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ZOYA, the exquisite diamond boutique from the House of Tata, unveiled its newest collection, Espana, at a grand evening hosted by luxury brand consultant Nisha JamVwal, where flamenco, Spanish guitar and Sangria flowed as guests discovered the brands latest designs. The collection was unveiled by the Ambassador of Spain, Mr. Gustavo De Aristegui. The Spanish Ambassador, his lovely wife Nadia, Celebrity Luxury Consultant Nisha JamVwal and Vice President- Retail and Marketing-Jewelry at Titan Industries Ltd uncorked champagne to toast the evening, Zoya and Spain.

The event witnessed the presence of Mumbai’s elite social circuit and the who’s who of the financial capital-Actor Kim Sharma, Ad Guru Gerson Da Cunha and Hollywood Casting Director Uma Da Cunha, Maneesha Ruia, Consul General Domingo with wife Carmen, Anil Dharkar, Aftab Patel with his lovely wife Ayesha Patel, Columnist Anil Dharkar, Fashion Designer Farah Sanjana, Builder Ajay Nahar, Builder Danesh Merchant with Sanya Merchant, Socialites Rashmi Mansukhani, Ritu Pahwa, Reshma Merchant, Pompy Shridhar, Ravi Mullick and more.


Zee TV brings to you a weekend filled with colours!

Celebrate Holi Benares style with Zee TV artists on Sunday evening at 6 PM

Celebrating the festival of colours this year, Zee TV brings you ‘Ladakpan Ke Suhane Rang’ – A 3 hour Holi special show on Sunday at 6 PM and Monday at 4 PM. Bringing together the entire Zee family, the Holi special this year will showcase Holi celebrations of three different states. While Shail (played by Vaishnavi Mcdonald) of Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke will celebrate Holi UP style, Neetu (played by Tuhina Verma) of Ek Mutthi Aasman and Saavri Bua (played by Asheta Dhawan) of Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya will showcase Holi celebrations in Punjab and Rajasthan. While the three women showcase Holi celebrated traditionally, Shivani (played by Mansi Shrivastav) of Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se will shake a leg with Rachna (played by Mahima Makwana) and KT (Piyush Sahdev) of Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke after intoxicating them with some bhaang.

Celebrating Holi this year with the Zee parivar will be ‘Babuji’ Alok Nath showing some moves to Urmi (played by Neha Marda), Samrat (played by Mohit Malik) of Doli Armaanon Ki and Pakya (played by Siddhant Agrawal)of Ek Mutthi Aasman. Putting together a fun act on the theme of Sholay, the four of them will be seen donning costumes representing famous characters from the movie.

While there is action and fun, telly land’s favorite couples will bring in some romance. Asad (played by Raqesh Vashisht), Zoya (played by Surbhi Jyoti) of Qubool Hai and Avni (played by Kaanchi Singh), Raj (played by Mishkat Verma) of Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya, Mayank (played Ankit Gera), Gunjan (played Roopal Tyagi) of Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke will enthrall the audiences as they perform on mesmerizing numbers.

Namit Sharma, Programming Head, Zee TV’s says, “This year, the Holi Mahotsav on Zee will be a celebration of the sheer diversity of content we offer as a broadcaster. The grand revelry with colors will be in Benares where the Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke family invites the artistes of all our other primetime shows to join in. Showcasing the various styles in which Holi is celebrated across different Indian states, we’ll have beautiful acts that represent the country’s vibrant cultural canvas. Interesting highlight viewers can look forward is the presence of Hasya Kavi Surendra Sharma who will add a sprinkling of humor to the proceedings. We will also have audiences captivated with various romantic acts of their favorite on-screen couples – Jodha-Akbar and Asad-Zoya. ”

Further talking about the time slot of the Holi special, Namit added, “While the event will be a three hour special telecast on Sunday evening at 6 PM, we are also looking at telecasting it on Monday – the actual Holi day, early evening at 4 PM, when the entire family can watch the show together after celebrating the festival.”

For more, do not miss Zee TV’s Holi Mahotsav – Ladakpan ke Suhane Rang on Sunday (16th March) at 6 PM and Monday (17th March) at 4 PM


Creating and developing characters critical aspect of film franchise: Abhishek Bachchan

‘Make a franchise to tell a story, not to cash in on the success of a brand’

MUMBAI, March 13, 2014. Mr. Abhishek Bachchan, renowned Film Actor, associated with the ‘Dhoom’ Franchise for the past 10 years and Mr. Vijay Krishna Acharya, Director of the third the most successful film franchise ‘Dhoom’ in India, which broke the box office records of many films, deliberated on ‘Making of a Successful Film Franchise’, on Day 2 of FICCI FRAMES here today.

Mr. Bachchan said that characterization was one of the most critical aspects of a franchise as the characters needed to evolve with time and must take a natural course while doing so. He admitted that a lot of deliberations take place to develop the growth of characters.

For him, he said, every project was an independent piece of work. Hence, working in a franchise such as ‘Dhoom’ and ‘Sarkar’ is no different from working in any other project. Mr. Bachchan added that ‘Dhoom’ franchise owed its existence to the success it garnered, the film almost doubled its collections with every franchise.

Speaking on performing the stunts, Mr. Bachchan said that he usually preferred to perform his stunts himself. However, he added, that there were some stunts that he had performed in Doom himself 10 years ago but with the mandatory insurance of a film and actors, he was not allowed to perform those stunts in his latest ‘Dhoom’ franchise.

Mr. Acharya who directed the third installment of the ‘Dhoom’ series and was actively involved in the making of the earlier ‘Dhoom’ versions, said that a franchise should be made only if there is a story to tell and not just to cash in on the success of the brand.

He said that for creating a successful franchise, innovation and creative content was a necessity. The viewers must be told a story that is new and carries a fresh approach.

The session was anchored by Ms. Bhawana Somaaya, Journalist, Author and Critic.


Need for entrepreneurship and innovative ventures to fuel growth of media & entertainment sector; Finding investors for distribution easier than for content, say experts

MUMBAI, March 13, 2014. The media and entertainment professionals feel that there is both the need and scope for entrepreneurial leaps and innovative ventures for the sector to grow exponentially. Whether it is the building of a business destination, private equity, angel investing, crowd sourced funds or reaching out to and engaging with audiences in new ways, there are plenty of avenues to be explored.

These views emanated from the session on ‘Kickstarting Entrepreneurship and Innovation for the Media and Entertainment Industry’ on Day 2 of FICCI FRAMES.

Mr. Arun Rangachari, Chairman, DAR Capital Group, pointed out that finding investors for distribution was much easier than for content. With innovative content model comes the risk of failure. He added that the investors who financed content invariably interfered with its creativity and this had emerged as one of the biggest challenges for the sector. Also, there is a need for institutional money to find its way into content generation.

Mr. Rajesh Sawhney, Founder, GSF Accelerator, emphasized that innovative content in new formats must be developed. He urged the corporate sector to support start-ups and entrepreneurs at their initial stage like his organization helps the start-ups by providing seed and acceleration funding.

Speaking on the distribution aspect, Mr. Naresh Patwari, Principal, Private Equity, ICICI Venture, said that a distributor must know how to reach out and deliver the content to his consumers. Innovation is not just about creating content but it also needs to look at how that content will reach the ultimate consumers.

Mr. Nicholas Watson, MD, Naseba, said that there is a need to invest in creative and seeding ideas, besides creating an infrastructure to support entrepreneurs. He recommended that entrepreneurs must expand their professional network and forge alliances across the border. Reaching out to experienced professionals, communicating and building relationship with them was the key to expand one’s prospects.

Mr. Matei Paquin, Head – Project Development, Moment Factory, said that the challenge ahead for his organization was to be able to adapt to the rapidly changing sector and cater to the needs of the entrepreneurs.


Lack of privacy literacy high among digital natives, say experts

Mumbai, 13 March 2014: Experts at a panel discussion on “Internet and Democracy: Interloper or Catalyst?” at the FICCI FRAMES 2014 convention here today cautioned that internet privacy was misunderstood. While businesses in general were not interested in mining data that was not relevant to their sales, customers were reluctant to share their details largely so that they would not be spammed. It was important for website developers to showcase their privacy policy properly. This has implications for youngsters’ relationship with Facebook and Twitter after they realise that potential employers have access to their posts. In this regard, the panel felt that there is a lack of privacy literacy especially among young people. They seem unable to interpret the privacy policies of the various platforms. Even if they can interpret the policy, they are cognitively not yet adept at understanding its implications. Hence it is important to develop privacy literacy in the social media age.

The panellists included Roger Fisk, PR Expert , President Obama’s Campaign; Chetan Krishnaswamy, Head, Public Policy and Govt Relations, Google India; Suparna Singh, Director of Strategy, NDTV, and Managing Editor,; Ronak Samantray, Founder,; and Mike Best, Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard University. The session was anchored by Jon Sopel, Senior Anchor person, BBC Global News.

Mr Fisk described the internet as something that amplifies human nature. As a tool, it allows organisations to have a dialogue with people and be transparent. In their first election campaign, they gave people the tools to self organise and personalise their involvement in the campaign. It was the first time that an American campaign had opened up its web page and allowed people to come online and personalise their involvement in the campaign. The second campaign saw a shift from the desktop online existence to a mobile online existence. The campaign managers had to create the tools to adapt to that transition.

Mr Krishnaswamy described the story of the growth of the Internet in India. This growth led to a lot of opportunity. With four million users coming online every month, almost all of them on mobiles, the mobile is now the real tool of empowerment. Future users would largely be from the non English speaking populace. Already, language websites are growing faster than English websites. As far as the government is concerned, there is an increasing belief in connecting with the average citizen through the Internet. “Poverty is linked to information poverty,” he said, “and this is believed by the government too.” The Internet has great power and it can only make democracy a better social catalyst, he felt.

But the Internet still has very limited exchange of actual opinion or dialogue, in the view of Ms Suparna Singh. She felt that India is one election away from the social media becoming an apparatus of change. Presently it is mainly a platform for crowd based anger and there is a marked reluctance of prime ministerial candidates to appear on a ‘town hall’ and take questions. Politicians still talk ‘at’ people, not ‘to’ them. The Internet would have more relevance during the next election, she predicted.

Mr Samantray discussed how his company had helped businesses tap into the power of the Internet through simple sms. While regular businesses update their sites once or twice a year, sms messages are updated about four times a month because they are simple.

“We have been focusing on elections and election monitoring,” said Mr Mike Best. Describing how they began in 2011 with the Nigerian election that was a ‘make or break’ election much like the present Indian election, he discussed how they analysed, flagged and tagged reports for electoral irregularity using Internet tools. They are now keen to explore ways to ensure free and fair elections in India.

There was time given to the audience to interact with the panellists, and questions revolved around harmonisation of Internet laws globally to verification of data.




Botoxed Brow Beauty

Dr. Swati Srivastava, Dermatologist, Mumbai

Botox brow lift is the latest entrant in the arena of quick-fix beauty treatments

Noted American composer and singer Frank Zappa once said, “The computer can’t tell you the emotional story. It can give you the exact mathematical design, but what’s missing is the eyebrows.”

How true! Flat or highly arched, the brow defines a zillion human expressions whether bold or subtle. The fact that our eyebrows not just define our eyes but our face too, and are essential to display emotions such as anger, surprise, happiness or tragedy and even more, can not be ruled out.

No wonder why there is a lot of emphasis laid on the beauty of brows. In fact, the journey of girls, as soon as they hit their teens, in the vast world of beauty treatments generally initiates with a threading session, to shape their eyebrows, at the local beauty parlor.

Eyebrows can make or break the appeal of our face. If they are healthy, well-shaped and as per our face type they add a characteristic charm to our visage.

With age, the natural beauty of our face starts to fade. Brows are no exception to that. They begun to sag and one may feel that the forehead appears to be sagging with them as well.

Unlike our teens, basic treatments like threading and waxing don’t seem to help in this case and what one needs is a specialized management of the same. Until a few years back, one only had the option of a lifting surgery but now a single jab can take care of the issue and give you glamorous-looking eyebrows. Known as the ‘Botox Brow Lift’, the treatment involves contouring the eyebrow via Botox, the famous wrinkle-removing drug.

Botox brows lift procedure is rapidly gaining popularity as a treatment to rejuvenate your face. It can effectively take 5-7 years off one’s aged looks and one doesn’t need to undergo the surgeon’s knife at all! A dermatologist injects a small amount of Botox underneath the skin around the eyebrows. Since this treatment involves giving injections, the down-time involved is a small one. Patients get free in 20-30 minutes and they can start seeing the effects within a week, whereas, in surgery they have to wait for the stitches to heal first and that takes a considerable amount of time.

Botox brow lift is an effective anti-ageing procedure for not just women but men too, who have a mild to moderate heaviness in the brow area and don’t want to undergo surgery. The procedure can be performed on all skin types. In fact those who have naturally-drooping eyelids and low-hanging eyebrows, for them this treatment is a godsend gift!

The brow lift procedure with Botulinum Toxin or Botox literally ‘lifts’ the skin tissues above and around the eyebrows so that the natural eyebrow arch is a few millimeters higher. Since the muscles are temporarily rendered inactive (i.e. frozen in place), there is little to no risk that the eyebrows will begin to droop again.

Botox is commonly used for ironing out the wrinkles and fine lines, particularly in areas such as forehead and around eyes. The Botox brow lift works by gently weakening the muscles above the delicate eye area. It smoothes away worry lines and deep grooves caused by frowning along the lower forehead. The muscles around the top of the eyebrows get relaxed and the patient’s skin appears smoother, more toned and tightened.

Thus the resulting ‘arched’ eyebrows lend a youthful and fresher appearance to the face. This injectable treatment sure comes for a cost but is considered to be cost-effective by most experts. Touchup treatments are not required until 6 to 8 months after the initial treatment. Some clinics offer packages of injections so that patients can save on the costs. Usually, the lift will cost anywhere between Rs 10,000 -16,000 depending upon the units of the drug consumed and the individual doctor’s fees.

She also stresses, that since the brow lift involves injecting Botox into muscles around the eyebrows on the forehead, it is very important that only specific muscles are targeted. Opting for a quack can do more harm than good. After all, who would like to carry an ‘angry’ or a ‘surprised’ look all the time for months till the effects of the injection wears off? Only a trained injector knows where to and how much to inject. Hence, always opt for a reputed clinic and a well-experienced doctor.




Endemol has closed a global deal with Turner Broadcasting System International for the all-new second season of Mr Bean Animated Series

This is a multi-territory deal covering Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and several key European markets

The series will be produced in-house by Tiger Aspect Productions (an Endemol Company)

Endemol, the world’s largest independent production and distribution company, today announced that Turner Broadcasting System International has acquired the all-new second series of MR BEAN ANIMATED SERIES for their services throughout Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and several European markets including the United Kingdom, Turkey, Spain and Italy.

This deal comes off the back of the announcement that the series has been pre-sold to CITV in the UK and Super RTL in Germany.

Mark Eyers, Chief Content Officer, Kids Networks, Turner International Asia Pacific, said: “This extraordinary universal comedy truly delivers on a premium and compelling content experience for both our audiences and affiliates. We’re proud to welcome Mr Bean into the Turner fold and to partner with Endemol, Tiger Aspect and the exceptionally talented Rowan Atkinson. This unique non-dialogue brand of funny, will delight viewers around the world.”

Cathy Payne, CEO of Endemol Worldwide Distribution commented: “We are excited that Turner has come on board to join our other partners CITV and Super RTL Germany. To have such support at this early stage is incredible and proves the popularity of the wonderful Mr Bean”.

Cecilia Persson, Turner’s Vice President of Acquisitions and Co-productions for EMEA and International, added: “It’s great to announce this deal across our international business. Our kids channels provide the best in animated comedy entertainment for young audiences and Mr Bean is truly an iconic comedy character which kids across the globe will love! Mr Bean has performed excellently across our EMEA region where our second flagship channel Boomerang brings contemporary iterations of timeless and classic properties to a family audience.”

The 52 x 11 minute series follows on the success of the first series which has been licensed in over 70 territories and continues to be a ratings winner for a host of international broadcasters.

Mr Bean will be produced in house by Tiger Aspect Productions using Celaction2D. Production commenced in October 2013 and delivery is scheduled for 2014/2015.

Rowan Atkinson is across all aspects of the creative and will continue to voice the series which has a huge global audience.


For more information:

Shannon Becker

Endemol Worldwide Distribution

tel: +61 2 9202 8504

Vishesh Verma

Turner International India Pvt. Limited

Tel: +91 22 4209-9189



Mr Bean is a British character with a worldwide following across every age, demographic and culture.

Aided by his best friend Teddy, Mr Bean stumbles from one mishap to the next, always finding complex solutions to the simplest of problems. He is the character who everyone wants to help out of his sticky situations, but nobody would invite for tea.

With the original series, starring Rowan Atkinson, 2 feature films, an animated series adapted from the original series, and a second on the way for 2015, this quirky and evergreen brand is laughed at and loved on a global scale.


Mr Bean has a global reach in both established and new media, it is an evergreen international property.


 The 14 half hour live action programmes have sold to over 190 countries worldwide.

 The original television series has been in continual distribution worldwide for 23 years.

 In 2002 the character was transformed into an animated series of 26 half hour episodes.

 Both the Live and Animated Mr Bean TV series are currently in distribution in over 80 territories worldwide.


 Videos/DVDs of Mr Bean in continual distribution worldwide for 21 years.

 Worldwide video sales exceed 30 million units to date.

 Mr Bean DVDs are currently available in over 40 territories around the world.

Feature Films

 Mr Bean – The Ultimate Disaster Movie was released in 1997, and is one of the highest grossing UK films taking $255million worldwide.

 Mr Bean’s Holiday was released ten years later in 2007 in 65 countries worldwide taking $240 million at the box office.


 Live and Animated licensing programs.

 8 agents covering over 20 territories.

 Categories covered include gifting, coffee shops, apps and stationery.


 50 million fans on Facebook (

 There have been 355 million views of Mr Bean clips on You Tube (

 300,000 app downloads to date.


Endemol is the largest independent television and digital production company in the world. It comprises a global network of around 90 companies in more than 30 countries and is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The company annually produces over 350 series across genres, including entertainment, reality TV, game shows, comedy, drama, sport, kids programming, factual, docu-dramas and features.

Endemol works with roughly 400 broadcasters, digital platforms and licensees worldwide. The business covers development, production, marketing, distribution, franchise management and multi-platform initiatives including gaming, apps and digital video.

Credits include international hits such as Big Brother, Deal or No Deal, Wipeout, The Money Drop and Your Face Sounds Familiar. The company’s growing drama and comedy portfolio includes Hell on Wheels, Hot in Cleveland, Kirstie, Leverage, Home and Away, Death Comes to Pemberley, Emmy Award winning Black Mirror, Ripper Street, Peaky Blinders and the forthcoming World War I drama The Ark for the BBC.

As one of the world’s largest independent distributors of formats and finished programming Endemol launches over 50 new entertainment formats each year on broadcast networks around the world and distributes more than 29,000 hours of content. The company’s creative teams around the world are continuously developing new ideas that are shared across the Endemol network.


Turner Broadcasting System International operates versions of core TBS brands, including CNN, TNT, Cartoon Network, and Turner Classic Movies, as well as country- and region-specific networks and businesses in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. It runs Pay- and Free-TV-channels, as well as Internet-based services, and is a commercial partner with various third-party media ventures; it teams with Warner Bros. and HBO to leverage Time Warner’s global reach. TBS operates more than 150 channels showcasing 32 brands in 36 languages in over 200 countries. Turner Broadcasting System International, Inc. is a subsidiary of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. (TBS), a Time Warner company.


‘Locha-E-Ulfat’, 2nd song from 2 States

The 2nd song from Dharma Productions’ ‘2 States’, ‘Locha-E-Ulfat’, has been released. Featuring the lead couple against the college backdrop, the song video can be viewed at

Arjun Kapoor, who portrays the character of Krish Malhotra, is seen falling head-over-heels in love with Ananya Swaminathan, played by Alia Bhatt. The song has Arjun expressing his conflict about having fallen in love with Ananya. With melodious tunes by Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy, the song has been sung by Aditi Singh Sharma & Amitabh Bhattacharya.

A UTV Motion Pictures presentation, and a Sajid Nadiadwala & Karan Johar production, 2 States has been directed by Abhishek Varman and stars Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor. It is based on Chetan Bhagat’s best-selling novel 2 States, and is slated to release on 18th April, 2014.


Farhan Akhtar had made a mark with his band Farhan Live. The actor has made his passion a bigger property now.

Farhan has been working on his band from the past 2.5 yrs.

The first performance in Goa set a benchmark for the band. The band has been performing in a lot of places.

The actor has been getting invited from across the country for him to come and perform. From colleges to rims to events, everyone has been sending requests for a visit by the actor.

Farhan Live has become a big property in itself.

The actor has covered most big and small cities in the country. He has covered everywhere. He has performed in places like Goa, Ranchi, Belgum, Mumbai, Calcutta, etc.

This time around the actor is getting offers from international mediums too to perform in their country. The actor who had recently performed in Dubai will soon be seen carrying his guitar to Singapore and Hongkong.

When contacted, Farhan’s spokesperson confirmed the news and says, “It’s a great opportunity for the band to perform at an international level. They now only plan to make this bigger.”


Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha shoot a song in Jaipur for Holiday — A Soldier Is Never Off Duty

Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha were shooting a song for Holiday — A Soldier Is Never Off Duty in a desert in Jaipur. There was a problem of language as few of the crew members were tamilian. For a shot sand was required to be thrown for the effect but later instructions were given to stop throwing sand in hindi which ofcourse the tamilians could not follow because they dont speak Hindi.

Vipul Shah the producer of the film says, “Sand got into Akki and Sonakshi’s eyes, hair and clothes. It was worse for Sonakshi, but she, Akshay and my director Murugadoss treated the situation like a comedy of errors and laughed off the whole thing. They were truly sporting. Otherwise, a situation like this could have brought the shooting to a halt.”


B-town’s big inspiration from AXN’s hit series

There have been various movies inspired from TV series: Transformers, Star Trek, X files are few of the famous ones. Our very own Bollywood is coming up with two movies , one starring Rajiv Khandelwal and the other starring Emran Hashmi. The Khandelwal starrer is inspired by AXN’s hit how Sherlock and the other movie takes its inspiration from AXN’s Hannibal. It is ironic as the popular AXN shows are inspired from movies themselves.

Khandelwal is in the process of finishing the dubbing for his film Samrat & Co which is produced by Rajshri Productions. Khandelwal plays the role of a detective inspired from Sherlock Holmes of “Sherlock” TV series . What’s to watch out for is whether Rajeev Khandelwal would like to exchange notes with the British Sherlock a.k.a Benedict Cumberbatch or the American Sherlock a.k.a Jonny Lee Miller from the Elementary fame.

Emran Hashmi is busy shooting his film “X”, Emran said that he had always wanted to play a role like Dr. Lecter from the series Hannibal. As the show is already very popular in India, apparently the movie is also expected to be a big hit.

With already two AXN shows-inspired movies in the pipeline, one can expect more movies from Bollywood taking its reference from popular TV shows.

For all the fans, catch the Hannibal series every Saturday at 9pm only on AXN.


Bollywood Superstar Abhishek Bachchan Visits Orissa To Inaugurate Role as First END7 Campaign Ambassador in India

Emotional moment as star pours water over the feet of elderly man infected with lymphatic filariasis (elephantiasis)

ORISSA INDIA – In a striking and emotional moment, Abhishek Bachchan, who has been named the first END7 Campaign Ambassador in India by The Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases (Global Network), poured water over the feet of an elderly man suffering from lymphatic filariasis (elephantiasis), a debilitating and disfiguring neglected tropical disease (NTD), at the Banamalipur Resource Centre run by Church’s Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA) just outside of Bhubaneswar in Orissa, India. The eastern state of Orissa has one of the highest burdens of NTDs in the country.

Mr. Bachchan met with women and men suffering from lymphatic filariasis. These patients shared heartbreaking stories with him, including how the stigma and shame associated with the disease’s massive swelling prevented them or their children from marrying, securing employment and socializing freely within their own communities. He also witnessed first-hand various disease management and disability prevention techniques, including washing, drying, exercise, massage, and elevation of the limbs, to alleviate some of the suffering.

“We have a staggering proportion of fellow Indians who are infected by or at risk of contracting at least one NTD.” said Mr. Bachchan. “My first site visit with END7 has been a deeply moving, personal experience that allowed me to understand how these diseases can devastate entire families through the pain and stigma they cause,” he continued. “We are making good progress and have free, safe treatments available. But we must build greater momentum and every Indian should do their part to help make defeating NTDs by 2020 our country’s next big health success story.”

Maintaining the progress that India has gained against NTDs is crucial as India comes closer to achieving the control and elimination of five NTDs by 2020. Mr Bachchan will play a key role in drawing attention to NTDs as an achievable health priority for India, educating the public about the impact of NTDs and the importance of public participation in free NTD treatment programs, whilst also encouraging national and state level policymakers to continue making the cost-effective investment in NTD programs.

“The lymphatic filariasis centre that we visited today is at the forefront of India’s efforts to combat NTDs,” said Dr. Neeraj Mistry, managing director of the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases, the initiative behind the END7 campaign. “CASA has a winning model, treating over 20,000 LF patients and providing cost effective medicines to prevent thousands more cases of LF in Orissa. By integrating NTD programs with other health initiatives on water, sanitation and nutrition, this centre is a micro example of what India can achieve with NTD control and elimination programs at greater scale.”

Lymphatic filariasis, along with other NTDs, can be prevented with a yearly dose of albendazole or DEC.

Pills to treat the most common NTDs are donated by pharmaceutical companies or procured by the Indian government, offered free of charge to the public. Many NTD programs use existing infrastructure, such as schools and community centers, to administer the medicine, making NTD treatment one of the most cost-effective public health initiatives available today.

END7 is the first and only global public awareness campaign dedicated to controlling and eliminating the seven most common NTDs by 2020. It was launched in 2012 by the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases, an advocacy initiative of the Sabin Vaccine Institute.

Please visit and for more information, including fact sheets and program videos, or follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.


For further information, please contact:

Natasha Mudhar

Sterling Media

T: +44 20 78010077


About END7

END7 is an international advocacy campaign that seeks to raise the awareness and funding necessary to control and eliminate the seven most common neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) by 2020. END7 is run by the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases, an initiative of the Sabin Vaccine Institute. For more information please visit:


Twitter: @end_7

Hashtag: #end7

About the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases

The Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases is an advocacy initiative of the Sabin Vaccine Institute that works in partnership with international agencies, governments, academic institutions, corporations, non-governmental development organizations and the general public to raise the awareness, political will and funding necessary to control and eliminate the seven most common neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) by 2020. For more information, please visit

About Sabin Vaccine Institute

Sabin Vaccine Institute is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization of scientists, researchers, and advocates dedicated to reducing needless human suffering caused by vaccine preventable and neglected tropical diseases. Sabin works with governments, leading public and private organizations, and academic institutions to provide solutions for some of the world’s most pervasive health challenges. Since its founding in 1993 in honor of the oral polio vaccine developer, Dr. Albert B. Sabin, the Institute has been at the forefront of efforts to control, treat and eliminate these diseases by developing new vaccines, advocating use of existing vaccines and promoting increased access to affordable medical treatments. For more information please visit

About Abhishek Bachchan

Abhishek Bachchan is an Indian film actor and has acted in over 50 feature films during a span of thirteen years. He is the son of actors and Indian screen legends Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan. Abhishek has several film awards and titles as the ‘youth style icon’ to his credit. He is the brand ambassador of Idea!, Videocon d2h, and Omega Watches. Abhishek has spearheaded the production of the film ‘Paa’, winner of four National Film Awards from the stable of AB Corp Ltd. He is the first Indian film star to hold a Guinness Book of World Record for film promotions of ‘Delhi 6’ and along with his wife, have been the only Indian couple to appear on the ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show.’ Abhishek is the captain and one of the founders of the All Stars Football Club (ASFC), a property of charitable trust that consists of film and television artists. His honours include the ‘Yash Bharati Award’, by the State of Uttar Pradesh and ‘Green Globe Award’ by the Green Globe Foundation and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). Married to actress and former Miss World, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, he resides in Juhu, Mumbai with his family and daughter, Aaradhya.

About NTDs

The seven most common NTDs – hookworm, ascariasis (roundworm), trichuriasis (whipworm), schistosomiasis (snail fever), lymphatic filariasis (elephantiasis), onchocerciasis (river blindness) and trachoma – infect more than 1 in 6 people worldwide. They cause blindness, massive swelling in appendages and limbs, disfigurement, severe malnutrition and anemia. NTDs prevent children from growing and learning. They reduce adults’ economic productivity and ability to care for their families, keeping communities trapped in a cycle of poverty and disease.

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Indian women set Guinness World Record for ‘Most Female Participants in a Motor Sport Event’

Mumbai, 13th March, 2014: Lavasa Women’s Drive (LWD), the biggest all-women car drive in the country, organized by Lavasa Corporation Limited has set a Guinness World Record for ‘Most female participants in a motor sport event’. This year the drive saw 934 women with 467 cars driving from Mumbai and Pune to scenic Lavasa, India’s first planned hill city, to achieve this feat. The event was organized on February 22, 2014.

Lavasa Women’s Drive celebrates the spirit of the modern Indian woman – full of fun, adventure and compassion. The drive has been instrumental in spreading awareness about cancer as well as diverse social causes related to women.

Lavasa Women’s Drive actively supports the cause of Women’s Cancer prevention through early detection since 2009. A large part of money collected through registration, is donated to Women’s Cancer Initiative – Tata Memorial Hospital.

Marco Frigatti, Senior Vice President of Records, Guinness World Records, said, “This is an impressive mass participation Guinness World Records event – even more so when the record itself helps raise awareness of a serious health issue such as cancer. We welcome the Lavasa Women’s Drive to our family of our record holders.”

Anuradha Paraskar, Sr. Vice President – Marketing and Sales, Lavasa Corporation Limited, commenting on Lavasa Women’s Drive setting a new Guinness World Records title, said, “It is a proud moment for us at Lavasa. What started as an innovative concept 6 years back has now made a mark on the global stage by setting a new Guinness World Record. We salute the spirit of participants and congratulate them for setting a new world record.
The recognition for Lavasa Women’s Drive augurs well for Lavasa, India’s planned hill city. When we set out to build the city we always envisaged it to be a development that will make India proud. Recognitions like the Guinness World Record are significant milestones in our journey towards making it happen.”

The sixth edition of the drive witnessed overwhelming participation from 2000 women. The drive touched lives of millions of women from more than 100 countries around the world as they voted for their friends and acquaintances to ensure their participation in this event.

Winners of Lavasa Women’s Drive and all other women participants who contributed to setting a new Guinness World Record will be felicitated by Super Star, Amitabh Bachchan at the Lavasa Women’s Drive Awards ceremony to be held in Mumbai on March 18, 2014.

In a message to Indian women on International Women’s Day, Amitabh Bachchan, said, “I am so happy to be associated with a cause that empowers women and is also helping to create awareness about an issue that affects their lives. I am looking forward to attending the Lavasa Women’s Drive awards to support an initiative, which creates awareness about all types of women’s cancer.”

Lavasa Women’s Drive (LWD) – factoids

· LWD has been acknowledged by the Limca Book of Records as India’s Largest Women’s Car Rally.

· LWD stands for the true spirit of women today that represents confident, independent, and enterprising with a penchant for social causes.

· Participation from all walks of life – home makers, Navy officers, police force, corporate women, cancer survivors, NGO’s, etc.

· Over the years 7000 women have participated in the drive and have garnered 3.2 million votes from 100 countries.

· 3000 cars have driven to Lavasa till date and 60 celebrities have witnessed the drive.

· The drive has grown in stature over the last 6 years. From 100 cars to 500 cars that drive from Mumbai and Pune

Lavasa Women’s Drive and cancer prevention

· LWD primarily supports the cause of Cancer Prevention through Early Detection. A large part of money collected through registration, is donated to Women’s Cancer Initiative – Tata Memorial Hospital. More than 4 million rupees has been generated towards this cause.

· Free cancer detection camps and workshops have been held for the economically under-privileged women from villages at Lavasa and other remote villages in Maharshtra.


· Limca Book of Records: National Record for the largest women’s car rally
Year: 2011, 2012, 2013

About Lavasa

Lavasa is India’s first planned hill city where people can live, work, learn and play in harmony with nature. Lavasa, an inclusive city being developed by HCC (Hindustan Construction Company) over 10,000 hectares, is based on the principles of New Urbanism. It takes three hours from Mumbai and one hour from Pune to reach Lavasa by road. Lavasa will host a multitude of global leaders in hospitality, tourism, education, health care, business research and industry. The hill city provides a combination of contemporary and timeless architectural designs, with multiple options for housing including rental housing, apartments and villas. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and amenities, the city enables people to live life in full.

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Aditya Birla Hospital organized a patient awareness seminar on kidney donation

Thursday, March 13, 2014: Marking the occasion of World Kidney day 2014 on 13th March, Aditya Birla Memorial hospital, Pune, Maharashtra’s first Joint Commission International (JCI), USA and NABH accredited Hospital, organized a patient awareness seminar on kidney donation. Dr. Manish Mali and Dr. TarunJeloka, Nephrology specialist, Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital conducted the awareness seminar where they extensively spoke about the benefit of kidney donation and how it helps in saving life.Aditya Birla Hospital also set up an organ donation desk in their atrium to encourage and invite voluntary donors to register themselves.

“Statistics reveal that in Southern states (Tamil Nadu in particular) and Gujarat around 7-8 brain dead donors are identified every month and their organs are donated to approximately 15-20 recipients. However, in Pune there were only 6 donations last oneyear. This is a very pathetic situation compared to other states. Also it is not necessary that only a brain dead patient donates his/her kidney. A healthy person in case of need can also donate the kidney to save the life of their loved one. Kidney donation is a relatively safe surgery. It’s the most expendable of organs. So giving up a kidney causes no disadvantage to your long-term health. In fact, studies have shown that kidney donor actually live longer than the general population because donors come from a pool of people in good health and they are respected and better looked after by all medical fraternity. More and more people should vouch for organ donation and help give a new lease of life to the needy”, said Dr. Sunil Mali, from Aditya Birla Hospital who recently along with his team performed a kidney transplant from the eldest donor of 77 year old.

The prevalence of kidney diseases is increasing dramatically and the cost of treating chronic diseases represents a leading threat to healthcare resources worldwide. The frequency of Chronic Kidney Disease continues to increase worldwide as does the prevalence of end-stage renal disease (ESRD). The most common, but not only, causes of Chronic Kidney Disease are hypertension and diabetes. With the increasing number of cases of diabetes both in India and Asia, the prevalence and incidence of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) are also on the rise. Hence it is very important to create awareness of donation of kidney amongst people in Maharashtra.

“Number of diabetes cases has been rising, there are currently over 240 million people with diabetes worldwide. This figure is projected to rise to 380 million by 2025, and expected to be more than double in South East Asia. It is also noticed that almost 30 to 40% of all diabetic have Chronic Kidney disease,” said Dr. TarunJeloka, senior nephrologist, Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital. “Also the figure of high blood pressure is expected to rise to 1.56 billion by 2025”, he further added.

Hence it is very important to create awareness of the chronic kidney disease and importance of early detection to control the disease. Further it is crucial that people understand the importance of donating kidney of brain dead deceased and live patients as it can save people’s life.

For further information, please contact:

PRaxis Media

Prathmesh Chavan: +919619287120

Pallavi Khandelwal: +91 7776016310


LFW once again favours Global Advertisers for outdoor promotion

Mumbai: 13 March, 2014: Lakmé Fashion Week (LFW 12-16 March, 2014), India’s leading fashion trade even has once again assigned its advertising duties to India’s premier outdoor advertising agency Global Advertisers. Industry’s popular and bollywood’s favourite fashion designer Manish Malhotra has opened the Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2014 in Mumbai with actress Sonakshi Sinha as a show stopper. And, the Lakme Grand Finale will be presented by Rajesh Pratap Singh. Being the most awaited glamorous show of the country, its outdoor promotional plan has always been very challenging, the location of hoardings, size of the display, high visibility all contributes to the success of its campaign on outdoor medium. To create a buzz, Global has dedicated best of its property covering every nook ‘n’ and corner of the city.

Commenting on the association, Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Global Advertisers said “we are delighted to be associated with LFW again this year; they trusted our services and products. As an official outdoor partner for LFW, we delivered innovative branding solutions via our OOH army. Mumbai’s all high profile areas have been successfully captured through our displays, ensuring clutter free visibility for the show.”

LFW will showcases the talent of 100 new designers as well as the established ones including Anita Dongre, Krishna Mehta, Tarun Tahiliani, Narendra kumar, Swapnil Shinde and many more. Bollywood celebrities as show stoppers, season’s best ensembles, luxury brands and outfits have been the key success element of LFW, making it most talked fashion event of the industry.


Holi’s significance to our Bollywood top singers

The festival of colour, Holi also signifies – Mast, Raas-rang, song-music, and lots of enjoyment. In this festival of Holi irrespective of the age everyone appear to be immersed in the fun. Some color the cheeks with simplicity dry colour and some people are totally bathed in colours.

Lets us see how our famous singer of Bollywood brigade celebrates the festival of colours.

Kailash Kher:

The ‘teri deewani’ singer explains, ‘As fas as possible I try to celebrate Holi at my place with my family. And I try to celebrate the traditional way of Holi as I remember from my childhood so that my son Kabir doesn’t have to Google about ‘why Holi is celebrated?’ At the previous night of Holi we burn Holika followed with playing of colours and next day we play Holi with family. I seek elder’s blessing and good wishes to the younger lot on the day of Holi.’

Hard Kaur:

The first Indian rapper said, ‘The best part of Holi for me is playing with colours. I love putting colours on my friends and family. But when my turn comes I hide, though, can’t get so lucky all the time sometime I do get caught but still love Holi. On the day of Holi to see the colorful faces gives me so much fun.’

Malkit Singh:

Gur Naal Ishq Mitha and tootak tutiya fame singer Malkit Singh misses his country India at occasions like this. As he know resides in Britain but he enjoys Holi there with his friends and family. And being a true Punjabi they dance and sing at the festival of Holi. The singer is spending his time in India now-a-days as the singer had launched his new music album ‘Sikh Hon Da Maan’. The album contains 10 songs and it’s a fusion album with clear message that feel ‘Proud to be Sikh.’

Shibani Kashyap:

The enchanting and winsome voice of ‘Saajana aa bhi ja’ – Shibani Kashyap enjoys Holi a lot. She said, ‘When I was young I remember enjoying Holi with my friends in Delhi and it was fun. Still I get thrilled whenever those memories come to mind. Now I don’t play Holi much but still like to visit family and friends during the festival. I love listening Holi songs and ‘Rangbarse bhige chunaar wali’ is mostly enjoying one for me.’

Nakash Aziz:

After the humungous success of ‘Saree ke fall sa’, singer of the song Nakash Aziz definitely living each day like a festival. He said, ‘On Holi we apply colours on each other, sing and dance along in our colony. Since childhood I love Holi but after I have grown up we celebrate Holi with friends and without water. We gather at a place and party on the day.’

Jazzy B:

Jazzy B is not any less than anyone when it comes to celebrating Holi. Crown Prince of Bhangra, king of beats, who always manages somehow to be in news either for his hairstyles or his peppy videos – Jazzy B said, ‘As a child I was very naughty on Holi, but now I am all grown up. Still I live the spirit of Holi with my children, family and friends. Without sweets we Indians cannot celebrate our festivals and so in my house too we have all sorts of sweets in Holi too plus lots of music and dance. Holi is a great excuse of socializing and partying. All this sounds good to



SAB TV recently shot a special programme for Holi celebrations – “SAB Ki Filmy Holi”.

Jethalal Gada and Daya Gada of ‘Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma’ were the anchors for the entire event and a special dance performance was given by them as well. As per the schedule, Dilip & Disha had to dance on a fast paced Bollywood movie song. Initially, the group dancers were to perform a vigorous dance step in the beginning and then the couple would join the performance. However Disha insisted that she wanted to be a part of the performance from the start & would like to perform the difficult steps too. Everyone was concerned if Disha would be able to execute it. Disha put in all her efforts and gave a superb dance performance.

Dilip Joshi said, “Both of us were supposed to anchor the programme and do a dance performance as well. When Disha said that she wanted to do the difficult dance steps herself, initially I was worried as I was not sure if she could manage it. She surprised the entire team by pulling it off perfectly. Her enthusiasm rubbed on to me and we both gave a perfect performance in the event.”

Though the shoot stretched on till late hours both Dilip & Disha never fell short on energy and gave a splendid performance in ‘SAB Ki Filmy Holi’.

Watch “SAB Ki Filmy Holi” on 17th March ’14 at 9 pm only on SAB TV!


The second season of Aamir Khan’s TV show, which brings lesser-discussed social issues to the audience’s drawing rooms, has got a favorable response from the viewers.

The second season has bought out even bigger response that too by the police officials.

The second episode Aamir did dealt with the problems faced by the Police system in our country. He went through every nuances of the problem of day to day life of a police officer.

After the episode went on air Aamir got a lot of congratulatory messages from police force.

Right from the constables to high ranking officers every one had a thanking message for Aamir Khan.

Recently, when Aamir was driving through the city, one of the traffic constables came to him at the signal and spoke to him about the great gesture the actor made for them. He even said to the actor that it is perhaps the first time someone has understood them and their working conditions.

When we all blame the police system to be bad and laid back the actor made it a point to bring out the problem they face.

Spokesperson of the actor confirms the news and adds, “Aamir is humbled by the messages he has been getting from the police official. He was very pleased by the encounter he had with the traffic police official too.”


Sooraj Barjatya’s next film with Salman Khan has been in the news for quite some time now. The director Sooraj Barjatya has finally confirmed that the title of his upcoming release is going to be “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo”.

Opposite the Khan will be Sonam Kapoor who has shared screen space with him in her debut film.

The film will be a starry affair with a star cast that includes Anupam Kher, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Deepak Debroyal, Swara Bhaskar and Samaira Rao. This is the cast which has been finalized till date.

The music of the film will be given by Himesh Reshamiya, lyricist being Irshad Kamil, director Photography Harish Joshi, Production Design Nitin Desai, Sound Design Jitendra Choudhry, Editor – Sanjay Sankla ,Action by Kaushal Moses and Greg Powell.

The film will go on floors in June this year. It is set to release on Diwali in 2015.

Spokesperson confirms the news and adds, “We have locked the title to be Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. We have largely finalized the other cast and crew too, Salman and Sona being the lead pair. The film will go on floor this June for a 2015 Diwali release. ”

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India Today Group –Animated Video Cartoons ‘So Sorry’ bag the FICCI BAF Award in the Open Category

India Today Group’s Cutting Edge animated video cartoon series ‘So Sorry’ receives yet another recognition by sweeping the FICCI BAF 2014 award in the Open Category.

Speaking on the occasion Mr.Ashish Bagga, Group CEO India Today Group said, “The series has effectively been illustrating the lighter side of Politics in the action packed election season. Humour and wit that reflects on the current political drama in the nation is an awesome reflection on the public sentiment”

The impact of animation is in delivering in a lighter vein, the most serious of issues, while topicality keeps the spirit of ‘So Sorry’ alive. The inventiveness of So Sorry lies in the fact that it needs no words. It is even free of age or any bias. The capsules are live across TV, Internet and mobile going viral within days of launch.

For Media Contacts:

Ketchum Sampark Pvt. Ltd.


At the event the top three shortlisted interviewee’s interacted with

Ayushmann and had a grueling interview by the marketing head of YRF. They were questioned on campaigns and asked how they would change a particular campaign.

Sonam and Ayushmann both shared incidents when they were working and the initial interviews and auditions they went for.

There was a enthusiastic quorum of interviewees who asked the dup questions while they patiently answered.

Ayushmann also did a small performance on the title track of the film with placards of Hire Mohit.

Among the shortlisted people, it was Raisa Ghosh who finally got hired. She will be joining the studio as a marketing executive.


Yeh Hai Bakrapur Trailer proves that “Shahrukh Ispessal Hai”

Charging towards the mammoth number of 1 MILLION views, the trailer of Yeh Hai Bakrapur has been making news since its release. The comments on the trailer range from ‘Killer Trailer’ to ‘Lets wait for the Bakragiri’. Many viewers have already declared it a hit. The trailer can be viewed at

A social satire set against the backdrop of rural India, Yeh Hai Bakrapur is a hilarious take on the complex belief systems that prevail in Indian society. The film is about the Qureshis and their pet goat Shahrukh, who acquires rock star status in the village, and beyond.

Janaki Vishwanathan, Director, Yeh Hai Bakrapur, says, “We realized, during our research for the film, that people love naming their pets after movie stars. In our movie, the goat is a celebrity. So it made perfect sense to name him Shahrukh, considering that the name means the face of emperor. We are glad that viewers have appreciated the trailer and, that too, in such large numbers.”

Whether Shah Rukh Khan watches this film or not, remains to be seen. However, it can be said with conviction, that This Summer, Being Bakra is definitely going to be better than being human!

Written and directed by Janaki Vishwanathan and produced by Ramesh S Arunachalam, Yeh Hai Bakrapur, also starring Anshuman Jha, is slated to release on 25th April.



A Visual Treat of Creatively Crafted & Beautiful Timeless Jewellery!
Contemporary Indian Jewellery Showcase by
Tibarumals Jewelry
At sprawling suburban 5 Star JW Marriott from 10th March- 12th March

Tibarumals, over a century, is well known and trusted brand Indian traditional and contemporary jewelry besides international collections.
Tibarumals as a brand, over the years has contributed expressive and creative jewelry to the connoisseurs’ jewelry in India and abroad as well.

The exquisite jewelry showcase began today morning with the crème de la crème crowd visiting the exhibition.

Anup Jalota was in awe of the spectacular jewelry showcase & showed interest as Pankaj & Shobha Gupta guided him around.
Tibarumals have carved a niche for itself and is one of the very few select jewelers in India, having a team of its own traditional and best jewel smiths running through generations.

Their customized designs are hand crafted with exquisite form and delicate details. The products, one-of-a-kind jewelry with outstanding quality and skilled artistry, are remarkable.
Very high end, exclusive, designer and contemporary gem stones, diamonds and pearls and antique jewelry, hand crafted by traditional artisans of Hyderabad.
The exhibition lasts till 12th March. Something the women should not miss out on!


Celebrities at the Stoli Lounge at Lakme Fashion Week Day 2
Aspri Spirits Hosts Pre-Show Cocktails for Designer Narendra Kumar and Tarun Tahiliani at the Stoli Lounge

Pre-show cocktails for Narendra Kumar and Tarun Tahiliani’s show at Lakme Fashion Week were held at the Stoli Lounge. Please find attached pictures of celebrities at the Stoli Lounge.

About Stolichnaya

Stolichnaya Premium vodka, fondly known as Stoli, is renowned as one of the world’s leading vodka brands using the highest quality ingredients and finest distillation and filtration processes. A true pioneer among premium vodka’s, Stoli’s pedigree of originality and innovation has revolutionized spirits and cocktail culture time and time again. One of the most acclaimed brands in the portfolio of SPI Group, the company owns more than 120 brand and place a huge focus on innovation investing over a hundred million dollars in state-of-the-art technology continuing to fund improvements in business time and time again. At the same time, they are looking to take existing brands into new markets to develop their current product range and acquire new brands for the future.

About Aspri Spirits

Aspri Spirits, one of the leading distributors of premium wines, spirits and beer in the country was established in 2004. The company was founded by two of the industry’s finest professionals Mr. Jackie Matai, a seasoned entrepreneur and Mr. Arun Kumar, an experienced industry professional who has been associated with several global brands and headed renowned multinationals companies in the Asian region. They have ensured clear focus and strengthened Aspri’s vision to emerge as a top player in the wine and beverages segment. Aspri Spirits with its headquarters in Mumbai and branches in Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad along with 7 representative offices in the country is a leading player in the international wine, beer and spirits business in India. Aspri’s belief of building brands lies in developing markets together with its principals through teamwork, identifying new opportunities and insights into changing market trends and preferences.


Awards for best animated films announced

Mumbai, 12 March 2014: The FICCI BAF (Best Animated Film) awards were announced here at a glittering function at the end of day 1 of the FICCI FRAMES 2014 conference. FRAMES is a three day global convention organised by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). It covers the entire gamut of media and entertainment like films, broadcast, digital entertainment, animation, gaming, and visual effects. This is the 15th year of FICCI FRAMES.

Since 2004, FICCI has been recognising outstanding students and professionals in the animation field. Over the years, the awards grew to include the VFX and gaming fields. Applications come in from all over the world, and the standard gets better each year.

This year, the categories included animation, visual effects and gaming. Out of hundreds of entries, 27 were finally selected. Participants were given the choice of entering in the Indian category, international category or both. The latter option was open to Indian candidates.

As the awardees came up to receive their prizes, they spoke a few words about the effort and passion that they had put into their work. The recognition of their merit came as a well-deserved culmination to months of frustration and inspiration alike. Included among the winners were seven international entries from China, Denmark, the United Kingdom and Ukraine.

The awards function was followed by a grand reception where the conference delegates interacted informally with the awardees. A list of the award winners is attached.


Lakmé Fashion Week once again favours Global Advertisers for outdoor promotion

Mumbai: Lakmé Fashion Week (LFW 12-16 March, 2014), India’s leading fashion trade even has once again assigned its advertising duties to India’s premier outdoor advertising agency Global Advertisers. Industry’s popular and bollywood’s favourite fashion designer Manish Malhotra has opened the Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2014 in Mumbai with actress Sonakshi Sinha as a show stopper. And, the Lakme Grand Finale will be presented by Rajesh Pratap Singh. Being the most awaited glamorous show of the country, its outdoor promotional plan has always been very challenging, the location of hoardings, size of the display, high visibility all contributes to the success of its campaign on outdoor medium. To create a buzz, Global has dedicated best of its property covering every nook ‘n’ and corner of the city.

Commenting on the association, Sanjeev Gupta, Managing Director, Global Advertisers said “we are delighted to be associated with LFW again this year; they trusted our services and products. As an official outdoor partner for LFW, we delivered innovative branding solutions via our OOH army. Mumbai’s all high profile areas have been successfully captured through our displays, ensuring clutter free visibility for the show.”

LFW will showcases the talent of 100 new designers as well as the established ones including Anita Dongre, Krishna Mehta, Tarun Tahiliani, Narendra kumar, Swapnil Shinde and many more. Bollywood celebrities as show stoppers, season’s best ensembles, luxury brands and outfits have been the key success element of LFW, making it most talkedfashion event of the industry.

Sanjay Sharma Raj



Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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