•                     Individuals to adopt household products powered by renewable energy;

•                     Organizations to adopt renewable energy solutions to run their business operations and production processes;

•                     Governments to promote policies favourable to the production and uptake of renewable energy

The speed and scale of climate change, fuelled by ever increasing consumption of the Earth’s resources, is impacting the whole world. Unless we make efforts to transform our energy production systems to renewables, as far as possible, we will enter into a trajectory of climate instability and energy insecurity that will affect each one of us. Every individual has the power to make this transition possible by taking small, yet significant steps.

Emphasizing his support for Earth Hour, Arjun, addressing the media at Mumbai said, “I am honoured to be part of such a pertinent cause as Earth Hour – a campaign against climate change that has the support of millions of people globally. My association with Earth Hour will bring me in close contact with one of the country’s foremost conservation organizations that has been diligently fighting against the adverse impact of climate change.”

Commenting on Discovery Network’s association with Earth Hour 2014, Rahul Johri, Senior Vice President and General Manager – South Asia, & Head of Revenue – Southeast Asia and Pan Regional Advertising Sales, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific said, “Discovery Channel’s partnership for Earth Hour underscores our commitment to give back to the planet that inspires our on-air stories. We believe our programming and on-ground efforts will help raise awareness about the importance of energy conservation and inspire individual action to combat environmental changes.”

David Mansfield, Area Director/General Manager, Grand Hyatt Mumbai states, “It is our pleasure to be associated with one of the largest organization’s – WWF India; synonymous with conservation

of natural and wildlife resources through sustained efforts and practices, with regard to its Earth Hour initiatives. At Grand Hyatt Mumbai, we recognize the impact that our hotel creates on the neighbourhood and surroundings and work towards a greener future for our communities. The Grand Hyatt Mumbai community will be celebrating Earth Hour by encouraging our community to turn off non-essential lights for one hour to raise awareness about the pressing concerns that we face today in regard to climatic changes around the world.

Speaking about the campaign, Mr. Ravi Singh, Secretary General & CEO, WWF-India said, “Earth Hour is a movement that unifies people nationwide to express their concern over the global crisis of climate change. Participatory in nature, the campaign’s clear message encourages individuals, businesses and governments to adopt sustainable practices in order to conserve the finite resources of our beautiful planet. The shift to renewable energy has received overwhelming responses, especially among schoolchildren. This year too, Earth Hour hopes to leave an indelible impression on people’s minds about the environment.”

About WWF-India and Earth Hour

WWF-India is one of India’s leading conservation organizations with programmes and projects spread across the country. The organization works towards the conservation of biodiversity, natural habitats and the reduction of humanity’s ecological footprint. The mission of WWF-India is to stop the degradation of the earth’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

Earth Hour is WWF’s global initiative and the largest environmental campaign in history where citizens around the world show their support for action on climate change by turning off non-essential lights for one hour, between 8:30pm-9:30pm. This year Earth Hour is scheduled for 29 March 2014 between 8:30pm and 9:30pm.  Being implemented in India since 2009, the Earth Hour campaign has inspired individuals, governments and corporations to move towards responsible consumption and conservation of energy. It has received unprecedented support, demonstrated by participation in over 150 cities by several city governments, the armed forces, public and private sector companies, celebrities and individuals. The Rashtrapati Bhavan, the Prime Minister’s residence, residences of Chief Ministers and government buildings in every participating city have turned off lights every year, as a symbolic show of support.


The Council of the ICAI, at its last meeting, held on March 20-22, 2014, has finalised the roadmap.  The revised roadmap recommends Ind AS to be implemented for the preparation of Consolidated Financial Statements of listed companies and unlisted companies having net worth in excess of Rupees 500 crore from the accounting year beginning on or after 1st April, 2016, with previous year comparatives in Ind AS for the year 2015-16.  The stand-alone financial statements will continue to be prepared as per the existing notified Accounting Standards which would be upgraded over a period of time.

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) had earlier notified Ind AS converged with IFRS in 2011, but the Ind AS were not notified, as per the Press Release issued by the MCA, primarily due to tax implications.  Since then the Parliament has passed the new Companies Act, 2013, which is in the process of notification by the MCA.  The new Act has introduced various new provisions, including requirement to prepare Consolidated Financial Statements, which would facilitate implementation of Ind AS converged with IFRS.

The recommendation of the ICAI to implement Ind AS for preparation of only the Consolidated Financial Statements would have the advantage that Ind AS would have no tax implications as well as implications for computation of managerial remuneration and dividend distribution etc., since, for these purposes, the existing notified Accounting Standards would continue to be used as is the practice in almost all countries that have adopted or converged with IFRS.  This approach would enable India also to be become an IFRS-converged country as promised by it as a part of its G-20 commitments.

CA. K Raghu, President ICAI said, “Further, implementation of Ind AS from 1st April, 2016, with previous year Ind AS comparatives for 2015-16, would allow industry ample time to prepare themselves for the Ind AS, with certain subsequent revisions and amendments after 2011, which have been and are being carried out by the ICAI to keep pace with IFRS revisions/amendments. These would be submitted for consideration of the Government for notification as per the provisions of the Act.  It is also felt that the aforesaid time is sufficient to implement Ind AS for all listed companies and unlisted companies having net worth in excess of Rupees 500 crore in one go, instead of implementing Ind AS in phases, as was laid down in the previous roadmap”

The roadmap also porposes that the previous year comparatives for the year 2015-16 shall be prepared in accordance with Ind AS as against the previous roadmap which required the same to be prepared in accordance with the existing notified Accounting Standards, which was done at that time because the time for implementation of Ind AS was very short.  This proposal would also be another step to make Ind AS convergent with IFRS, as without this, Ind AS would not be considered to be IFRS-converged.  It is felt that for preparation of previous year comparatives also, the time presently proposed is sufficient.

The above roadmap has been submitted to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs for its consideration, which is expected to take decision in the matter shortly.


Idyabooster & Starfire Movies announce Q’s next ‘LUDO’

Idyabooster and Starfire Movies have green lit ‘LUDO’ – a fantasy thriller, by the director duo – Q and Nikon.

The film is the latest by director Q, who made the critically acclaimed and controversial film ‘GANDU’, which was banned from a theatrical release in India but became a cult phenomenon, both in India and across the globe. Q’s films have always found festival and critical appreciation internationally, with BBC calling him the ‘most subversive Indian filmmaker’. His latest film, ‘TASHER DESH’, premiered in Rome, and has been received very well. Nikon is Q’s collaborator and editor, an alumnus of SRFTI and Emily Carr, Vancouver. He has edited ‘TASHER DESH’, ‘BISHH’ and ‘LOVE IN INDIA’.

‘LUDO’ is being made under the banner of OverdoseJoint, Q’s production house, a progressive art platform making original films, music and design and is co-produced by Idyabooster and Starfire Movies.

The movie stars the vivacious and beautiful actress Rii, who plays a character yet to be seen on the Indian screens.

Idyabooster, founded by Nandini Mansinghka, is a new venture that focuses on curating films and other creative entertainment projects for investors who are new to this class of investments. The company has a whole new approach to investing, enabling investors to commit smaller amounts, co-invest with other people and reduce the risk by creating a portfolio of films/creative projects they invest in.

Starfire Movies, based in Delhi, has produced and funded ‘KAJARYA’ (co-produced with OverdoseJoint and globally premiered in Dubai in December 2013) and Bengali films like ‘KHASHI KATHA’ (with Naseeruddin Shah) releasing May 2014 and ‘KING’ (in post-production) in Kolkata. They have also been involved in several other co-production, animation and international documentary projects.

This collaboration (of ‘LUDO’) is an eclectic mix of individuals who bring something unique to the table and promise an explosive and spine-chilling movie experience to the audience.

Click the below link for High Resolution picture of Director Q


Rohit helps Karanvir overcome fears!

Karanvir Bohra is best known for his style and fearless attitude.  However, it was the ‘bade bhaiya’ bonding with director Rohit Shetty on the sets of Fear Factor in South Africa, which brought out another facet of Karanvir and helped him overcome his real life fears.  Says Karanvir, “It’s not easy being a part of a show like this. It needs endurance, fitness and a calm mind that works even in the most adverse circumstances.  We all tried to manage our anxieties, but it was Rohit-sir who always gave us that last little push.  His encouragement, and faith in us, made us give our best in each stunt.  Not wanting to disappoint him was a driving factor for our performances.  He never let us give up, even though we were actually terrified sometimes!  Besides getting us past our fears, ‘Khatron ke Khiladi’ has also given us a big brother with Rohit-sir.’


Asin’s Spanish fixation !

Asin has many hobbies, among them is her knack for learning new languages.Asin is a linguist and is already fluent in 7 languages so far yet she is taking her passion to another level and is learning Spanish.

She has said before that it’s her interest and flair for picking up different languages quickly that helped her to also easily work in the different film industries in India. Be it- malayalam, Tamil, telugu or even Hindi making her the only actresses who is fluent in these many languages and also who doesn’t use a dubbing artiste to dub for her in any language.

Says a source, “Asin ‘s love for learning new languages stems from the fact that she loves to travel and visit new places -Recently when she visited Spain she fell in love with the language and is currently learning it.”


Gurgaon Fashion Week promises a glittering fusion of contemporary fashion and ethnic culture

Gurgaon, March 25, 2014: All roads will lead to the Millenium City of Gurgaon from 17th to 20th April for the Gurgaon Fashion Week. Spread over four days, the first of its kind mega event is to be held at the world class contemporary styled Galaxy Hotel. It will showcase designer labels both known and upcoming like Ritu Kumar, Surveen Chawla, Panache By Aarja and many more to display their latest collections through runway shows and exhibitions. It also promises surplus opportunity to accelerate trade through the presence of buyers as well as throw the limelight on the hottest trends this season.

With about 14-16 fashion shows on the anvil, the designer labels on the list also include Ritu Kumar, Pooja and Urvika, 09 by Janhavi Gupta, Reet/Homesaaz by Kaveri Batla, Kavita Tulsiani, Umaarth by Shagun, Shaa by Shweta and Red Paws Rescue, an NGO that will be making their presence felt through booths, fashion shows or both. Besides, BMW, Elle, Kanishq Bhardwaj, Har-yarn, Rivayat bu Meera & Rohit, Budweiser, Bar-Devils, Juvalia & You, Wess (NGO) and Biba are the renowned brands that will be lending their names to the event.

The Gurgaon Fashion Week boosts the retail marketing for designers for their latest innovations all over India. It brings established and emerging designers on the same platform to converge on ideas of charting the path of sustainable growth for the fashion industry. The GFW also creates a window of exposure for not only designers and retailers but even models, make-up artists, hair stylists, choreographers and manufacturers in raising professional standards as well as facilitating mutually beneficial tie ups with similar councils in fashion hubs and businesses. It helps galvanize the might of the corporate sector to aid expansion of the market and build a steadily rising global presence.

A boon to new designers, the Gurgaon Fashion Week is set to present a phantasmagoria of fashion and culture in one of India’s most new age cities, fusing traditional art, modern couture and globally relevant ready to wear designer collections. From day wear to festive dressing for the modern man and woman, the designs to be featured at GFW will appeal to consumers at multi label boutiques as well as departmental stores and shopping malls universally.

Come 17th April, a new chapter in the world of fashion is set to unfold at DLF Gurgaon. Witness it in its true essence at the resplendent venue of Galaxy Hotel, Gurgaon. The event plans to become a bi-annual event with a summer and winter edition.

You can visit the facebook page for event details:

About Gurgaon Fashion Week (GFW):

Gurgaon Fashion Week event will last for four days, allowing fashion designers, brands, “houses” to display their latest collections in runway shows / exhibition and buyers and the media to take a look at the latest trends. Most importantly, this event will let the industry know what’s “in” and what’s “out” for the season.

GFW weaves designers from various states, cities and towns into one cohesive body. Representing both established and emerging designers, it plays an important role in guiding the industry towards its goal of sustainable growth. GFW is instrumental in facilitating designer corporate tie-ups, aimed at expanding the fashion market in the country and continues to make earnest endeavors to accelerate its efforts to ensure that Indian fashion creates a larger global imprint.

GFW is being held at Galaxy hotel, which is now proud to be a part of World Hotels, joining an elite list of 450 coveted hotels around the world. Galaxy has won awards like Best Hotel in Premium Category, Most Admired Restaurant Food & Beverage Retailer of the year ……

Gurgaon Fashion Week is like no other fashion week on the international circuit. In addition to being hosted in a city that can only be described as a new age phenomenon, it is the only fashion week which showcases a mix of traditional culture, modern couture and international ready to wear designer collections.

Gurgaon Fashion Week is proud to announce each season to showcase the most rapidly growing section of the industry regionally and that is the unique and innovative ready to wear designers. Showing contemporary men’s and women’s day wear as well as special occasion dressing, these designers are as relevant in multi label boutiques and departments stores throughout the world as they are in the many glamorous shopping malls of India.

GFW is also supporting Red Paws Rescue (RPR) which is aimed at the rescue and rehabilitation of stray and abandoned dogs in New Delhi, India. The organization from its humble beginning is the vision of Sadhwi Sondhi who at the young age of only seventeen decided to create awareness to the plight of stray and abandoned animals in New Delhi by starting up her very own NGO. She has always been passionate about helping animals and is an avid animal rights advocate, the aims and purposes of Red Paws Rescue include finding homes for Indian dogs and pups, placing abandoned pets into loving homes, mass sterilizations of stray animals in different zones across New Delhi., better medical care and to raise awareness to our cause.


Aman Singh

Every young Delhiites should vote – Shibani Kashyap

Shibani Kashya, who is in Delhi these days promoting her upcoming song Soneya. At the promotion she said, ‘I think the people of Delhi are also gonna enjoy the song a lot and already I am getting good response from you all.’ As she was in the capital of India and that too during elections being round the corner, she was asked the same, the winsome voice of ‘Saajana aa bhi ja’ replied, ‘I am responsible citizen and would definitely vote…I would request all Delhiites to vote, especially, every young Delhiites should vote. A vote can bring the change we all need.’

The owner of an enchanting voice, Shibani Kashyap is a Punjabi herself and Soneya is her first Punjabi song, ‘I have been working on my new album for a while and Soneya is one of song I have released and rest songs will be coming soon too…I have known Mika for quite a long time but now we got the chance to sing together, and that too for my first Punjabi song what more can I ask for,’ said Shibani. The music of Soneya has been done in electronic dance space with Mika Singh and Shibani featuring in the video. The song has a Folk feel to it but its music is international but to surprise no traditional instruments has been used.

“I feel at present listeners are demanding variety and they are not in mood to accept anything thing below good music and that’s why I believe Indi-pop has immense potential to come back, as it has everything in it and is going to be back in a big way,” she concludes.


TIMES NOW felicitates Indians across the world with

‘NRI of the Year’ Awards


Mumbai, March 24, 2014- TIMES NOW India’s No. 1 news channel with a presence in over 75 countries celebrated the success and achievements of Indians across the world with the announcement of the winners of ‘NRI of the Year’ awards. The event also marked the presence of Honourable Cabinet Minister for Overseas Indian Affairs- Vayalar Ravi as the chief guest. The ceremony was graced by the presence of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan who was felicitated with India’s Global Icon Award.

The first edition of the TIMES NOW ICICI Bank NRI of the Year awards powered by Global Indian International School (GIIS) awarded individuals under 6 different categories- Entrepreneur, Professional, Student, Arts/ Entertainment, Philanthropy and Social Good and contribution to India. The achievers are contestants from USA, Canada, Singapore, UK, and Middle East including Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait.

List of Winners


Name of the Winner


India’s Global Icon

Amitabh Bachchan


Special Jury Award

Zubin Mehta


Popular Choice

Yusuff Ali M A



Keertika Rawat


My India

Dr. Kunal Shah



Dr. Raminder Singh Ranger


Rupesh Srivastava


Anand Kumar


Nitish Jain



Husain Khaki


Mala Kiran Talekar


Abdul Muqeet


Aastha Chauhan



Dr. Ramesh Babu Chandrabhan Singh


Chandrashekar Natarajan


Y Sudhir Kumar Shetty


Venkatesha Murthy



Suman Kapoor


Vijay Goradia


Keshav Murleedharan


Dr. D Chandroo


With their grit and perseverance, Non Resident Indians have achieved tremendous success in various fields in the countries they have chosen to adapt as their homes. Many NRIs are accomplished politicians, scientists, sportsmen, businessmen, professionals and academicians in various countries and ‘NRI of the Year’ awards recognize the success of these achievers.

The TIMES NOW ICICI Bank NRI of the Year Awards is powered by Global Indian International School (GIIS). Ducon Group, USA and Maharastra Tourism are Associate sponsors of the event. Air India is the Singapore travel partner and Ernst & young (EY) are the process advisors.  The Nominations process is supported by various organizations around the world including Federation of Indian Associations (FIA), New York & Tri- State, American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI), USA, Singapore India Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI), Singapore India Business Association (SINDA), UK India Business Council (UKIBC) , British Asian Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO)  and TiE, Singapore, The India Club, Dubai, among other Indian regional language associations.



TIMES NOW, India’s No. 1 English News channel from Times Television Network is a part of India’s largest media conglomerate, The Times Group, the publishers of the World’s Largest English Daily Newspaper, the Times of India. TIMES NOW delivers breaking news, analysis and debates with a credible and unbiased approach in bringing news and reportage to the viewers. Sharp, incisive and direct, it is the nation’s voice in news. It’s distinctive style and fearless approach makes it different from the others. TIMES NOW is available widely on leading DTH, Cable, IPTV and mobile platforms globally.


“Learning is fun”

R.A Podar Madial college & Shree Dhootapapeshwar Ltd. Presents “Ayur manthan 2014” Maha ayurved youth festival.

Overview – It’s a inter college competition based on ayurved knowledge.

Total Colleges participated – 36

Total participants – 196

Total Competions – 5 As follow

1.   Naipunya – Ayurvedic essay competition followed by power point presentation.

2.   Yoga Competition – students of ayurved have participated. They will be asked to perform yogasana, pranayam etc.

3.   Shlok smrut – In this competition shloks are are asked by experts

4.   Ayurchef – In this competition more than 15 teams have participated. Healthy & delicious dishes are prepared by Ayurvedic students these delicacies are then judged by experts based on their taste & ayurvedic principle used

5.   Dhanvanatri staran – Each & every college has its unique way of singing dhanvantari stavan. 15 teams have participated in this event

“Learning is fun and these type of inter college competitions should always be encouraged. These competition provide a platform for budding vaidyas to improve their knowledge & skills. Shree Dhootapapeshwar Ltd. Will always encourage such type of activities in future. Said by Mr Ranjit Puranik, Executive Director, Shree Dhootapapeshwar Ltd.


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Lodha Group – Lodha® The Park – Super Luxury Residences w/ Views of Sea-Face & Race Course at Rs. 3.85+ Cr. More!
NH 10 : Press Release
komal mural from spice

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to bcc: me

Please find attached press release of NH 10.

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Lodha Group
Lodha® The Park
Super Luxury Residences w/ Views of Sea-Face & Race Course at Rs. 3.85+ Cr. More!
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Eros International comes on board NH 10 (working title) with Phantom Films & Anushka Sharma

Mumbai, 30th

January 2014: Eros International Media Limited (Eros International), a leading global company in the

Indian film entertainment industry has joined hands with Phantom Films and actor Anushka Sharma’s Clean Slate

Production to co-produce Navdeep Singh’s NH 10 (working title).

An edge of the seat action thriller about a road trip that goes wrong, NH 10 is director Navdeep Singh’s second film

post the critically acclaimed Manorama 6 Feet Under and stars Anushka Sharma who also debuts as producer with

the film.

Commenting on the association, Sunil Lulla, Managing Director, Eros International Media Ltd said, “The film is an

exciting collaboration with Anushka and Phantom and we are happy to associate with this talented team. NH 10

promises to be an interesting journey and we are looking forward to supporting and nurturing such strong content

driven films”.

Says Vikramaditya Motwane of Phantom Films, “”NH10 is a superb script, and we have a tremendous director in

Navdeep Singh. We are excited about our partners on the film and look forward to making a kick-ass film.”

Adds Anushka Sharma, “I’m doubly thrilled about NH-10, as it’s a superb role and it also kick-starts this new phase

in my film journey. This is my second film after Bombay Velvet with Phantom, and it’s a blast working with them.

It’s going to be super-exciting working together again on what promises to be an explosive film.”

The film brings together a very talented crew of technicians including international action directors headed by

Armin Sauer, who has done stunt work in The Bourne Supremacy, V for Vendetta and The Constant Gardner

among other films.

Being shot this winter across the northern plains around Delhi, NH 10 will release 12 September 2014.

Formed in 2012, Phantom Films was floated by the directors’ league of Anurag Kashyap, Vikas Bahl, Vikramaditya

Motwane and Madhu Mantena. Clean Slate is a film production helmed by Anushka Sharma & Karnesh Sharma.

About Eros International Media Ltd (Eros International)

Eros International Media Ltd. (BSE Script Code: 533261; NSE Script Code: EROSMEDIA) is a leading global company

in the Indian film entertainment industry that acquires, co-produces and distributes Indian films across all available

formats such as cinema, television and digital new media. Eros International is part of Eros International Plc,

which became the first Indian media Company to raise capital and be listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Eros International has experience of over three decades in establishing a global platform for Indian cinema. The

Company has a competitive advantage through its extensive and growing movie library comprising of over 1,100

films, which include Hindi, Tamil, and other regional language films for home entertainment distribution. Eros

International has built a dynamic business model by combining the release of new films every year with the

exploitation of its film library. For further information please visit:
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NH10 press release.docx

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Displaying NH10 press release.docx.


Nakash Aziz – Dil ka Pasha Pheka!

“Saari ke fall sa” fame singer Nakash Aziz, recently, while giving back to back shows in Delhi, revealed about his upcoming project – ‘Dil ka Pasha Pheka’ a song he will be singing for Dishkiyaoon – an upcoming Bollywood action film produced by Shilpa Shetty and her husband Raj Kundra.

Yes, these days whichever song Nakash sing becomes a chartbuster as soon as they are released. His songs Dhating naach (Phaata Poster Nikla Hero), Phata Phati (Barfi), Second hand jawani (Cocktail), Pungi (Agent Vinod), Gandi Baat film version (R…Rajkumar), Suno Aisha (Aisha), and many more, are all hits.

Nakash has voice that brings the most balanced amount of earthiness and naughtiness, which easily gets connect to the listeners. The songs by far he has sung are mostly peppy numbers which turns out of be big hits.

Nakash had fair knowledge of tunes from a very young age, but he recalls about his Aurangabad days when he used to own two music cassettes of Chandni and Qayamat Se QayamatTak, he used to pretend that he is Jolly Mukherjee or Udit Narayan and use to sing like them along with songs from cassettes.

Nakash during his high school and college days had studied Hindustani classical music. Later when his family shifted to Mumbai, his first encounter to music industry began, after being part of shows like Aao Jhoomein Gaayein and Indian Idol, his dynamics towards his abilities came more prominent to him. Nakash is a very talented singer and music director. He has assisted the famous composer Pritam and A R Rehman for a long time. Nakash has also given his voice in numerous jingles and TV serials. Most recently in the film Highway, Nakash was in the Vocal supervision team.

As of now his future endeavors will consist of more singing, music recordings and music productions.


Alvira Agnihotri who is also the sister of the star Khan, Salman Khan visits the Golden Temple to pay respects before her dear brother has a film release.

This time around Alvira, wife of Atul Agnihotri will be going to the sacred place before the release of her husband’s production project, O Teri.

Alvira has a strong belief in the holy place and makes sure she visits the place before a big event in the life of people close to her.

The film O Teri starring Pulkit Samrat and Bilal Amrohi is Atul’s next film after the big film, Bodyguard.

The film is extremely special for the entire team as Bilal Amrohi will be debuting with this film and Pulkit Samrat will be coming back on the big screen after Fukrey, which was immensely appreciated by the audiences.

The film is about two intern journalists who are in the search of a big story to get recognized at work for their capabilities.

O Teri which is slated to release on 28th March 2014 is a satire comedy and has a funny take on real life events

When contacted Atul Agnihotri, he confirms the news..


BlackBerry Statement:

“We value the long-term relationship we’ve had with the White House and have been securing their mobile communications for more than a decade.  The U.S. government requires the highest levels of security.  We were the first mobility platform to receive the ‘Authority to Operate’ certification from the Department of Defense.

Governments test new technologies frequently, but nevertheless the U.S. government continues to choose BlackBerry for its unmatched security and cost effectiveness. Other vendors such as Samsung and LG still have a long way to go to catch up to meet the government’s stringent requirements and certifications. BlackBerry’s operating system has already received the highest security approvals from the United States, United Kingdom and NATO, and our latest operating system, BlackBerry 10, is already certified for high-security users in various NATO countries.”


Koenig Solutions Ltd. Receives Asia Pacific Region Training Partner of the Year Award at VMware Partner Exchange 2014

Koenig also receives 2013 SAARC Region VMware Authorized Training Center Partner of the Year Award at the VMware Partner Conference in Hyderabad

New Delhi, India, March 25, 2014 – Koenig Solutions Ltd., today announced that it has received the VMware Partner Network Training Partner of the Year award for the Asia Pacific Region and the VMware Authorized Training Center Partner of the Year 2013 for SAARC region. Koenig received the awards at VMware Partner Exchange 2014, VMware’s annual partner event, held in San Francisco last month, and Partner Exchange on Tour at Hyderabad, India, last week, respectively.

“We are pleased to acknowledge the achievements made in 2013 by our partners within the region,” said Vicki Batka, senior director, APJ Channel Sales & Alliances, VMware. “VMware is dedicated to educating and equipping our partners with the resources they need to master the new reality of the software defined enterprise that enables more agile delivery of IT services – for organizations of all sizes. We congratulate Koenig Solutions Ltd. on winning a VMware Partner Network Award and look forward to our continued mutual success in 2014.”

“We are delighted to have won these awards. Such recognition by our valued customers helps to drive us towards excellence and acts as a motivating factor as we head towards our goal of making Koenig the IT training hub of the world. Koenig today is a truly innovation-driven and technologically-advanced global learning centre for high-end IT skills and we shall continue to ensure that we keep contributing in holding India’s flag high in the global IT industry,” said Mr. Rohit Aggarwal, CEO and founder, Koenig Solutions Ltd.

Asia Pacific region recipients of a VMware Partner Network Award were acknowledged in 11 categories for their excellence in performance and distinctive achievements during 2013. Categories included:

·         Distributor Partner of the Year

·         End User Computing Partner of the Year

·         Emerging Markets Distributor Partner of the Year

·         Emerging Markets Solution Provider Partner of the Year

·         Enterprise Solution Provider Partner of the Year

·         Renewals Partner of the Year

·         Rising Star Partner of the Year

·         Service Provider Partner of the Year

·         Software Defined Data Center Partner of the Year

·         Solution Provider Partner of the Year

·         Training Partner of the Year

About VMware Partner Exchange 2014

VMware Partner Exchange 2014 is the leading global event for virtualization and cloud partners, bringing thousands of members from the VMware partner ecosystem together to discuss the future of the industry. With more than 190 breakout sessions and an exhibitor Solutions Exchange, partners gain valuable insight on how to leverage new technologies to deliver next generation enterprise hybrid cloud solutions to customers. To learn more about VMware Partner Exchange visit

About VMware Partner Exchange on Tour 2014

VMware’s Partner Exchange on Tour in Asia Pacific and Japan attracts close to 10,000 attendees. From conference to workshops, hands-on labs, appreciation party and annual awards ceremony, this event provides partners with opportunities to learn about VMware’s roadmap and vision, upskill competencies, and build relationships. To learn more about VMware Partner Exchange on Tour visit

About Koenig

Koenig is an innovative training Company serving customers in over 50 countries. Koenig specializes in providing state-of-the-art technical training on all popular IT certifications. Our customers include many Fortune 500 companies and governments all over the world. Koenig is an authorized training partner of Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, VMware, Red Hat, Novell, EC Council, Adobe, Check Point, PRINCE2®, Zend, EMC, Citrix, Linux Professional Institute and Comp TIA. We are also authorized testing center for Prometric, VUE and Novell.

# # #

VMware is a registered trademark and/or trademark of VMware, Inc. in the United States and/or other jurisdictions. All other marks and names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective companies.



Laapataganj is a lively TV series which shows daily life happenings in a small village and the families that inhabit it.

In a small town like Laapataganj, wherein people are enjoying their daily lives sprinkled with sweet moments of laughter & happiness, there will be a Dhamaakedaar entry of a new character in a Desi Avatar. Vineet Raina aka Bajrang Bajpai is the latest addition to the show which will add a burst of energy similar to a rainbow spread across a serene picturesque landscape.

Vineet said, “This is the first time I have got the opportunity to be a part of a successful show like Lapataganj which shows different characters in real life like situations. In contrast to all the other characters on the show, I will be playing a Dabangg style cop who exaggerates everything from his expressions to stories .A typical action loving cop with a streak of filmy romance in his mannerisms.  It’s a larger than life character which brings zealous enthusiasm to all the different scenarios that it is a part of. It should suffice to say that my character will add a tadka to a well-cooked daal. There is another twist to this character which will be revealed as the show progresses.”

Tune into Laapataganj to catch all the fun and comedy, from Monday to Friday at 10 pm only on SAB TV!


Rabba main toh mar gaya fame Shahid’s new song

Don’t get confused here, yes we are taking about Shahid’s new song but we are talking here about Shahid Mallya, the singer, and his new song ‘Iski Uski’  from the film 2 States has already been released on YouTube.

‘Iski Uski’ is an upbeat number with lyrics that will easily enjoyed by the new generations. Within a week the song has been viewed by more than 70 thousands viewers and the song seems to be the new pulse of the younger generation.

Ganga Nagar, Rajasthan’s resident Shahid Mallya got his break with the song Rabba main to mar gaya and Ik tu hi tu in the movie Mausam. The song, Rabba main to mar gaya, was well-liked by the audience and he became the first choice of listeners overnight.  After that there was no looking back for this singer, he has given his voice in super-hit songs like Do Dhaari Talwaar (Mere Brother Ki Dulhan), Kukkad (Student of the Year), Kyun Gayee & Sona Sahiba (Dil Tenu Pyar Krda), Mann Jaage Sari Raat (Bittoo Boss), Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana (Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana), Khamoshiyan (Inkaar theme), Koi Umeed (Rajdhani Express), Saaiyaan (Gunday), etc.

In addition to the film 2 States Shahid Mallya is also singing a song for the upcoming film Phantom starring Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif.


Rajat Kapoor’s Ankhon Dekhi has earned umpteenth accolades. The film has been loved by the critics as well as audiences.

It is a humorous film about a man’s journey. A unique story of a man’s experience set in lower middle class in Delhi.

The subject of the film is novel. It is a film which entertains you and compels you to think at the same time.

The film features Sanjay Mishra in the lead role and his performance has been highly appreciated.

The film has an interesting cast with talented actors like Seema Pahwa, Taranjeet, Maya Sarao, Namit Das, Brijendra Kala to name a few.

Rajat who has written, directed and acted in the film has been received a fantastic response from the industry as well.

His twitter has been a buzz and he has been receiving calls for indept feedback from opinion makers and friends from the industry.

It has been a fantastic weekend for the film with shows growing in cinema.


> Actor Dhruv Bali bags Hollywood Feature Film “Checkmate”

Dhruv Bali the Indian born actor from Hollywood has bagged the main lead role in Checkmate, a psychological thriller/ murder mystery being produced  in New York, The film is a Full length Feature and an Icelerate Film production which is being directed by Vijit Sharma. It will be shot in New Jersey and New York. The female lead will be played by Nandana Sen, along with Parvin Dabas. Dhruv Bali recently completed filming Popular German TV series “Privatdetektive Im Einsatz“ playing the role of Simon Moore.  It is a Film Pool Entertainment production with a season being shot in Los Angeles. The series is likely to be on air for 2 years.

Dhruv Bali  has recently become the hollywood talk of the town after bagging a Feature Film as well as web series  “Sobe Role Models” in which he plays one of the lead Principal Character, His work reminds us of  Ed Norton and Tom Hanks.

In an interview with our correspondent Dhruv said that presently he was considering offers only in Hollywood. His resume in the past year show his dedication and how much he is in demand in hollywood. From Feature films,short films to Web series and commercials, Dhruv has branched out into every acting platform possible.

He has done short films Black,White & Violet”, ‘Deception’, ‘Void’ and ‘Criminals’& ‘Pain is Temporary’ which was also written and directed by him. Best part about ‘Void’ was that it was a silent film without dialogues and completely based on the acting of the actor, for which Dhruv’s acting skills were highly praised. Dhruv is also compared to Zayn Malik of the famous boy band ‘One Direction’ from UK. Though Dhruv Bali was born and brought up in India he always wanted to work in Hollywood films. He went to USA for higher education and studied Theater in San Francisco and moved to Hollywood to pursue his dream to be an actor. Now Dhruv is swarmed with Hollywood as well as Bollywood movie offers including the Yashraj Banner.


Shahrukh Khan begins work on “FAN”

Film Releasing on 14th August 2015


Shahrukh Khan with Director Maneesh Sharma and makeup artist, Greg Cannom

Tuesday, 25 March 2014: Shahrukh Khan, the man unarguably with one of the greatest fan following globally, will now play the role of being the biggest fan himself in the forthcoming YRF movie, FAN. The film begins shooting July 2014 and the actor has begun work on the film.

The renowned special effects makeup maestro, Greg Cannom, who started work on developing Shahrukh’s look for the film, spent considerable time at the Studio recently with the actor, Director, Maneesh Sharma and Producer, Aditya Chopra.

Greg, who really doesn’t need an introduction, has been nominated for nine Academy Awards and has won an Oscar three times for the memorable looks he created in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” (2008), “Mrs. Doubtfire” (1993) and “Dracula” (1992), apart from several other prestigious awards. In 2005, along with Wesley Wofford, he received a Technical Achievement Award from the Academy for the development of special modified silicone material used for makeup applications in motion pictures.

Speaking about the look, Maneesh said, “We are attempting a never-seen before look for Shahrukh which will be both challenging for us and exciting for the viewer. Understandably, this will be kept under wraps till the first look of the film is revealed.”

Directed by Maneesh Sharma and produced by Aditya Chopra, FAN has been written by Habib Faisal, and goes on floor mid-2014.

The film releases worldwide on 14th August 2015.


Chandramukhi Chautala dons a new Avatar in FIR

Chandramukhi Chautala is an adept police officer fighting crime and solving cases in her own unique ways.

Kavita Kaushik who plays the lead as Chandramukhi has always stated that she has a liking for Marathi Culture and particularly the mannerisms and cuisine associated with it. Incidentally, Kavita has got an opportunity to be a Maharashtrian in an upcoming track of FIR wherein she will be seen as ‘Gangubai’ in a traditional nine yard saree. Kavita was really excited for this part & did extensive research by watching Marathi movies to understand the finer nuances.

Kavita Kaushik said, “As Chandramukhi, I am used to playing the Dabang type police officer and being a crude person, with this new role the game changed entirely as I had to be a demure soft spoken lady. The contrast was very striking between Gangubai & Chandramukhi. I spoke with my friends from the Marathi theater industry to get tips about this part. I am really happy that I will be playing the role of Gangubai on FIR. It’ll be fun to play the part that I am so endeared to. ”

Watch Chandramukhi Chautala solve criminal cases with a flavor of humor on FIR only on SAB TV!

Tune into FIR on SAB TV every Mon-Friday at 10:30 pm


Dia Mirza charms, at the launch of Jain international Women’s Organization

Mumbai, 25th March 2014: The humanitarian Dia Mirza was recently invited as the Chief Guest to the launch of Jain international Women’s Organization (JIWO) in Bangalore. Apart from being given the honour of gracing the significant event, Dia was also requested to speak on women’s empowerment.

An initiative by Jain International Trade Organization, JIWO is targeted at promoting the welfare and growth of women across the country, and improving their socio-economic status. Here are some images of Dia from the event


Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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