My ten year old makes me design all her dresses: Amy Billimoria

My ten year old makes me design all her dresses: Amy Billimoria

Couturier & Bridal Specialist Amy Billimoria confesses that she loves designing for her daughter Aariyanne the most & plans to gift a special dress this Mother’s Day!

Couturier Amy Billimoria is pretty excited about this Mother’s Day as she plans to gift her little one a special dress on the D Day.

She excitedly exclaims, “Each year on Mother’s Day, my ten year old daughter wakes me up with cake & flowers which I love the most & we try to remove time from our respective schedules to go on drives & lunch. This year I plan to gift a special designed dress for the occasion as she has always wanted to me to make her pretty little dresses.”

On the onset of Mother’s Day, Couturier Amy who recently launched her eco friendly line of clothing talks about how she loves being a Mother, “The purest form of love and the strongest bond is that of a mother and daughter! God’s divine Grace has showered his choicest blessings on me in the form of my daughter Aariyanne (meaning Messenger of Love). In her I know I have a best friend for life. A companion who will always stand by me, She is an extension of me.”


Amy sure does agree that life does change after being a mother, “Motherhood has been the most cherished learning experience as even though the life after being a mom completely changes… It’s only for the better! Priorities and preferences change according to what she likes and for once that wouldn’t bother a Mom.”

Amy confesses to designing for Aariyanne as her most favorite thing, “It is simply amazing when your daughter understands your profession & supports your vision by however little she can. Now my daughter is ten and we spend so much time together discussing how our day went, what went wrong, what clothes to wear to the party tonight and whether the


ail paint is the right shade or not! We love travelling together.”

Amy Billimoria’s husband, Farzad Billimoria is a renowned Celebrity Aqua Trainer, hence Aariyanne is a pro in water, Amy quips, “She’s a perfect water baby so our best holiday times are on beaches. As a mother my prime importance was that my child should be happy, have a confident attitude towards life and be kind and compassionate!”

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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