Music Composer and Singer Anu Malik creates history By launching His Digital Platform at K.J.Somaiya College

Anu Malik

Music Composer and Singer Anu Malik creates history

By launching

His Digital Platform at K.J.Somaiya College

(Anu Malik launched his twitter as well as facebook pages Live at an event)

Mumbai August7, 2012- Music composer and singer Anu Malik will now fall under the bandwagon of celebrities who are active on digital platform. But certainly he will be the first one who has officially announced his twitter and facebook handle.

He is taking advice from none other than who he believes is the future of our country – the youth. Never missing an opportunity to learn, he even admits to being educated by his tech-savvy daughters on a daily basis. The launch happened at K. J. Somaiya College on August 7th, where Mr. Malik connected with students through his singing and with his luminous speech. The event started with Anu Malik giving a brief session on Celebrity management to the students. The conversation later moved on to how important it is for a celebrity to be visible on digital platform. On which Anu Malik gave his opinion that, “I understand that the world has progressed and without an online presence, your offline existence is incomplete. In today’s communicative world it is important to connect with the youth and other followers in an open environment which is provided by the digital platform.”

When the crowd suggested that Anu Malik should be active on digital medium he said, “Internet is a new revolution in today’s world which I am still trying to understand. I am a brand which needs to be portrayed to the public and here our bright minded students who understand it better than me. Hence, I would like to give this opportunity to this young generation to give their creative inputs. ” He took the conversation on an interesting route when he turned the brainstorming of his social media strategy into a live project for the students. The names of his facebook page as well as the twitter handle were recommended by young students. It was the first time when someone from the tinsel town opened his twitter and facebook handle in front of live audience.

Not only did he connect with the students via a discussion, but also managed to expand his fan base by showcasing his talent in the form of melodies he created for the poems and lyrics thrown at him by the audience. This helped in keeping the session light and fun for all present.

We sure need to follow Anu Malik on his digital platform to get a deeper insight into the man himself and explore how a celebrity and young minds come together to create an innovative strategy.

K.J.Somaiya College was pleased to announce that Mr. HitesH Gossain, Sr. Vice President – Business Head of Percept Ltd who has shown keen interest in taking Sports and Celebrity Management Course from mere Classroom experience to gaining some real time experience for the PGDM Communications students of SIMSR.

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