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Soha Ali Khan joins P&G to help build a P&G Shiksha school in Kolkata

Having impacted the lives of over 420, 000 children till date, P&G’s flagship Corporate Social Responsibility program P&G Shiksha continues to march forward with the motto ‘Padegha India, Badhega India’. In its 10th year, P&G Shiksha makes the necessary infrastructure interventions by building and supporting schools across the country thereby giving children the access to education. Supporting this endeavour, Bollywood actress Soha Ali Khan, who has been associated with the P&G Shiksha initiative for many years, paid a visit to a P&G Shiksha School in Kolkata to help paint the school walls and complete the on-going construction activities at the school. P&G Shiksha’s infrastructure interventions are key to enabling access to education to children across the country. The actress turned teacher for the day, involved the children in some interactive learning by implementing several fun tactics. She also engaged them in a rapid fire round, on a wide range of subjects and was very impressed with the confidence, intelligence, wit and exuberance demonstrated by the P&G Shiksha children.

The actress also shared her vision of empowering under privileged children with access to education and together with P&G Shiksha urged consumers to make the simple brand choice and join the program’s drive by purchasing P&G products such as Tide, Ariel, Whisper, Pampers, Olay, Head &Shoulders, Pantene, Vicks, Gillette, Oral-B & AmbiPur. These purchases enable the company to channelize part of the sales proceeds towards building and supporting schools across the country.

In West Bengal alone, P&G Shiksha has improved the lives of nearly 5000 underprivileged children through quality education, by building and supporting over 15 schools. With the objective of improving the quality of education and encouraging more children to stay in school in Kolkata, P&G Shiksha delivers key infrastructure interventions that enables access to education and motivates children to learn every day. P&G Shiksha has also been instrumental in the change by equipping schools with necessary amenities from building classrooms to building toilets, thereby bringing down the dropout rate and improving the overall literacy rate in West Bengal.

Supporting this initiative, actress Soha Ali Khan said, “I have been associated with P&G Shiksha for many years now and today I feel proud and delighted to be a part of this initiative yet again. I truly believe that education is a basic right of every child and it is heartening to see a movement like P&G Shiksha facilitating education for underprivileged children and helping them realise their dreams and providing them a better standard of living. With 42% rural areas in India still not having access to primary schools and 30% of primary schools not having proper toilets; infrastructure is a key issue at schools across the country. I am thrilled that by painting the school walls today I have been able to play a small role in giving these children a bright and colourful future and ensuring they have access to a fully functional school! I encourage all of you to join the movement by making the simple brand choice of buying P&G products, as a part of the proceeds go towards building and supporting schools. Today, at the P&G Shiksha School, not only did I discover a teacher in me, but also had a lot of fun painting the kids’ lives that are the future of India.”

P&G Shiksha has over the years received generous support from many thought leaders and celebrities such as Anupam Kher, Dr. Kiran Bedi, Anil Kumble, Rani Mukherjee, John Abraham, Abhay Deol, Farah Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Sameera Reddy, Huma Qureshi, Sushmita Sen, Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Sharmila Tagore, Konkona Sen, Neha Dhupia, Soha Ali Khan, Lara Dutta, Preity Zinta, Jacqueline Fernandez, Jatin Das, Shaan, Chitrangada Singh, Soha Ali Khan, Shruti Hassan and many more.

P&G Shiksha also allows consumers to share in their support. This can be easily done by buying any P&G Product such as Tide, Ariel, Whisper, Pampers, Olay, Head &Shoulders, Pantene, Vicks, Gillette, Oral-B & AmbiPur and part of the proceeds will go towards building and supporting schools. Consumers can also visit P&G Shiksha’s online partner – ( to buy P&G products & support this cause.

With a motto of ‘Padhega India, Badhega India’ – P&G Shiksha believes that the secret to a brighter India lies in the quality of education of our children.

About P&G Shiksha:

P&G Shiksha is an integral part of P&G’s global philanthropy program. Launched in 2004, P&G Shiksha has grown immensely, with the help of strong support from consumers. Till date, P&G Shiksha has helped over 420,000 children gain access to education by building and supporting over 220 schools across India in association with NGO partners like Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA), Round Table India (RTI), Save the Children (STC) and many more. P&G has made a cumulative donation of over Rs. 28 crores since inception towards building new schools, providing critical infrastructural amenities at existing schools or reviving non-operational government schools. Become part of the conversation on or #PGShiksha.


Yeh hai Bakrapur releases its second vibrant poster

Mumbai, 14th March 2014: The makers of Yeh Hai Bakrapur have released their second colourful poster, in response to the massive audience interest following the release of its side-splitting trailer, recently.

Yeh Hai Bakrapur has garnered much attention and praise from fans, since the launch of its first poster and the subsequent trailer. The brand new poster shows Shahrukh, the goat, shining in the centre, with the residents of Bakrapur surrounding him. The poster of Yeh Hai Bakrapur, very aptly, displays Shahrukh as the super star of the movie caught in the centre of a rural political drama. Shahrukh, wearing sunglasses, vibrant clothes, ear and nose piercings and even a gold chain, with the phrase ‘Sharukh ko samajhna mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai‘, epitomises Cool. In addition to this, A mobile game called Kaun Banega PM?, a political game, keeping up with the flavour of the season, was recently released, to engage the Yeh Hai Bakrapur fans.

A social satire, Yeh hai Bakrapur promises to be a rollercoaster ride for viewers and a treat for lovers of good cinema and comedy. The story revolves around the Qureshi family and their pet goat Shahrukh, who acquires rock star status in his village and beyond, with people fighting for a piece of the live goat.

Yeh hai Bakrapur is written and directed by Janaki Vishwanathan and produced by Ramesh Sriivatsava Aruunachalam. Yeh hai Bakrapur is slated to release on 25th April 2014.


Suffering and empathy bind global cinema: Mahesh Bhatt

Mahesh Bhatt and Vinta Nanda of the NGO ACEE – The Third Eye, in order to mark the one-year anniversary of the Global Centers for Health & Development, brought together diverse filmmakers, Nigerian director of note Tunde Kelani, and Oscar-nominated American producer Stuart Sender got together to discuss health issues in global cinema. Directors Kalpana Lajmi and Barnali Ray Shukla, Aimee Corrigan of GIST, Ravi Walia – producer of A Prayer for Rain, Chris Dzialo of HH&S among others for a discussion on Health in Global Cinema.

Ravi Walia whose A Prayer of Rain consists of Interwoven stories of people in India and US as they face dilemmas of life together said, “A Prayer for Rain” is a story that needed to be told. It is about the Bhopal Gas tragedy that happened 30 years ago and has not yet achieved closure. We made this film based on the worst industrial disaster India has ever faced so that we can bring to attention the plight of the people at the time and also the current state of Bhopal where the sufferings continue even today in other forms and justice has not yet been delivered.”

Mahesh Bhatt said “The three largest film industries of the world have come together to share and learn from each other. Suffering is what touches all of us in similar ways and empathy is what binds all of humanity together. Filmmakers are sensitive to the pain and respond to this suffering through their craft. What makes this group special is their commitment to adding socially relevant elements to mainstream cinema.”

“The job of a filmmaker is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable”, commented well-known Hollywood director Stuart Sender.

“The Global Center Summit is an opportunity for Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood to come together and address the most pressing health and social issues faced by the different communities of the world, enthused host Vinta Nanda.

“We are the world, and the world is us. When one makes a film, one has to put in ones’ best effort as we never know where it might reach. We hope to collaborate with and learn from the Indian film industry,” added acclaimed Nigerian director Tunde Kelani.

“The field reality in India is different from what we can imagine from an urban context. Women in rural India are changing. They are taking charge of their lives and working towards a collective consciousness leading to their own empowerment,” said acclaimed director Kalpana Lajmi.


Toy-Kraft in association with FunOKPlease launches A to Z Fancy Dress Mumbai, March, 2014: Pegasus Toy-Kraft Pvt. Ltd., India’s edutainment toy brand that stimulates originality and encourages creativity in children & FunOKPlease Mumbai based publisher of children’s book is proud to launch A-Z Fancy Dress.

ToyKraft & FunOkPlease are one of the few companies offering product content for Indian children in an Indian style while maintaining international quality. Both these are home grown Indian companies focused at creating original, engaging & affordable products in the toys & books segment respectively. A to Z Fancy Dress is the first of many exciting products based on books by FunOkPlease that ToyKraft will launch in the months to come.

A to Z Alphabet is a 2 sides puzzle with multiple play options. Apart from the fun of basic puzzle play, the toy concept involves game & trivia possibilities. The illustrations are a party fo the children who love to role play! This puzzle can be made in countless ways so as to make it fun while experimentation. It is an extension of the book to introduce children to 26 professions that they themselves would like to take up as they grow.

“The main topic of A-Z Fancy Dress – Role Play, is very interesting for every child. They have loved the book. Hope the puzzle will entertain them more each time they play and role-play with it.” said Dr. Makhija of ToyKraft


Rahul Dravid along with India’s cricket icon Dilip Vengsarkar and rising star Cheteshwar Pujara demonstrate that players, and fans alike, are made from steel and driven by the passion for their national colors

March 14, 2014: Rahul “The Wall” Dravid, Brand ambassador of Gillette, launched Gillette’s first ever India razor to salute the undying passion of the Indian fans towards their team along with cricket legend Dilip Vengsarkar and rising star Cheteshwar Pujara. The new razor has the word INDIA engraved on the handle as a mark of salute to the inner steel which is shared by Gillette and Indian cricket fans. Gillette recognizes that Cricket is a test for fans and players alike and requires an unwavering commitment and dedication to the colours of their country. To honor the ‘Inner Steel’ displayed by men on and off the field for their team’s colours, Gillette has launched this new line of special edition INDIA engraved Razors that proudly displays the country’s name and color’s. The Gillette Fusion and Gillette Mach 3 Razors will serve as a daily affirmation of a nation that stands proudly behind its players – wearing their colours on the outside, their Inner Steel within.

Gillette defines inner steel as Passion for winning & Doing the right thing with integrity. It’s this unfailing courage to go further to perform the best which is at the heart of the brands history and has inspired game-changing innovation, product superiority and enduring success. Which is why, Gillette has appointed LIONEL MESSI, as their NEW GLOBAL AMBASSADOR and partnered with world leading national teams including Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Italy and Mexico.

Rahul Dravid, who is known to sport the clean-shaven look said, “I am truly proud to be launching the new special edition Gillette India razors. This ‘Inner Steel’ is inherent within all men and nothing motivates me more than seeing this dedication and commitment from Indian fans when they show their support for our team. Gillette is a brand that shares my resolve and determination to be the best and I know that together we can make men everywhere realize that the strongest performances come when you strengthen the Inner Steel inside. After having used Special Edition Gillette India Fusion razor, I can testify that it is the best performing manual shaving system with blades spaced 30 percent* closer together than MACH3 blades that provides a significantly superior shaving experience. I urge all the fans to buy the collector’s edition INDIA engraved razors and show their support to the Indian team. It has been designed by Gillette to bring the best out of the fans.’’

Dilip Vengsarkar, who is always seen motivating and cheering for the game said, “I am glad Gillette has introduced the new Gillette Fusion special edition razor that serves as a memorabilia of the undying passion a die-hard Indian fan has towards the game and his team. The specially designed INDIA engraved razor with blue and orange finish will keep reminding the fans to contribute to the game by supporting and cheering the team. I also believe that it is important for the cricketers to show their ‘inner steel’ and keep the game clean as they are the role models for men across the nation.”

Cheteshwar Pujara, a firm believer in the clean look and game added, “I agree with Rahul Dravid and Dilip Vengsarkar, as a cricketer it is important to keep in mind that the fans look up to you as an idol, a role model. Thus, it’s important for the cricketers to play with inner steel as a duty to their fans. The Gillette India Special edition razor in return enables fans to show that they, like Gillette, are made of steel and driven by their colours. At a time when the cricketers are pushing themselves to their limit, Gillette’s special edition India razor will ignite fans’ inner strength and celebrate the role that they play in helping their teams strive for success. I urge all Indian fans to buy the razor and show their support to the team.”

The Gillette Fusion special edition razor includes a range of features designed to enhance comfort and precision while shaving. These include:

· Stylish design: With the orange and blue finish, the colours resemble the team colours. Also, the India engraved handle showcases a fan’s dedication for the team.

· 5 Blade Shaving Surface: Gillette Fusion features a breakthrough 5 blade Shaving Surface™ technology on the front of the shaving cartridge. The blades are spaced 30 percent* closer together than MACH3 blades. This creates a “Shaving Surface” that distributes the shaving force across the blades for significantly less irritation and more comfort.

• The Precision Trimmer™ blade: This is a single blade built into the back of the cartridge, allow men to easily trim sideburns, shave under the nose and shape facial hair.

• The new Flexible Comfort Guard: This feature follows the contours of the face to help the shaving surface comfortably shave closer.

• An Enhanced Indicator Lubrastrip: infused with Vitamin E and Aloe: fades from green to white, signaling when optimal shave conditions have been reduced.

• A new, modern razor handle: Provides enhanced ergonomics and gripping surfaces, enabling men to shave comfortably and safely with either the front or the back of the single shaving cartridge.

The New Special edition INDIA engraved razors are available in 2 models in the market.The price for The special edition Gillette FUSION is available at INR 299/- and MACH3 at INR 109/-.

About Gillette India

Gillette India Limited (GIL) is one of India’s well-known FMCG Companies that has in its portfolio GILLETTE MACH 3 TURBO, ORAL-B and DURACELL– world’s leading brands and has carved a reputation for delivering high quality, value-added products to meet the needs of consumers. GIL’s brands take pride in being socially conscious via their participation in project SHIKSHA, a national consumer movement that supports the education of underprivileged children in India. Please visit for the latest news and in-depth information about GIL and its brands.



Mastram directed by Akhilesh Jaiswal, which is all set to release on May 1, in an unprecedented move, will unveil the writing style of the original ‘Mastram’ writer this Sunday online.

Being launched this Sunday, the producers of the film will launch an entire segment of the Mastram style of writing through the visual medium, bringing to life the era and style of the writer of the widely popular Indian erotica, which has been around for many decades.

Presented by Sunil Bohra, produced by Ajay Rai and Sanjeev Pal Singh, the film has been making headlines for being India’s first film to trace the life and journey of India’s first ever ‘erotica’ writer.

This widely anticipated film stars Rahul Bagga,Tara Berry among others and marks director Akhilesh Jaiswal’s film debut.


Subhash Ghai to host a spectacular musical evening for Kaanchi

Mumbai, 15th March 2014: The music of Subhash Ghai’s Kaanchi will be launched in a grand fashion in his presence, along with the cast and crew of the movie.

The event is all set to be an enthralling one, with soulful music and performance by star singers, who will belt out songs sung by them for the film, live on stage. The musical evening will be accompanied by stunning visuals from Kaanchi.

Also gracing the event with their presence, will be Kaanchi’s music composers Ismail Darbar and musical duo Salim- Suleman, along with lyrist Irshad Kamil.

Speaking about the much awaited music launch of his movie Kaanchi, filmmaker Subhash Ghai said, “We are fortunate to have such supremely talented musicians on stage today, for the music launch of my film Kaanchi. I am humbled with all the love and overwhelming response which we have received for the recently released trailer and song.”

‘Kaanchi’ is the story of an innocent rural beauty and her fight against power. Introducing Mishti as Kaanchi, the movie features Rishi Kapoor, Mithun Chakraborty, Kartik Aaryan, Chandan Roy Sanyal and Rishabh Sinha in pivotal roles. The movie is directed by Subhash Ghai and produced by Mukta Arts. ‘Kaanchi’ is slated to release on 25th April, 2014.


Abhishek Varman’s 2 states trailer a super hit.

Chetan Bhagat’s best selling novel 2 states is the trailer of the month which is directed by Abhishek Varman. Its a story of a north indian boy and a south indian girl the characters are played by Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. The story is inspired by the real life of Chetan Bhagat and his wife Anusha. The story is about how the couple faces diffuculties in convinving their parents to approve of their marriage..
The trailer works as it gives you the story of the film which is a bit of a comedy and bit of romance. The film is for all kind of audience as the film balances between the youth and the family audience.


Yeh Hai Bakrapur gives a sneak peek into its promotional video

Mumbai, 15th March 2014: The makers of Yeh hai Bakrapur have released the images of their promotional video, for their yet unreleased song by Agnee.

The video, with a vibrant and energetic vibe, will centre around the residents of Bakrapur dressed as Qawwali singers, dancing to the foot tapping music. It will symbolize the uniqueness of this satirical journey.

The images reveal the excellent dynamic shared by the cast and crew of the movie. Few of them give a glimpse into the sizzling chemistry between the young couple, played by Anshuman Jha and Yoshika Verma. The attention-grabbing lyrics of the song flaunt a filmy flavour, with a tangy twist.

The story of Yeh Hai Bakrapur is a social satire set in a village, revolving around the Qureshi family and their much sought after celebrity goat Sharukh. It promises to be a roller coaster ride with rib tickling twists and turns, serving a treat for lovers of good cinema and comedy.

Yeh hai Bakrapur is written and directed by Janaki Vishwanathan and produced by Ramesh Sriivatsava Aruunachalam. Yeh hai Bakrapur is slated to release on 25th April 2014.


Yeh Hai Bakrapur gives a sneak peek into its promotional video

Mumbai, 15th March 2014: The makers of Yeh hai Bakrapur have released the images of their promotional video, for their yet unreleased song by Agnee.

The video, with a vibrant and energetic vibe, will centre around the residents of Bakrapur dressed as Qawwali singers, dancing to the foot tapping music. It will symbolize the uniqueness of this satirical journey.

The images reveal the excellent dynamic shared by the cast and crew of the movie. Few of them give a glimpse into the sizzling chemistry between the young couple, played by Anshuman Jha and Yoshika Verma. The attention-grabbing lyrics of the song flaunt a filmy flavour, with a tangy twist.

The story of Yeh Hai Bakrapur is a social satire set in a village, revolving around the Qureshi family and their much sought after celebrity goat Sharukh. It promises to be a roller coaster ride with rib tickling twists and turns, serving a treat for lovers of good cinema and comedy.

Yeh hai Bakrapur is written and directed by Janaki Vishwanathan and produced by Ramesh Sriivatsava Aruunachalam. Yeh hai Bakrapur is slated to release on 25th April 2014.


KTM Organizes Track Day Exclusively for 390 Duke customers at The Buddha International Circuit

KTM 390 Duke is India’s only mid-size sports bike

KTM owners learn basics of track riding

Greater Noida/ New Delhi, 15th March 2014: KTM conducted its first ever Track Day for its customers of the 390 Duke at the Buddh International Circuit. The event comprised of a mix of classroom training and practical sessions on the race track. KTM customers were guided by experienced and race winning riders and were also provided with timing equipment to gauge their progress over the day. More than 100 KTM customers attended the event with riders coming across from Delhi and Noida.

The KTM 390 Duke launched last year has been proving to be a favorite amongst sports bikers of the country with its unique offering of power, weight and premium features such as Trellis Frame, Metzeler tyres which make the bike an able track tool.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Amit Nandi (Vice President- Bajaj Probiking) said “KTM comes from a rich history of racing and this reflects and every KTM motorcycle made. Such events are an opportunity for the customers to realize the true potential of their KTM’s in a regulated environment and under expert guidance. We will continue to host such unique Customer Sport events for our customers.”

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“Short Film : ZINDAGI”


Synopsis : Daily Phase faced by a Common Man. It also Reveals that there are so many things in Office, That are Hidden from Family.

The Leading Roles are played by Yuvraaj Parashar, Sahila Chaddha , Preity Malik. The Story is Written By Kapil Sharma , and Directed By Priyanka Raina

Are Short Films Really Relevant? Is Scope of Short Films being consistent enough? Film makers like Anurag Kashyap have come out of Short Films, showcasing their talent in Small case Firstly. Now a days , its more common with Students as they got opportunity to shoot and Upload on You Tube.

Yuvraaj Parashar : International Actor for “DUNNO Y NAA JANNE KYUN” – The most hyped Film which travelled to 13 Countries and has been appreciated Internationally.

Sahila Chaddha: The Name Itself needs no Introduction. The Bubbly Girl who Portrayed SHAKUNTALA in Superhits “Hum Aapke Hain Kaun” to Desi Comidian in “MAA” and to various other several Characters.

Kapil Sharma (Writer): International Acclaimed Writer for the Most Hyped Film “Dunno Y Naa Jaane Kyun” and The one who Debuted in “Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Sathiyon” Directed by his Elder Brother Anil Sharma. Kapil Sharma has portrayed a Different Script this time on Relations of Day to Day life.

Priyanka Raina (Director): Director of Various Short Film especially “Clean and Green India” which has been showcased in many Festivals and Theater Ads & Also a Film Critic – Started writing with COMPLETE CINEMA and followed by Websites such as Bharat Cine and TV writers Association to Her Own Blog , Omniscent Entertainment which itself has over 1 Lac Viewers every week.


This Holi groove to DJ Shilpi Sharma’s latest mix ‘Baby Doll’ from Ragini MMS 2

‘Baby Doll’ being pretty much a hit from the upcoming movie Ragini MMS 2 picked by the talented actress turned DJ Shilpi Sharma who remixed now ruling the chartbusters.

The remix that also features Meet Brothers gained immense popularity on social media & the DJ’s fan page has been inundated with messages asking more of such mixes from DJ Shilpi Sharma.

Starting her career by acting in TV commercials for brands like HSBC, McDonalds, Park Avenue & has been a face for the leading soap brand ‘Pears’ for 5 years, doing a sizzling music video for UNIVERSAL with Harry Anand, Shillpi Sharma got her golden ticket to silver screen starring opposite Sunny Deol in ‘Jo Bole So Nihal’ & giving special appearances in numerous movies.

Shillpi Sharma, motivated by her passion for music went a step ahead & pursued the profession that of a DJ & a runaway hit overnight.

Despite many apprehensions from her family & friends, Shillpi Sharma successfully makes the people groove to her music at various clubs across the country.

Her genre of Music being Deep House, Commercial & Bollywood, and Shillpi single handedly turns humble dance floors into worshipping grounds for Music Lovers.

With much practice and perseverance from the day she first dropped the needle on a record she has flawlessly mastered her own technique & carved a name for herself in the list of renowned DJs & her feminine side has fetched her more respect.


Groove to the Best of Electronic Dance Music from the Best this Holi: Plus 91 Holi Reloaded

Gear up for India’s premier electronic dance music Holi this March, initiative by Aarnavv Shirsat of 3rd Rock Entertainment bringing to you the Best in the EDM scene; Leon Bolier, Mark Sixma, Flippers, Ankytrixx, Teenu Arora & Siddhant Kapoor altogether to perform at the Biggest ever Holi celebration… Plus 91 HoliReloaded

Colouring the town with the mega Holi celebration Holi Reloaded 2013 that saw a crowd of 3500, this year 3rd Rock Entertainment ups the bar by bringing the most happening Holi party ‘Holi Reloaded 2014’ to 3 cities

After the success of Holi Reloaded 2013 comes a much bigger & grandeur HoliReloaded 2014 that will see a line of major artists from across the globe; Leon Bolier, Mark Sixma, Flippers, Ankytrixx with few of India’s best DJs Teenu Arora & Siddhant Kapoor, event spearheaded by Aarnavv Shirsat of 3rd Rock Entertainment.

Holi Reloaded is a unique Electronic Dance music (EDM) festival that started in the year 2013 in Mumbai, ‘Holi’, and the festival of colors, has been celebrated and loved by millions of Indians and foreigners for centuries. At Holi Reloaded 2014, the beauty of color has been fused with dance music mania at an open venue in the presence of various international and national acts.

Aarnavv Shirsat, founder of 3rd Rock Entertainment talks about the upcoming event, “The Electronic Dance music scene has exploded in India within the last few years, with top DJs and acts touring on a regular basis and various dance music festivals happening around the country. It has surpassed all other forms of music in live concerts. This makes ‘Holi Reloaded’, a unique blend of culture and the trending EDM craze, a very special party. “

This has definitely got to be the most happening celebration of Holi…. The Generation Next Holi!

About the Artists:

A- Leon Bolier- is a Dutch classically trained trance composer, DJ, and record producer. His career began to flourish in 2008 with a number of successful songreleases including the hit song “Ocean Drive Boulevard”. He placed #95 on the DJ Mag’s 2008 list of the top 100 DJ’s in the world, and moved up 32 places in 2009, and rests at #68 in 2010. He has had his songs played by top DJs like Tiësto and Armin van Buuren as well as his tracks appearing on famous trance compilations such as In Search of Sunrise 4: Latin America and A State of Trance 2006.

Leon Bolier was the first artist to release a song on the independent record label “Spinnin Records”, the song was titled “Signwave” he co-produced it with DJ Precursor.

B- Mark Sixma- Mark’s music is released on some of the most well-known dance record labels in the world, like Armada, Blackhole, Spinnin’, High Contrast and Flashover and has been played by all the top DJ’s like Tiësto, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Paul van Dyk, Above & Beyond, Sander van Doorn, Judge Jules and many many others.

As a DJ, Mark has played all around the globe including tours in India, Brazil, Russia, Italy, UK, Belgium and the preparty of Trance Energy in The Netherlands. The every busy Dutchman also demonstrates his DJ skills with his new mix compilation on Armada Music called Worldwide Trance Sounds Vol 6.

The 4x no.1 DJ selected Mark’s tracks for his annual, platinum selling A State of Trance compilation three years in a row. In addition to the compilations, Armin also featured one of Mark’s tunes on his brand new Wii Game and gave him the opportunity to remix Minack, his collaboration with Ferry Corsten!

C- Ankytrixx- Is an Indian Electronica DJ & Producer. Currently winner of ‘DJ of the Year’ & ranked no. 1 in India for Electronic Music (2012, 2013) on the MyFavDj Poll!

He is the winner of the prestigious VH1 MyFav Awards for the #DJ of the year (2013) & for the second time in row #No 1 DJ in Electronica (2012-2013): this is India’s biggest People’s Choice Awards Poll for artists.

Ankytrixx has gone up several notches in the International Dance Music scene & is one of the busiest DJs in Asia with over 150 gigs annually for the last 2 years.

D- Teenu Arora – a top DJ & a producer for more than a decade started his career at an early age in Delhi where he took up residencies in leading clubs & soon became the most sort after name in the DJ circuit.

He has produced, composed & remixed chart topping tunes for various albums,artists & Indian feature films.

He recently released single ‘Dreams’ earned huge recognition & great response across the globe.

Siddhant Kapoor- Son of Shakti Kapoor, Siddhant is an Indian DJ, assistant director & actor



With Juvederm XC, ageless beauty the comfortable way

Dr. Simal Soin, Dermatologist, New Delhi

Ouch…that hurts! Remember saying this to your beautician, bent diligently on you to mend you unruly eyebrows or wax your arms? Then, imagine the ache and discomfort one might have to undergo while undertaking a cosmetic makeover; one that involves going under the doctor’s knife?

Even if there is no knife, just a jab that you would like to take in order to beautify your visage…you will indeed feel the prick (and the agony). The measures we take to look good and our most beautiful, both surgical and non-surgical, often come supplemented with initial discomfort. All we do, while attempting any nip and tuck procedure or beauty injection(s), is to continuously remind our brain ‘there’s no gain without pain’. Isn’t it?

So, would you believe if you come to know that you can still gain beauty sans any suffering? Astonishing as this might sound to your ears but it is true that modern-day dermal fillers such as Juvederm XC are more comfortable option available for those seeking aesthetic enhancement. Unlike fillers of yesteryears, Juvederm XC comes in a composition that contains preservative-free Lidocaine (anesthetic) along with the major constituent – hyaluronic acid. The latter is a natural skin component responsible for maintaining the skin volume and hence the bountiful and youthful radiance.

Dermal fillers have been in use as anti-ageing solutions and aesthetic fixes from quite some time now. Patients, till date, used to experience discomfort while taking filler injection(s). However, the latest dermal filler Juvederm XC is unique. Since it contains a local anesthetic, it knocks off years from one’s face in a soothing and comfortable manner.

Most people are desirous of good looks yet they are ‘needle phobic’ and get panicky at the mere thought of a needle pricking their delicate facial skin. Hence, they get frustrated out of their unfulfilled wish of looking their best even in an advancing age. We have had patients with low self esteem coming to us, complaining how they wish to look beautiful and want to get a treatment done but back out at the last moment owning to their fear of pain. It takes a lot of counseling to get such patients mentally and psychologically prepared. Needless to say, this also consumes a lot of time.

With Juvederm XC, however, the injection experience is extremely comfortable. Hence one feels almost no discomfort and yet gains youthful features. This wondrous dermal filler that can smoothly erase glabellar lines, forehead lines and naso-labial folds (deep lines around the nose that reach up to lips).

This US-FDA approved dermal filler not only acts as your tool against the ageing effects but also helps in enhancing your facial features. For example, if you are one of those countless girls who wish to have a pout a la Hollywood hottie Angelina Jolie then, this new dermal filler comes handy. It effectively and painlessly plumps up your lip size thereby giving them a volume boost and renewed shape.

Lip augmentation and nose job are two most common requests we get from women both young and aged alike. The smooth consistency of hyaluronic acid-based XC filler along with its inherent anesthetic agent makes it tool of choice to perform the aforesaid treatments. It involves very little downtime. The patient won’t even notice when the treatment begins and when it gets over!.

This novel filler offers soft and natural looks. It is minimally invasive, gives instantaneous and long-lasting results. Hence, one can get one’s favorite look or aesthetic makeover done in just a single sitting and return back to work within a couple of hours.

The notion that aesthetic makeovers are hurtful gets sidelined if one looks at the capabilities of this new dermal filler. The experience is unmatchable.

So, does beauty hurts? Well…not anymore!


Celebrating Reality…Red Dot Tellyworks Pvt. Ltd. “Bindass Halla Bol” Hit amongst the youngsters

“Bindass Halla Bol” under the banner Red Dot Tellyworks Pvt. Ltd. celebrates high TRPs of their newly launched show.

Bindass Halla Bol hosted by the heartthrob Karan Tacker, along with many other fresh faces, is basking in the glory of the immense popularity of the new show Bindass Halla Bol.

Bindass Hallo Boll is a show based on real incidents of common peoples particularly highlighting problems caused to girls in our society.

The Show launched by Kangana Ranaut on 19th February went on air on the 28th February dealing with sensitive topics like Child abuse & Eve teasing & with a host like Karan Tacker & all fresh faces became an instant hit amongst the youth.

Bindass Halla Bol made under the banner Red Dot Tellyworks Pvt. Ltd. called for a celebration within the first two weeks of the shows going on air.

Dushyant Singh, one of the co-producers of Red Dot Tellyworks Pvt. Ltd. exclaims, “When we commenced the show, we actually never thought it would be such a rage amongst the youngsters who have been sending in mails appreciating the concept & design of the show. Besides Karan Tacker has always been this hot favorite among the girls. The high TRPs certainly called for a celebration.”

Saurabh Khurana, the other producer of the production house mentions, “The social media fan page of Bindass Halla Bol have been inundated with messages from fans all over India & this is a further motivation for us to create content that the youngsters can connect to & even learn from it. This is only a beginning.”


Yeh hai bakrapur predicts ‘Kaun Banega PM?’

Mumbai, 15th March 2014: The makers of Yeh Hai Bakrapur, a social satire, have released an android based game called ‘Kaun Banega PM?’

With politics being the flavor of the season, this unique and engaging game has been designed to connect with the audience. It revolves around the political theme which the movie is based on. ‘Kaun Banega PM?” can be downloaded via the ‘Google Play Store’.

Janaki Vishwanathan, director of Yeh Hai Bakrapur, talks enthusiastically about the game, saying, “Kaun Banega PM? game is like a mock opinion poll, where our beloved goat, Shahrukh, plays the referee. The best part about it is that the game could just give an idea of the direction in which political winds in our country are blowing. We are hooked on to this game, already.”

‘Kaun Banega PM’ is a 3 step game, which starts with entering the player’s name and state. Step 2 includes casting a vote to the player’s desired party and the final step involves clicking on the desired party’s symbol, the party representative’s image and various fruits, which simultaneously fall on the screen. The official website,, will host a national leaderboard, showing the list of political parties. The scores of each party will keep getting added up, with each player selecting that particular party. The game, which is a lighter take on the elections, can also be downloaded from on Android phones.

Written and directed by Janaki Vishwanathan and produced by Ramesh Sriivatsava Aruunachalam, Yeh Hai Bakrapur is slated to release on 25th April.


eans- A breath of fresh air

Mumbai, 14th March, 2014: Eros International’s next, ‘Purani Jeans’, promises to take the audience back to the most ‘memorable days’ of their lives, those days when youngsters come of age. Starring three fresh new faces, Tanuj Virwani, Aditya Seal and Izabelle Leite, the film tells a heart-warming story about friendship. The theatrical trailer of the film will soon be unveiled exclusively on ErosNow.

Directed by award-winning ad filmmaker Tanushri Chattrji Bassu, ‘Purani Jeans’ captures the nostalgic days of youth, which were all about friends, memories and that old snug, comfortable pair of jeans. Tanuj Virwani plays the role of Siddharth, who lives in New York City and decides to touch base with the friends who matter. He revisits his native place one summer — a small town in Himachal Pradesh — to revive his equation with his four childhood friends, especially Sam (Aditya Seal).

Set in the mid-90s, the film takes one through a roller-coaster of emotions, as the friends reach a point of realization. Producer Manju Lulla had immediately agreed to back the ambitious project, as he was impressed by the narration and the storyline. It also meant carrying forward Eros’ vision of promoting new talent.

Purani Jeans, produced by Eros International and Next Gen Films, releases on 1st May.


Atom Mobile bags title sponsor rights for National Geographic’s epic TV telecast ‘Live from Space’

Mumbai, 15 March
, 2014: Atom Mobile, an Indian smartphone brand has bagged the title sponsor rights for the much awaited live television broadcast, ‘LIVE FROM SPACE’, by National Geographic Channel.

This television event, that will literally take viewers beyond the stratosphere, will be produced from a$100 billion studio that’s 250 miles above the Earth’s surface and traveling at 4.9 miles per second. It will be broadcast live from the International Space Station (ISS) and Mission Control in Houston. The ISS orbits Earth every 90 minutes, meaning NGC will quite literally take viewers on a trip around the world.

We’ll see incredible shots of the planet, from sunset and sunrise, to city lights and green aurora, to lightning storms and shootingstars.
Live from Space will air on NGC in 170 countries. In India, the show will be aired live on Saturday early morning at 5:30am, with a prime time repeat on March 15 at 9 pm IST. Another repeat telecast will take place on March 17 at 3.00pm IST.

Commenting on the receiving the rights,
Mr. Hemant Waghmare, Managing Director, Atom Mobiles said, “This is a huge development for an emerging company like ours. The exposure will go a long way in building trust and credibility for the Atom Mobile brand as being technologically advanced and innovative.”

The Title Sponsorship Rights include the right to be called official title sponsor during telecast and display a commercial logo during the promotion and airing of the show and during the repeat telecast.

About Atom Mobiles:

Headquartered in Mumbai, Atom Mobiles Private Limited aspires to be the pioneers in bringing worldclasssmart phones to the Indian shores equipped with the advanced technology at an affordable price.Atom is committed to create products that are always endeavored in bringing the quality with innovation and radical features, encashed with style and finesse, catering to a common man who aspires to own a high end handset with value for money. This sleek style of ATOM would lead to be the chosenbrand for gadget lovers around the world. Atom’s commitment to serve the masses comes with a vision to provide them with the best and most advanced technology in mobile handsets at an affordable price range. For further information please log on to

About National Geographic Channel India

National Geographic Channel India launched on July 1st, 1998. Its programming covers adventure andexploration, natural history, science, wildlife and people of the world. The National Geographic Channel on an average gets over 68 million viewers a month. For more information, please visit
About National Geographic Channels International

National Geographic Channels International (NGCI) inspires viewers through its smart, innovative programming that questions what we know, how we view the world and what drives us forward. A business enterprise owned by National Geographic Ventures and FOX Entertainment Group, NGCI contributes to the National Geographic Society’s commitment to exploration, conservation and education through its six channels: National Geographic Channel, National Geographic Channel HD, Nat Geo Wild, Nat Geo Wild HD, Nat Geo Adventure and Nat Geo Music. Globally, National Geographic Channel (including NGC U.S., which is a joint venture of NGV and Fox Cable Networks Group) is available in more than 440 million homes in 171 countries and 38 languages.

For more information, please visit


‘Iski uski’ Shahid Mallya’s new song

Shahid Mallya, of ‘Rabba main toh mar gaya’ fame singer, these days is in seventh heaven because his new song ‘Iski Uski’ (2 States) has come among the audience. The singer is nervous and excited about the song. The song is an upbeat one with lyrics that will easily enjoyed by the new generations. The song is going to be the new pulse of the younger generation.

Ganga Nagar, Rajasthan’s resident Shahid got his break with the song Rabba main to mar gaya and Ik tu hi tu in the movie Mausam. The song, Rabba main to mar gaya, was well-liked by the audience and he became the first choice of listeners overnight. Apart from this he has also given his voice in songs like Do Dhaari Talwaar (Mere Brother Ki Dulhan), Kukkad (Student of the Year), Kyun Gayee & Sona Sahiba (Dil Tenu Pyar Krda), Mann Jaage Sari Raat (Bittoo Boss), Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana (Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana), Khamoshiyan (Inkaar theme), Koi Umeed (Rajdhani Express), Saaiyaan (Gunday), etc.

In addition to the film 2 States Shahid Mallya is also singing a song for the upcoming film Phantom starring Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif.


Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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