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Tanisha Singh turns Lady Gaga

After doing about a dozen films in South, Tanisha has now turns a very daring and courageous first Lady of India who wore the real meat cloth to involve herself with the Campaign SAVE THE ANIMALS.

Tanisha was on her way back to mumbai suddenly she saw a dead Animal was lying beside the road,she stopped and as she loves the Animal and birds a Lot she got upset and hurt”with a reaction That what the hell is Going on why the people have turned so much cruel and having no mercy with Birds and Animals.
Then she decided to wear the cloth of the same dead Animal to convey the message world wide “with a request please Stop eating Non veg and try to turn Vegeterian.

A special photo shoot was held in Mumbai on Wednesday, February 5th, 2014, where she gave various pose wearing real goat meat dress, to remind Lady Gaga wore meat dress in 2010 MTV Awards, and now Tanisha Singh does it and became the first Indian Women to show this much of courage who wore the Real meat cloth to support the campaign “SAVE THE ANIMAL”
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Wasim Siddique. fame Media ,Mumbai


Wrestler Sangram Singh and Actress Payal Rohatgi Visited Shirdi

To enter the sanctum of Shirdi SaiBaba Mandir, to offer the customary visit, the ornamental spread, is to touch the core of the Pujari, the one for who the heart is The True God. You enter a sacred space where all distinctions dissolve, where the “power of now”, as Eckhart Tolle puts it, seems to draw into its vortex all other outer preoccupations of the mind. Pilgrims throng for a brief “Darshan” at Samadhi Mandir, the shrine of Sai Baba where His mortal remains were interred. Bollywood celebrities visit spiritual places many a time to seek the Divine Blessings for their Success and their Life. The beautiful Actress Payal Rohatgi and Bigg Boss 7 Finalist, Wrestler Sangram Singh recently visited Shirdi SaiBaba Mandir to offer prayers.

Sangram Singh who visited the holy place Shirdi for the first time said, “I was visiting these Holy places for the first time. Payal is a Ardent follower of Sai Baba ji and she has been there before too. But it was my first time. I felt great and blessed with my visit there.. The crowd of Common man Loved Me. And the Goodwill Post #Bigg Boss has Humbled Me. I am grateful to God for Always guiding me in my Life.”

He also shared his Bigg Boss experience, he said “I am now Getting out of the Reality show of whose part I was for a Total 105 days without a Single Day Break , Cut-off from the World completely. It will always be a important part of my Life. The experience was very humbling and has taught me how to be more Observant and maybe more Tolerant towards various People/Situations in our Normal Life too. Respect cannot be Demanded, Love cannot be forced.”


A poetic evening of bliss with Chief Guest Bappi Lahiri at Oxford

Leadstart Publishing and Oxford Bookstore hosted the book launch of Author, Dr. Paramita Mukherjee Mullick’s collection of Poems, ‘LIFE’ on 7th February, 2014. It was an enthralling evening at the Churchgate Oxford Bookstore where the book was released by Music Director and Lyricist, Bappi Lahiri.

The evening had a lyrical flow to the whole occasion, right from the rhyme of the orating compere to the excerpts read out by the author as well as Bappi lahiri. The onlookers were mesmerised by the poems that spoke of the different facets that life holds and the relevance of each word in the lives of the receivers.

Mr. Lahiri entertained the guests with his harmonious vocals that floored all those around. He also commended Dr. Paramita Mukherjee Mullick for her flair for writing rhymes that impacts the reader deep within.

Please find enclosed event images and press release for your reference and do let us know if you need any more help.

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> Heartlessly Modest!
> The cast & crew of Shekhar Suman’s directorial debut waited in queue to buy the movie tickets along with the other audience
> It is usually seen that the stars enter the theatre to see the reactions of the audiences during their movie, But Shekhar Suman along with the star cast of the film modestly waited in the queue to buy their tickets along with other commoners at Versova, Cinemax.
> Deepti Naval, Shekhar Suman, Adhyayan, Ariana Ayam, Madan Jain along with their friends & family waited in the long queue at the multiplex to everyone’s surprise purchasing tickets of their own film.
> Besides a group of doctors who have been actively involved with Shekhar Suman’s directorial debut since the plot of the film revolves around the sensitive & rare medical phenomenon of ‘Anesthesia Awareness’ came at the multiplex supporting the film & purchased the movie tickets.
> It seemed like a celebration for the masses who came to the multiplex & congratulated the star cast & promised to bring their family to watch the romantic medical thriller.

Picture N Kraft Team
19/101 Mhada Complex, Oshiwara Garden Lane,
New Link Road, Andheri (West) Mumbai-400053


Celebrity Celebration

I am going to get Grammy Award to India: YO YO HONEY SINGH

YO YO Honey Singh unveiled the book ‘Top 100 Celebrity Brands’ authored by Management Guru Vivek Deolankar & Nivedita Shreyans amidst the presence of Hon’ble Dr. K.M. Vasudevan Pillai.

India’s singing sensation Yo Yo Honey Singh, a rage amongst the youth came forward to unveil the book ‘Top 100 Celebrity Brands’ & addressed the students & other eminent personalities prior to the International Commerce & Management Conference on ‘Innovations and In-roads in Commerce, Management and Technology in the Global Arena; Challenges Ahead’.

Dr. K.M. Vasudevan Pillai felicitated the singer with a garland & a shawl while the students continued to roar calling out the globally hit singer followed by few words from the singer which proved to be pretty much a motivation, “It is overwhelming to see Foreigners come study at the University of Mumbai. This is the right age for the students to shape their lives as it will be a deciding factor for their future. If you want to be a celebrity, feel & live like one & the world is yours. I came from a middle class family & look what my belief in life & success has got me. I am going to get Grammy Award to India. I am grateful to Dr. Pillai & Ms. Nivedita for having me here.”

The University of Mumbai organized an International Commerce and Management Conference jointly with the Pillai Group of Institutions based on “Innovations and In-roads in Commerce, Management and Technology in the Global Arena; Challenges Ahead”

The main objective of the International Commerce and Management Conference is to acquaint academicians and professionals with the various issues & facts related to Innovations and In-roads in Commerce, Management and Technology in the Global Arena; Challenges Ahead.

Many eminent persons actively connected with these topics both at operational and policy making levels will be delivering the address at different technical sessions in the International Conference.

The conference will saw the launch of two research volumes: ‘Re-inventing Management in Global Scenario’ authored by Management Guru Dr. Vivek Deolankar & India’s top 100 celebrity brands by Dr. Vivek Deolankar & Nivedita Shreyans by Hon’ble Dr. K.M. Vasudevan Pillai, Founder, Chairman & C.E.O of Mahatma Education Society.

Also present were Hon’ble Mr. Narendra Kumar Shamsukha, Chairman & Managing Director; the Institute of Computer Accountants (A Unit of ICA InfoTech PVT. Limited), Kolkata and noted producer, academicians and professionals from all parts of the country and abroad are expected to participate in the International Conference.

On this occasion the University of Mumbai will felicitate certain prominent personalities who have depicted exemplary conduct and worth and immense contribution to the Industry with a prestigious University citation, plaque and award.

Picture N Kraft Team
19/101 Mhada Complex, Oshiwara Garden Lane,
New Link Road, Andheri (West) Mumbai-400053


Sonalika Pradhan launches her own clothes range VITAMIN in Dubai

Actor Vishwajeet Pradhan & his designer wife Sonalika launched their popular fashion range VITAMIN by Sonalika Pradhan in Dubai at the famous The Address Hotel, recently.

The exhibition & post launch celebrations were attended by numerous dignitaries including Miss Pakistan Sanober Hussein & Miss Czech Republic.

Sonalika Pradhan is gradually but surely spreading her footprint across the global fashion tarmac.

A happy & loyal clientele spread across India, Dubai, US, Taiwan is an indicator of Sonalika’s success at gauging the moods of the people & designing for them keeping their hopes & aspirations in mind.

Three cheers to the creative couple’s new venture.


Generation Next Holi: Holi Reloaded 2014

While 3rd Rock Entertainment gear up for the most happening Holi celebration in town, bring a pre Holi mega dance extravaganza; Mightyfools!

Colouring the town with the mega Holi celebration Holi Reloaded 2013 that saw a crowd of 3500, this year 3rd Rock Entertainment ups the bar by bringing the most happening Holi party ‘Holi Reloaded 2014’ to 3 cities & introducing the party goers to Mightyfools; creating complete new movement on the dance floor as a pre – Holi dance extravaganza

After the success of Holi Reloaded 2013 comes a much bigger & grandeur Holi Reloaded 2014 that will see a line of major artists from across the globe, spearheaded by Aarnavv Shirsat of 3rd Rock Entertainment.

Holi Reloaded is a unique Electronic Dance music (EDM) festival that started in the year 2013 in Mumbai, ‘Holi’, and the festival of colors, has been celebrated and loved by millions of Indians and foreigners for centuries. At Holi Reloaded 2014, the beauty of color has been fused with dance music mania at an open venue in the presence of various international and national acts.

Aarnavv Shirsat, founder of 3rd Rock

Entertainment talks about the upcoming event & pre- Holi dance extravaganza, “The Electronic Dance music scene has exploded in India within the last few years, with top DJs and acts touring on a regular basis and various dance music festivals happening around the country. It has surpassed all other forms of music in live concerts. This makes ‘Holi Reloaded’, a unique blend of culture and the trending EDM craze, a very special party. “

As a warm up session to the Holi celebration, the leading event company got Mightyfools on board.

Every once in a while, an act comes along that shakes the foundations of every stage they hit with a style so unique, raw and contagious, that it even influences some of the legends of our scene and creates a completely new movement on dance floors. Meet Mightyfools

Mightyfools, brainchild of Dutch DJ/Producers Jelle Keizer and Andy Samin, the Masterminds in the studio, animals on stage have quickly developed themselves as hot property within many genres of dance music.
The majority of their tracks were played on the biggest radio stations worldwide, featured on MTV and used by Comedy Central for several big commercials.

This has definitely got to be the most happening celebration of Holi…. The Generation Next Holi!


John Abraham To Produce And Star In Biopic On ‘The Great Gama’

Known to be a game-changer when it comes to pushing the envelope with films that are unique and out –of –the box, actor-producer John Abraham, who is known for making content-rich, critically acclaimed films, is now gearing up to produce a biopic on the Indian wrestler ‘The Great Gama’, in which he will play the titular role.

Born in 1880 in Punjab, Gama, who remained undefeated his entire career spanning more than 50 years, was awarded the Indian version of the World Heavyweight Championship on 15 October 1910.

Produced by JA Entertainment and Rising Sun Films, the biopic on Gama will be directed by Parmeet Sethi. Sources close to the actor reveal that the script of the film has been finalized and the pre-production of the film has already started 3 months ago. Considering that John will be playing one of the world’s greatest wrestler, it is understandable that the famous Abraham physique will be on display for his fans in the film.

Talking about the film says Parmeet Sethi, “Gama is the only wrestler to have the distinction of being undeafted in his career span of 50 years and his story is yet not told to the world….We felt this made an interesting subject that should be highlighted and needed to be penned down.Since nothing so far has been made in his honor.”

“When I thought about the film the only actor who came to mind was John.While he has a great physique to go with the subject,there is something about him that is extremely honest and positive.It will be exciting for both him and me to work on this together since its a different character and something he hasn’t done so far in his career.” adds Parmeet all praise for John Abraham.


Kailash Kher visited the Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga in Ujjain

Popular singer Kailash Kher who worships Lord Shiva and considers himself the greatest devotee of Lord Shiva, and even his name, Kailash, is also associated with the God; few days ago visited the Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga in Ujjain. The temple is considered as most sacred place for devotees as Lord Shiva’s twelve Jyotirlinga is supposed to be in the temple.

Kailash Kher firmly believes that whatever happens in his life are the blessings of Shiva. So when the singer was in the ancient city of Ujjain for a concert he visited the shrine in the next morning itself after the show. Kailash Kher visited the temple earlier in the morning so that he could see the whole ‘shingar’ of Lord Shiva before the most sacred ‘Bhasma Aarti.’ Kailash Kher did the puja and archana with full devotion.

Though Kailash Kher is theist himself but he doesn’t like to visit temples as he believes God is everywhere. But this time Kailash Kher was visiting Ujjain after 10 years so he couldn’t control his love for Lord Shiva and visited shrine. After experiencing the whole prayer he said, ‘while the rituals were being performed during the prayer, I felt some sort of connection with my soul and my Shiva. This is one of a kind experience for me. If I again get a chance to come here in Ujjain I will definitely visit the Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga again.’


Serial Kisser Ranveer Singh

There’s a new serial kisser in town and it is none other than the naughty actor Ranveer Singh who made an appearance on Comedy Circus to promote his upcoming movie Gunday. The episode will have Rajeev Thakur and Balraj presenting a hilarious act on Ranveer’s smooching scenes in the movie Ram Leela. After watching this hysterical act, Ranveer will make his way to the stage and jokingly beat Balraj on his bum. Arjun too will be seen joining in on the fun and pulling Ranveer’s leg by saying, “After watching this act, Emraan Hashmi will feel very bad. You have surpassed him.”

Looks like we have a new serial kisser in the market!

Watch Comedy Circus Ke Mahabli with Gunday Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor this Sunday, 9th February 10 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television


Welcome this Valentine’s with Tangerine Home Couture’s romantic designer collection

Tangerine Home Couture, a boutique designer brand of home décor solutions offers unique gifting options

It’s that month of the year again where you wish to dancing to the rhythms of romantic tunes, read out the love struck quotes or pondering on the clichéd gifting options. Opt for something unconventional and innovative for the special someone this time around. A surprise makeover for your room with refreshing colour co-ordinated home decor collection by Tangerine Home Couture, a designer home décor boutique,
is sure to make your loved one feel special.

A niche offering by Indian Home Variations, Tangerine Home Couture, brings a fashionable bed linen and accessories that complement the luxury lifestyle. With innovative thematic stories and colour coordinated designs you could enhance the ambience of your homes making it a sweet Valentine surprise. The refreshing Midnight Rouge and Fete Collection offered by Tangerine promise the vibrancy and passion with which you can celebrate the season of romance innovatively.

Tangerine’s romantic delights:

Spice up your room with a tinge of sensual appeal with the wonderful offerings by Tangerine. The collection comprises of a chic array of bed sheets, comforters, duvets, pillow cases and even products like towels, napkins and shower curtains along with bed and bath products. The Midnight Rouge Collection has the new colours for love, it is flirtatious and contemporary, and they describe the new age romance most appropriately. It’s Valentines with a twist. The Fete Collection range is constantly updated in accordance with the latest fashion trends and colours to create a different look and feeling. It features a myriad of moods associated with every celebration or festive occasion.

For the special someone or going solo!

Love begins in the eyes and a visual delight to please the eyes for ones lover is important. Gone are the days of gifting candies and cards, it’s the novelty in the thought that matters nowadays. It’s best if you can personalize a gift literally by tailor-making it for your sweetheart. A room decorated by you with Tangerine’s sensual designs weaving the story of romance would be an instant winner. Even a plain home accessory would enchant your ‘special someone’ into the spirit of love and longing. But what if you’re single? Don’t wallow in loneliness. Turn your jaded view of Black Hearts’ Day into a special pampering occasion. Buy yourself some of the most intriguing room accessories and add a refreshing appeal to your monotonous room décor.


Experience LEGO come alive on!

Mumbai, 7th February, 2014: Being ordinary has never been so extraordinary! Kids on can now get an exclusive sneak-peak into the life of Emmet, the perfect ordinary LEGO mini-figure battling a case of mistaken identity and landing up with the mission to save the world. Partnering with the first ever full length theatrical LEGO adventure, users can now watch the exclusive LEGO movie trailer and win some awesome movie goodies by participating in the quiz at the Community Centre.

The fun does not end here! In addition to the trailer and quiz, the Game Den on gives its citizens a chance to get up close and personal with the characters from the movie by playing special LEGO games like ‘Sinkhole’, where users have to help Emmet dodge never ending obstacles in a pit, solve the LEGO puzzle in ‘Submarine’ and join Batman in training in ‘Batman’s First Try’, among others like ‘Sig Fig’, ‘Brick Bust’, ‘Get Dressed’, and ‘Scramble’.

Mr. Harsh Wardhan Dave (Head – Experience and Brand at says “LEGO is an intrinsic part of every child’s life today. The announcement of the move onto the big screen has a created a lot of curiosity among kids wanting to see the LEGO bricks come alive. Moreover Emmet and his friends are new to the animation scenario and this partnership will allow our users to engage with the characters and understand the perils that Emmet goes through in the series. We are confident that the addition of Emmet on our platform will add value to the brand and will be a welcome change for the users”.

The team is constantly working towards creating content that adds value to the overall time a child spends online. Partnering with the LEGO movie was a step in that direction, going forward the team is looking forward to working with brands which are effectively willing to collaborate and add to the ethos to create responsible global citizens of tomorrow.

Notes for the Editor

About is an ever evolving online ecosystem for kids where they can live, express and play. It is the only platform dedicatedly designed for kids of the age group of 6 to 12, globally where kids can consume popular content from national as well as international kids’ brands. Each user requires parental approval before joining the same. has also partnered with some of the most fascinating kids networks like Cartoon Network, National Geographic, Jeff Corwin Connect, Sentosa, Game Den and the ever popular Chhota Bheem, bringing a new exciting element to look forward to each day.

About ‘The LEGO Movie’:

The LEGO® Movie is the first-ever, full-length theatrical LEGO® adventure, from Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures, it opens in theaters beginning February 7, 2014.

Directed by Phil Lord & Christopher Miller (“21 Jump Street,” “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”), it stars Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Nick Offerman, Alison Brie and Charlie Day, with Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman.


Joyce Fernandes

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New Delhi, February 7, 2014- Miditech, a leading production house, recently launched a 26 part environment series ‘Lakshaya: EK Living Planet’, currently on-air on Doordarshan every Sunday 9.30pm. Aimed at creating an environment movement in the country that will enable awareness and thus start a dialogue of present and future environment issues, Lakshaya: EK Living Planet addresses immediate environment issues in a hard hitting, investigative reportage format. Hosted by Niret Alva, a well known television personality and Chairman of Miditech, the show focuses on communicating environmental issues in a way that is easy to understand, relatable and is solution based through its passionate and fearless eco-warriors reporters who are spanned across India.

Each week, Lakshaya: Ek Living Planet critically looks at the state of India’s environment – from the effects of urban pollution to the drinking water crisis. With reports from every corner of the country, the show turns the spotlight on often neglected subjects like green technology, the efforts of passionate citizens to protect the environment and rare successful ecological initiatives never seem on television before.

According to Niret Alva, Co- Founder Miditech, Miditech and Executive Producer and Host of Lakshya, “In today’s era there is a big gap in communication when it comes to environmental issues. While there are cutting edge public service adverts and one off documentaries, there isn’t really an incisive television series that focuses on the need to better understand our fragile eco system. Lakshaya: Ek living planet fills that gap by focusing on the immediate environment issues in an investigative reportage form without mincing any words or being safe. Also the unique thing about the show is that it works with passionate young filmmakers from around the country on the editorial approach. They send in story ideas, they shoot, send in the rough cut and we work together till the story truly brings out what we are trying to say.”

Each episode has 5 different segments; Red Alert (Stories based on the socio-environment issues), Wild India (Stories based on man-animal conflict and conservation), Green tech (Technologies at the forefront of environment revolution), Initiative (Environmental success stories), Citizen (Raw, unedited stories from citizens of India on environment issues in their backyard).

Each episode produced for Doordarshan by Miditech, follows the legendary Living on the Edge, also a Miditech production and India’s first environment series which started broadcast in 1994 and ran successfully for almost a decade. The Chairman of Prasar Bharati, Jawahar Sircar and the Director General Doordarshan, Tripurari Sharan were instrumental in bringing back the multi award winning Living on the Edge in its current avatar as Lakshya Ek Living planet. Although it’s done in Hindi, the accents and nuances capture the diverse culture of India from the north east to the south.

About Miditech

Miditech is one of India’s biggest independent production companies that create a wide range of programming. From award winning documentaries to international format game shows, Miditech has earned a reputation for producing programs to meet the exacting standards of international broadcasters with over hundreds of hours of programming for clients like MTV, National Geographic Channels International (NGCI), BBC, the Star Network, SET, Doordarshan, The Disney Channel, Turner etc. Miditech also produces video content for corporate clients and non-governmental organizations as well as State Governments and the Indian Government.

For more information, please visit:

For further information, please contact:

Perfect Relations

Megha Behl



Mumbai, February 7, 2014: Discover the heart fluttering excitement of romantic love by indulging your significant other with a tantalizing meal at the selection of restaurants at The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai. Feel your heart skip a beat as you discover and set the mood for an extraordinary love story at The Taj Mahal Palace – The Zodiac Grill, Wasabi, Golden Dragon, Souk, Masala Kraft, Shamiana, Starboard & Harbour Bar and Pool side dining at Taj Wellington Mews.

This valentines, The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai will also be offering 3 unique dining experiences at:

The Chambers

Arrive in style in as a Jaguar escorts you to the hotel and your personal butler then leads you along the red carpet to your private Cabana beside the inviting tunes of the violinist. A 7 course gourmet experience awaits you as you pop open the finest bottle of bubble from the Moet coffers. The chef’s personalized menu is complimented by the perfect red and white wines and petit fours is apts followed by a glass of cognac. The night continues with your personal chauffer ready to escort you and your loved one home.


For an evening that is bound to leave an indelible impression in your lives, head straight to the private confines of Casablanca. Tucked away from the main restaurant, with a breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea. Enjoy a trip around the Mediterranean with a specially designed nine course meal crafted to perfection by master Chef Hemant Oberoi, served on designer cutlery and crockery from the house of Versace and loads of surprises for the couple.

Chef’s Studio

A unique dining experience unlike any other in the country, Chef’s Studio combines a fine dining experience with warm and personalized service. It allows the guest a glimpse into a world that is privy to a select few. Conceptualized and Created by Grand Chef Hemant Oberoi every experience at The Chef’s Studio has his personalized touch and attention.

These bespoke experiences are priced at Rs. 3 lakh per couple.

The Taj Mahal Palace also offers a variety of options at their signature restaurants to make your evening memorable.




The Zodiac Grill

From the designer tableware, to the lilting tunes of a pianist, and the magical ambience cast by a star-spangled dome to the glowing candlelit tables, this is the perfect place to pamper your selves to a truly romantic evening.

30000/couple – 11 Course Menu

Sea Lounge

Sea Lounge retains and recreates the magic of the past era. Couples have courted and been courted at this Sea Lounge, love stories have blossomed here.

A La Carte

Wasabi by Morimoto

Discover the opportunity to find out the hidden secrets and tantalizing flavours of the exquisite and authentic Japanese culinary treasures at the renowned Wasabi

30000/couple – Unlimited A La Carte Menu or 20000/couple – Omakase Menu


Amidst twinkling lights and a stunning backdrop, escape with your loved one to an enchanted world perfectly accompanied with piped music and a glass of bubbly

13000/couple – Mezze on buffet and main course on service

Golden Dragon

If you are a couple that love authentic Sichuan, then Golden Dragon would be your obvious choice, with Chef Oberoi’s spectacular menu sure to excite your palate.


Masala Kraft

Make it a special evening with an exotic 5 course menu, a complimentary glass of sparkling Italian wine and a box of chocolates with Baileys

13000/couple – 5 Course Meal


The in house bar with a special a la carte Mexican Cuisine menu has a special selection of Margaritas, and is sure to transport you and your loved one into a world full of romance and love.

A La Carte


Everyone’s favorite coffee shop has an exclusive Belgian menu where you can round off the evening with some sinful Belgian chocolates

A La Carte

Harbour Bar

There’s no better place to celebrate your legendary love story that the iconic Harbour Bar, Mumbai’s first licensed bar.

A La Carte

For reservation please contact The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai on 022 – 666 53366 or email:

Taj Wellington Mews, Mumbai raises a toast to this legendary celebration of love.

Discover the heart fluttering excitement of love by indulging your significant other with an unforgettable meal at the poolside dining at Taj Wellington Mews. Set the mood for an extraordinary love story with the special Valentine’s Day five course menu crafted with love by the extremely talent Chef Shrutika.

Begin the sit-down dinner with scrumptious Stuffed Olives on Courgette Crisps or Charred Prawn on Grilled Pineapple with Basil Pesto for amuse bouche followed by Cheesy Pimento soup or Asparagus Cappuccino. Relish salads like Watermelon and Feta Cheese or Crisp Iceberg and Fish Salad in tangy lemon dressing.

Couples can indulge in the main course menu that will include Exotic Vegetable phyllo on Cherry Tomato Risotto with Chilly Mornay or Mushroom Stuffed Chicken on a Bed a couscous with red wine Jus. End the romantic dinner with your loved one with delectable desserts like Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice cream and Strawberry Compote or Baked Strawberry Cheese Cake.

This romantic date is priced at Rs. 1500 (plus tax per couple) and is available for dinner on 13th February and for both lunch and dinner on 14th February.

For reservation please contact Taj Wellington Mews, Mumbai on 022 – 6656 9494.




~Watch ROBOCOP before India does~

~6 Cities, 1200 premier invites…It cannot get bigger than this~

Mumbai, February 06, 2014: Sony PIX, India’s premium Hollywood movie channel is geared up for the biggest amazement yet again! The channel is all set to make you go ‘Wow’ with an exciting proposition for its viewers on February 13 – PIX PREMIERE NIGHTS with the latest movie –‘ROBOCOP’

PIX PREMIERE NIGHTS, is a unique proposition for the viewers to exclusively watch the premiere of the latest Hollywood movies before its theatrical release in India. Sony PIX will present this exclusive opportunity to its viewers to experience the thrill of a Hollywood blockbuster movie a day before its release in Indian theatres. The lucky few who win this contest stand a chance to win couple invites to the exclusive premiere of the summer blockbuster movie ROBOCOP.

Commenting on this initiative, Neville Bastawalla – Marketing Head, Sony PIX says, “As part of our brand promise ‘Stay Amazed’, we push ourselves to being true to this promise. PIX Premiere Nights is one such brand deliverable that delivers this promise and will be a key tent pole on the channel. PIX PREMIER NIGHTS GIVES VIEWERS A CHANCE TO WATCH MEGA BLOCKBUSTERS month on month before India does in theaters, a day before the release. This also addresses strong viewer needs, giving our viewers badge value and flaunt value amongst their peers. It’s actually like secret screening of movies for select elite before the masses can see the movie. Also the scale across 6 cities is truly one of a kind by any English movie channel in India.

From January 24th, a TAB on Sony PIX Facebook page gave the fans a chance to enter the contest and win tickets to watch the action – packed movie on February 13th, a day before anyone in India does. Viewers can also enter the contest by giving a missed call on 1800 3000 1140. 1200 tickets will be up for grabs as the contest will be run in 6 cities (Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad).

PIX Premier Nights is presented by Fair and Lovely Max Fairness.

Get ready for the biggest amazement with PIX PREMIERE NIGHTS and watch ROBOCOP before anyone in India does only with SONY PIX


Taj Khazana collaborates with The Great Eastern Home to host the first-ever ‘Grand Trunk Show’

~ Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad : February 12 – 18, 2014~

~The Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi : March 8 – 15, 2014~

~Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi : March 12 – 15, 2014~

Mumbai, 7 February, 2014: Taj Khazana along with The Great Eastern Home is organizing the first-ever curated show of fine furniture, vibrant art and stylish home accents, ‘The Grand Trunk Show’ at Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad from February 12 – 18, 2014 and at Taj Mahal Hotel and Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi from March 8 – 15, 2014 and March 12 – 15, 2014, respectively.

Taj Khazana, a chain of luxury lifestyle stores by The Taj Group of Hotels will display a mix of elegant period and new age furniture and artifacts at ‘The Grand Trunk Show’. The collection will range from Tudor, Classic French, Chinese and Art Deco.

The show will also include a curated walk through the palace by the highly qualified, globally active architect Alexander Dolea, along with narratives on the origin of each piece. Alexander has been involved in the forefront of furniture design and trends in Europe working with many of the high end brands of the world. Besides having academic qualifications and international design experience, he brings together period styles and cutting-edge luxury aesthetics, given his Royal European lineage and that adds to his fine-tuned sensibility of design and luxury.

Guests visiting Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad to experience ‘The Grand Trunk Show’ can avail a special stay offer which is valid from 12th February to 18th February, 2014.

The offer includes a royal arrival experience, champagne walk with Palace Historian, curated walk of exhibits by Architect Alexander Dolea, afternoon tea at the Jade Terrace and breakfast at Celeste. For more details on the package, please find the following link Stay Package – The Grand Trunk Show at Taj Falaknuma Palace


Sarita Hegde Roy, Chief Operating Officer, Taj Khazana said, “We have extended our scope to include fine furniture. When the store opened along with the Taj Falaknuma Palace, there were many queries from guests, to acquire reproductions of some of the original pieces showcased at Taj Khazana. Finding the right partner to deliver that need of fine craftsmanship ended with the Great Eastern Home.

Former royalty, including the Nizam of Hyderabad, had their palaces embellished with designs inspired predominantly by England, France, China and Italy. Other than their many travels across the world, to acquire and commission custom made furniture and collectibles, the Silk road and the Grand Trunk road, were the main thoroughfares for trade”.

About Taj Khazana

Taj Khazana is a chain of luxury lifestyle stores, which are located across India in many cities including, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Goa, in various Taj hotels.

For over three decades now, Taj Khazana has been the patron of traditional craftsmen, weavers, and world-renowned artists. The Taj Khazana stores showcase artefacts and collectibles created by master craftsmen of India as well as a selection of garments, stoles, shawls and accessories from handpicked Indian designers

An Indian boutique with a global appeal, Taj Khazana is an ovation to the boundless creative talent of the Indian artisans and craftsmen.

About The Great Eastern Home

The Great Eastern Home is a destination store; spread over 60,000 feet in one of Bombay city’s oldest textile mills. It houses not only a collection of fine furniture, decorative arts, antiques and home accessories but also its own design studio comprising of an International team of Designers, Decorators and Architects.

The Great Eastern Home provides services such as high-end interior decoration, architecture, aesthetic consultation and advice of art investment. It also works very closely with craftsmen and young artists from across the world, helping them develop their own styles and products for the modern world


With two hit albums recently, Shahid Kapoor has become the best bet for music companies to release a special album for.

Shahid Kapoor’s songs have always been a rage among audiences for the music as well as the dance moves that he made so popular.

So much so, that a music company is looking at releasing a special album of Shahid Kapoor’s songs.

Mauja Hi Mauja, Tumse hi, Nagada from Jab We Met, to Dhan-te-nan, Pehli baar from Kaminey to the big hits in 2013 Gandi Baat, Saree k Fall, Aggal Baggal and Dhating Nach, all the songs of Shahid Kapoor till date are hot favourites of the audiences.

The music company has also approached the actor to launch the special album for them and promote it.

The actor is currently shooting for his upcoming next with Vishal Bharadwaj, Haider in Kashmir.

Sumeet Raghavan & Rajeev Thakur pair up to spoof Bollywood

Parodying the films nominated at the Lux Cozi Zee Cine Awards 2014,
the two funny men have some hilarious gags up their sleeve in ‘Fully Filmy’…

Known for their amazing comic timing and their tongue-in-cheek brand of humor, actors Sumeet Raghavan and Rajeev Thakur have won many accolades and applause for their comic acts. From playing funny characters in fiction shows to hosting reality shows or taking part in various laughter shows, the two have had the audiences in splits with their wisecracks, mimicry and spoofs. Paired together earlier, the two are known to complement each other’s styles. This time, the lethal combination is back together playing Dhritarashtra and Sanjay from the epic Mahabharat, spoofing Bollywood films nominated at the Lux Cozi Zee Cine Awards 2014 .

Joined by a slew of mimicry artistes and look alikes of various actors, Sumeet and Rajeev will be seen in a 1 hour special Bollywood spoof on the movies Krrish 3, Dhoom 3, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and Chennai Express. Putting together a hilarious act, all the actors were so well rooted in their character and resembled the original stars that they were mistaken for the actual Bollywood actors by many amongst the audience present at the studio.

Playing the role of Aamir Khan from Dhoom 3, and carrying off the hat-look quite well, Howard fit the bill as an exact replica of Aamir Khan. Priya Raina – playing the character of Deepika Padukone from Chennai Express was quite a vision as the bespectacled, nerdy, saree-clad southie siren. While she was rehearsing the famous scene of a dream sequence where Deepika ends kicking Shahrukh Khan in her sleep, Priya Raina ended up kicking the Production controller by mistake.

Do not miss the ‘Fully Filmy’ episode of Zee Cine Awards on Saturday, 1st February at 7 PM, Only on Zee TV!


Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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