Mr. Bachchan the perfect entertainer


Mr. Bachchan the perfect entertainer

While Mr Bachchan is busy promoting his upcoming finite series YUDH on Sony Entertainment Television, we have some interesting information directly from the sets. It seems that while shooting with Sarika (His Ex-wife in the show) the legendary star got a little playful in an attempt to scare Sarika during the shoot. It so happened that in one of the scenes where she was supposed to bang the door on Mr. Bachchan’s face, Sarika was very watchful and worried that it shouldn’t hit him. AB took notice of this and decided to play a naughty prank on her. The moment Sarika shut the door on his face he screamed loudly scaring not only Sarika but the entire unit pretending that he got hurt. Sarika was almost in tears thinking that she has injured the Megastar. In no time AB opened the door and starting laughing at her and leaving one and all surprised and shocked.

Now that’s what you call the perfect entertainer!!!

Yudh Coming Soon on Sony Entertainment Television


Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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